FineLookingWhiteMan 15 seconds ago
The Milley-the-yesman/Biden team just managed to take the most powerful Army in the world, turn them all intoblmfaggots and lose to a gang of Goat Herders with 50 year old rifles in record time! THEN ALLOWED OUR SOLDIERS TO BE SLAUGHTERED ON THE TARMAC AS THEY WERE CHASED OUT!
Albert Ross 51 seconds ago
Putin is putting on his riding boots after spending the night with Trump, : “ My darling Trump intones teasingly, "aren't you forgetting about the money?" Putin turns to Trump and says “Donald, I can’t take your money to.”
Dominique 97 seconds ago
All the arguments that Republicans use about the vaccines are even more true about the monoclodal antibodies..that I truly experiment and hasn’t had FDA approval,,and yet the Repubs flock to them,,and their health insurance said no more free rides on then,,$2,000 now,
Banjo Picker 106 seconds ago
Hey Libs......Think about this one for a minute..... "She was vaccinated but was infected by others who chose not to be. The cost was her life,” the obituary read. Fully Vaccinated Woman’s Family Blames Unvaxxed For Her Death: ‘She Was Infected by Others Who Chose Not to Be Vaccinated – The Cost Was Her Life’
StoicSquirm 109 seconds ago
There's not a single man in the party who poses a serious threat to Trump. He's been gone 9 MONTHS and there's nobody who can claim that vacancy. The fact is that the party has no born leaders who can look over the situation and decide, 'now is the time for me to distinguish myself from this pile of anemic trash'. The boldest and most anti-Trump trash like Cheney, Kinzinger, Romney and the like have absolutely no pull with the base. They're finished. Our idea of courage isn't standing alongside our political rivals trying to take down the most popular Republican president since Reagan.
Mike Stevens 153 seconds ago
I’ve often thought there should be a VAERS mirror version where people can report post vaccination events/reactions that are “good”. For instance, my daughter took her first steps the day after she had her first MMR shot. I am sure many others have witnessed similar experiences. I think a report on how vaccination promotes neurodevelopment and improves muscle strength and coordination is long overdue.
Atlas Sharted 156 seconds ago
Sorry to hear that you were in a coma for the past couple of months. But boy are you going to feel stupid once you catch up on the news!
Banjo Picker 163 seconds ago
I'll have to start calling Dem posters "Ivan" for now on. Since Hillary is the one who the Russians were helping
Dave 196 seconds ago
Fauci, the politicians, Big Pharma and the MSM sold you a dangerous bill of goods. You fell for their lies and disceptions.
FineLookingWhiteMan 199 seconds ago
General Milley apparently thinks he's a boss instead of the asskisser he is so known to be at the Pentagon.
Wayne Grayson 202 seconds ago
Rather like how the liberals doxxed everyone of Trump's idiots from Jan 6? Or how liberals pushed a false narrative about Nick Sandmann and doxxed him, even putting out his name, address, and phone number - leading to death threats over a LIE. CNN even settled out of court when faced with a lawsuit over their slander in that incident.
Mickey 221 seconds ago
Did you just list every single person killed for any reason as a "blm Biden supporter"? Do you expect anyone to take you seriously after that?
so this is the cuba italy dialectic the mib vegas sicily border states n ifg n igger chicks twerkin on the communist down on fremont street flyin the raúl
Baba Booey 245 seconds ago
I live in the West dude. People ride em down the street sometimes. I'd be mad if I couldn't properly care for mine.
Derpster 265 seconds ago
Been a fan of this guy ever since Waiting. Honest question tho, is that $15 a month for just data, or is that talk, and text as well?
zero2sixty 274 seconds ago
If only Brain Dead Biden and his Chinese Generals would kill Haiti children like Afghan children, the Haitians would stop coming here!
DWEBSTER 286 seconds ago
Yeah, police frequently get injured when trying to quell riots, unlees Dem party Mayors and Governors tell them to stand down and let the rioters smash, loot and burn with no interference.
FineLookingWhiteMan 291 seconds ago
Look at all this "White Rage" ....none of these Democrats are going to get vaccinated! 680 BLM Biden supporters were killed in LA, a Democrat city. 273 BLM Biden supporters were killed in KC, a Democrat city 775 BLM Biden supporters were killed in Chicago, a Democrat city https://graphics.suntimes.c... 499 BLM Biden supporters were killed in Philly, a Democrat city , 335 BLM Biden supporters were killed in Baltimore, a Democrat city-!!!!,./
Princess Erika the Radiant 301 seconds ago
but not my fantasy. like you said, i'll enjoy mine, you enjoy yours. Its totally on you that yours are so f'd up.
Shield 304 seconds ago
Why ask stupid questions, when it is obvious you can't afford a horse, not even lessons to learn to ride one. You need to learn to troll ..
Dave 350 seconds ago
Getting jabbed was the biggest mistake of your life. You will come to realize this in the not too distant future...possibly as early as this winter when ADE begins to ravage the ranks of vaccinated fools.
ReadThomasSowell 371 seconds ago
Spending increased deficits. I love how you just imagine that taxes don't affect economic activity.
FineLookingWhiteMan 372 seconds ago
Breaking News; "PA baby shower argument over gifts prompts dad-to-be & Democrat to open fire, injuring 3 people, police say Lower Burrell police say Isiah Hampton(D) is both the expectant father and suspected shooter." Pretty typical for your side, isn't it Sparkletards?
Muhammad Jihad ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ 379 seconds ago
Maybe you can explain why Planned Parenthood is canceling her and removing her name from everywhere? Also MLK was probably just happy to have his girlfriends kids aborted to keep his image up - I mean not that there's anything wrong with that.
FineLookingWhiteMan 400 seconds ago
ALL WERE SHOT BY DEMOCRATS, every, single one! 'Ambush-style' attacks on law enforcement more than double compared to same time frame in 2020: union The Fraternal Order of Police recorded 67 'ambush-style attacks' this year
ReadThomasSowell 401 seconds ago
I meant congress. Simple mistake, which you refused to reply to when I mentioned how many more people voted for prez than the House in 2016 as opposed to 2020.
Dominique 416 seconds ago
Arts the start of vaxx availability the US started out at the highest of the G7 nations..and now we are the lowest..and it’s undeniable that the majority of death are the unvaxxed and Republicans.
georg cantor 417 seconds ago
If you notice, all the store shelves in many states are empty of food, water, medicines already. The shortages will get worse, and the covid 19 variants will reportedly run rampant and amok (this covid-variants story is propaganda devised by the Intelligence Industrial Complex to push for a national lock-down that will occur by Thanksgiving). Communist China will attack and take Taiwan; and the N. Koreans will attack and take S. Korea. The economy will collapse completely. In early 2022, there will be utter chaos, and those in bunkers will be driven out by starvation. All the cities will be on fire, and there will be widespread rape, murder, looting, mayhem. Those who want to stand a chance on surviving need to buy firearms and ammo NOW!
FineLookingWhiteMan 426 seconds ago
Conservatives; Instead of going to the mall to be photographed on Sat, decided tg REALLYFUCKBIDENS gov Going online for an hour like you are now...fill out the forms and sign up for EVERY GOV PROGRAM, even if you know you aren't eligible...............GUM UP THE biden WORKS.....BURY THEM in applications! Free car FREE INTERNET FREE RENT FREE PHONES sign up for all of it! HERE is THE BIG SECRET; The people reviewing are trained to GIVE, if you app-ly, you will receive and Democrats all know this! There is no penalty if you don't qualify, just ignore the rules like Democrats do and you will find all these benefits flowing to your door RESIST & TAKE THEM FOR EVERYTHING THEY HAVE~!.
Chicken Brain 431 seconds ago
CDC: Afghans Arriving in U.S. Infected with Measles, Malaria, Tuberculosis. President Joe Biden’s administration is bringing Afghans to the United States who are carrying viruses such as measles, malaria, tuberculosis, as well as the Chinese coronavirus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). On Monday, the CDC announced that the thousands of Afghans continuing to be brought to the U.S. by the Biden administration for permanent resettlement will be required to be vaccinated against measles though there has not been any indication that they are likewise mandated to take the coronavirus vaccine.
DeepThought 2 seconds ago
As to the latest happenings in this case, I'm becoming increasingly suspicious of Brian. Brian's attorney will have to step up and provide a statement pretty soon, or it's "guilty in the court of public opinion." Don't taint your jury pool...
Tesla-rules 4 seconds ago
Back in the late 1990s a Canadian TV show documented a baby boy suffering a botched circumcision. One of the "scientist" at Johns Hopkins claimed gender was a "construct." He said this baby would never know She was formerly a he. So the baby boy was "made into a girl." The Johns Hopkins idiot was John Money. The TV show documented how this "girl" only liked doing boy things and insisted "she" was a "he." Eventually "he" killed himself. The Sordid History and Deadly Consequences of ‘Sex Ed’ at School The Children of Table 34 - Alfred Kinsey's pedophile-based research - Canadian Liberty
vwVwwVwv 30 seconds ago
Guess Joe was elected by Americans of whom 0,2% are Jews. Jews don't vote Demonrat more than anybody, it is a Demonrat claim and you know, we know that you know it, inbr&&d.
Clint Cheshire 31 seconds ago
Sticking with the big lie. This is not going away. No one REALLY believes Biden won the election, they're just seeing how long they can get away with stealing it.
What da Hey 33 seconds ago
It's the most ridiculous thing to allow this. But it's the world of liberals pushing every stupid idea regardless of consequences
jillybean 43 seconds ago
Hard to cheat with voter ID, in person voting, and paper ballots that are hand counted while representatives from each party sit and watch.the count.
ardis4 49 seconds ago
L O L. America knows the 2020 election was honest because the Fake FISA Warrants Dem/GOP Deep State and their Establishment lawyers tell Trump and America so. If there is nothing to hide independently audit (matching signatures) to absentee ballots in the delayed count disputed Dem strongholds delivering millions of ballots on cue at 3:AM (or days later) to overcome Trump's near insurmountable leads (800K Up in Penn) in the remaining swing states then denying access and barring the doors on day one.. What is the Dem/McConnell/Kemp Deep State afraid of?
steve williams 75 seconds ago
She is not above the law as long as someone has the balls to prosecute her. Sadly nobody has balls anymore.
David Brown 108 seconds ago
50 million moron Americans voted for this openly communist regime. The free-lunch people who thought they would get more freebies from Biden. They want what they have not earned. They want YOUR money.
ThinkLocal_FL 123 seconds ago
thats bull,hit. you can't take the whole world in here. Everyone will claim they're needy. Help them where they live
jillybean 126 seconds ago
I doubt it. They have voter ID and hand-counted paper ballots. Unless you are going to be out of town, you have to go to the polling place. Their voting is like the good old days.
Gray Smith 136 seconds ago
The system is racist because the white majority population won't bend to the 13% black minority population.
KaBoob!!! 150 seconds ago
Omar: ‘We Owe Haitians’ Asylum — ‘Obviously Systemic Racism at Play’ We don't owe Haitians a F___ thing, BTW if you want to talk about America's involvement lets talk about what the Clintons did.
kav 190 seconds ago
This is a story of a rare Republican with scruples, who places the Constitution above some crazy ex-president.
David Brown 213 seconds ago
Will that be enough? What about the 130,000 Afghans and the 2 million illegals who came in just in the past twelve months?
Nicholas Kadi 223 seconds ago
He wont win 2024. The same election fraudsters who he and Barr allowed to get away with it will do it again.
DeepThought 280 seconds ago
Virtually every guy I know has had at least one girlfriend who tends to sometimes psychologically lose it, over outright nothing. For example, I know one particular female, and 5 days out of every month, if you're a guy, you'd be advised to not even talk to her. She also knows it, and gives out the same recommendations. She's old enough to know the damage that she creates during a certain part of every month. Now, that may seem "toxically masculine," but that's just cold hard reality... But, in this culture, "The girl is always right." I can guarantee: that is not always the case.
Doug Stamper 286 seconds ago
Still like to know HOW the hell she got away with it once it was known!! And now she is in OUR Government,a racist Muslim to Boot. What is wrong with those People in her State? All their saw was a 'cute Visage'?
Nicholas Kadi 299 seconds ago
If Trump was on our side he would have found a true conservative candidate to primary against all the RINO Republicans, but instead he goes to bed with the RINOs and plays golf with Lindsey Graham every weekend.
GoFryIce 299 seconds ago
They took all the money that was donated to Haiti after the horrific earthquake years ago. Took kids for human trafficking. Disgusting traitors.
FatFreddiescat 327 seconds ago
When you pay $16 an hour to work at McDonald’s or Chuck E Cheese. It’s only obvious that the prices are going to rise. It’s now a career to flip burgers
Joe the Job Killer 336 seconds ago
How aboot that! Yes please, may I have some more socialism? Where's the washroom? Never met a Canadian that didn't have his hand out for something "free."
Winston Churchill 350 seconds ago
Indeed it is a paradox, but it turns out that well over 50 per cent of Americans are of well below-average intelligence.
I'm Alright 364 seconds ago
Well I don't think we expected the rapidity of the increase in fake voters that put you corrupt incompetents in charge.
vic muffuletta 383 seconds ago
Yes...right off camera they were assaulting a goat and beheading an infidel...their version of picnic.
Reinhart 385 seconds ago
heh, stupid. go down to the border and suck'm off. liberal garbage. what reality, liberal garbage man. The U.S. economy is tanking, stupid fool. Another fiddler.
Hope-Has-Arrived-2017 397 seconds ago
Justin found job security for life with a campaign harvesting $4.5 billion for Voter Mental Therapy & Pills.
Winston Churchill 428 seconds ago
Whatever you do, don't point out that Diana was a ho. Jack suddenly drops the God-Emperor of pedophiles guise and goes full metal knight in shining armor if you dare point out that Diana was a ho ho ho.
RedEnsign 435 seconds ago
You think lots and lots of Canadians voted for Trudeau but actually in whole numbers only a fraction did. Canadians don't vote for leaders like in the US - it's all about how many seats his Liberal party won in parliament. Trudeau gets to be the PM of Canada even if 66% of voters hate him and didn't vote Liberal. Such is the system. A big majority of voters in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and most of Ontario and even Quebec - 6 of 10 provinces - DIDN'T vote Liberal but the Liberals won in Toronto, Montreal, and areas of the Atlantic provinces and that's all it takes for Justin (because he leads the Liberal Party) to be PM of the whole nation.
Tesla-rules 469 seconds ago
Walt Disney must be spinning at about 1 X 10 ^10000000 RPMs. Read Peter Schweizer's book When Michael Eisner took the helm things went south. Peter's book documents it. Funny how this all fits what Alex Newman wrote about. The Sordid History and Deadly Consequences of ‘Sex Ed’ at School Remember Bolshevik Deputy Commissar for Education and Culture Gyorgy Lukacs?
Rotorblade 480 seconds ago
That’s because the “pro-choice” crowd only supports one choice. The choice that ends with a dead baby.
Hot Lips Love you long time 481 seconds ago
Every morning I wake up hopping to see a news report that Biden went to bang his drum with the Devil. Com’on Jesus you know his time very near!!! Be like Nike “Just Do It”
What da Hey 482 seconds ago
Tourists arriving in planes don't plan on staying but illegals from Haiti certainly do. How much dumber can Psaki sound? The border crisis will help create the biggest election wipeout of democrats in 2022 ever seen.
David Brown 493 seconds ago
Only conservatives, whites, and patriots. It's the marxist plan. They have won the Demographic War. It was a brilliant tactic.
DeepThought 511 seconds ago
That 9-11 caller is spouting BS. If he had hit her, then why does she have no marks, and he has all of the marks? And, why does it contradict what every other witness saw and reported -- including Gabby and Brian?
vwVwwVwv 539 seconds ago
so what? journos are wrong on mostly everything, allway's. read the whole thing first AND by the way, you like Israeli or Japanese law, win an election and coppy it.
Reinhart 542 seconds ago
Another Arminian peasant speaks junk from that big peasant trunk. She's to old to even service the troops.
FatFreddiescat 547 seconds ago
These are the same clowns that went to Puerto Rico after hurricane Michael and declared 2500 dead because the houses where they had once lived were empty or destroyed. Yet no death certificates or graves or any record of the deaths. Real brainiacs
Jerry S 550 seconds ago
Sure Trump lost the election because of cheating. You can say there was not cheating all you want but explain Pennsylvania.
Elilla Shadowheart 551 seconds ago
Just wait until you find out that the "first nations" were as barbaric as muslims. And there's archeological evidence that they massacred multiple other peoples before becoming the dominant culture.
KaBoob!!! 552 seconds ago
When it comes to missing persons of color, men, women and children, our cases are not taken seriously, and no one is looking for us if we were to go missing.” First off, GO OUT LOOKING FOR YOURSELVES WHY DO YOU NEED WHITE PEOPLE TO DO IT, second I don't think this story should be front page news either, it is taking away from all the stuff the leftist democrat communist that are screwing our country up.
Gray Smith 588 seconds ago
Omar the Magnificent is selfishly wasting her gifts on the non-believers in the US. The US is a nation full of ungrateful white racists who refuse to appreciate Omar and her greatness. Omar needs to go someplace where her greatness will be fully recognized and appreciated by the masses. Omar needs to make Haiti her new home so that she can achieve the fame and success she believes is hers.
John Smith 602 seconds ago
The French need reminding there are thousand of graves containing Australian soldiers who gave theri lives to rescue French skinny ar. Ses.
Remittance Man 615 seconds ago
Okay. Youtube is riddled with videos of US service personnel playing the fool, miming to pop songs, dancing etc etc etc. It's basically a bunch of young guys and girls taking a bit of much needed down time and having some fun while deployed in a warzone. Are the rank and file Tallies that much different?
DeepThought 647 seconds ago
Well, the 9-11 caller's statements totally contradict not only the testimony of another witness (saying that she was slapping him; then climbing in the car); contradicts testimony from both the guy and the girl; but further contradicts the physical evidence on the scene. She had no marks -- zero. He had all of the marks -- mostly fingernail scratches, which the guy tried to write off as "I'm not worried about that..."
ardis4 668 seconds ago
L O L. Unlike U.S. Marxist Open Borders tyrants and dictators Biden, Harris, Newsom & DeBalsio CALLING THE SHOTS IN AMERICA..
Poderoso Servo 683 seconds ago
Aww, such a nice lead in photo, two kids and afghan Mom. They look excited to have arrived in the US where others will be completely funding their entire lives from basic needs to housing and healthcare and maybe trips to Disneyworld. We need to try to understand, it’s expensive for democrats to have to buy their votes and regular Americans aren’t stupid enough to fall for their garbage ideals, so it becomes necessary to import their voters and punish the rest of us by making us fund their voter pool. The dread diseases and sharia and burqas they bring to our country are a feature not a flaw to Dems. So whip out your checkbook!
00devon 691 seconds ago
"Equitable distribution" "Fair Share" So every state should be issued the same number of doses?🤔 Oklahoma has 3.9m people and Florida has 23m people but yeah, sure they should all have the same amount of medicine available.....🙄