Alisa Capone 18 seconds ago
March 4: “[W]e have a very small number of people in this country [infected]. We have a big country. The biggest impact we had was when we took the 40-plus people [from a cruise ship]. … We brought them back. We immediately quarantined them. But you add that to the numbers. But if you don’t add that to the numbers, we’re talking about very small numbers in the United States.” — Trump at a White House meeting with airline CEOs.
Sofie 24 seconds ago
The U.S is pretty good at encouraging wanton destruction in other Countries with little regard for civilians there. I can't see the U.S. ever caring about any promises made anywhere. What's happening with the Dakota access pipe line issues lately?
Flippy Hambone 25 seconds ago
Interesting. Trump on the other hand is like 30-40% with black voters, because of all he's done for them.
Cabin Man 25 seconds ago
When I have to worry every evening that a Democrat might be throwing bricks through my windows, looting my home or setting my house on fire the yes, I have to be vigilant.
POOR, SIMPLE JAY 26 seconds ago
So I do own all that real estate behind your prefrontal cortex.. I mean hours later and you came crawling back. I had forgotten you were even You had me on your mind that whole time? If you weren't a queerdo I may be flattered.. So what other trendy quirky queerdo comments do you have for us.
BitemeDC 26 seconds ago
Sooo, should Trump issue a Federal mandate that all citizens should wear a mask or your nominee said ?
Flechette 28 seconds ago
So if someone tweets a picture of a 10,000 person crowd...and one person is a racist...that means that you are a racist?
Trailer trash 31 seconds ago
Theres no proof that has happened. Worse than what, ending the war and bringing our soldiers home? Why are the Democrats fighting to keep our soldiers in Afghanistan? How many more years must they fight and die for nothing?
Disqus User 36 seconds ago
Yeah run off without backing your claim that the Afghanistan surge was about OBL not Karzai 😜 I immensely enjoy exposing you daily for the dumb partisan democrat who does not even know Obama’s ass from a hole in the ground.
wilcoover 37 seconds ago
Marxism fails every time it is tried. It won't succeed in the U.S., even with the lunatic left supporting it.
Sandrag 37 seconds ago
Wow, are you a new liar or did you just change you id when you were banned previously Just a heads up none of these sites tolerate lies much anymore.
fitz 42 seconds ago
Prime example. Javier Corral -- governor of Chihuahua, Mexico: Corral was born on 2 August 1966 in El Paso, Texas, United States but spent much of his childhood across the border in Ciudad Juárez; in a 2016 interview, he noted that "although I was born on the other side of the border, I am 100 percent juarense".
Wintercat 44 seconds ago
Surgeons wear them for 6-8 hours at a time. Contractors wear respirators all day when doing sanding or demolition.
Starfighter×35 46 seconds ago
Is that why he was awarded the "Ellis Island Award"? He was standing with Rosa Parks. Give it up bro. Your embarrassing yourself.
naksut 55 seconds ago
No joke On July 1 as *record breaking number of coronavirus cases gut punched the country *States started slamming the breaks on their economies *Republicans were urging Trump encourage thewearing of masks and *Rumors swirled around the country about Russians paying bounties for dead American soldiers President Trump's daily schedule had only one event ....1:30pm lunch with Pompeo
The Brutal Truth 57 seconds ago
No they damn sure didn't ... they said they have not been able to verify the lies .... and that the White House was not briefed until yesterday!
Helen4Yemen 58 seconds ago
"Israel" was created for the Ashkenazi who happen to be 100% alien to our region. Do they not have land in Europe for their own Jews? Take your technology, take your medicine, take your cherry tomatoes and just leave.
Alisa Capone 58 seconds ago
Feb. 27: “It’s going to disappear. One day — it’s like a miracle — it will disappear.” — Trump at a White House meeting with African American leaders.
Saint_Ronald_Reagan 63 seconds ago
If your ancestors fought for the confederacy you will pay reparations when Biden is president and you will do so until the day you die. Then your children and their children and so on until their inbreeding end your family line. This must be so for you have sinned
ILLEGAL 👽 67 seconds ago
Bunkerbaby 87 seconds ago
tRumpcuckks: If you are tired of being ridiculed by the majority of Americans stop being suckered by fascist tRump.
Sandrag 88 seconds ago
"With new daily coronavirus cases rising in at least two dozen states, an explosion of new infections in Arizona is stretching some hospitals and alarming public health experts who link the surge in cases to the state's lifting of a stay-at-home order close to a month ago." After the state's largest hospital system warned about a shortage of intensive care unit beds, Gov. Doug Ducey, a Republican, pushed back on assertions that the health care system could soon be overwhelmed. "The entire time we've been focused on a possible worst-case scenario with surge capacity for hospital beds, ICU beds and ventilators," Ducey told reporters Thursday. "Those are not needed or necessary right now." While he acknowledged a spike in positive cases, Ducey said a second stay-at-home order was "not under discussion." "We put the stay-at-home order there so we could prepare for what we are going through," he said. ...... Yeah sure hon, no americans are running around without masks on.
Flechette 90 seconds ago
How does not wearing a mask endanger anyone? If you are afraid of getting the China Virus, wear a mask, stay home or otherwise protect yourself. Ordering other people around to make you feel safe is closer to the "cowardice" that you speak of.
rvga 98 seconds ago
Suddenly Texas is in the midst of one of its deadlist weeks in our fight against COVID-19. In last 7 days, we've had 232 people die. That is our worse 7-day stretch since mid-May when we lost 256 people over 7 days.
BitemeDC 103 seconds ago
Lol...Trump LOVES America and his fellow citizens... I think that's what triggers the loons most...;)
connie 112 seconds ago
Dan Patick is the man who said on national TV that the economy is more important to seniors than living. He is being proven wrong and the proof is in Trump's sinking poll numbers. The hospitals are maxed out in Texas so its a matter of time before they start setting up those field hospitals that are just impossible to hide.
P.N.Gwyen 114 seconds ago
I’m being to think Trumpers are “lefty loons” They certainly don’t support the military and the military certainly doesn’t support Trump.
Segdirb 119 seconds ago
It is a mentally ill MAN that thinks he is a WOMAN and is the only one that cannot tell what he really is..............when everyone can!
Aurélie 129 seconds ago
I can't see where Trump has exhibited any Conservative values except letting the Federalist Society provide him with a list of judges to appoint.
deecee 130 seconds ago
Trump wants to bring Russia back into the G-7. I'm pretty sure that Russian bounties on US troops make that less appealing to everybody except Trump.
Madmax 2 5 seconds ago
Looks like the Deloitte job didn't matter. Well, not enough for her to act mature enough to hold said job.
Locustschewtobacco 7 seconds ago
Anyone who takes this failed Presidential candidate seriously is worse than a dirty joke. She LOST to a candidate with obvious early onset dementia. So, either, something is wrong with HER, or something is wrong with her party. And the race card don't work, because it would implicate her party as the racists they actually are.
LoneWarrior 11 seconds ago
Yes, I blame global diseases on the Chinese. That appeals to my base, as they are an unsophisticated bunch looking to blame people.
bubbinator 13 seconds ago
I had two democrat women with 4 year degrees from an AL college that couldn't read or write well enough to fill out a simple Police Report form!
ConservativeCalifornian 21 seconds ago
All they have to do is look at their plans to TAX America into oblivion! 60 to 70% taxation should make anyone who earns a living sit up and take notice! No FREE lunch... ALL that FREE Stuff isn't FREE!!! In fact, you're generation's getting hit with the BILL!!! $$$$
Woman XX 27 seconds ago
O my, she has rather elaborate self inflated and violent ideations. She is abusive and clearly takes pleasure in voicing how she wants to harm people that kinda renders her not trustworthy and as such should maybe not be working near other peoples money or private information. She has revenge fantasies and is an intolerant fool. Nobody owes her a living or a job. Self righteous and sadist are a bad combo.
Everything Burns 29 seconds ago
"If you are not prepared to use force to defend civilization, then be prepared to accept barbarism." - Thomas Sowell They are not leaving an alternative.
Phobia-ist 37 seconds ago
Thanks for the link saved me a lot of time looking for her posts..: Ann Coulter hit it on the head..."Asian Karen". and it is funny how this Marxist Racist Biatch looks & cries straight into the camera about how unfairly she was Judged, Fired, and treated for supporting BLM, when she has more than one video voicing her hatred of whitey... I'm sure her parents are proud of her up bringing and just how racist she turned out. Time to defund all of the Universities/ Teachers Unions/Public Office Unions. Time to Defund the DemonKKKrats and all their pet Free sshhyt.
Groucho 39 seconds ago
This maroon is PROOF that there are way too many kids being accepted into college. What ever happened to entrance requirements.
Political Moonwalk 40 seconds ago
According to liberals, he won’t be fit during his next term either. Oh well, I guess they’ll just have to live with it.
infidel9032 40 seconds ago
Nonsense. Send me some decent American STEM grads. I've been waiting 20 years for them. Might as well be looking for needles in a haystack.
ArtfulDodger 43 seconds ago
I don’t wear a mask and will not until this virus proves to be a real Ebola-type threat....which it obviously won’t. Went to kroger today with my two-year-old son in the shopping cart. Both of us mask-less. Was waiting for someone to say something so I could drop some heavily researched statistics and facts on them, but no one did. Also, at least 50% of the other shoppers/non-sheep were also not wearing masks.
Rafael F 44 seconds ago
If my life doesn't matter for walmart, then my money shouldn't matter either. Enough of those who support this selfish movement
Nomad 44 seconds ago
"Poll: 2-in-3 Black Voters Want U.S. Jobs Filled by Americans, Not Foreigners The other 1/3 are the gimmedats. They want the foreigners here so they can complain that those Mexi Cans done took our jobs. How we posta work? Ain't no jobs for us poor folk. All the while they are laughing behind our backs while collecting welfare, food stamps, and every freebie they can get their hands on. The hard working whites and blacks are the suckers.
FfosLas6 50 seconds ago
Hold on a minute. This poll was taken from about 3700 people over 6 states so that is about 600 people per state. And I would hazard a guess that many leaned Left. Biden is supposed to rejoice over this. How stupid do they think we are?
SophieB 50 seconds ago
If you think about it, MOST of the statues that are being destroyed are of Democrats. They are trying to erase their own dirty, sordid history, hoping people will forget all the damage they've done to this country.
John Schmidt 51 seconds ago
Isn't this just seasonal? Every year in The Chi around this time of year everyone sits home and plays the "gunshots or fireworks" game.
error_501 53 seconds ago
Defending a public school? Yeah. That isn't worth it. Cut your losses. Nobody that gives a crap puts their kid in one.
killer62 56 seconds ago
Of course they'll rewrite history - or totally erase it. This is a marxist takeover of our country which I have watched brewing since the 1960s and now those who yelled their marxist tenets in the 60s are the college professors teaching the youth. Eliminate history, eliminate the elderly because they know the truth, and program the youth. Classic takeover to communism. Stand strong - don't be afraid to speak up or it's over.
Justplaythegame 61 seconds ago
disgusting people.. "What kind of filth work in this trade ?" You can add the same filth to those working in Nursing homes.
Maureen Horton 66 seconds ago
I know it's not pleasant (had an old hippy friend arrested because he decided to smoke 1/2 a joint on 42nd Street outside Bebe King's)but give me a break. Don't they have any respect for authority?
pjdjmj 67 seconds ago
Seattle Mayor only shut down the illegal, dirty, filthy downtown takeover because her Communist hordes showed up at her home. She can dish it out but can't take it.
AC1USNRetired 67 seconds ago
She looks to be of Philippine ancestry. If she is, her parents or grandparents obviously didn't teach her about Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos.
DrJuan 70 seconds ago
Now I understand why so many people are moving out of NYC ... if this is the kind of riff raff that are moving in.
Zack 71 seconds ago
Spot on, masks get saturated with moisture from the mouth and nose after about 20 minutes. Once they’re wet, they no longer form a barrier against viruses trying to come through or exit. The face mask is a petri dish for growing pathogens. Why should people be required to wear biomedical waste on their face and expose others to this toxic brew?
pilgrimusa 71 seconds ago
I have noticed you consistently mock anyone who says anything against the drug lords. Do you think these evil cartels CARE about what is legal internationally? I think we should use any and every weapon in the arsenal...and you can whine all you want.
bwgirl 72 seconds ago
Actually, if Biden wins, I was considering moving further south. I just can't figure out how far south to go! Maybe find me an island somewhere! LOL! Can't seem to escape the Socialist and Communist Scumbags!
David 76 seconds ago
I’m a STEM graduate and I’ve NEVER protested, rioted, looted, or committed arson. I can bet you that the millennial grads who do that ARE NOT STEM majors anyway! They probably belong to that academic class of no-nothing majors that only get you a job working at Target or a call center!!!!
Seaside 76 seconds ago
Is the silent majority waiting for the right time to come forward? Or, is the silent majority waiting for a leader(s) within the silent majority to step forward and lead the way? Will November 2020 be the time the silent majority speaks by their votes? I hope someone can help me out with the answers, because it is getting very scary to witness the amount of mind control and fear that the democratmarxists have been able to create and maintain in such a short time over willing Americans with the wuhan flu plandemic.
Desertcatn 80 seconds ago
Don't be shocked if California goes Red this next election. The commies need to be booted out of our Country!
Zegna140 83 seconds ago
And we wonder why God has removed his hand of protection and allowed the country to fall into chaos, crime and lawlessness. I fear it's just the beginning since it doesn't appear as though we are going to turn away from child sacrifice anytime soon.
freevoter2016 85 seconds ago
As time goes by the American people are learning how extensive our Congress has been selling us out. Last week we learned over the past decade the business community has lobbied Congress to increased Foreign workers over the existing 1.2 million / year by adding 1.6 million in HB & an assortment of other classifications every year totaling 2.6 million. This is discounting the millions in Illegal Aliens given a pass to remain using absurd Asylum laws. Now we learn the Chinese have been given full access to our Universities higher education increasing their ability to steal scientific research. China's ability to have access to build our Infrastructure using Taxpayer dollars is just another nail ion the coffin proving our Congress are a bunch of Whores selling themselves to the highest bidder (lobbyist / donors).
Pearl Alquilres 88 seconds ago
I realize how touchy the issue of "immigrants" is to many Brits... but this is very similar to the fight for German Scientists at the end of WW2. If the UK can manage to lure the Hong Kong financial institutions to Great Britain, the EU will be BEGGING for a UK trade deal.
Todd Stevens 91 seconds ago
If you don't know where you've come from, you don't know where you are - that is true of navigation and history . We are the only nation on the face of the earth that built in our system of government the ability to self correct. We have done it, at great cost. Slavery is gone. To throw what we have accomplished away and replace it with a socialist vision of utopia--which has failed in every nation which tried it--is inviting that same disaster. Do we really want to look like Venezuela?
Weary Willie 91 seconds ago
Go to YouTube and search for First Amendment Audit. You will find videos of people who make fortunes off of arrogant bully cops who routinely violate the rights of people. You'll see that cops aren't used to people standing up for themselves and other people's rights. Go ahead and watch a few of these videos. You'll see things I've experienced on my very doorstep.
Oliver Jones 92 seconds ago
They’ll continue putting up with whatever is sent their way, because the Brits don’t make a fuss - and they don’t have any standards. Think about it: When was the last time you heard a Brit take a stand on an issue and say “That’s enough. This must end now. I insist!”? Far, far more often I’ve heard many Brits say, instead, “At least we’re not as bad as country X.” That’s what I mean by having no standards: Most Brits are quite happy to continue plumbing whatever depths of deterioration of society that come, as long as you can say you’re not the worst. My problem is that I know what the worst is, and that’s a hell of a long way to fall.
sebpersh 92 seconds ago
I bet the police find more dead bodies in the children’s play fort formerly known as CHOP. It’ll be a while before people realize what the smell is, after the drug smoke and unhygienic anarchists clear out.
Frank Bullitt 96 seconds ago
They’re coming here in boats now. Pulling right up on the beaches snd scattering. This place is a hellhole.
i am Not Sure 97 seconds ago
Russia hates the US because the commies moved into the US Dem Party and make warmongering towards Russia. The Dems would side with CCP against Russia in a conflict. I don’t blame Russia for its animosity towards an America that is teetering toward putting a dementia afflicted leader and psychopaths in charge of a nuclear arsenal large enough to kill the planet many times over.
doc 97 seconds ago
"Which "individuals" are making the choice to put poor schools in black areas?" Ever hear of elections? There are elections for school boards, city council members, mayors, state representatives, and even senators. I wonder what the voter turnout is in these "under privileged" areas? "Which bad "individuals" are making sure that black people receive harsher sentences?" The above applies to judges and District Attorneys too. Hmmmmm. What could the solution be?????? I know......burn down racist America!!!! Oh, I forgot, these folks can't vote because they are oppressed. Somehow they can manage to do what is required to get government benefits but cannot register to vote.
PHenry 99 seconds ago
They really have no fing idea what they are asking for. Some think they’ll be immune from the consequences. Others think that if it doesn’t go well, they’ll be able to push restart. Such fools.
Nerdsworth* 100 seconds ago
Pelosi decided to completely eclipse AOC. When was the last time we heard from Cortex? She's just gone and it's all "New Face" Nancy.
doctrx 105 seconds ago
Do you notice that these people do not seem to be preoccupied with the fact that they are setting themselves up for a new school shooting? They will gladly sacrifice more student's lives in order to gain another new law or two further restricting gun sale and ownership.
Piano Lady 106 seconds ago
I talked to one once ... mostly they just float around my house up here in the CA mountains ... they seem to be attracted strongly by Bach and jazz.