tapatio 10 seconds ago
Go F**k your mother. https://abcnews.go.com/International/israeli-group-sells-special-edition-trump-coin/story?id=55096698
Slartibartfast 12 seconds ago
I'd say it was sad for Trump's kids as well, but they've all grown up to be just like papa, so their views on women are the same as his as well.
Jeff Matulich 15 seconds ago
Not like we were peasants or anything, we are talking about Daniel Boulud's restaurant 73st.....came out of no where.
Anita 38 seconds ago
Well his voters were told by fox not to watch impeachment proceedings. That is until Saturday morning. "Simon says" remember that game?
Totally Savage 39 seconds ago
No. A corrupt prosecutors beliefs are not relevant. Do you often side with corruption while calling others corrupt?
people2 53 seconds ago
Truth is an instance of quoting one or many of the facts while describing or discussing the subject. The difference between truth and fact is that fact is something that cannot be combated with reasoning, for it is logic itself. But truth is something which depends on a person's perspective and experience _ but but its spam hahaha
Clive 54 seconds ago
He knows it, but being a natural blind follower he's taking a page from DJT's playbook and making chit up.
otherhand 55 seconds ago
Believe a foreign leader (who wasn't under oath and has every reason to stay out of this) and disbelieve Bolton because you don't like what he is going to say "under oath"? You're grasping at straws here. Just face the unpleasant truth.
CheshireKitty 56 seconds ago
The rallies are all repetitive and disgusting. I have seen many on C-SPAN - why I bother to even watch a little bit - by now, you can tune in any time and he's saying the same old lies. Which his fans lap up, like lap dogs. OTOH - it is a free country and people can attend rallies of whoever they like, or watch whatever reality TV show they like. "The Apprentice" was geared to the lowest common denominator evidently - very similar to the subsequent Trump rallies.
RobinsonCrusoe 61 seconds ago
According to recent polling tabulated by fivethirtyeight.com Trump has lost between 5-10 points to every candidate just in the last three days. A political revolution is brewing and the outlook for the stock market is clearly not being helped by this and other factors. Last week could mark a top in the market. Dip buyers beware!
Singring 74 seconds ago
Hahaha. So it's your contention the failing donald trump did not claim he won the Michigan Man of the Year award. sad
bluhorizons_one 77 seconds ago
You hated him from the go-go, voted against him if you voted at all--and lost--and are a bad loser, carry a grudge and have lost yet again. I feel your pain.
Trumps Message 99 seconds ago
STORY Title! "Democrats are stepping up pressure on Republicans to support calling witnesses as part of President Trump's impeachment trial after a "BOMBSHELL" New York Times report Sunday evening." DUMB IDEA! Dems! While we are waiting on new FAKE "Witnesses" let's just interview the ONLY "WITNESS" who matters, Bolton who seems to have disappeared into a Washington DC Establishment Black Hole and hasn't been seen or heard from in ages! Your Media folk are great at locating key "WITNESSES" so let's just knock on Bolton's Establishment door and ask our boy a few questions! Or is that not allowed? Rules and laws have never stopped you from interviewing anyone before or are you CHICKEN or is this all just more Dem manufactured BS?
Slartibartfast 102 seconds ago
He'll admit it later, and then deny it again. He lies so much that he forgets what he's said before sometimes.
BOOMIGOTTHIS 116 seconds ago
The supporters who seriously believe trump is innocent are brain dead. His other supporters know trump is guilty and doing any and everything they can to keep their hope alive. If they only knew how pathetic they look trying to defend someone who is guilty.....
Tailor 127 seconds ago
Obama really missed an opportunity to press a "presidential harassment" case against McConnell and the Republicans.
Slartibartfast 156 seconds ago
He's already won a world's record for the most lies told by an American president while in office. He must be proud.
AnotherLover 157 seconds ago
The Room Where Innuendo Happened You know what's hilarious? If there was any kind of wrongdoing, Trump never had a chance to do it -- because of the faux impeachment farce. John "Iraq has WMD's" Bolton is now your hero because TDS. Until I broke this down, frankly, it seemed compelling to me, too. The thing is, as I said -- no wrongdoing was done, and the opinions of people that heard Trump say something or such and such amount to jack squat -- because of the faux impeachment. It's so sad or it were be funny.
CathyMae 160 seconds ago
President Trump on Monday denied that he told former national security adviser John Bolton that releasing security aid for Ukraine was dependent on the country investigating his political rivals. Call all of us surprised.
FredDorner 162 seconds ago
"Private conversations between the President and his staff are classified."
That's a lie.
Christopher 166 seconds ago
You just repeat stuff you hear on right wing sites huh? Why not let the witnesses who were on the call testify? You know many are convicted on "hearsay" evidence every day right?
EX-GOPJohnt✓Fᵉᵈᵉʳᵃˡ ᶦˢᵗ 175 seconds ago
You lost. No confusion about that. You only had to sell out your country and every principle you claimed to have pre-trump. x3 on naming the codified "win". I had no problem showing you the losing. I guess you're just a lib that likes big government.
Nimitz 199 seconds ago
Isn't it sad that Justice Kavanaugh's kids have to grow up knowing that everyone knows that their daddy is a rapist. So sad.
renata 221 seconds ago
You are a sad moron. An innocent child died. Have some respect. Got a beef, deal with it at an appropriate time.
Like Watergate with Treason 232 seconds ago
You should be sure to inform your supervisor that your ESL course was woefully inadequate to properly prepare you for this assignment, Boris. I am curious about what the US Civics 101 course at the Internet Research Agency in old Saint Pete looks like. Regardless, 1) GAO confirmed what agency lawyers told Trump: the hold on Ukraine assistance was illegal. 2) Presumption of innocence applies only in criminal proceedings. There is no presumption of innocence in civil proceedings. 3) Trump was invited to participate in the impeachment proceedings in the House Judiciary Committee and declined to do so.
Don 238 seconds ago
That is lying spin. He was fired for investigating the corrupt company that was paying off Biden through his son
Joe Collins 246 seconds ago
The Soleimani drone strike was January 3, five days after the book was submitted to the White House for review.
bluhorizons_one 247 seconds ago
The Democrats swore to impeach Trump on election day but it took them three years to find a reason. They had promised their cult Roast Rump of Trump so long, the frustrated mob because enraged. So the leadership had to think of something, so they came up with "overwhelming evidence' and impeached but are now trying to include more "overwhelming evidence" in a futile attempt to get a second bite of the apple. Of course the adults knew there was no hope of winning with a Republican Senate majority. Now, the best the mob can hope for is an Impossible Burger without ketchup, a bizarre trial where the outcome is certain but the proceedings are undecided.
Cattsie Masker 256 seconds ago
Hello again...everybody's back home safe, well but exhausted. The horses are hosed down, fedand stabled,the girls have run and swam themselves ragged and are already in bed exhausted. Nush is making pizza to take up to them to eat while she reads them a bedtime story, the dogs are fed....the Maremmas on guard duty and the Westies curled up on their beds snoring happily. They were so tired, they had to be brought home on horseback. Our pregnancies were a fabulous experience for us. Nush chose a long standing, highly trusted friend of hers to be our sperm donor. An enormously intelligent, well educated, ruggedly handsome, gay ballet dancer. My mother and father enthusiastically put their heads together to devise a protocol that best protected the interests of our would be offspring. like my mother, both of us were highly fertile and had no difficulty getting pregnant on our first IVF cycle. For sound legal reasons, we swapped our genetic material, Nush carrying my egg and she carrying mine. My parents have always held a soft spot for Nush and she for them and our parents considered us perfect clients, always compliant, easy knowing their only interest was the wellbeing of their grandchildren. Similarly our midwife was pleased with us...alcohol simply vanished from our lives for the duration, we were both fit and healthy...I’m 178cm and 57kg, Nush is 181cm and 55kg, apparently the shape of women babies simply fall out of. I gave up horse riding, free climbing, martial arts and kite surfing. We both got into swimming, walking and yoga. Vegetables, fruit, fish, chicken and lots of fresh, filtered rainwater was our entire diet.I discovered there is nothing sexier than a pregnant woman, so fun was still fun only even more so. Giving birth was a dream. Nush was in labour for a whole 4 minutes before little Anneke popped out to introduce herself to the world. I took 13 minutes longer to pop out little Birgitte. Yes, our coordination was so good, we gave birth almost together in the same Norwegian delivery suite, almost 7 years ago. We are very close to my parents and while my father and I are more closely involved in our daily work, my mother is absolutely indispensable and keeps the family going from strength to strength. When I was 13, I had a 14 year old school friend to stay for the weekend. I had had my eye on seducing her for some time but decided it was time to find out whether she might be interested. We were in adjoining bedrooms and I planned to get her involved in a raid on the fridge for a midnight feast in my bed. Chocolate, fruit, cheese and apfelstrudel were all on the menu along with a bottle of my mother’s favourite pinot grigio and a big bowl of fresh cream. Plates were all cleaned, other than a half bowl of cream which we splodged on each other’s nose and chin. One big dollop fell from my friends nose into the top of her nightdress. That was the beginning of the real fun. We eventually snuggled up and fell asleep together, the floor was a sea of plates and nightwear, the empty wine bottle and glasses on my bedside table. My mother brought us early morning coffee, not expecting to find us in the same bed, clearly naked.Her voice didn’t miss a beat as she announced she was going to make some breakfast if we’d care to join them. We were a little sheepish
ABT2020 257 seconds ago
The commentators posting to the stream are stuck in the Sunday AM news cycle. The Sunday PM news cycle has some details from AMB Bolton in his upcoming book: "The Room Where It Happened". Donnie Rotten has MUCH more than Shifty Adam Schiff to worry about this PM. My name is John, John Bolton.
zero2sixty 260 seconds ago
TOMORROW IS THE NEXT INCREDIBLE TRUMP RALLY! Tue, January 28, 2020 @ Wildwood, NJ...Wildwoods Convention Center...07:00 pm (EST) 7,000 CAPACITY Thu, January 30, 2020 @ Des Moines, IA...The Knapp Center at Drake University...07:00 pm (CST) 7,100 CAPACITY Mon, February 10, 2020 @ Manchester, NH...SNHU Arena...07:00 pm (EST) 11,800 CAPACITY #AlwaysTrump
Clive 296 seconds ago
Go diddle yourself. The only POS doing treason is the POS you voted for. The moral of that story? Don't vote for a POS for the WH. Also, inbreeding is bad for ya.
CC 305 seconds ago
I'll explain why it looks corrupt. Biden demanded that the Ukraine fire prosecutor Victor Shokin or risk losing a billion dollars in U.S. aid - an actual quid pro quo. At the time Biden made the demand, Shokin says he was investigating the oil and gas company Burisma, the company that was paying Hunter Biden $50,000+ a month to take part in an industry he knew noting about. From Bloomberg.com: "Shokin has denied any accusations of wrongdoing and declined to provide immediate comment for this article. In an interview with the Ukrainian website Strana.ua published on May 6, Shokin said he believes he was fired because of his Burisma investigation, which he said had been active at the time." https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-05-07/timeline-in-ukraine-probe-casts-doubt-on-giuliani-s-biden-claim
The_Smedley_Butlers 313 seconds ago
We owe it to the planet (and ourselves) to take back our government before Trumpo really flies the plane into a mountain and does something we can't recover from.
B.M. Benenson 321 seconds ago
A minimum qualification to discuss Constitutional matters is demonstrated knowledge that there is no double "d" in "Madison" and there is no "e" in "ambassador".
William Bayer 321 seconds ago
Never-Trumpers + establishment democrats = damaging Trump + extending trial = keeping democrat senator presidential candidates locked at the trial while Racketeer Joe keeps campaigning = another rigged DNC primary. Lots of moving parts, but they all mesh quite nicely
Jeff Matulich 323 seconds ago
Back in the 90's say 94-95 I was in the upper east side with my wife coming out of Daniel Boulud's restaurant. We hailed a cab and this a##hole (who we knew was trump) pushed my wife and me away from the ride and got in with a bimbo....... That happened....I don't have it on video because, well it was the 90's......Im not lying and that happened. FK that a##hole.
WWCovfefe vs Libel-Alls 59 seconds ago
While waiting in Reagan, I had to endure this pudgy guy -- who was obviously near 45 -- tell this ethiopian janitor (way out of his league, mid twenties) that he was actually in his early 30s (I was 30 at the time). He went on to say how white people just age faster, oh I'm so important because blah blah blah. It was nauseating. I guess I could have said something. Guy code is what it is though.
dmail 59 seconds ago
ha i thought so more media bureaucrat collusion to create another false smear damn these dems are good at that but they have the people built from decades of weak hires
termitesrgood 59 seconds ago
How to Protect yourself's against Liberals Easy Wear a "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN HAT" on the Plane :) no one will seat next to you...........
Hāmākua Haole 60 seconds ago
I like DC articles honestly, they generally go way more in-depth than BB, but the folks in the comment section are not nice or educational.
Gaius_Suetonius_Tranquillus 61 seconds ago
“Yevegeny Vindman is the identical twin brother of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who is one of Democrats’ key witnesses in the impeachment of President Donald Trump. The brothers have offices across from each other.“ They share a corruption gene. It’s called communism. Obama infected his entire administration with it.
KCSunshine 89 seconds ago
Calling Sanders a champion for the working class, or more astonishingly, saying Biden would restore credibility is what we used to call "polishing turds".
DixieSlugger 90 seconds ago
It's not that, I'm just busy with your mom right now. Don't worry, I'll throw her back on the street where I found her after I'm done.
Shiny and Chrome 90 seconds ago
I thought hearing witness was how trials worked. Along with documents and evidence, those other things Trump wants no part of.
Leatherneck 96 seconds ago
mpd's right, your "solution" is only one of a few. For instance, we could obliterate 1.8 billion Muslims. Problem solved. So then, what's wrong with you?
Bimsalasim 107 seconds ago
And people continue to claim that we control the airspace over Iraq. But we shouldn´t be there anymore in the first place.
Buffalos Bonzai 119 seconds ago
Kobe was a basketball player. Why isnt the soldier or the fireman or policemen idolized for giving their lives? I feel bad for his wife and children yet I dont think he deserves this type of coverage.
Ελευθερία 143 seconds ago
It does, and most of it is the ranting of a schizophrenic pedophile that a bunch of nitwits flop on their foreheads fiveX a day to in worship of insanity. But...please do shorten the BS of it up...my bet, most of your message is being lost as no one will read it when it is longer than the article you are posting under. Great work though, so don't stop. Just shorten it a bit.
Shiny and Chrome 162 seconds ago
The House did pursue it. He would not testify at that time. He says he'll testify now. Is your allegiance to Trump really so strong that you'd rather remain ignorant of his wrongdoing than hear what Bolton has to say?
strykmaster 168 seconds ago
This development means nothing. If Bolton testifies, EVERYBODY testifies. The Senate is going to go with the solid concrete proof the democrats said they had already. Bolton is another Vindman. Both will be giving their opinion on what Trump meant.
Tim J 184 seconds ago
when there is a dispute between the legislative and executive branches, they bring the issue to the judicial branch which will either make a ruling one way or the other or leave it alone. That was taught in high school civics classes years ago, I don't know if they teach that anymore and that may be the reason you are asking questions a high school junior would know. It does not matter what I want or what you want, it only matters what the Constitution allows for in this case. Those are the rules. In the case of impeachment, the House does the hearings and calls for the witness testimony in most cases. And the House impeachment process also should have provided for due process which did not occur this time. In the Senate, they try the case according the evidence provided by the House thru the House managers, that is the way it is supposed to work. As I said before, the House should have pursued Bolton and Mulvaney testimony via the court and this would have been resolved. Maybe next time they will be more attentive to their responsibilities
Jocko Petunie 188 seconds ago
The Sikorsky was a great helicopter that was almost idiot-proof. Unless, of course, you fly it into a mountain. Then, not so much.
Purebred Deplorable 194 seconds ago
One of my Professors told that punny joke to the class I was in; probably every class he lectures at one time or another, I got it then and it’s still funny. I thought it more aptly fit telling if one is discussing James Allen, but I tend to think too much.
terry mcburney 201 seconds ago
The one transcript that released is what triggered the impeachment. Trump ordered his staff not to testify and has blocked access to their communications. If he is innocent they could corroborate. If he isn't he would be relying on them to commit perjury to save his skin. That's the only reasonable explanation.
my48crosley 209 seconds ago
Want to piss off a liberal. Nicely ask them 2 questions #1. Exactly how many genders are there? #2. please name them all?
Hāmākua Haole 218 seconds ago
Both of those site are questionable to say the least. TGP bans people for the most ridiculous reasons first of all, and their stories are suspect at best. CTH claimed so many things at the beginning of the Trump Presidency, “sealed indictments” all that crap. Never came through. I don’t trust either site.
Joseph J. Jones 222 seconds ago
It can still be tied up for months in the Senate, if Trump exerts executive privilege. No one McConnell is going to demand he appear if Trump claims privilege.
Hannah32 232 seconds ago
You have taken Rudy's comment out of context. He was discussing FBI perjury traps, when truth isn't truth because corrupt FBI agents manipulate the truth to make it into a lie for their own nefarious purposes.. And now with the disclosure that FBI officials used false information to secure FISA warrants to spy on innocent citizens, Rudy's meaning becomes crystal clear. So what do you think of this comment one of your presidential candidates made, In a Speech, Biden Says Americans "Choose Truth Over Facts"? Choose truth over facts? Care to explain what Biden meant?
herb canter 239 seconds ago
You got to put the fake news media into it's place , remember the media is the # 1 enemy of the United States for a reason. Dem's are just dreading the beating they're going to take in a few hours.
Dirty Paws 245 seconds ago
I'm saying if Bolton had anything to lend, the House should have pursued it. Now, it's acquittal time and that will be 4EVER!
Renewnews 246 seconds ago
These two identical twins even went to MOSCOW for their elder brother's wedding! yeah, there's another one..... also in our military. https://carolkitman.com/artist.asp?ArtistID=20867&AKey=twlnv9g5&ajx=1&rs=1#!Group1_Pf188611_im30
Shiny and Chrome 256 seconds ago
So, the question remains... why is he in court this very moment hiding those very innocent and innocuous tax records from public scrutiny? I say he's hiding them because he has something to hide, but you probably have a more nuanced view.
Cozette 271 seconds ago
ANY Republican is better than any Democrat right now. Control of the House and Senate is based on counting up Rs versus Ds. Even Romneys win helped keep the Senate out of Schumers hands. The Senate controls Trumps judicial confirmations and is a firewall against impeachment. People who refused to vote for RINOs are why Democrats took the House and why Schiff is in charge of the Intel Committee rather than Nunes. #VoteStrategically
Jason b 282 seconds ago
Thousands of homeless veterans "actual heros" die on a daily basis all across this country and not a peep... some overpaid basketball player crashes a helicopter that costs more than most people make in their lifetimes and it's the end of the world. I find that very interesting and disgusting all at once. Priorities though right guys? Go America!
Sinister Sister 283 seconds ago
I'm sure all that nasty, unsanitary fecal matter on SF streets will stop this virus. Liberals are more tolerant of people crapping on streets than they are of free speech.
Blanco-Diablo 284 seconds ago
In a matter of a few posts, you mentioned Russian bots, dictatorship and sheep. Well done, leftie. Your self reflection is on point.
TheWizard 287 seconds ago
Now the samurai says...... Your smooth and velvety skin... arouses me in a very sensual way... that makes my pelvic ache.
Joe Griffin 293 seconds ago
Kobe's Sikorsky should have had a back up engine if one failed. At this point, I bet on this tragedy being due to poor environmental conditions. Hopefully those owning Sikorksies here on out take into account.
pragmatist 297 seconds ago
The Democrat Socialist Party and the Hate News Media are desperate to use any means to destroy the President!
Old Timer 310 seconds ago
CHINESE MAD SCIENCE: Viral Pandemic Starts in Chinese City with Research Lab for ‘World’s Most Dangerous‘ Pathogens. Chinese mad science has apparently backfired. A deadly coronavirus, called the Wuhan virus based on the Chinese city it emanated from, has spread to the United States with a man in his 30s being declared patient zero in Washington state. The patient came back to the U.S. from Wuhan, China on Jan. 15. He was displaying no symptoms at the time, according to the local and federal officials who made the public announcement, but became sick the days after he initially returned. Dr. Scott Lindquist, who works as Washington’s state epidemiologist for communicable diseases, said the patient is in stable condition but is still being isolated in a hospital “out of an abundance of precaution and monitoring.” Passengers at several airports are going to be screened for the virus moving forward in an attempt to prevent its spread. Six people have already been reported dead worldwide from the coronavirus that can cause pneumonia. This comes years after it was announced that a controversial facility would be opened in Wuhan where Chinese scientists would study the world’s most dangerous pathogens: A laboratory in Wuhan is on the cusp of being cleared to work with the world’s most dangerous pathogens. The move is part of a plan to build between five and seven biosafety level-4 (BSL-4) labs across the Chinese mainland by 2025, and has generated much excitement, as well as some concerns. Some scientists outside China worry about pathogens escaping, and the addition of a biological dimension to geopolitical tensions between China and other nations. But Chinese microbiologists are celebrating their entrance to the elite cadre empowered to wrestle with the world’s greatest biological threats. “It will offer more opportunities for Chinese researchers, and our contribution on the BSL‑4-level pathogens will benefit the world,” says George Gao, director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Key Laboratory of Pathogenic Microbiology and Immunology in Beijing. There are already two BSL-4 labs in Taiwan, but the National Bio-safety Laboratory, Wuhan, would be the first on the Chinese mainland… Many staff from the Wuhan lab have been training at a BSL-4 lab in Lyon, which some scientists find reassuring. And the facility has already carried out a test-run using a low-risk virus. But worries surround the Chinese lab, too. The SARS virus has escaped from high-level containment facilities in Beijing multiple times, notes Richard Ebright, a molecular biologist at Rutgers University in Piscataway, New Jersey. Tim Trevan, founder of CHROME Biosafety and Biosecurity Consulting in Damascus, Maryland, says that an open culture is important to keeping BSL-4 labs safe, and he questions how easy this will be in China, where society emphasizes hierarchy. “Diversity of viewpoint, flat structures where everyone feels free to speak up and openness of information are important,” he says. Yuan says that he has worked to address this issue with staff. “We tell them the most important thing is that they report what they have or haven’t done,” he says. And the lab’s inter­national collaborations will increase openness. “Transparency is the basis of the lab,” he adds. The reckless behavior of the Chinese communists very well may have caused a worldwide health crisis. https://bigleaguepolitics.com/chinese-mad-science-viral-pandemic-starts-in-chinese-city-with-research-lab-for-worlds-most-dangerous-pathogens/
ThoughtfulVoter 349 seconds ago
Julia I totally get it. After hearing the Trump team for only 2 hrs, I slept better saturday night than I have all week. Having my vote taken away by Nancy/Schumer/Schif is very stressful.
Shiny and Chrome 362 seconds ago
We have an impeachment trial to tackle this very specific issue of the president's wrongdoing. Are you saying an impeachment trial just isn't the proper venue for a person with firsthand knowledge of the president's behavior to testify?
herb canter 364 seconds ago
Are you telling me you don't know Trumps taxes were already investigated to death C'MON !!! Do you have any freaking idea how many times Trump has been investigated looking for anything and they still can't find a damn thing ? Trump is going to court to get the democrats to stop the non stop harassment . Trumps taxes were gone over with a fine toothed comb hundred's of times and he gets audited EVERY FREAKING YEAR by the IRS and he's still clean as a whistle . Stop watching the below sources . CNN, ABC,CBS,NBC,MSNBC,HUFFPOST,NYT,WASHPOST,BUZZFEED, POLITICO, NEWSWEEK,THE AP, THE HILL , ROLLING STONE,SKY NEWS,BI, TIME,USA TODAY, BBC NEWS, LA TIMES,REUTERS,THE BOSTON GLOBE,VOX,THE MIAMI HERALD , MOTHER JONES,HLN, YAHOO, WSJ, NY DAILY NEWS, VICE,UNIVISION, PEOPLE MAGAZINE,PBS,NPR,NEW YORKER MAGAZINE,NATIONAL JOURNAL ,DAILY BEAST,BLOOMBERG,AURN,
termitesrgood 366 seconds ago
As maxipad stated We know were they Eat,We know were they Work,we know were they Live............ #MAGA
Gabriel 375 seconds ago
Yeah I’m sure.... Trump is your president now weirdo. Speaking of mouth foam- you may want to simmer down bruh, Trump will be serving two terms. Maybe get a hobby?
Forsaykin 375 seconds ago
We were the frog in the communist pot of water, being brought up to boil so slowly we didn't notice it. Most of us still don't notice it!
PAC7 380 seconds ago
Bolton blew it .... had a chance but sold out $$$$$ Trump Gave him a chance & apparently Bolton isn’t the person this Nation thought he was
Liar liar pant suits on fire 388 seconds ago
"Mistaken eyewitness identifications contributed to approximately 71% of the more than 360 wrongful convictions in the United States overturned by post-conviction DNA evidence.• Inaccurate eyewitness identifications can confound investigations from the earliest stages. Critical time is lost while police are distracted from the real perpetrator, focusing instead on building the case against an innocent person. "
neoface 421 seconds ago
He is actually a woman trapped in a body of an inept man, when this is over, he'll have a sex change while imprisoned.
Tomas Bear Stands Up 446 seconds ago
You are a liar. Vote Vets do not have anywhere near 1/2 million members. Go back to Russia, troll.
Mike Lilly 454 seconds ago
Very sad to hear. Looks like some other names have come out, besides Kobe and his daughter Gianna, John Altobelli died alongside his wife, Keri, and their 13-year-old daughter, Alyssa, the family confirmed to ESPN. The other four names so far haven't been released (one being the pilot). Seems like they were not supposed to take off in those foggy conditions. Antobelli I believe was NY Yankee's Aaron Judge's college baseball coach? LAPD said that the department's Air Support Division grounded its helicopters Sunday morning due to foggy conditions and didn't fly until later in the afternoon. They said the weather situation did not meet their minimum standards for flying adding that the fog was enough that they were not flying. LAPD's flight minimums are 2 miles of visibility and an 800-foot cloud ceiling.
my48crosley 461 seconds ago
As it stands no one even knows it it is in the book. It is unclear whether the Times has actually reviewed the manuscript. The report cites “[m]ultiple people” who “described Mr. Bolton’s account of the Ukraine affair.” I am betting that In the next couple days we are going to learn that this is all crap. Passages taken out of context or even lied about.