uhoh 4 seconds ago
Trump has no experience, no knowledge, and no advice on defense against pandemics...except he knows you don't spend money on it... ...Medicare for all...time for politicians who care about us to replace the overfed bigmouths with spray-on tan...
hillbillydelux 8 seconds ago
Trump thinks it's contained because we have banned travelers from China. Here is a list of countries that have also detected the virus. China, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, the United States, France, Australia, Malaysia, Nepal, Germany, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Finland, India, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Lebanon, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Austria, Bahrain, Switzerland, Croatia and Afghanistan. That will be a rather large travel ban.
Bedtime for Bernie 10 seconds ago
We can do it Bernie, all we have to do is TRIPLE the tax revenue the Govt collects. Giving Govt that much control, is like giving a 3 year old a hand grenade
dermatoglyphics 11 seconds ago
Try reading the constitution. I've explained this before in others posts how the 4th, 5th, 6th, 2nd, and 14th amendment works.
Rumpelstiltskin 12 seconds ago
Hey cons,, a guy(Trump) who's 20x smarter than you, told you that windmills cause cancer and you believe him because you're required too? Well every Democrat is smarter than him, and we're telling you they won't!
Problem Child 15 seconds ago
Sooner or later, your parents are going to kick you out and you will have to get a job to support yourself
Ankhissanctuary 17 seconds ago
what bugs me is the message that Bernie is winning the "working class" when will the media tell people that the "plan" he put forth on Medicare for All SLAMS the working class? there is the problem right there
manapp99 18 seconds ago
Hate and bias is the main appeal of CNN and MSNBC. All they push is hatred for the GOP and bias for the Democrats. That is why CNN lost their niche market. They only pushed hate and bias.
Freeordie 19 seconds ago
Politicians lie, all of them, Trump lies about his crowd size...LOL Journalists lying about anything is unacceptable.
Tim Lyons 21 seconds ago
Everywhere you see the name Stone replace it with Hillary and replace Trump with Obama and see what you would say then! You leftists would be marching in the streets!!
Hernan Machado 21 seconds ago
Joe Biden: Has trouble remembering what state he’s in Thought he was a candidate for the Senate And now—he says he negotiated the 2016 Paris Climate Accord with Deng Xiaoping...who died in 1997 This is who is going to “beat Trump like a drum”?
ScottRedux 24 seconds ago
Cultists don;t care how dumb or unqualified a person is for a job. In fact, their careers depend on it
DevilDog 24 seconds ago
People deemed a threat to others should have access to firearms. Sounds like you are the idiot, little man.
jonny yen 25 seconds ago
Here's another. He's one headache away from a shooting rampage - Stan the Man KatieS 19 hours ago I'll look for you in the next Muslim terrorist recruiting video. You'll be the one screaming "Die Americans" as they behead you.
pmags 31 seconds ago
Both Bernie Sanders and Mike Bloomberg are trying to buy the election. At least Bloomberg is using his own money.
forgetyoutooo 32 seconds ago
Bwahahahaha this is just another attempt to take out Trump before the Democrats nominate the Marxist Sanders! Another failure..winning!!!
Poe's Law 33 seconds ago
They do all over the country, yet it's still illegal. Do you think it should be legal for murderers and child rapists to own guns?
Cougar Age 34 seconds ago
Yes and I meant it. Within the scope of what the article is talking about. I'm so sorry you're such a simpleton you didn't realize that.
Chaz1954 36 seconds ago
I lived in London as an expat 2009-2012. I had company paid private insurance. One of our neighbors had the Gov Insurance. He blew out his knee in a friendly “footie” game. Got it fixed 4 months later!
makemyday 37 seconds ago
Thanks to Liberal union teachers not teaching about how bad Communism actually is people sure don't understand what is coming if Bernie wins the election.
Cherry Pop-Tart Flavored Bacon 38 seconds ago
which is why this is a bad law. you guys are only interested in taking firearms from people you don't like.
Derek Aktion 38 seconds ago
SuperTrump was a millionaire at age eight. He worked brilliantly since he was three for his father's company earning a quarter of a million a year (worth about ten times that in 2020 money) while maintaining active play with blocks and a tricycle, & maintaining stellar grades in kindergarten and elementary school.
OldSilk 39 seconds ago
CDC's Nancy Messonnier, who has been pushing the hysteria and calling for severe disruption of daily life, is Rod Rosenstein's sister. It appears to be a "pass the shuttle" relay.
Socialism 39 seconds ago
Coercion = Using force when the other person is unwilling Leverage = Playing your cards right to ensure you're more likely to be in situations with willing players.
Nonov Urbidness 41 seconds ago
The first word in the second paragraph says so. But it doesn't matter either way. If she did what was charged, she should be convicted.
cgodfrey 42 seconds ago
Ya know, your 'everything is perfect' might work a little better if you weren't just caught CUTTING the funds to the CDC, let alone the PREVIOUS cuts over the last two years Let alone your track record of the use of the word 'perfect'
BlackoutBrett 43 seconds ago
What statistics??? Repubs have made it so our government isn't even allowed to keep statstics on gun ownership.
rnot6 45 seconds ago
So does sausage. Do you pay your mechanic when you drive into the shop or when the problem has been diagnosed?
davefromtampa 7 seconds ago
Joe is done, cooked. He'll never be elected to anything ever again, not even social coordinator of whatever home he gets sent to in the next year. No need to even waste space talking about him. Unless it's about how his handlers are clearly shiatty human beings using him as a meal ticket during the "campaign".
km 8 seconds ago
The only way to met out justice to the victim is by deporting these criminal beasts to the country of origin,viz,Pakistan.If they are allowed to stay in UK it is a blessing in disguise for them ,who publicly stated that the British girls are trash and they deserve worse than even this.In uk they receive all the freebies and and pocket money to buy drugs and are free to commit further crimes of drugging,kidnapping,enslaving,raping and killing them. Their parents are equally guilty for wayward parenting of their children and making them criminal beasts,which are a threat to British society. If the courts are really interested in the future of the British Society they must order the deportation of their parents too, to the place from they have come in.
TheRealBadHatHarry 10 seconds ago
Norm is a very sly, very dry and brilliant dude. He totally hoisted Warren on her own petard with that remark, but leftists are too dumb to even notice.
Peter the Principle 13 seconds ago
The economy may crash anyway. Why are there millions? out of the country now? Do t they read the news?
(((Jgmurphy))) 19 seconds ago
FYI that story was a total lie. Kennedy did not know there was anyone in the back seat of that car. After the car went off the bridge, he and his paramour (who was married to someone else) who was in the FRONT passenger seat, quickly left the scene as they did not want to be found together. Kopechne, unbeknownst to them, had crawled into the back seat of Kennedy's car to sleep off some drinks as it was too noisy in the house. So no, Kennedy did not "leave her to drown."
peggy6824 21 seconds ago
I wonder how it tracks with the number of illegal aliens in those States?? Illegal aliens who are occupying the affordable housing needed for our own citizens.
Tanto Greenberg 21 seconds ago
An appointment to SCOTUS should to the person most qualified regardless of color or whether that person is male of female. One who will follow the constitution and not engage in judicial activism.
HighPlainsDrifter 21 seconds ago
It’s a conspiracy, obviously. We are not supposed to notice that the falling population is being back filled by millions of illegals. I was wondering why all my family and friends suddenly just disappeared.
Matt F 21 seconds ago
trump took the first step to finding out with the medical billing transparency EO he issued a couple months back.
Vlad_the_Inhaler 28 seconds ago
Some hope. The US Constitution is just something to be ignored or circumvented by the "progressive" establishment until they gain enough power to nullify it. Only real US conservatives respect it.
Jalapeno 31 seconds ago
I didn't make the claim you're demanding I provide evidence for. Also... Do you think hospitals are, for instance, expected to provide chemo if someone has cancer but no way to pay?
Filthy_T_Shirt 35 seconds ago
You are correct. It's kind of like concealed carry -- I've got a gun with me just about everywhere I go, but I don't advertise it. I suspect the same is true of Second Amendment supporters -- we utilize our rights, but don't holler about them. The time is come -- heck, it came a long time ago -- to present our arguments for personal protection, a fundamental right guaranteed to all Americans, etc. What I find the most fascinating is the logic that Hillary Clinton used for abortion when she asked what good is a right if you but a bunch of restrictions on it? Doesn't the same apply to the Second Amendment? I hope people are sharp enough to understand that the term "weapons of war" could cover almost anything. My wife carries a more compact version of the Sig P320 that the military uses. I suppose, then, that could be a weapon of war, right?
erzengle 35 seconds ago
I knew as soon as this disease was announced that Trump would get the blame for it one way or another. It was just a matter of from which angle they would come at him from.
Sarge G 36 seconds ago
We true Americans don’t want to be like socialist Europe. The democrat party wants to be like Europe, then they should move there. People fled Europe and came to America to be free. We true Americans reject democratic socialism and we will keep our freedom and liberty. We dealt with tyrants in the past and looks like we will have to deal with them again in like manner.
Rose McFrog 44 seconds ago
Why do you keep bringing up Hillary? She hasn't been in the spotlight for three years. Talk about Trump's great accomplishments instead.
Maxwell 55 seconds ago
If they really wanted to fix healthcare they would audit the billing departments in such away even the IRS would go "damn, that's brutal. At least give the guy some lube first"
kayakbob 57 seconds ago
"“wished me luck and gave my job to someone else. Pregnancy discrimination? You bet.” "Pregnancy discrimination?" Uhh..Liz? We prefer the term "papoose". Ok?
Duplin 57 seconds ago
How bad was it last night for Dems? I kept checking comments on the HuffPost forum...they were just as negative as the ones here on BB. They weren't happy about it..but the general consensus was that Trump won the debate.
AlbertusMagnus_44 59 seconds ago
Agreed. I had the same reaction when I saw MI-1. Mr. Phelps' character was trashed in a trashy, violent movie that bore little resemblance to the TV show. Now if only the entire movie series would self-destruct in 5 seconds.
Bull Schiff 60 seconds ago
Jesus was crucified in 32 A.D. 6 centuries later, on the 6th day of the 6th month, Aisha his child bride poisoned mohamhed, 666 the sign of the beast . MOHAMHED died on the 3rd day, June 8, 632 A.D. THE OPPOSITE OF JESUS WHO WAS KILLED AND ROSE ON THE 3RD DAY.
aerodog2 . 62 seconds ago
They would ALL change it back, both as a slap in the face to the Trump 'Legacy', and to show Solidarity with their Islamic Allies. Democrat Socialists, which includes Most American Jewish, have a strong antipathy toward Israel. They LOVED Israel when it was Communist, and had Kibbutz' all over the place, but they do NOT like it as a Capitalist Country.
leba smith 65 seconds ago
Democratic socialism just means using democracy to install socialism which will be kept alive by force after the election.. theyve said so themselves. Look at the salon article "why bernie is the begining of americas turn to the left"
Steve 68 seconds ago
Democrats are incredibly self-unaware. What does Van Jones think these policies are that he advocates - the wealth redistribution policies, the "hate speech" policies, the open borders policies.....? They are socialism. You can't just import 10 million people into this country and tell the American tax payer that he must support them with his hard earned money, including free food, free housing, free education, and free health care. You can't just tax and sue the energy industry until they go out of business - like Obama did the coal industry and which all Dems want to do with oil and gas. It will inevitably require government force. Which means "reducation camps" or gulags whatever you call them - and mass murder of people who refuse to give it up. Bernie is just more honest about it - but even Bernie is lying about these things.
Nurse Ratched 68 seconds ago
buttberg said the last 4 years have been divisive and toxic that is 100% due to the dems insanity and TDS
popartifactoid 69 seconds ago
An intellectual is nothing more than one who makes a living talking or writing. There is nothing to it that means you are intelligent.
Haywoodjbl 72 seconds ago
lucky you are poor and don't have anything to lose ...right...well maybe a mac and cheese meal your sick mom won't make you......
Sbut01 73 seconds ago
All I know is that since obastardcare passed, my insurance plan was cancelled twice and my premiums are TRIPLE what they used to be. For a self employed person that is DEVASTATING
N3ur0manc3r 73 seconds ago
I hope a tough-looking grandfather figure emerges to inspire young conservatives to battle these bastards in the streets. I would send money to that militia group ;)
John Paul Jones 76 seconds ago
Ah, ...ah... what the heck have you and your other US Senators been doing over the last 3 years? In fact what has the US Congress and US Senate done for the people over the last 57 years? This is one of those issues where you are either part of the Swamp or you are attempting to drain the Swamp..... there is No Middle Ground WWG1WGA
Professor Auguste Balls 76 seconds ago
Unless he can say what preparations he suggests, he’s just throwing stuff like a certain caged animaI. C’mon, Mitt... you have pretensions of being a good guy, what do you suggest? For the good of the people, you know. Whatta guy...
Incurable Deplorable 78 seconds ago
That is good living. Funny you mention Vermont, because they have always been a big 2A state, yet elected Bernie. He always steered clear of going too hard on gun control for this reason. He seems to be throwing that out the window now.
john 82 seconds ago
Depends on the Massachusetts polls. If she is going to lose, she'll drop out first so that no one can say she lost her home state....the same reason Kamala dropped out. If you lose your hone state that will always stay with you.
Rich B 85 seconds ago
Demokrap wage statistics in action ala cuba. Read it and draw your own conclusions. https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/02/its_idiotic_to_believe_castro_was_good_for_the_cuban_people_or_that_socialism_would_be_good_for_the_us.html
John A 85 seconds ago
Oh so it's another grand consipiracy then? You are probably still waiting for those millions of Ebola deaths too I'm guessing https://www.nationalgeographic.com/news/2014/9/140923-ebola-virus-west-africa-cdc-projections/
de Hauteville 89 seconds ago
Trudeau wants "dialogue" where instead these "paid" thugs should have batons whacked across their heads! Trudeau is living up to his wimpy "metro male" identification.
SixShooter74 90 seconds ago
This guys is a joke and very Sad that people still let him run. Half of America died since 2007 from guns? How do they let this guy continue. Have him checked out and retire peacefully.
Bridge_Builder42 93 seconds ago
Disgusting and depraved Dems and RINO's who worship death. How have we come to this tragic point in America?!!
johnathanrackham 93 seconds ago
Mr Frost, the chief negotiator for the UK has already made it clear we will walk away. I think the EU is playing chicken and actually thinks we will give in. It seems to me that the EU has a very poor idea of the British mentality. We are not referred to as "Bloody minded" for nothing. It's one of our favourite occupations, digging in our heels and being difficult. I certainly suffer from that mentality and I know plenty of others who are like minded.
Rat Bastard ✓ 95 seconds ago
After my discharge in '93 I spent two years just bumming around the States seeing America. When I got back to a RED California I was ooopsy homeless. I took the opportunity to start a window cleaning business going door to door in the commercial districts, I'd tell them give me a reasonable price and I'll clean your windows. Most were pretty fair some were cheap bastards but I did the windows anyway. Bought a Van and a Cell phone and 2000 business cards which I put in the drivers door windows and began doing homes. Soon I had a Laptop with a Sprint wireless plug in and I ungraded lol to a converted Mission linen Truck, I spent about 10 years in this interesting living situation 8 by CHOICE . Long story short I actually enjoyed that Truck no one ever asked where I lived, one morning I woke and said this is COLD that night I was in a rented three room house, and never looked back. Now I own and run one of the TOP services in my County, and because of that ASS Trump and his great economy I've had to hire four more guys and buy two Vans. Thanks Donald :) My helpers START at $15.00, my old timers who have been with me between 4 and 7 years make between $25.00 and $30.00 per hour. I am not out to be a Millionaire and I live quite comfortably as do my employees Oh I took my showers at 24 hour fitness. 🐀
TraderJo 96 seconds ago
Best Twitter comment on the Demwit “debate” last night – By Mini AOC @RealMiniAOC “I thought I was watching #StarWars but I don’t remember a moderator in the cantina scene!”
P 38 Lightning 102 seconds ago
Did anyone notice, or was it just me, that Warren had her hand up in the air continuously as if saluting Hitler??? And Sanders had both hands up in the air to give homage to Nixon??? Man, I just can’t imagine any of these morons running our country.....L M A O
PRKW 103 seconds ago
12 Years TOTAL, in any combination, either elected or appointed.: 2 terms as Senator maximum 6 terms as Representative maximum or up to 3 terms Representative and 1 term Senator. NO public pension to collect except 401K or other CONTRIBUTING pension and then adhering to same rules as us common folf.
Secret Squirrel 104 seconds ago
‘Unbelievable’ Bernie ‘Failed’ to Reject Soviet-style Socialism He means Bernie should SAY he rejects it to get elected, then go full speed ahead. Obama knew he had to lie to get elected, and it worked.
OUT !!! 105 seconds ago
I would think the real reason he might not want to get to close is fear of what would jump off of you.
TreeofLiberty 108 seconds ago
"WOKE-FOR-ALL WHINING" - headline When will enough people tire of being so obviously pandered to...with the DestructocRAT's repulsive CRAP ?? When? .