<— Orange Jail Bait 9 seconds ago
Derek Chauvin will continue to kneel for black men except in prison this time sucking c0ck and getting asss pounded.
DonaldRussianOwnedCovidDotard 12 seconds ago
Maxine Waters is an AMERICAN PATRIOT. Diaper Donnie and Matt Gaetz are chiId-raplsts, and, like the rest of the RepubliTurds, DOMESTlC TERR0RlSTS. It's what they ARE.
Dead Floyd 15 seconds ago
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) took to the Senate floor on Monday to call out Rep. Mouth Maxine Waters (D-CA) and her conduct after she called for protesters to “get more confrontational” if former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is not found guilty for the death of George Floyd. Mitch said - "Weeellllll Uuuuuuuhhhhhhh ummmmmmm". So THERE!
KeithS 21 seconds ago
If you don't want to be the party of "nativist dog whistles" then just quit kissing the butts of Trump and the members of Congress who are part of the Trump cult.
Mike Richardson 21 seconds ago
Trump didn't offer praise, and he is and will remain the single worst president in US history, outside of his delusional cult.
ReadThomasSowell 21 seconds ago
No, they are usurped by the government. I mean, they're supposed to be secured by government, but no Lefty wants that. That would mean we move towards individualism, which the Left hates. Lefties also believe that the government should have more "rights" than the citizens. The only reason the Left calls the Constitution a "living document" is in order to be able to change it's meaning on a whim, which means they don't actually value the Constitution. Our Founding documents promote individualism, the very thing the Left despises the most.
Aqualung 50 28 seconds ago
As a former republican I would agree Carter was the 2nd worse president. trump was the worst by far. He's not even on the same scale. Before trump came along I would rate Carter 3/10. Now having experienced trump i would rate Carter 5.5/ 10. trump is 0/10. trump has redefined the scale.
msrowena 29 seconds ago
I KNEW you were high! Yellow mustard is kind of an insulting condiment. My brother used to keep an extra condiment in his wallet, just in case of emergency.
Genericbeer 32 seconds ago
You have no idea how citations work, do you? It means showing tangible evidence of your reference via a primary source, moron.
yossarion 33 seconds ago
The sad thing is the violent fascists who resort to violence such as yourself, only burn down the black neighborhoods where these things happen. Poor minorities don't know what to do, their communities are burned to the ground in the name of racial justice by ignorants who are to scared to go to the white communities. Come to my neighborhood and see what happens... those who riot are double cowards.
Bowen Travis 34 seconds ago
He was not beaten with a fire extinguisher as originally reported. He was in one of the groups of officers that was being punched and kicked. And he was sprayed in the face.
WN 36 seconds ago
For a Trump dick sucker, you're pretty par for the course. Now hurry up, there' some KKK member whose dick you haven't ducked yet, weird, rare Jewish Trump dick sucker.
American Indian 42 seconds ago
All 57 black members of house and senate are Democrats, there are none in Republican party. that tells lot about Republicans.
Ben Fisten 42 seconds ago
In November 2020, the USA didn't import a single barrel of Saudi oil. Joe Xiden fixed that. Gasoline's already UP almost $1.00
Lynne Willey 44 seconds ago
You are the one having fantasies about what makes me moist. It never occurred to me to wonder about you. But it us clear that you have sex on your mind a lot. I guess that happens to lonely people.
Melissa H 45 seconds ago
The gerrymandering in FL was done by the state GOP legislature. Wasserman-Shultz district is South Broward, and ALL of Broward is overwhelmingly Democrat. I don't know WTF you're implying about her. IMHO, she is exactly the type of Democrat we need to rid ourselves of. And she's in the CONGRESS, not the Florida STATE Legislation. Duh. When Gillum was running against DeSantis in 2017, Gillum was just halfway thru his first term as an eventual one term Mayor of Florida's 7th biggest city, Tallahassee, far far smaller than Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando and Tampa. And he was then under investigation from the FBI for taking free tickets as a gift from a donor. Not exactly a stand out candidate, in, you know, any possible way. And yet, DeSantis won by < .5%. AKA, a fuking squeaker. WTF difference does it make what Gillum was up to in 2020? TWO years after the election? I'd never even heard that story from 2020, because why would I care? He LOST. I stopped giving a crap about him on the day after the election.
SuperDuper 52 seconds ago
https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2019/crime-in-the-u.s.-2019/tables/expanded-homicide-data-table-8.xls FBI: UCR MURDER VICTIMS in 2019
Clavius Magnus 53 seconds ago
MEANWHILE,... ..hate-America, P.O.C.-supremacist RACIST Fascist Progressives remain unabated in their promotion of Systemic Hate-Whitey Racism and contempt for our country. https://megaanti-statist.blogspot.com/2019/08/why-progressives-are-racist.html
George 55 seconds ago
Like "Peaceful and Patriotic"??? We all know where that went. By the way, right after maxi pad's lips flapped, the National Guard was fired upon with minor injuries!!!
tracey marie 57 seconds ago
or, Maxine has lived through decades of racism and killings of black people. She has earned the right to speak out against the nazi/white supremaists
Do Mc 65 seconds ago
ask gaetz and the Kentucky judge doing 20 years for trafficking children for sex and he was a trump state campaign manager not to mention the 13 year old girl that trump and Epstein raped.
Hillary on Lolita Island 69 seconds ago
Once Maxie Hirono reached that age in which she realized no man on earth would ever want to mate with her... she became an angry Leftist Marxist America hating radical.
Al Sango 70 seconds ago
I would of taken Carter anyday over the con man Trump! I'm just so glad he's gone and censored on social media. He was a disgrace and disgusting president.
Yahoo Thom 71 seconds ago
JANUARY 6, 2021....THE REPUBLICANS ATTEMPT A SEDITION FAILED COUP D ETAT....they are dead to real Patriots!
Captainjack 75 seconds ago
JUST HOW PATHETIC DO YOUI THINK YOU LOOK when I previously posted the proof that the constitution was based on works by founding fathers yet you attempt to lie as though we won't catch you?
Troll Patrol 79 seconds ago
Trump sheep who hate democracy will believe anything LEAKED DOCUMENTS SHOW POLICE KNEW FAR-RIGHT EXTREMISTS WERE THE REAL THREAT AT PROTESTS, NOT “ANTIFA” An analysis of leaked law enforcement documents reveals an obsession with “antifa” despite evidence of threats of violence to police and protesters. https://theintercept.com/2020/07/15/george-floyd-protests-police-far-right-antifa/
FredDorner 80 seconds ago
At this point it looks likely that Chauvin will be found guilty of 2nd degree murder and will die in prison from a mysterious lack of oxygen. The question is whether that will change the behavior of any other abusive or sociopathic cops, or whether other means are necessary to root them out?
david david d 82 seconds ago
I am pretty sure the police are only supposed to use deadly force to stop deadly force. The character of the arrestee is not supposed to matter when it comes to using deadly force. Also, Chauvin had never met G. Floyd before. Addiction is a mental disorder, not a crime punishable by death Why do you have to kneel on the neck of a handcuffed man who is not struggling
Kilrain 93 seconds ago
The only reason they're reporting it now is because they know that as soon as the Chauvin verdict comes in this story will be forgotten in a micro-second. And it's best now not to have a cops name they once lionized hanging around to pollute their all cops are just racist pigs narrative.
Keith 95 seconds ago
FUN FACT Hillary's Husband and the current New York Governor were responsible for Creating the Subprime Mortgage SCAM, not Bush
Ben Fisten 98 seconds ago
For the first time in 50 years, President Trump and his policies had made the USA totally independent of Middle East oil...Joe Xiden reversed that in his first week!
Q_Impact 100 seconds ago
I think the bigger problem is the WTO not enforcing standards (employment, environment, transparency, etc.)
sundaze 106 seconds ago
This one-time protest gone wrong, usurped by extremists is nothing, it was practically set up by Pelosi---"come on in!!!" Compared to the years of street violence, looting, vandalizing by leftist minions like BLM (fraud), Antifa, other such groups----costing billions, suffering, deaths.
Cerise Rowan 7 seconds ago
chauvin's job was to enforce the law he had no authority to be an executioner I bet if you talked to him, he would see it the same way I have tremendous sympathy for law enforcement officers who face hate and violence every day from people whose only way of interacting is hate and aggression they are heroes every day but chauvin was not a hero for what happened with floyd especially if he was not following policy police are human and they make mistakes especially in a violent situation but, they are also in a job where they take responsibility for their actions the people who failed us are the judges who don't keep violent repeat offenders in jail and the liberal media who make victims of them and the politicians and liberal entertainment industry who encourage violence
Robert Dobson 11 seconds ago
Ok. I'm black. Raised by one parent. School not really important, except for social reasons. I dropped out. They didn't really have any classes that addressed my unique skills. I'm gullible, I'm a sucker. I'm a victim, and it's all because of some white guy --- somewhere (didn't do too well in geography). Sooooo .... as you can see, nothing's my fault. It's all some cracker's fault. Look ... Maxine --- with her appropriated white woman haircut -- she knows my story.
Common Man 16 seconds ago
It should be overturned. It should never have been held in Minneapolis. Waters, and others, should be charged with obstructing justice for inciting violence.. If Chauvin walks, Waters' finger prints are all over it. If there are riots, her fingerprints are all over it. Stupid old woman did more harm than good.
Liberty 16 seconds ago
As I recall after the failed 2nd Impeachment vote, Mitch McConnell went to the Senate floor trashing Trump and calling for criminal investigations. McConnell is a card carrying Swamp Creature.
that little voice 20 seconds ago
The US is going to collapse into Colombia level violent crime. It mostly has already. "It can't happen here" right?
Jim in Portland 21 seconds ago
On Jan 6th, how many fires were set in the Capitol building? None. How many businesses were looted? None. Compare and contrast that with the average BLM/ANTIFA riot in Portland, Oregon - and that happens nearly every night!
Rat Fink 22 seconds ago
It is not about civil rights. It's about hating whitey for perceived injustices that never were injustices.
Ross Chuey El Salvadoreze 23 seconds ago
They should be destroyed without a trace. They are enemies of a free people. They deserve nothing but venom and bile.
pigletrios 31 seconds ago
Woman...you are a day late and a dollar short...........save your advertising dollars..........you aren't fit to pick c#$P with the chickens............pathetic showing last cycle.
shandy 3 33 seconds ago
Not long ago, Carter was the worst president in the history of the country, then we had Obama and Biden. Carter/Mondale are moving up.
Sinthrax 34 seconds ago
These people aren't protesting. They are trying to intimidate by mob rule to get a desired outcome. Its a form of terrorism. They are making threats daily if it doesn't go the way they want it too. Also, a form of terrorism. They are terrorist, not protestors.
cylde 41 seconds ago
The PCR test has half false positives. if they must be tested they should get to specify what test is used and how that test is done.
Rocketman 44 seconds ago
TYPICAL STUPID JOURNO . ?? WTH is an NFT ??????????? . "NFT" used 15 times but NEVER defines the TLA (Three Letter Acronym) .
Percy 45 seconds ago
Which family has done the MOST damage to America? The Kennedy's, the Obama's, the Clinton's, the Johnson's, the Carter's or the Bush's? Actually the Kennedy's except for Teddy were not too bad. I would pick the Bush's from this group. However add them all together and in less than a year!!!! JOE BIDEN WINS HANDS DOWN with his distraction.
Bookman Chance 63 seconds ago
nope..black Americans are more Americans were killed by blacks this year than Americans have killed in Iraq and Afghanistan
phillipqb 71 seconds ago
It's part of a long running pattern. Also, you did not address lying. He has lied about many events in his life to try and enhance his image.
Michael 74 seconds ago
I shall dance a jig of celebration when this horrid witch’s time comes to slip off to hell where she belongs. The sooner, the better.
Bill Nixon 76 seconds ago
EV's should have ejection seats to save the occupants when they catch fire, which is often if they have a crash. It took four hours for the Lithium batteries to burn out ion the Tesla car that crashed this week. I assume the occupants were well and truly incinerated.
John 87 seconds ago
The sad thing is that the cartels seem to be much more professional in handling the "refuges" transit than Biden's mob.
Ross Chuey El Salvadoreze 95 seconds ago
And our civil rights, and more importantly, our consitutional rights are being constantly assaulted, so confrontation really is the only option left...except to submit.
FaraDay 97 seconds ago
Wonder what Pelosi, Waters and Feinstein look like in a Bikini ? YOW !!! I just creeped myself out !!!
Sons of Liberty 103 seconds ago
So far, all the police/ black confrontations where the criminal was shot, seem justified.. There was that one a couple years ago when the cop shot the old guy walking away in the back...that was outrageous. But all the others seem justified. Or which one are you talking about? John?
Howard Cv 104 seconds ago
Democrats need democrat voters like they did in tent city California illegals democrats water down the US citizen vote in CA
Ordinary American 2014 107 seconds ago
BLM looted the Minneapolis Target AGAIN! Last time, there was lots of video of the BLM soldiers smashing cash registers with hammers.
Jose Mature 108 seconds ago
If I recall correctly, McCarthy also said that Trump was partially responsible for inciting the violence at the Capital on January 6. So, this pusillanimous puke is the Capital's hall monitor now?: "You better hush or I'll take your name down." Wake up and smell the coffee, Mac. Maxine is a protected swamp species--a woman of color who is a Democrat. You're barking at the moon again.
Peppo Douchinelli 133 seconds ago
Says the sk*nk who doesn’t even live in her district, but does live in a $5mm house in Hancock Park. What a hypocritical POS it is.
Cap'n CrUnCh 143 seconds ago
A "news network" that always sides with the same party. CNN is owned by WarnerMedia News & Sports div of AT&T.
Tracksuit Al 145 seconds ago
This cop was thrown to the mob. Our country is so screwed up. Anyone who watched this trial understands that Floyd died from heart failure, not asphyxiation as the prosecution claims. I hope the jury does the right thing.
disqus_fTU9GTseNR 148 seconds ago
Maxine is an EMBARRASSMENT, to her voters, to Congress, to America. Maxine needs to go. It's time to election people who will represent the American people, not self, not special interests and the party.
Paul3142 155 seconds ago
The only democracy on "Chinese" soil? The left will have a field day asking for this phrase to be explained to them.
FatFreddiescat 156 seconds ago
If you were smart you got with your neighbors. You formed a militia. You block off your streets and you stand behind the barricades with assault rifles. It’s why we have the second amendment
scout 167 seconds ago
Walter was a Trilateral Commission Imperial Anti American. Carter was Zbig Trilateral Manchurian. Zbig selected both Obama and Biden for 2008 and Manchurianed Barry since his time at Columbia, which NO ONE has any history at this time, or the last time I checked. Until Americans study CFR, Trilateral, Bilderbergs and their NGO foundations this their control of the CIA (visualize Roman Bones old Bush and Crawford Coward kid) Americans will NOT EVER understand that we've, as a nation of citizens, have been lied to, fake, and perceptually controlled since Teddy and really since asshat Wilson. \\ Sutton did a lot of work on this subject. Go to Amazon and link Sutton to Trilateral
Censored Canceled 167 seconds ago
That's easy , Joe is sending them to all the republican states . He wants to turn the red states to blue states . Obama did the same thing back in 2009 to 2015
Bookman Chance 169 seconds ago
Apparently we are supposed to have a race war. well, blacks do commit violent crime against whites at rates 30 times higher
B&cakes 171 seconds ago
Patton understood this. He wanted to use the Atom Bomb to take out Stalin before they could get their own. Of course he had no way of knowing that we only had one left at the time and could only produce them in small batches every 3 months or so. But he said it, and so they assassinated him.
phillipqb 185 seconds ago
"...what she called former President Donald Trump’s “four years of real race-baiting.” Give me one example.
Bandrew Witmayor 185 seconds ago
All it takes is one juror - an individual who doesn't like the idea of being told what to do and what to think, and who doesn't like being threatened by mobs and marxists. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the threats of destruction backfire and actually lead to Chauvin being found not guilty.
Frank 189 seconds ago
Maxine Waters, and her entire constituency, hate me because of the color of my skin. I hate them because of the color of their hearts!!!
Frank 201 seconds ago
I have a 60 year old Encyclopedic Dictionary. It offers definitions for that "N" word that has been erased from every single writing in America [like THAT makes it disappear from fact]. Maxine Waters is the VERY DEFINITION of that ugly word. That is the truth, and ZERO leftist cancellation of fact will make it untrue. Maxine Waters, and her entire constituency, hate me because of the color of my skin. I hate them because of the color of their hearts!!!
Ordinary American 2014 201 seconds ago
Always take I-35E through the St. Paul/Twin Cities going north or south, or take the beltway all the way around. NEVER take I-35W through Minneapolis going north or south. If you have to go east or west around Minneapolis, NEVER take I-94. Take 494 or 694. Just like, driving around Chicago, I take I-80 in order to bypass most of the chooting gallery. Over 60 freeway chootings so far this year in Chicago. You can be driving along minding your own business and some guy, usually black, who you never met before, just drives up next to you and choots you for fun. The criminals don't think anything will ever happen to them.
Carlosrojas 202 seconds ago
I'm sure Nancy will take charge as soon as she done eating designer ice cream in her billion dollar home...
curlylouis19 203 seconds ago
This is not part of the Civil Rights movement. For her to incorporate that into this situation is to defame and denigrate an honorable movement and desecrate the memory of Dr. King and those other brave honorable people who sacrificed so much for that cause. Dr. King has to be rolling over in his grave.