Robert Parkle 16 seconds ago
Athletically talented only against members of their same "sexxx." They got steamrolled by a D-squad of 15-year-old boys.
bedr1 18 seconds ago
I guess the uninformed Leftwing idiots on Social Media don't understand that Lying on immigration forms to gain citizenship is a crime and marrying your brother is illegal in the United States - or do the leftist somehow like inbreeding now ?
Eddie Haskel is Stifled 19 seconds ago
The Fab Four needs to learn a lesson from the Beatles. Shake it, shake it a baby now, shake it a baby, twist and shout, twist and shout
Sturmritter 32 seconds ago
No, I'd say Paul Krugman is the stupidest business analyst ever. He might have won a nobel prize for economics, but his business analysis is terrible.
AnotherPatientObserver 34 seconds ago
Yep, and Amazon better be paying attention here. Go woke go broke . They need to take it back a few notches on the unnecessary woke messages peppered throughout their programming. It sticks out like a sore thumb and they think they're being clever. Just makes me want to cancel.
Xji Xji 36 seconds ago
All four of the freshman duntz girls sit on think this is an accident? All this is kabuki..... You did not get to sit on committees until you had gained experience........but now........first term.......BOOM here's your committee chair.... Bwahahaha!!! Is it any wonder sane ppl laugh at the democrat party?
Vimal Riktam 40 seconds ago
Emilyjohn 43 seconds ago
Hugh Hewitt is a fairly conservative commentator commonly seen all by himself on MSNBC. Hugh also has an early morning call-in, 3-hour streaming talk show. Hewitt has a long history of federal legal work dating back to the Reagan Administration. When he's not steeped in sanctimony, Hugh can be very interesting.
pissedatthemall 50 seconds ago
watched an episode of all in the family where he goes off on archie for calling him a meathead. he then leaves..... still the same.
mj#12 50 seconds ago
That’s the biggest cop-out ever. I expected better out of you. You came out of the gate thumping your chest, only to retreat to your safe space directing me to Google? Come on man!
bella-Côte 51 seconds ago
Unemployment set to record lows for minorities, unemployment cut in half. Many states under Obama's push raised the minimum wage increasing wages across the nation.
Ghetto_Trump 53 seconds ago
Prove it wrong... Rand Paul (R-KY) blocked 911 1st Responder funding... Are you this stupid all the time or just looking for attention?
Special Ed 54 seconds ago
All of the crazy anti-American public utterances by an elected woman who likely committed immigration fraud and yet what is the left outraged about? A handful of taxpaying private citizens... who will openly state their love for the country... saying "send her back" to the phony refugee for a few seconds. Modern day Democrats. This is what was meant by foreign OR domestic. These people are not my countrymen.
Onebeersnotenough 61 seconds ago
He's trying to dog paddle in a rip current not realizing that it's a little to late - his political aspirations have been drowned !
ardis4 67 seconds ago
AOC/Omar Dems don't just have a "problem" with the United States they vilify with hate/division 24/7 our country, it's Founding Fathers, constitution, electoral college, POTUS, Supreme Court, Flag, most Whites, the rich, Jewish people, it's capitalist economy & the entire Western world as inherently "evil", "racist" "Nazi" to blame for every problem plaguing the planet and "people of color". Trump right Again. --Since OAC/Omar Libs want to destroy America to rebuild from the bottom up because they despise this country and everything it stands for they need to relocate back to their cultures & countries of origin (or even Lib controlled Chicago/Detroit inner cities) and set their socialist example for prosperity, social justice and peaceful co existence on their own race-identity politics turf. Upshot--Let the failures and losers of the world show the United States and Western Civilization how it's done.
Jimmy Zickspek 67 seconds ago
that kind of criticism is the unkindest cut of all after all the dems have done for him...whatta backstabber
JackEddy 74 seconds ago
Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh.....those mean Racists Republicans are at it again. They shouted a slogan at a political rally----oh the horror!
8675310 75 seconds ago
Kobach should have countered with asking Cuomo if he was now ready to withdraw his support of ANTIFA, now that they have launched a terrorist attack on a government facility, an attack inspired by AOC. BTW, what is nonsensial. No proof readers left?
☕☕KYStargazzer ☕☕ 88 seconds ago
Good Morning, another day another Obama Regulation POOF, Gone! And this time even the Dems joined in House votes to repeal ObamaCare's 'Cadillac tax'
Sturmritter 90 seconds ago
Because we already have one? And it has a Constitution which includes other ethnicities and skin colors as well? We don't have a white flag (of surrender), we have a Red, White and Blue flag.
Mike Rowe Aggression 93 seconds ago
I almost think you're being sarcastic. It's that ridiculous. The Al Gore line has been flattened by reality. Fuck_apologizing to either him or anyone.
TheMightyWhitey 96 seconds ago
Pfft - you people have been spewing your hate-speech for Trump since long before he even took over the job. You are just a white-hating racist bigot, projecting your psycopathy on everyone else.
Steve77 98 seconds ago
Absolutely agree, along with anyone else with a grain of common sense. And no, New York Magazine, there would be nothing remotely voluntary about her repatriation. And so what?
hal09i 102 seconds ago
Wow... the Left is outraged over race....who saw that one coming? And these Rhino's whining that "we're better than that"-- yeah, we have ANTIFA in the streets with clubs and masks, attacking people. Students on college campuses protesting free speech... the President is compared to Adolf Hitler and worse on a daily basis by people in the media and Hollywood... immigration detention centers are compared to concentration camps...the flag is considered racist... "FU DJT" is heard on a daily basis. And we're supposed to be outraged over a chant of "send her back" to a person that hates America, has stated that she's "disappointed" in it... who a proven bigot and anti-semite? whose pissed all over the country that rescued her and her family and has given them the opportunity to thrive? Leftiies and Rhino's, I'll let you in on a little secret: I can live with it...
Utakesally 106 seconds ago
Deutsch has to be the stupidest business analyst ever. Donald Trump would never "get you a job", however he has worked to create a business environment where there are jobs available to go get yourself.
Confusion Reigns 110 seconds ago
It's amazing the number of demonrats 'leaders' that call Trump names. Can you imagine the outrage had republican leaders done the same to oblammer?
Curt 113 seconds ago
Wonder what would happen if Trump held a MAGA rally in Puerto Rico? With a slate of good candidates for 2020.
Scott Lucas 113 seconds ago
Sorry, this doesn't make any sense and doesn't engage with Omar's comment, but thank you for your reply.
Cyril Sneer 118 seconds ago
I love how the liberal impotently throws around the racist term because well they don't have anything else to offer.
Gperk1 121 seconds ago
We sent Sheila and Al together to make up one with an IQ of at least 70. It was never meant for the two of them to be separated. Both are dumb as a box of rocks.
Hank Chinaski 129 seconds ago
You want to ignore something that doesn't fit your narrative. Whites are discriminated against in their own country by newly arrived nonwhites. Don't pretend you believe in fairness or anti discrimination.
Justa Teksun 129 seconds ago
This is what the Left really looks like when it comes out of the shadows; vicious, lying, racist, anti-Semitic and rabidly socialistic. It's a very ugly beast.
All in 130 seconds ago
So just for the record . You want to stop all illegal immigration right now? And you want the wall built asap ?
Nando Ronteltap 131 seconds ago
Where is this "extreme love" Omar talked about having for every person in the country? Was that just political bs?!? I am shocked.
Revolution2020 135 seconds ago
Open wide, Chelsea, here it comes. Courtesy of Jason Biggs. EWWWWWWW What a hideous lowlife Handler is!!
Mchebrew 146 seconds ago
They as others have the impenetrable shield of racism. Not many white attorneys or government workers want to end their careers at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood or Al Sharpton and politicians willing to burn them alive.
pissedatthemall 153 seconds ago
this is so funny. the house, under these twits and their 30 candidates are promising the moon. now, with the chance to do what they have been screaming about for 3 years, they put their finger in their azz and then check the wind.
LibIgnorer. 154 seconds ago
Mitt Hussien Obama condemned Trump uniting(not divisive) remarks. It is only divisive if you support America's enemies.
TrapperJohnFL 157 seconds ago
Here's a novel idea. How about "Hungry" college students getting a job ?? I did...when I was in college. For was either work or go hungry, when I was in college.
Curious 159 seconds ago
And 'the squad' just keeps giving Trump opportunity after opportunity. They are reliable Trump supporters.
SuffolkBoy 163 seconds ago
Rather than "made up" I would use the topical term "appropriated". The hypothesis (and its opposite, global cooling) were around long before they were weaponized for political purposes by a coalition of academics and politicians.
South West 165 seconds ago
I'm a troll for asking questions that actually impact me? Wow, sounds like you're a cult follower. I bet you'd give Trump a night with your wife.
J Smith 168 seconds ago
So there is to be outrage that the people say send her back to a politician that is actively trying to destroy the country and has ties to a group that attacked the US and killed thousands of Americans but it is fine if the house puts a bill to try to impeach a duly elected president because they don't like him.
spectre 170 seconds ago
No Other Gospel 6 I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you to live in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel— 7 which is really no gospel at all. Evidently some people are throwing you into confusion and are trying to pervert the gospel of Christ. 8 But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse! 9 As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let them be under God’s curse! 10 Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.
Scott Lucas 176 seconds ago
Let's put this in context. The full statement is: "CAIR [Council on American-Islamic Relations] was founded after 9/11, because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties." So Omar was 1) distancing American Muslims from the 9/11 attackers by not even dignifying the attackers as proper Muslims --- surely a point that we can agree upon; 2) saying that 9/11 should not be used to deny any American his/her civil liberties --- surely another point we can all agree upon.
PigPanther 178 seconds ago
Come on man! I gotta go to work! You won't believe me anyway! Why don't you just look it up yourself? Scared of what you might find out? You should be.