klgmac 3 seconds ago
Portland, another blue disaster. "Woke Portland mayor LAUGHS at woman's safety concerns over growing homelessness "It was really hard to hear," she said of the mayor's laughter, "and I think that it proved my point, that I don't feel like they’re taking it seriously and that they care." https://thepostmillennial.Com/woke-portland-mayor-laughs-at-womans-safety-concerns-over-growing-homelessness?utm_campaign=64487
DAS 4708 seconds ago
All 5 comments you spammed are stupid and wrong, as always You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
El Mac 5190 seconds ago
Democrats are currently the fascist movement in America. It checks all the boxes of historical fascism, which has been consistently totalitarian: from ultraglobalism, to contempt for human rights and free speech and the arts, pro-street terrorism, pro-crime and chaos, to anti-family, anti-religion and moral values, anti-science, pro-child sexualization and degredation, and pro-state über alles to a strongman leader.
classicalmusiclover 5909 seconds ago
MAGA is currently the fascist movement in America. It checks all the boxes of historical fascism, which has been consistently right wing: from a ultranationalism, to contempt for human rights and the arts, to anti-liberalism, anti-intellectualism, anti-feminism, anti-gay, to a strongman leader.
El Mac 8722 seconds ago
Negative ghost rider. I can see for myself clearly what the leftist fascists are doing. Even Ray Charles could see it.
WebTraveler 8815 seconds ago
Wow. Troll boy Jack Onazo finds a post from 7 months ago. I bet Jack Onzao loves to masturabate to the thought of Trump's predator club and the underage...Gaetz Moore, Hastert, Epstein. Maxwell, Jordan, George Nader, and Trimp's newest convicted pedophile friend Adam Hageman. You go Jack.
classicalmusiclover 10263 seconds ago
Absolutely not. You've bought a lot of lies about liberals, pushed by the real fascists on the American right.
Sam Adams 11221 seconds ago
Is the third shift troll factory treating you fairly? Do they pay you in turnips, vodka, or Rubles? I know the ruble isn't worth very much, but the cost of living in your third world country shouldn't be that high. You really need to speak with your handler about some special high intensity training in English because your grammar and syntax leaves a lot of room for improvement before you actually seem like someone residing in the US. In the words of your glorious Fascist leader tRump: "If we have power, we'll never give it up again unless we're carried out of our offices as corpses."
klgmac 28967 seconds ago
You believe. "Grocery Inflation Hits Highest Level In 43 Years Despite Biden's "Zero" Inflation Messaging" You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
klgmac 29007 seconds ago
Still true today. "HUNTER BIDEN Published May 20, 2022 11:40am EDT Hunter Biden saga: NBC News joins NYT, WaPo, Politico in verifying laptop dismissed as Russian disinfo in 2020"
klgmac 29036 seconds ago
You and Grandpa too. "Harvard Caps Harris Poll: 56% of Voters ‘Have Doubts’ About Biden’s Mental ‘Fitness’ for Office" You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
DAS 47644 seconds ago
All 16 comments you spammed are stupid and wrong, as always You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
klgmac 114053 seconds ago
What happened here? Goldman: S&P Trading Below Biden's Inauguration, Despite $1.7 Trillion In QE And $3.5 Trillion In Fiscal Stimulus Same old same old. You lose again re1ard 😂😂😂
klgmac 114072 seconds ago
Oops! "Goldman: S&P Trading Below Biden's Inauguration, Despite $1.7 Trillion In QE And $3.5 Trillion In Fiscal Stimulus"
klgmac 114167 seconds ago
DAS and Joe Biden, both lifelong liars and losers. "Goldman: S&P Trading Below Biden's Inauguration, Despite $1.7 Trillion In QE And $3.5 Trillion In Fiscal Stimulus"
DAS 156210 seconds ago
All 3 comments that you spammed were stupid and wrong, as always you lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
OplySto. boie, Nanglaban 202598 seconds ago
Not a surprise on you ' re retort since you ' re " in bone " J0e Communist ; you ' re retorts usual cr@p - > Communists like yours usually smear critics " Fascists " or " N@zis " then " incite carnage " then " torment foes " { Ironic label one who ' s been more Libertarian several years like former p0tus a " Fascist ". } J0e ' s Communist trolls ' customs : warp realities : soon they ' ll vanish ^ glorify narratives no matter how gullible or weak they appear ... !
DAS 237992 seconds ago
All 61 comments that you spammed were stupid and wrong, as always you lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
Sam Adams 270477 seconds ago
I expected no less of a response from you. As a "died in the wool" tRump Fascist, your responses are typical. Fascists, such as yourself, have always used anti-communist hysteria to “stir violence” and “augment their power.” (Never mind the relative absurdity of casting a figure with as centrist a record as Biden as a “communist.”) The tRump faithful follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.
klgmac 278962 seconds ago
Just like Grandpa will be. Directly after Tuesday’s Philadelphia hearing, Myers, 79, was taken into custody. You lose again re1ard 😂😂😂
klgmac 278986 seconds ago
Myers was sentenced Tuesday by U.S. District Judge Paul S. Diamond to 30 months in prison, three years supervised release, and ordered to pay $100,000 in fines, with $10,000 of that due immediately, according to a statement from U.S. Attorney Jacqueline C. Romero.
klgmac 278999 seconds ago
Despite declarations of safe and secure elections, history shows that past Pennsylvania elections were host to corruption. For example, former U.S. Rep. Michael “Ozzie” Myers, a Pennsylvania Democrat, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to deprive voters of civil rights, bribery, obstruction of justice, falsification of voting records, conspiring to illegally vote in a federal election, and orchestrating schemes to fraudulently stuff ballot boxes for specific Democrat candidates in Pennsylvania elections held from 2014 to 2018.
klgmac 279036 seconds ago
"Former Congressman Sentenced to Prison for Stuffing Pennsylvania Ballot Boxes" You lose again re1ard 😂😂😂
klgmac 279109 seconds ago
"Pennsylvania county sues Dominion Voting Systems over alleged 'severe anomalies' in 2020 voter dataCounty claims "inaccuracy and/or inability to reconcile voter data with votes actually cast and counted.""
klgmac 279350 seconds ago
BOMBSHELL! "Jan. 6 committee unsure Ginni Thomas played a major role in bid to overturn 2020 election" You lose again re1ard 😂😂😂 Losers!
klgmac 279363 seconds ago
BOMBSHELL! "Jan. 6 committee unsure Ginni Thomas played a major role in bid to overturn 2020 election" You lose again re1ard 😂😂😂
klgmac 279382 seconds ago
"Jan. 6 committee unsure Ginni Thomas played a major role in bid to overturn 2020 election" You lose again re1ard 😂😂😂
klgmac 279425 seconds ago
Yes, debunked. and yet you keep pushing proven false narratives You lose again re1ard 😂😂😂
klgmac 279620 seconds ago
Impeachment looms."Hunter Biden saga: NBC News joins NYT, WaPo, Politico in verifying laptop dismissed as Russian disinfo in 2020"
klgmac 279760 seconds ago
Falling wages. "U.S. wages continue to fall behind inflation rate despite job growth" You lose again re1ard 😂😂😂
DrEcon 3 seconds ago
It USED to be the benefit of the patient was important to the doctors. Now with the @moral millennials taking over, its ALL about $$$ and politics. Just another example of the m0ral decay of America and our eventual d00m.
Joe D. 5 seconds ago
Ah Hollywood. Bastion of politically correct nitwits telling others how to live their lives. Here's a clue for you actors-most folks only care about the role actors portray, not their personal beliefs. Shut the pie hole and act, not act up.
Jack Ballard Jr 9 seconds ago
transgender surgery to minors is no differnent than the ovens of Auschwitz, same mentallity same rationalization.
Texan101 9 seconds ago
When a person thinks it's ok to murder little babies in the womb, like the left does, absolutely nothing is off the table.
thedeclineandfall 10 seconds ago
Where Warnock is from those are not scandals, so these are commercials aimed at a certain European race.
billlang 11 seconds ago
I remember when the Cardinals worshipped God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit! Now they worship Gods creation and war against Christs own Church while claiming to represent it.
mick 15 seconds ago
Are you saying this is not true? There are cards, receipts, and testimony saying this happened? Again, this would not be a problem at all--except that Walker has been all anti-abortion and pretending to be a family man. He is nether and beyond that is totally unfit to be one of 100 people in the US Senate.
Robert Kilbourne 17 seconds ago
We see how the lies and TDS rules the left every time one of you post your idiocy. I must admit I admire those racists trying to tell themselves that they are not one and how everyone that disagrees with them are what they are.
Bob Smetters 19 seconds ago
Jesus had no biological father, so he had all female chromosomes. Sounds like a case of a female identifying as a male.
Merks17 20 seconds ago
Medical errors kill far more people then guns or even overdoses. Lets have a federal investigation into the medical system!
JusJim 22 seconds ago
It’s not made up. He knocked a few girls up and wanted to terminate the pregnancies. He should have just admitted it.
JJFRESH1000 24 seconds ago
her accusations were soundly debunked. Here are 18 women who have accused Trump. NONE disproven https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/list-trumps-accusers-allegations-sexual-misconduct/story?id=51956410
Let's Memesturbate 25 seconds ago
You have misinterpreted all of the data you have provided by associating it with some racist conspiracy to harm black people. A more logical reason for all of what you described is the failure of city governments , governments that are elected by a black majority. Where is your evidence of systemic racism? Simply pointing out that African Americans are worse off in our society does not prove anything other than the failure of the cities they reside.
j70141 25 seconds ago
"no place for skepticism and denial of climate crisis" Odd, I'd say there is no place for Marxism and denial of its effects within Christianity.
Jesse Myers 32 seconds ago
Rhonda has been skimming money off federal aid for his own pet goals and projects as long as he has been governor.
Gio Con 36 seconds ago
Is it any surprise that Amalgamated Bank is a union-owned bank? It's currently majority-owned by Workers United, an SEIU Affiliate. Clear ties to the Democratic party.
ThomStride 37 seconds ago
Bolshevik Democrats throwing out lies 4 weeks before the election. We will find out it is a complete ruse in mid November after the vote.
JackT 37 seconds ago
If there's a check, it would have had to clear his bank. Get well card? Easy to create. This will prove blatantly false, or he has some splaining to do. I'll buy the popcorn. Clearly, ol Herschel did get around!
Tin Man 39 seconds ago
Another anonymous source for the Left to smear Republicans with, reminiscent of Harry Reid's "A guy told me that Mitt Romney hasn't filed an income tax return in ten years."
Jack Wing 40 seconds ago
Kids did not turn up "trans" until they where indoctrinated by their so called teachers behind the back of their parents.
MaxMaxExtreme✞Faith in Christ✞ 48 seconds ago
Every Republican in DC should be fighting against this unadulterated wickedness. They are silent, the GOP is silent, the RNC is silent. All of my representatives are silent. They were also silent about Election Fraud 2020.
Lt_Scrounge 49 seconds ago
The audit of ballots in Maricopa County Arizona showed that over 100,000 invalid ballots were counted. Throw out the illegally counted ballots and Biden loses by over 100,000 votes. Similar discrepancies have been found in numerous states.
laughton57 . 51 seconds ago
"A woman who asked not to be identified out of privacy concerns told The Daily Beast..." Well I, "not to be identified" claim that Ashley Oliver gave me an STD. It has to be true - and identified web user said so. Right?
SpineSnapper 53 seconds ago
Go along with the anti-Russian sanctions and you might suffer by poking the largest supplier of fuel in the eye.
ministeroftruth 55 seconds ago
she needs to abandon support for the Ukraine war, seek rapprochement with Russia, dump the EURO and return to the LIRA so Italy s not a financial hostage to EU sanctions
joesmuckatelli 55 seconds ago
FAKE NEWS! This is clearly an attack to take away the Christian vote. The Satanic press and media know that even false reports take down some voters. However; nothing can stop whats coming!!
John Dough 57 seconds ago
Yes, you can do those things and most of us do. But how do you "prepare" for the mental and emotional impact of losing everything? LOL, I sort of "moved the goal posts" on ya didn't I? and you're right about preparing.
getreal9 58 seconds ago
But they have total control of the power that enforces this dangerous behavior. That can only be taken back through war or total collapse of America.
Alf Schumway 64 seconds ago
Does Kenny seriously think that the guns used in the black on black shootings in Philly are registered? Delusional idiot.
liberalzapper 66 seconds ago
Bbbbutt…FOX!! More expected answers. The Beast claims to care about domestic abuse…as long as it’s a Republican doing it. You do realize thousands are reading your response, confirming my assessment?.,,
iron spud 67 seconds ago
Thats $5,000 more than we will have, so is it your plan to drive us to your programs for assistance that will just make the inflation worse because you will have to spend more money you don't have. FJB
Trumpaw 67 seconds ago
Medical care IS a right! Mutilation, however is not a right, and children should be protected from mutilation under the false cover of medical care. They should be protected by the DOJ!!!!! Not have to be protected from the DOJ!
scooter258 69 seconds ago
Hehehehe, you morons never skip a chance to announce your bigotry, ignorance, stupidity, and dishonesty. Never.
Mo-Jo 69 seconds ago
Sniffy Joe has been informed by the conductor of the "Cognitive Coo-Coo Train" that "He Has A Ticket To Ride" and won't be getting off for 2024 . "It's you're here for the full Dementia R/R ride Sniffy Joe, or that should be "Jooooe-Eeeeee!" Al will have to attach himself to another Democrud for 2024.
Kneel For Nobody 69 seconds ago
I’m announcing it loudly and publicly. Let those lib parents mutilate their children, they will never reproduce and this is gone within one generation.
FelixNx 73 seconds ago
Speculation is not evil. Speculators often lose, and lose big. Speculation gets the commodity to where it can serve the best economic interests, it keeps scarce commodities from being wasted, used inefficiently. To state that she is against speculators means she is trying to get votes from the dumber side of the population.
GrammaBear1 79 seconds ago
The similarities between Cardinal Czerny’s comments for this documentary and jb’s red speech are very clear— Both disregarded and lambasted those with opposing views— both push to silence any opposition to their narrative— questioning is not allowed. The only thing inclusive about both these [speeches] is that these speakers only include like-thinkers— It’s a shame the Church has resorted to this degree of isolating rather than embracing differences—
texasgirl 81 seconds ago
Somehow, I just cannot link the castration of calves with the castration of eight-year-old boys. I just have to guess that in a liberal's eyes we are all just livestock, even at the age of eight.
CanDo 82 seconds ago
Pick any of a thousand gaffes and I'd say if a Republican made them, it would be the leading headline and opening tease for every "A" block segment on TV News for weeks at a time. You want an exercise in futility? Go try to find any reference to his daily language of Senility, on CNN.com or their ilk.
Semanticleo 85 seconds ago
Will Bunch responds, “I hate to be so cynical but after Trump I wonder if this changes one damn vote. Georgia Republicans will vote for an apostate hypocrite who’ll install their judges, and also to spite the Democrat who inherited MLK’s altar.”
Political Party 86 seconds ago
Isn't that the 'genius' of Breitbart: there will NEVER be a story about Bannon stealing from Build the Wall™ or what Trump did with the $250-million his marks sent him to Stop the Steal™, but there will be loads of stories about the criminals at BLM? And then clowns like you saying, "Hey the topic of this thread is BLM"
InspectorClouseauRedux 88 seconds ago
At 3am? That's guaranteed to be an hour when the person is awake if he's into drugs. Raid them at 8am when it's guaranteed he'll be a zombie.
robert hoe 89 seconds ago
So the stroke victim should be carrying but the rifle locked in the gun safe is a problem. Fetterman is obviously continuing to suffer the effects of his stroke. Spare him the stress of elected office