Ăskew 🐾 6 seconds ago
I'm not opposed to the possibility of an accidental lab release. Never was. But I think it much more likely that they were studying it than engineering it.
Alex 10 seconds ago
You can always tell a Conservative/Republican/Trump Supporter on here just by looking to see if his comment history is hidden. They have to hide their history because of the flip flops. If they don't, they'd get outed as the hypocrites they are.
carlo151 12 seconds ago
Those are the trumpchumps you want in your casino. Trumps casinos failed at a time when casinos in the US were having their best days.
Crankycurmudgeon 25 seconds ago
Is the Hill intentionally hiding the fact that the driver was part of the Pride Chorus and was participating in the parade?
Shlomo Shekelstein 34 seconds ago
Irrelevant, misleading, and wrong. The FBI directs the investigation and has jurisdiction: https://www.fbi.gov/about/partnerships/office-of-partner-engagement/active-shooter-resources First, the Investigative Assistance for Violent Crimes Act of 2012, signed into law by the president in January 2013, permits the U.S. attorney general—at the request of appropriate state or local law enforcement personnel—to provide federal assistance during active shooter incidents and mass killings (defined by the law as three or more people) in public places. The attorney general delegated this responsibility to the FBI. Second, working with other cabinet agencies, the FBI is finding ways to help prevent and respond to active shooters. A White House working group—consisting of the Department of Justice (DOJ), Department of Homeland Security, Department of Education, and Department of Health and Human Services—is part of a broader initiative, Now is the Time, undertaken after the Sandy Hook shootings. DOJ, led by the FBI, was specifically tasked with training law enforcement and other first responders to ensure that protocols for responding to active shooter situations are consistent across the country.
Dirk Prophet 34 seconds ago
You have no proof either. Don't lecture me about responsibility. You made conclusions from that article, which is hardly proof. Truth is, I don't know for sure and you don't either.
Slab-City-USA 37 seconds ago
"Putin Has Better Favorability Ratings Among Republicans Than Biden: New Polls" I told you. Treason is always christian and fascist.
Fixer 38 seconds ago
It is not just debt. Repeal and replace, immigration reform, growing the economy, infrastructure, competent "business" government.... When in power, MAGA traitors did none of what they said was important to them. Why would anyone believe them now?
bobba Looyee 39 seconds ago
Colorado baker at the heart of 2018 Supreme Court case fined for refusing to bake transgender transition cake
Magats are terrorists 40 seconds ago
Fact is, the party that proclaims to be pro-capitalism, and anti-regulation are pissed that big tech banned trump for not following their tos.
lore11 43 seconds ago
PRESIDENT TRUMP AND THE PATRIOTS PRESENT: THE REAL 2021 ACADEMY AWARDS FINAL 15 FLICKS!! https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=175093 (6) “Return of The King” - starring the US Military and D.J. Trump. The US Military, after sitting on it's duff since the CIA murdered JFK et al, finally lets the citizens of the world know it has had enough! It gives the order to the Marines recently stationed in the hornets nest of Washington DC, to arrest every politician, lawyer and lobbyist in DC. It unseals over 100,000 indictments and then sends 90,000 troops across America to arrest all of the Deep State and CCP 'bought and paid for' local elected and non-elected officials including but not limited to big city mayors, little city mayors, town supervisors, councilmen-women, blue state governors, red state governors (a few), camp counselors, planned parenthood, corporate oligarchs, movie stars, rock stars, judges, priests, teachers, olympic trainers, school board members, legislators, senators, presidents, the Supreme Court, the main stream media mob morons and their useful idiots etc, etc. It then proceeds to dismantle the CIA, FBI, DOJ and all their related secret societies. Antifa and BLM are quickly crushed and all their members are given one last chance to live together in peace – or else. Space Force takes down all mainstream media orgs and dissolves the Federal Reserve and the IRS. Within a few weeks it brings back the duly elected President Donald J. Trump. President Trump activates the Quantum Financial System and NESARA. The last remaining 'black hat' DUMBS are captured and thousands of children are released into the loving arms of newly awakened communities. The RV is released and poverty and starvation is just a bad memory. Medbed healing facilities are opened up throughout Planet Earth and disease and human suffering comes to an end. Even the 'woke' bastards are impressed. There is a standing ovation after each showing of this film. This is the film we have all been waiting for from Old Glory Studios in cooperation with Q Enterprises and JFK Jr. Production Studios. Directed, produced and created by GOD.
No COVID = No Democrats 49 seconds ago
Joe Biden defended the KKK on the Senate floor called them "some very fine people who continue to support the confederate flag" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiUHJHLfNmY&t=5s
Patiently 55 seconds ago
No, he is a do nothing. He doe not even recognize trump's crimes against democracy. A shameful tenure. Let him go down in defeat. He has earned it.
haggus 58 seconds ago
reality: 1. days before we went into lockdown, Dems-including Joetard-claimed that restricting flights or avoiding Chinatown was racism. And, up until a few weeks ago, saying it came from a lab was racism. 2. Trump never said inject bleach, if you think Trump did, you are dumb enough to vote for Dems. 3. Trump wasn't in the lab mixing up the vaccine, but he was key in getting the vaccine to you. Vaccines-all drugs really-go through sequential testing protocols. Trump authorized concurrent testing. There was always the risk that something went wrong, but it didn't. If not for Trump, the vaccine would still be in trials.
Epaminondas et Gracchi` 62 seconds ago
Ah, the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. You are a product of indoctrination, like that of Winston Smith at the end of the story in "1984." Try Benjamin Franklin who advocated social justice, and who presided over the Federal Convention of 1787.
PanchoVilla5000 62 seconds ago
Actually 100% YES --as distressing as it is to you to know your friends the Muslims hate gays with a passion, there is not a single sign, word or ANYTHING at the memorial that mentions muslims or Islam
Steve 66 seconds ago
I would imagine there are a ton of things big tech "shouldn't" be doing. The problem is, none of our lawmakers understand it. You know this is true. Shall we start going through the list asking how computer literate all these people are????? Wouldn't be a pretty outcome...and you know it.
William barnett 68 seconds ago
You did remember most slaves were sold by other blacks in Africa? That was the first step in slavery. don't hear about that much.
Layla 69 seconds ago
Bill Maher will be your new favorite person until he starts trashing Republicans again. And he will 🤭
CheeseEatingSurrenderMonkey 69 seconds ago
Google Facebook YouTube Twitter in obvious violation of Sherman and Clayton Acts Biden violating oath of office by not suing and breaking up those companies they have more Market power than AT&T did before they were broken up into the baby bells
Jacob's Trouble 76 seconds ago
Drivers' lives matter too, you know https://news.yahoo.com/driver-pulled-truck-beaten-black-144628849.html
dixiechicken 77 seconds ago
You right wing fanatics are beautiful, I voted for dotard the first time but soon realized I made a huge mistake.
Googlethat 78 seconds ago
JeffK from PA 79 seconds ago
I'm conflicted on term limits, since voters should be able to choose whom they want. I'd rather see an IQ test than term limits. Surely Gohmert and Blackburn would no longer be eligible since neither has an IQ above room temperature.
Don The Con 81 seconds ago
. Republicans and the debt? . Trump and the GOP took care of the rich during COVID. . https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2020/12/01/american-billionaires-that-got-richer-during-covid/43205617/
Tax'em all 82 seconds ago
You've been separated from your friends, family, and alienated the most charitable people on the planet. We're going to let you starve to death and then take all your useless shit and burn it.
Hound Dog 83 seconds ago
This might be the first time this fraud of an idea actually works the way it is supposed to! I’m not holding my breath, though!
Climate B Changing 101 seconds ago
People like you were just explained that you are leads around by the nose. Instead of pondering that for a second... you triple down on it like a deranged cult. 😂
The Contentious Otter 110 seconds ago
Agreed, but the article made very clear the leading Trump cheerleaders aren't even capable of comprehending those issues. Their primary concern is being able to use social media to direct the anger of their domestic terrorist base, and to be able to harass and threaten people on social media without consequence.
Patiently 116 seconds ago
He has not worked for everyday Iowans, that is the problem more than age. But if age is the way to get rid of him, fine by me.
Fre Okin The Contrarian 118 seconds ago
Joe will be known as the president who destroy America with his spending binge. It's called Inflation Joe.
John Smith 119 seconds ago
I said Us taxpayers as you capitalize the first word in a sentence. You must have taken grammar and punctuation in a public school.
kelly 130 seconds ago
The Trump campaign owes over $1.8 million to cities and police depts . Some of the money has been owed for more than 2 years Trump had money at the election then he got all you dupes to send him more money after the election which he is now using to pay his personal bills 95% of protests were peaceful Some of the damage was caused by common criminals Some were caused by Trumpy Proud boys and the gang . Some was caused by White supremacists trying to blame protesters Trump knowingly stole almost $2 million from cities and police dept So much for supporting the blue And January 6 was just like tourists They were justified
Double Cherry 14 seconds ago
Is that what the CCP teaches you? Then you have a lot to learn about the truth. China is seen as a Murdering Power hungry Terrorist state trying to destroy anyone who disagrees with them overthrowing their country. China is a MURDERING TERRORIST COUNTRY!
Neal 17 seconds ago
I was just gonna type that! It's incredible that a person who fantasies about mass murder is calling other people psychopathic. Just incredible.
BBrianL 19 seconds ago
Mad Maxine is sowing sedition and treason. Throwing out blatant lies and defamation must be called out. In the coming restoration she will receive her just rewards.
Diana Donnelly 26 seconds ago
This is just getting so bad, to openly recognize Satanism as the Democrats have done is sacrilege it is beyond sin, I can't believe they have blatantly shown their true colors and the Nation isn't having a major uprising!
mcc985 40 seconds ago
How do Democrat voters feel knowing their leadership is anti-religion? It seems that if you are Christian the Democrat party thinks you SHOULD be a Republican.....they don't want you.
USNUK 52 seconds ago
Did I miss something,I thought he joined. Labour years ago? If true,however,I can only assume that Starmer has a death wish by accepting him
Alexandra 59 seconds ago
Maxine, you have no credibility as a thinking person. Therefore noone cares what you think or have heard.
Brian Ritchie 59 seconds ago
By condoning certain powerful people's support of abortion, the Church invites the problem mentioned in the article.
Carabec 63 seconds ago
I gave you an up arrow...although... All Catholics are Christian but All Christians are not Catholic!
Terrell Williams 64 seconds ago
The CESSPOLL of New York will pick between these three losers?? The end of the overhyped disaster know as the big apple Anyone who visits this dump is nut's
Tiredofthesamecrap 78 seconds ago
All you Hollywood and foreign press idiots can go f yourself....your days of influence are soon coming to and end.
Dacorum 88 seconds ago
Why do you think Ireland voted in favour of abortion? It was because celibate male Bishops were dictating to women that they should have control over their bodies but that doesn't work any more.
Zed 89 seconds ago
We're not going to win this by playing nice, Helen. Recent scientific reseach has proven that up to 56% of young liberals are psychotic. Crazy people don't do nice.
Schrödinger's Ferret 100 seconds ago
Democrats can’t have it both ways. Catholicism is not a supermarket in which one strolls down the aisle choosing which dogma to accept and which to reject. Martin Luther realized that, so should Joe Bidet and other democrat pro-abortionists.
James Graf 101 seconds ago
I,m told this degenerate holds black masses involving animal sacrifices and and unspeakable sexual depravity. I`ve no evidence, but since when do we need that anymore to get free press.
OskarN 103 seconds ago
Good grief, you’re so off base it’s really amusing. Not a Francis fan at all, but there is ZERO evidence that he is a “lifelong communist.” And the small sculpture of a cross on top of the hammer and sickle was NOT given to him by Maduro, it was given to him by Evo Morales. That sculpture has never been seen again. And no, the Church did not give Botox Nancy a pass on receiving communion. She is banned from the Sacrament in her home archdiocese of San Francisco until she confesses and repents.
robin 107 seconds ago
Sexual abuse should be condemned wherever it is found. However abuse in the Catholic Church is said to run at 2% or so, in line with the general population, yet we never hear the end of this all while abuse in other communities is covered up. For example the number of articles written over one decade by the religious correspondent for NYT on sexual abuse in catholic institutions: 100. In all other institutions: 0. The onslaught against the Church reflects the ongoing war against Christianity in the public square. It's interesting that Christian organizations aren't tax-exempt - but Jewish organizations are. https://forward. com/news/israel/194978/26-billion-bucks-the-jewish-charity-industry-unco/ https://archive. fo/wip/IJ8Eo
Thomas Sharpe 109 seconds ago
Celibacy in the CC is not “a higher standard” it’s a discipline. St Paul did say better not to marry then a man’s attention is not divided. Christ did mention It too. That said priests could marry, if the church relaxed the discipline. We might get better priests today if they did.
Wills510 110 seconds ago
And any contribution to BLM goes directly to ActBlue, the activist arm of the democrat party. If it wasn't for double standards, the democrats wouldn't have any standards at all.
elizabethrc 111 seconds ago
Now the IRS will not allow these Christian groups to have political opinions or to encourage their members to vote if it is Republican? How about they do the same for the church groups that espouse Democrat positions? Put them to that test. Take this to the Supreme Court. Democrats just lost a lot of Christian voters! Keep it up Dems. Apparently you haven't driven that nail deep enough into your own foot!
Detroit Boi 114 seconds ago
My sources say maxine is bald or even worse under that wig. Remember the first time we seen under darth vaders helmet?.....its like that.
HeyZeus!!! 122 seconds ago
Really? Then maybe we should just quit calling them prisons and call them concentration camps where we send people to help quickly usher along their death?
Dryden01 124 seconds ago
Sounds like the abortuarial industry "campaign donations" are more important than the fundamental teachings of the Roman Catholic Church to these allegedly Catholic Democrats. If the BLM ever wakes up and sees that their White liberal/progressive manipulators have been abetting the deaths of millions of Black infants then there will be hell to pay on Earth.
bil 125 seconds ago
The Democrat IRS admits Christian teachings and the Republican policies are linked. Question: "The Democrat's 'policies' are linked with...?"
Strativarius 137 seconds ago
Academics have a habit of forming their own companies to handle their discoveries. And then profit from them.
Baloney Shooter 142 seconds ago
"... taking on the role of Captain America was humbling but difficult because America prevents black men from succeeding." Ummm! What?
Dacorum 144 seconds ago
I see the bishops have declared that no hospital etc should be discriminated against for refusing any act which could cause the death of a human foetus or embryo, for any reason. The inclusion of "for any reason" means they are ruling out abortions where the mother's life is in danger or where the mother to be has been raped or a victim of incest. How crazy is that? Why do you think Ireland voted in favour of abortion? It was because celibate male Bishops were dictating to women that they should have control over their bodies but that doesn't work any more.
frozen shot 147 seconds ago
When are Media Matters and the other Soros "charities, Planned Parenthood, The Sierra Club, BLM and other leftist/ Democrat promoting organizations going to lose their 501status? The same twisted logic should apply.
BBrianL 175 seconds ago
So, the IRS has publicly admitted that the Democrats and the Left in general are godless heathens that go against the Bible.
SirRuncibleSpoon 218 seconds ago
I read '1493' a while back and was amazed by the extent to which the world's isolated cultures merged in the New World/Mexico following the discovery by the Spanish and Portuguese of America and Asia. The speed at which cultural appropriations happened was amazing and powerful. I 'discovered' something called 'lawn yoga' this weekend-I didn't steal it, though, cause I would have just looked silly. I wonder what Aruna discovered/stole? K-Cups? Feminine hygiene products? Rides with Uber? Washing machines? She surely regrets the stealing and forced abolition by white 'discoverers' of the Hindu practice of Sati, burning widows on top of their deceased husbands' pyres! But she and hers got revenge! They stole white peep's treatments for cholera and other infectious diseases! Aruna stole them!!!! Bad racist Aruna! Go to time-out–now! Yeah, white/European peeps 'discovered' and 'stole' lots of stuff. Seems they had the technology and culture that enabled them to successfully topple Mohicans and Aztecs and Zulu, Maori and Mamalukes alike. Then they went and made those powerful cultural elements available to all comers and takers! America's 'white' culture works and invites anyone who wants to profit from its assets and beauties that want to make something wonderful of their lives and their country. Or, we could go Marxist/racist and make a world-wide mess of things.
Double Cherry 221 seconds ago
Terrorist Democrat's / Congress / IRS / all of them are waging WAR on America the Constitution and We the People. GITMO THEM ALL!
Imperator82 223 seconds ago
'Dr. Aruna Khilanani' wonder how she was accepted into medical school? perhaps by holding several cards and by massive endowments by her rich family? certainly not by merit!
el_segundo 224 seconds ago
Democrats have infested and corrupted government every government agency, the IRS, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, DHS, the DoD. They are everywhere there are levers of power, supported by billionaires that seek to destroy this country.
Richard lane 225 seconds ago
The chick in the red dress Iooks Iike she is about 700 pounds too. Why no shout out for her? As for the statue, they forgot to incIude the drugs, counterfeit money, and the gun. I'm sure someone wiII "fix" it.
LungButter 237 seconds ago
Here’s the difference between us and the leftists. If a white person had said this about another race, there would be 5,000 protestors on the Yale campus breaking things until this woman was removed to the dustbin of history. We just sit here complaining on the boards. That’s why they are winning.
Dee Bater 246 seconds ago
An absolute disgrace. He was a drug addicted criminal. Isaiah 5:20 " Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"