JohnR 19 seconds ago
1 month, 3-4 months. Wow, the difference we have in this country right? The choice! Anyway we are going to get a far worse Trump. Dems making sure it happens.
Racist Bannon 20 seconds ago
The average African American IQ at 85 is 1.1 standard deviations below the white IQ at 100. Only 16 percent of African Americans but 50% of whites have an IQ over 100. Whites are 30 times more likely than African Americans to have an IQ over 125. Whites outnumber African Americans about 5 to 1. This means there are about 150 times more whites with high IQs than African Americans. This is a big reason why African Americans are underrepresented in the sciences and other intellectually challenging fields.
Dina Brown 22 seconds ago
Stop lying, its a bunch of weenie wankers getting their jollies off killing wolves. Nature had everything in balance till man showed up. You are the problem, not the animals.
WhenHopeAndHistoryRhyme 26 seconds ago
Even murder has not motivated the Trump voters to let go and flee the legal slaughter in the making. That girl who stole the laptop will spend the rest of her youth and beyond in federal level 3 prison. She better learn to like getting smeared and pissed on. On the women's side of the federal scene are small numbers. Some of the women can balance her on one hand.
Ogla Boogie 34 seconds ago
Our duty is to sharpen, deepen, and widen the The Deep State's fractures in order to undermine Deep State stability. It is the duty of the Republican people to never collaborate with the enemy occupation. The Republican people cannot do that within the GOP, because the GOP leaders serve The Deep State.
Singularvoice 44 seconds ago
Don’t think so just believe legislation is most often too broad and not tailored to what could be passed easily
Original Stable Genius 45 seconds ago
Hey, deplorables. I think Schumer should follow Trent Lott's lead. What say you?
WASHINGTON — In a Senate split 50-50 between the political parties, the outcome of some debates can hinge on decisions made by a person who is not elected by anyone and is barely known outside the chamber: the Senate parliamentarian. And the importance of the post became apparent Monday with word that Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.) had decided to oust parliamentarian Robert B. Dove from the job he has held during two periods of Republican control of the Senate. Although Dove was hired by the GOP, aides from both parties say he has angered Lott with some rulings this year that the Republican leader felt gave too much influence to Democrats. Among them were rulings on points of order and procedure connected to the tax and budget debate at the heart of President Bush’s administration.
Epic Liberal Fail 45 seconds ago
Biden says there are no 'men' or 'women'. Just wondering what 'genders' he's made up to force us to believe in. Sound like how the communists forced you to eat shit until you renounced your religion. Oh wait...
JGA 59 seconds ago
Hey lying MAGA seditious rednecks and white nationalists Russian sellouts and Q trash, Yeah, tell that to the people of TX.
Tove K 60 seconds ago
I wonder how many Republicans are beginning to wonder if Trump was a Democrat plant to sabotage them from within?
Kevin Bergamo 63 seconds ago
You may build pipelines, but you don't know the science behind the tar sands. Nor do you know any of the technology, processes and developments that are associated with tar sands extraction. And its not like I've never worked on pipelines before, I started my career in oil and gas burying pipe, so you can't try to BS me. There are two problems with the KXL, the first being that it would greatly increase tar sands production making the tar sands the world's biggest polluter and second that human error could dump a ton of toxic, chemical ridden tar sands bitumen into places like the Ogallala Aquifer. Which I'm sure if you are aware, the state of Nebraska is not too keen on letting happen. If you would like to know what happens when dilbit hits a water system you can read this. The Kalamazoo spill was not just an average spill. Dilbit, tar sands oil, takes years to clean up. As an pipeline engineer you also know pipeline failures rates. Since this is an Alberta project lets look at the stats from the that provinces regulator. They calculate a failure rate of 0.89 incidents per 1000 kilometres.,to%20markets%20around%20North%20America. The Keystone Pipeline System is 4,324 km (2,687 miles) in length. Which means it will likely have at least 3 incidents per year.  Now, 82 per cent of incidents were rated as being “low consequence” in terms of their effect on the public, environment, wildlife, and livestock; 13 per cent were rated as “medium consequence”; and only 5 per cent were high consequence. So you can do math, how many high consequence pipeline incidents would occur in a ten year period? I'm not saying you can't mitigate risks or take extra precautions, but I understand the reasoning to cancel the project. Now if KXL was piping conventional oil then there wouldn't be an issue. It would be a pretty standard pipeline, but it isn't.... its carrying dilbit as well as conventional. Making that pipeline 1000 times more dangerous during a spill. On top of that, tar sands extraction on a level that can keep up with the flow rates of KXL would be the world's single largest greenhouse gas emissions polluter by far. Now, if they waited 10 years, technology would reduce the emissions footprint of the tar sands being extracted, but the world is not ready for KXL and tar sands oil extraction at that level.
Brad4 79 seconds ago
It's unfortunate that Democrats lack the mental capacity to understand why increasing minimum wage is bad for the country. There is a reason that over 95% of economists are conservative.
Racist Bannon 89 seconds ago
Have you noticed that every city run by dems is a 3rd world shithole? Of course, the white areas are quite nice though.
The gnp of the US is 21.69 trillion ÷ 333333333 people in the US= 65,000 ÷ 2000 work hours per year a fair minimum wage would be 32.50 per hour.
jjazznola 102 seconds ago
Next Mitch will be heading down to Mar-a-lago to kiss and make up with the spray tanned idiot who lives there.
One Other Person Is Typing... 106 seconds ago
Marc Rich was a massive Clinton donor. He was on the run from the FBI when Clinton pardoned him, hours before he left office
KJinAZ 115 seconds ago
The paid actors are doing their jobs. They don't have any data yet even, and most of the data they have used to date has been manufactured. Do you really think this is the first time in history that we had almost no Flu deaths? How is it that overall death rates went down during a world wide pandemic? How could that happen since many people didn't go to hospitals or doctors for fear of the virus. That should have caused higher death rates on top of the higher death rate from the so called pandemic.
Iamnotfooled 119 seconds ago
He lost by 3 million votes in 2016 and he lost by 7 million in 2020. And he wasn’t even a traitor yet.
D1RTYWQRK 120 seconds ago
⤴️ Changing the subject Trumpers cancel anyone who doesn't goose step to MAGA ... And you know it. MAGA world is not a place for freedom of thought or voicing dissenting opinions. MAGA world is powered by Groupthink, cognitive dissonance and funny. Smelling Orange Trump Kool-aid
EZwriter 131 seconds ago
almost all the blacks and Jews in Congress in the USA are liberal Democrats. You would not like the USA
BRYAN BORICH 136 seconds ago
Sorry unlike you I'm still something with Trump. Just with fewer jokes about how his supporters want to destroy America.
Kilrain 141 seconds ago
Interesting. So what exactly was the plan after these yahoo's seized congress with the bare-chested fur hat guy.
Duke Harris 143 seconds ago
I think they just showed it is not. Again, what's wrong with legislation good enough to get 60 votes?
Overseasobserver 148 seconds ago
He cocked up everything else. Caused the deaths of over 500,000 (and rising) American citizens due to his total incompetence!!
Rex33 166 seconds ago
Most of the poverty in the U.S. could be eliminated, if Republicans would let Democrats raise the minimum wage.
JGA 169 seconds ago
Hey lying MAGA seditious rednecks and white nationalists Russian sellouts and Q trash, Joe Biden is President to many more Americans than trumpo ever was.....81,000,000 more ..... Stay stupid.
Rex33 177 seconds ago
MINIMUM WAGE USA 7.25 UK 11.1 New Zealand 13.18 Netherlands 10.65 Monaco 11.88 Luxembourg 13.67 Israel 8.17 Ireland 11.65 Germany 10.68 France 11.46 Belgium 11.06 Australia 14.09.
disqus_FOUKdpgXiw 179 seconds ago
There's no such thing as a single 'Popular Vote' unless you live in Russia, Venezuela, or North Korea. America has 51 'popular votes', to make stealing the election more difficult, but, as we just saw, not impossible.
JohnR 183 seconds ago
Maybe scroll up and read the headline instead of acting like a #BlueMAGA defending your guy at all costs.
Epic Liberal Fail 184 seconds ago
Only two genders are based on biological sex. I like to make lib tards guess which ones. It's funny.
Mr Wayne 195 seconds ago
Moscow Mitch is more wishy washy than Charlie Brown. Mitch don't know what he's going to do from day to day.
Duke Harris 195 seconds ago
Actually minimum wage as it stands is about right for a teenager. The problem is delusional people thing you should be able to live off jobs that only warrant those wages.
disqus_1AHEkyvYxL 202 seconds ago
You do realize gates left Microsoft over 2 decades ago, right? Now he just donates money to help people.
Ty Harris 205 seconds ago
You can't actually make a thing be worth more than it is worth. However much you raise wages by, you will raise prices by exactly that much. You put the money in a person's left pocket while taking the same amount out of their right pocket. Instead of trying to change the laws of economics and mathematics, a more constructive investment would be to reform education so Americans have actual skills that are worth more than minimum pay. You aren't SUPPOSED to have a good life at Burger World or retail sales. That's for teenagers and getting through school while you learn a real trade. We spend more per child on education each year than any other country ( 13,000.00 per student ) with terrible results. Give that money to parents directly instead and let them take their kids out of the failed public monopolies and put them into private schools where they can learn to not be useless idiots who can't read, add, or write. And while you are at it, take the student loans away from the lesbian dance and poltical science majors and invest it in an apprentice vocational program like they have in Germany. Did you know that you can't get federal loans or pell grants for non-degree courses of study that in many cases can give somebody a 100K a year job- like aircraft mechanic, aerospace manufacturing, composites, welder, heavy equipment, deisel mechanic, HVAC, electrician, plumbing, etc. Investment in these highly sought-after skills would pay for itself a hundred times over. As usual the statists think they can create utopia by giving people a fish instead of teaching them to fish. It just never changes with you people. Minimum wage is just a game of three card monte that changes nothing in the end but I know that feeling good about yourself is what matters- so good luck with it.
Gonzo Bozo 209 seconds ago
It's all on Newsmax -- Michael Cohen has already told prosecutors where and what to look for. Former Trump CFO Allen Howard Weisselberg has corroborated Cohen. Mazars CPAs has delivered all the pages. It's all about to happen and your boy will go down like Al Capone and John Gotti. RIP DJT
SGD 211 seconds ago
Hey, don Jr, Go Fck Yourself. You know, donny, Springsteen has more money than and your daddy dumb A$$.
Kilrain 216 seconds ago
Trump is what could be considered, "billionare white trash". Nobody in his supposed 'peer group' really respected him. Made him the butt of their jokes instead.
Cozette 5 seconds ago
He's been a loooong time bff of the recently busted pedo groomer who ran the Lincoln Project. Alot of of the most unhinged Trump haters have connections to pedophilia/sex trafficking. Coincidence? As an aside, imo the Lincoln Project name was chosen as an inside "joke" and actually references John Wilkes Boothe who also had a Lincoln Project. The named signalled their intentions to those in the know. Muh principled, true conservatives. Lol. Pedo groomers. Grifters. Character assassins.
Mikey Noyb 6 seconds ago
Cue the military industrial complex's bucket lists; and the screwing of all our vets. Remember, liberals hate military vets.
DeepThought 15 seconds ago
As to Trump's interest in ending US involvement in Syria -- I was on the same page. If you scroll back far enough (in this blog), you'll see that I was a very staunch defender of some of Trump's concepts. Why? Some of what he said was flat-out truth, but some others didn't want to hear it. That said, as many of you know, I like to "focus on the underlying."
Stan Carter 23 seconds ago
What.are you referring to? The. Swamps hates Trump. The base loves him including me who was a NEVERTRUMPSTER years ago. Trump persuaded me by his accomplishments he was mostly right all along. I learned so much from him.
judgenottruthout 25 seconds ago
Pence was in the study committee- it was a failure. Pence was on rhe virus issue working closely with fauci and scarf woman and we never heard a peep the cdc science and fauci was wrong About everything. Shamefully hydroxycloroquine was never put to good use. Pharmaceuticals sure prosperred with the‘ republican study group’. Same old rino’s.
bigcrawfish 30 seconds ago
I used to be an Amazon business customer doing about $20K a year with them for five years at least. That ended completely when I watched their massive support of the democrats and hatred for conservatives in this last election. It's time for all good people to quit doing business with them entirely. Amazon is the enemy. Clarence Thomas is a hero in my book.
Anon Ymous 38 seconds ago
Just looked it up. Sounds interesting. I might have to watch a couple of episodes. However, if it features too many homosexuals or mixed race marriages, I'll pass.
LADY~Flag Day~ 40 seconds ago
God Bless You, Justice Thomas.. From day one with Biden...and Anita's not been an easy path..MUCH RESPECT, SIR
katahdinbound 46 seconds ago
"strikes were targeted, proportional, and necessary"--- to heck with proportional, when Iran messed with Trump he took out their leading general terrorist and didn't apologize
auh2064 54 seconds ago
How is this any different than those robots the bomb squad uses to recon an area before the cops go in?
Rocknguy 69 seconds ago
I’ve been sitting on my ammo because it’s been in such high demand. But I definitely have enough 5.56 to spend an hour on the range dialing in my new Holosun red dot. Thanks for the great idea for tomorrow.
WEPS 86 seconds ago
Can someone remind me who kasich is? Perhaps its kasich's influence is the one that is waning every day.
richard 97 seconds ago
So many of us on the same page. I recently deleted one of my comments on a thread, because I discovered that someone had written the same thing as me, word-for-word, but their post was written a minute earlier than me. Needless to say, I immediately deleted my post, wrote a note like you're doing to me, and laughed about it.
V. 101 seconds ago
Saudi Arabia / Israel blow up twin towers => invade Afghanistan and Iraq, Iran attacks US in Iraq => bomb Syria
Mikey Noyb 102 seconds ago
If you refuse to fight and WIN wars, then you better learn to speak Mongol, Russian, German, Norse, Persian, know, all the people who attempted and did conquer many nations who acted like us now?
Maroon Baboon 118 seconds ago
Reagan, Rush and Trump were all optimists to a fault. And they love America. I pray we find a new generation of iconic winners.
ADStryker 142 seconds ago
If we could first fix the malevolent, insane leftist problem in this country, subsequently fixing the illegal alien and election-cheating problems would be a cinch.
M. 158 seconds ago
A member of the board of Raytheon is now the Secretary of Defense Biden just approved a quarter of a TRILLION dollars worth of Raytheon's arms deals He just bombed Syria. It would appear that the real winner of the Presidential election was Raytheon.
DR.X 162 seconds ago
Well, the pentagon did admit a few weeks ago that they had pieces of an alien spacecraft they’d been reverse-engineering.
year_of_the_tiger 167 seconds ago
The last funeral I went to was my wife's grandmother. Sorry, everyone was white just the way it goes, no minorities on either side of the family and no reason to invite any. Doesn't make us racist it's just the way it is, deal with it.
WEPS 181 seconds ago
If democrats can't win with the rules, they cheat, they lie. This is why democrats are not right for America today.
bettycat 196 seconds ago
It's true that in America the rich often receive a lesser punishment for their crimes or even escape punishment all together. But to make the leap from that to claiming some sort of world wide cabal runs everything is nonsense. Life is not a movie with cartoon villains and heroic good guys. There is no world wide web of nefarious characters plotting to, well I'm never sure just what this supposed group of baddies is supposedly doing. The rich want to sell stuff, not have their interests hindered by regulations and keep labor costs low. Beyond that they really have no desire to control us or do whatever fever dream fantasy the right wing is peddling this week.
1sthandknowledge 206 seconds ago
What every black Biden voter just can't recognize is that they have been and will continue being used and eliminated by the racist Democrat party by trying to import more illegal Hispanics and people of India (H1B visa workers) which have already pushed blacks further down the ladder. Good luck dribblers make your case on any point, you did it to yourselves voting Democrat.
Cerise Rowan 209 seconds ago
these are the liberals who support pelosi calling ms13 "spirit of divinity" for beating high school kids to death dead minority kids, no big deal decapitated, hearts cut out but, "children at the border without toothpaste" hysteria in fact, not far from her home seven children were burned to death with their parents in an ms13 arson/extortion fire no big death about that either the liberal entertainment industry, riots over a guy who held a gun to a pregnant woman's belly, but, dead minority kids, they ignore it
Snail-Mail-Trucker 212 seconds ago
"Libs Call for Investigating Justice Thomas' Wife After He Dissents in PA Election Case" This is their Mentality !
SonsDaughtersOfLiberty 222 seconds ago
For over 100 years the Federal Reserve Bank has got our Govenment into Funding and Being on Both Sides of Conflicts and Wars. WAR MAKES CENTRAL BANKS RICH !
Monty Clift 238 seconds ago
He's thinking in the right direction. I think we need to lighten up on the "Pro Life" thing. Way too much emphasis on this, and it turns off millions. It doesn't have to be so radical and outdated. Does this really need to be at the forefront?
norberto sanchez 3.0 249 seconds ago
Voters most concerned with communism, stolen elections and if they have enough lbullets to take out subhuman democrat voters in two years
Jim 259 seconds ago
She makes some good points but I'm confused with her apparent contradictions. Elections are won between elections, not during them. Then she goes on to talk about crazy election rules changed, (during the election),. Maybe I'm misunderstanding her somehow. Seems to me, elections at this point, certainly are being won during elections. And using any and all dirty tricks. Democrats play dirty and they're proud of it.
Bs M 261 seconds ago
I hear ya. One day, soon, we are all going to have to genuinely make the 2nd amendment choice. It is the only real solution to what is going on, but so few want to say the words. The 2nd amendment was put into the constitution as the solution for exactly this time, and the 97 percenters better wrap their heads around this inevitability soon, because from where I am standing...I doubt we have a year left without it. "The only thing we have to fear itself". The most and 'only' intelligent thing FDR ever said.
purpleibby 262 seconds ago
Lol, really Johnny Pancakes? Not seeing it...opposite really, miss him more than ever. We were lucky to have him.
Lions&Tigers&WhiteSupremacists 289 seconds ago
We have to get off our keyboards and into the streets -- myself included. They want us venting here so we never actually resist.
JoeCubano 296 seconds ago
I wrote something similar a few minutes ago and am gratified and amazed to see how many people feel as I do. Too bad the GOP doesn't get it.