gb 3 seconds ago
Do Democrats ever, Adam Schiff continues to get caught in blatant lies. At some point, maybe we should start to question what he tells us. Adam Schiff said the "dossier" had almost nothing to do with FISA applications. Schiff and the media called Nunes a liar. Nunes was proven right.
HA 4 seconds ago
The last year and a half has proven to the American people that the Democrat party cannot be trusted with the powers vested in Congress. Throw the ba$tards out.
Keith 4 seconds ago
BTW, the 2008 Great Recession would've happened under Gore too, but it was Bush that Saved America from the Next Great Depression - the WSJ
Carmine 5 seconds ago
We want impeachment. Because you're going to hand us back the House with your lunacy. So many Dems are gonna destroy their reelection campaigns on this vote.
Daxis 5 seconds ago
Speaking of minority, when was the last time you deplorables won a majority of votes in this country?
AST Manager 8 seconds ago
Can anyone in this Executive Branch call for an investigation into any candidate that has announced for the Democratic Party nomination for 2020? What if they dropped out? If their poll numbers are low? What are the rules?
Black Labs Matter 8 seconds ago
Horowitz agreed that nobody admitted to a coup, nothing else. The lies, deceits, errors, omissions and doctored evidence speaks for itself, and we're just getting started.
Roger Marris 9 seconds ago
This fascinates me. The Public hearing on the "Impeachment inquiry" were still on going. Then Fake Boobs Nancy skip the hearings and say draw up Articles of impeachment? Shoot, Ready, Aim.... She must be sick of the Impeachment circus.
Travis 14 seconds ago
LMAO LMAO LMAO President Trump is KILLING the FISTERS in the latest Real Clear Polls In IOWA Emerson and NY Times/Siena have the President Blowing them out of the Water this Week :) Trump v. Biden : Trump +2.5 Trump V. Warren : Trump +7.0 Trump V. Sanders : Trump + 5.5
steve d 16 seconds ago
Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Regurgitating spew you read on Brietbart? How exactly have they violated the constitution?
zep 17 seconds ago
People are going to be really surprised at how fast the space force "develops" USAF weaponized alien technology decades ago in an endgame for our overpopulated planet. We will think it is an alien invasion....but it will be humans in those ships.....
NoTimeForDims 17 seconds ago
And that start was a setup The investigation started by setting up Papadopoulos. A woman in London, who was the FBI’s legal attaché in the U.K. encouraged him to meet Joseph Mifsud in Rome in March 2016. Mifsud told him the Russians have incriminating information on Hillary from her emails. By some mighty coincidence an Australian Diplomat has drinks with Papadopoulos shortly there after and Papadopoulos repeats what he is told and the Australian knows to immediately run to the FBI. How nice and convenient. And it all started just days after it was announced that Papadopoulos was joining the Trump campaign. Nothing to see here right? Durham's digging has to be making a bunch of corrupt Deep Staters very very nervous.
Johnny Reb 17 seconds ago
"It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!" Alice in Wonderland..................
JerO 18 seconds ago
Problem is some of these top positions are appointees and will do what the master's day, like Obama handler Valerie Jarrett. She is so evil she makes a snake seem warm
USBlues 19 seconds ago
The IG report confirmed former CIA Director John Brennan did indeed rely on the phony dossier for the ICA report on so-called Russian interference in the 2016 election. John Brennan claimed in a May 2017 testimony under oath that Hillary’s phony dossier didn’t factor into the Intelligence Community’s Assessment report on Russian interference of the 2016 presidential election.
Zippy T Libertine 22 seconds ago
Meanwhile, more American bankruptcies are fom medical debt than any other reason. More than any other industrialized nation.
EWOdyssey 26 seconds ago
The choice before members of Congress is quite clear, regardless of which party you're in or what part of the country you represent: You will either uphold your oath to preserve, protect and defend the U.S. Constitution or you will not. It's just that simple.
Red 26 seconds ago
WOW! WHERE DO YOU GET THIS CRAP? Is it in books, magazines, newspapers? Do they use words or is it all pictures?
Cattsie Masker 28 seconds ago
We have done this for many years and have developed a system where clients can be entirely unaware that someone is on leave. Earning a crust as an advocate, I never hire “attorneys”, but my wife and I annually swap the cold of Northern European winters for the delightful warmth of Oceanian summers. Given modern technology, it would astonish clients to discover I was enjoying a glass of fine pinot grigio and topping up my tan, naked and poolside in Noosa, during our conversation. I have never lost a client during our Southern Hemisphere sojourns. Most professionals read and update their knowledge while on holiday. In the unlikely event of my needing heart surgery, I would have no concerns that my surgeon had just returned fresh from holiday. Your absence from Wall Street might have been more noticeable as the waste bins overflowed when they went unemptied.
Renee west 29 seconds ago
i talk cell to cell and continually say hello, hello... hello? or... I can't hear you you're breaking up. Nothing to do with a full or low battery.
Bladewire 29 seconds ago
Thank you Nancy Pelosi for making Donald John Trump the third president to be impeached by the honorable House of Representatives. God bless America 🇺🇲
So You Say 30 seconds ago
Increasingly, it appears the Republican party doctrine is pulled from daytime soap opera dramas. I think it is scary, that the level of dysfunction is so high, in those people selected to govern millions.
tfleiter 32 seconds ago
Sorry to correct you: he actually has in the New York State lawsuit against him and he is claiming that also in all three cases against him to release taxes and bank records in his call to the Supreme Court to take the cases. Get real here....this President is claiming to be above the law - in official lawsuits!
Tailor 33 seconds ago
First, Forbes is a popular mag not a economics journal. So your appeal to authority doesn't really work. Second you use Forbes as your authority instead of the author. The Hill, Forbes, etc. publish these political opinion pieces. The bar seems to be very low. Let's look at the author: "Chuck DeVore - Contributor Policy Texas Public Policy Foundation VP and former California legislator" Contributor? Former California legislator? Republican. Bachelor's degree in "Strategic Studies." Lt. Col in 40th Infantry Divison. California Army National Guard. So the appeal to authority really doesn't work when you look at the guy.
alterego55 33 seconds ago
That's pretty much all that's going to be left in 20 years. AI and Automation will be eliminating 80% of unskilled jobs, 60% of low-skilled an skilled jobs, and 40% of highly-skilled and professional jobs. Unlike the Industrial Revolution, the only jobs created will be those coding AI. Even robot repars will be done by other robots.
mouse 33 seconds ago
Their constituents voted for a Democratic. Many of them were sick of watching their former GOP rep neglect the constitutional duty of oversight.
Sodakbull 35 seconds ago
Yeah, that Trump is a Russian agent one really was proven today. 😀 And that Nunes memo the LWNJs declared was so bad, was proven to be correct and Adam Schiff, Mr impeachmen lead investigator, knowingly lied to everyone.
Billybob9 38 seconds ago
That girl is so nasty her own parents put her out in the North Sea on a small sail boat. Time is decrepit
Veritaspost 39 seconds ago
when asked after this blew up Trump could name no entity or person other than Biden who should be investigated for corruption that is a cold hard fact
Jwags 39 seconds ago
Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) claimed hundreds of times that the Steele dossier was true and defended the FBI for using it. But the Department of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General (IG) report into FBI abuses confirmed Wednesday in testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee that the Steele dossier was a fraud and at best “grossly incompetent” for the FBI to use it.
Karlea 42 seconds ago
Well he was the one that invited the Russian spy to Trump towers in the first place to get Hillary’s e-mails.
Mike Siroky 42 seconds ago
There is no such thing as "popular vote". NY and CA do not pick the president, no matter how many Democrats live there
lineguy 43 seconds ago
I don’t think they have any other choice. Can you imagine what their constituency would say if they voted against impeachment, or even censure?
ACLUGLY 49 seconds ago
This old bat has been there for 30 years and we are still dealing with the same problems. Great career undermining Americans you POS.
Nordic Bezerker 49 seconds ago
Yea, we like the old ideas of 100% employment, low welfare, fair trade relationships, high stock markets and best of all, lots and lots of conservative judges that will be there for the next 50 years.
Logical 2 me 51 seconds ago
Seems u have been conned...historically successful administration...why dont u point out what this administration has done that makes u feel they are not historically successful for America and Americans? deals..unemployment..low inflation..middle class wages rising..Israeli Jerusalem embassy..fighting Americas biggest enemy china..prison reform..the right to try medicine..slowed illegal breaks for all Americans.. exposure of dems as dirty corrupt,radical ,dangerous and with no credibility ...yes historically successful
manapp99 55 seconds ago
"In the most serious case, a low-level FBI lawyer altered an email to make it seem as if Page was not a CIA source, when in fact he was — something he confirmed to NBC News in an email Monday. That key fact might have cast his contacts with Russians in a different light, the IG found." Until you get up to speed on the facts, you should not comment and embarrass yourself. Or...go ahead and comment because we don't mind you embarrassing yourself. Take your pick
Chris Smith 56 seconds ago
I stand behind my words. If you have anything remotely intelligent say, then say it. Otherwise remain silent.
Jenny Miller 62 seconds ago
Football and basketball help support the entirety of non profit sports... This will kill swimming, track and field, lacrosse, baseball, volleyball, rowing and diving.
Theonewhoknocks 63 seconds ago
Here is a recent poll proving you wrong. All the best
Vanessa Jardon 66 seconds ago
He would have to have a penny and he probably doesn't id go for her wrecking his life though far more valuable than money.
Douglas Mortimer 4 seconds ago
Interesting since the phone call that supposedly led to the shampeachment did take place until July 25, 2019 only 133 days ago. The hag is admitting to taking the KGB Beria approach. Show me the man and I'll invent the crime.
Appreciate 10 seconds ago
Gee, Cartel Nancy, lying again? This was going on before Candidate Trump came down the elevator. Demokkkrats will gleefully destroy our beloved Republic for POWER! POWER over every person — illegal or citizen — in the world. They’re all about communism so the globalists can finally realize their dream of 1% in power, holding all the resources, and 99% serfs. And their unimaginably STUPID voters think they care about them? That they’ll do well by them? That the freebies will go on for ever? Those useful idiots are absolutely expendable and will be the first to go should the democommunists ever come into power again. I simply cannot imagine the dumb, simple minds of these sheeple walking themselves to their own deaths. It is INFURIATING! WAKE UP, you dumb animals! They’re coaxing you to your own slaughter as you baaaa baaaa because they promise you “free things” and you don’t even get the concept that nothing is free and it’s simply the bait they are luring you in with. I CAN guarantee you this, you moronic demoKKKrats.... your children, your grandchildren and your future descendants will SPIT on your name for having left them this nihilistic hell. They will despise you for their “future” you bequeathed them, a future of no freedoms, no liberties, no MONEY, only unceasing toil and pain. Thanks to you, who traded them for freebies. Think of the demokkkratic plantations now, only a thousand times worse — ZERO education, constant survival of the fittest, death, pain, suffering and no resources to call your own. WAS IT WORTH IT?
anaveragejoe 22 seconds ago
Why don't Title VI protections of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 cover ALL Americans instead of picking and choosing some but not all?
Kevo 28 seconds ago
Meanwhile, some residents of the neighborhood where this tragedy took place stood outside the deli and openly expressed their hatred of Jewish people - while the bodies of the Jewish victims were still inside. It's guaranteed the MSM will NEVER show anything like this:
hardciderarrest 29 seconds ago
That was a really impressive ceremony today culminating with President Trump signing and extension of Ttile 6 protecting Jewish Americans . AND THE DEMOCRATS ARE GOING TO IMPEACH PRESIDENT TRUMP !!! WHEW !
anomoli 30 seconds ago
Two words: Haiti, Clinton. I read this part: Scarpulla gave Trump credit for making good on his pledge to give $2.8 million of the money raised to veterans’ organizations. Instead of fining him that amount, as the attorney general’s office wanted, the judge trimmed it to $2 million and rejected a demand for punitive damages and interest.
Deplorable Priscilla 34 seconds ago
LOL. The "average" new-born Trump-hating troll has an average of 100 posts, and uses lying talking points while believing they are coming off clever, smart, and amusing. Like you. My post is reality. Yours is delusional. FACT.
USMC OV-10 Bronco 34 seconds ago
There is no doubt in my mind that Chris Wallace is not "fair and/or balanced" in any way shape or form. He seems to have gotten a copy of the Democrats talking points..."that's his story and he's sticking to it"...and never mind about the evidence.
Ret 42 seconds ago
Leaving aside the fact that this is low-effort trolling, it is funny how much open disdain Socialists always show for the poor, despite ostensibly putting all these leftist schemes into effect for their sakes.
lojo 43 seconds ago
Categorizing the cartels as terrorists is what it will take to dismantle them. They'll never see the drones coming.
ChopNoamsky 43 seconds ago
Maybe. On the other hand, they can't confirm ANYBODY they would bring up and swear in would agree to lie to defend Trump. Trump demands loyalty of others, but quickly forgets to return it. "Who, Rudy? Is he still my lawyer? You'll have to ask him?" And if they brought up the Bidens or Shiff, their solemnity and eloquence would shut the nasty GOPigs down.
William 44 seconds ago
What the.....? They need a new sigh on the door of the House (excuse me while I choke) Intelligence Committee: House Corrupt Idiot Committee.
Arthur Steinberg 46 seconds ago
The LGBTQ population suffers from mental illness, but now, because of insane politial correctness, all aberration is considered "normal" so the world's slowly devolving into total chaos..
James Harper 49 seconds ago
Why do Government officials have to try an please everyone ? Are they afraid they will be ostracized by their Swamp Friends if they fell the truth? The American people see who the Guilty parties are and the Democrat Media leads with head lines favoring the Democrats try to cover up for Democrat FBI partisans as best they can only mentioning failures of the FBI political Pirates at the end of the segment to minimize the truth !
JQR S 54 seconds ago
Ted Lieu is evil and I hope he NEVER returns to a position of power. If that means he doesn't recover I'm ok with that.
Let's go Pens 55 seconds ago
So you don't think going above congress and withholding military aid in exchange for political favors is wrong? I'm not saying its being carried out correctly, or even ethically. But you can't defend his actions with semantics.
Badger 55 seconds ago
No way. They are far more secure than the Crown Jewels. All the jihadis have to do is wait a few months and the Iranians will give them som.
Νικόλαος Καπνόπουλος 56 seconds ago
OK, millenial AOCA. Keep dreaming for a seat re-election you'll never get. If you exactly calculate how many months are remaining for November...
Skipdabills 59 seconds ago
There’s no reversion ..simply facts Too bad about trumps impeachment ..but ..hopefully, he’ll be re-elected He shouldn’t have asked about Joe Biden of all people
Brad Buck 59 seconds ago
He will Never be convicted, by, by the senate! Therefore the impeachment means NOTHING! He will win re-election!!! And he will be your president!!!!!
Stormborn 64 seconds ago
If you thought it was unfair so far, you ain't seen nothing yet. Get ready in January for a year-long blizzard of fake anti-Trump press, and more disconcerting that that, new 'guidelines' at Twitter and Facebook intended to crush any and all critical speech on the issues that matter to traditional and patriotic Americans. For example, you will no longer be able to state your opposition to gay marriage, men in girls restrooms, illegal aliens crossing the border, or even denials of 'climate change.' These positions by you will be banned from light of day because 'Hate Speech.' Yes. They're gearing up to take you all down and out of the social media and news-linking public sphere. It's going to be an epic battle. Be sure you're geared for it, and never, ever underestimate the enemy. Especially the well-armed Left Wing Big Tech behemoth.
Trump2026 69 seconds ago
I can never tell if Trump followers actually don’t believe the fact that Trump is a compulsive liar or if they just say that they don’t.
Leonard Jones 71 seconds ago
They had to limit their polling to ghettos! At the Compton city hall, they have a 3+ story mural of their god king.
101010011000 73 seconds ago
The question is: How quickly can the free market respond to the need for cures? Is the free market system alone adequate to address the market need for cures whether driven by for profit companies or non/small profit organizations or is their need for subsidies or state partnership to help in the mission to find cures? Is the system of drug development optimal and cost-efficient and time-efficient?
George 74 seconds ago
Of course Wallace would use a false premise to prove his point. Everyone knows the “Russia probe” was directed against Trump.
Opinionated 75 seconds ago
But look at the millions who follow these Democrats and believe in all the lies. It's come to a point in the world where there are millions of walking zombie like people who denounce all that is good in the name of some twisted backwards justice. It's becoming a very crule world.
nulaqmi 75 seconds ago
I think Conan the Beast Dog should have won Person of the Year. What? He's not a person? Don't tell HIM that.
brockwad 77 seconds ago
That wouldn't be up to Mitch. The senate are the jury. There will be lawyers on either side. But calling witnesses will probably at the discretion of Judge Roberts. And if he allows witnesses, then why not Pompeo, Bolton, Gulinani, and even Trump? It will be interesting no matter what.
SteveC73 79 seconds ago
It's a comedy, right?? So maybe they can have a 'shoulda, woulda, coulda' ending like in "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood", where Hillary is in prison where she and hubby belong. That would be so much fun.
libmodssuck 83 seconds ago
35, and apparently the ignorant troll poster doesn't realise EVERYONE already paid in and our money goes towards them in the future...well if there is anything left after dems give it all away to illegals that is.