Oracle Jones 565 seconds ago
You either need to donate more of your money....or send more to the government in the form of taxes...... you have a choice of which method of helping these people works better
JGault 566 seconds ago
That whirling sound is Joe Biden starting to circle the drain. The collapse has begun. From TIPP the HIGHLY RESPECTED POLLSTER that got the 2016 election right too.
Bubba311 566 seconds ago
It might be at least be considered that impulsively dissing the party's past is not necessarily a good default argument.
Sam King 567 seconds ago
I’m not a mask wearer except in stores or crowds. I don’t wear one on the morning train because there are about four people per car tops. I will be one of those fined if the Nazi Party takes over and tries to force masks. But I will not pick a fight over wearing a mask, I simply will put it on and take it off when I’m done. How come there are only mask police and not hand washing police. Not washing your hands spreads it just as well.
AlextheKay 568 seconds ago
I certainly can't disagree with that. The investigative powers of the House were abused seriously in recent decades, particularly in the multiple Benghazi investigations.
One Nation, Indivisible 573 seconds ago
Joe's Naughty Boy 573 seconds ago
"Son, you need to tell me, is their child porn on that laptop?" "Well dad, some of them are pretty young, but..." "You've ruined me son. Completely ruined me." "C'mon dad. You always knew I would. Everybody knew."
Twentydragon 574 seconds ago
Section 230 is literally what allows platforms like Twitter not to be liable for the bullshit our impresident posts on an hourly basis. If he gets his way in getting that section repealed, Twitter will become legally obligated to remove his harmful crap. The irony indeed. And no, they are literally not "editing content". Moderating and editing are not the same thing. You should peruse their TOS sometime. Along with the TOS of The Hill and Disqus, for that matter.
MoscowMitch 575 seconds ago
Trump had a choice,,,make money for his bosses or save lives. In reality he had no choice, thats how it works, and you will never know what Clinton would have been forced to do! Until you abolish the FED/TBTF Banks and sever all ties with Israel,,,,,there is no USA!
james r ruston 577 seconds ago
What Rush believes in, and what he has stood up for all his career, was to sow discord, get people upset, offer them an easy way out by blaming liberals, and make a fortune for himself. The body politic will be better off without him.
GONE FISHING 578 seconds ago
Paid who? Joe Biden? Well, good thing Joe released his taxes so we can all see where he gets his money from, right?
SWIM22 579 seconds ago
How do you look in the mirror every day knowing you demonstrate your emotional immaturity to yourself and the world. Wow.
sin-ick 582 seconds ago
I'll respond as soon as you clarify the above. How is possible that Trump deserves thanks when you clearly indicate Taliban is stronger now than ever? Also, how is the MSM ignoring this story, while you reference the story in the MSM. Whats your position on being logically inconsistent within a single sentence? And lastly, do you receive any compensation from Whatfinger to pretend that it is a good website?
ballyb11 582 seconds ago
Idaho: Donald Trump -- 59.25% Hillary Clinton -- 27.48% Idaho in on the Democratic / deep state false flag / conspiracy. Who woulda thunk it?
Simply Fred 583 seconds ago
December 2015: “You know how you make America great again? Tell Donald Trump to go to hell. He’s a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. He doesn’t represent my party. He doesn’t represents the values that the men and women who wear the uniform are fighting for. … He’s the ISIL man of the year.” December 2015: “I believe Donald Trump is destroying the Republican chances to win an election that we can’t afford to lose. I believe we’re losing the Hispanic vote because they think we don’t like them…I believe Donald Trump is destroying the Republican Party.” January 2016, on choosing between Trump or Cruz: “It’s like being shot or poisoned. What does it really matter?”
hatersareignorant 585 seconds ago
Can't happen until swearing in ceremony with Roberts. But agree that she will be a credible justice, unlike Kavanaugh, if she can ignore her conscience.
U.S. Deplorable ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ 585 seconds ago
This story is nothing but scamdemic porn designed to scare voters. Only you clown DIMS believe this garbage.
10% for the big guy 586 seconds ago
For what, again? What exactly do you feel about crack head Hunter Biden getting bribes and running scams on foreign governments and companies so he could cut the big guy in for 10%?
Martin Luther King, Jr. 586 seconds ago
Those states are run entirely by Democrats. President Trump cannot help them unless they elect Republicans.
1965 Gibson EB-3 587 seconds ago
Giuliani: Even if Hunter Laptop Story ‘Isn’t Accurate,’ Americans ‘Are Entitled to Know It’ Rootie drunk again?
Mark 587 seconds ago
BS & people are voting Biden anyway. Meanwhile... When does trump hand over his taxes? When does trump hand over a DNA sample for Carroll rape/defamation case? When does trump answer questions for Summer Zervos defamation case? How'd Eric's interview with NYS AG go? Junior looks really cooked (or coked) and ought to be on a rehab, How much did Ivanka make off her China patents & and what did she give Xi for them? Trump crime family's going down.
Seehowtheyrun 588 seconds ago
Yep. Trump's horrible, irresponsible response to the pandemic has resulted in even more deaths, and it's nowhere close to being over yet.
ApplejaxDelux 589 seconds ago
but you couldve taken a day off and gone but you didnt so you chose neutrality. Day 1 was a sunday so i reckoned you had off. but you chose neutrality
KibaEsq 589 seconds ago
So favorability ratings are the same, polling methodology hasn't changed, the same motivation for voting exists (aka there isn't already 5x the number of ballots cast) and Trump didn't kill 200,000 people with his incompetence and have a -33% GDP....sure, Jan. You ostriches really like burying your heads in the sand...again give me a one sentence response that proves none of your points nor refutes any of mine and only cements your idiocy to the world...that's typically all trumpers can muster LOL
Kevin 592 seconds ago
Sure: Rudy Giuliani, the president's personal lawyer, said in an interview with The Daily Beast there was about a "50/50" chance that his associate, the Ukrainian government official Andrii Derkach, was a "Russian spy."
DL38 592 seconds ago
Like you said, you didn’t listen. Rush didn’t cry on air at all. Just gave an update and a baseball analogy about it. Happy to help you out since you weren’t there.
Gravity 593 seconds ago
The Dems used federal agencies to spy and try to remove an opponant and then a duly elected pres. Through this election, they have said yes to healthcare PAID COMPLETELY for all illegals and TAKING, BY FORCE all AR15s and taring down the wall that's been built and making every single illegal a citizen immediately.....and then, they weren't for those things.... and then they were, kinda, but in a different way, but then.....anyway, the MSM is now the PRAVDA and that's one of the real problems.
Praise Godga 594 seconds ago
Everything Trump touches turns to 💩. He just sells his name now. Any businesses he actually manages fail.
bsetrader 595 seconds ago
"Morbidly obese, high cholesterol, at risk POTUS at 74" beat COVID 19 with a whiff of grapeshot once again embarrassing the shameless hacks at CNN, NYT, WAPO, etc. who predicted Trump would be out for the rest of the campaign. They have never been right about anything but the Trump haters just ignore their thousands of lies and mistakes.
Why do I bother. 597 seconds ago
you should mark it as sarcasm. It is hard to tell the difference with some of the poor communicators who attend this site.
One Other Person Is Typing... 597 seconds ago
Biden Investigation Special Counsel - the Shortlist: 1) Rudy Giuliani 2) General Flynn 3) Matt Gaetz 4) Judge Judy
deanbob 598 seconds ago
Can't handle the truth? Well, if Biden wins then the left will shut off any dissenting opinions/truths! Welcome Venezuela, Cuba or Communist China! Truth and reconciliation commission?
CNN 602 seconds ago
Trump stopped the KUNG FLU diseased people from coming to the country and the dumocrats including Dementia Joe China said he's a racist. If Adam Schitt didn't bring the congress to a halt over Peach Mint because of one sentence in a conversation we could have stopped WUHAN VIRUS sooner. Thank goodness Bathhouse Barry or Cankles wasn't in charge or they would have sent China a Trillion Dollars to fight the CHINESE FLU.
plastic_jeezus 603 seconds ago
16,000 people lined up the first day remains and urns were available at ONE funeral home in wuhan... there are 6(?) funeral homes in wuhan alone... yep... but lefties believe that a country of 1.7 billion only had 4,500 covid deaths... AT GROUND ZERO. ffs...
Meletaeus 606 seconds ago
Trump didn’t refuse to debate. The commission cancelled the agreed upon debate, and tried to schedule a non-agreed upon debate. Not that it would have happened either, as the moderator was fired for corruption.
Ruby 608 seconds ago
Biden is going to win. And after that, good luck. Presidents cannot be charged with any crime. And presidents can ignore all subpoenas. THANKS TRUMP! THANKS BARR!
trees 610 seconds ago
Joe is like your creepy step father, hugging you tightly, sniffing your hair, and fingering you... He really cares.
tacitus voltaire 613 seconds ago
it’s a news report, child
just thinking 613 seconds ago
Yes, it is. Let us hope they manage to figure it out and are able to chart a successful course for the future.
pking1 614 seconds ago
Brought two Arab countries to the peace table with Israel. Lowered taxes for everyone. Reduced government regulations. Lowered the corporate income tax which was the highest in the world.
Poe's Law 615 seconds ago
We have state representation, mainly in the Senate. We democratically elect Senators to represent us in the Senate. Each state gets 2 Senators regardless of their population.
Clavius Magnus 615 seconds ago
Your low-I.Q., red herring response is based on the straw man premise that I'm one of your fellow, mouth-breathing, cult loyalists to the insidiously corrupt DemonCrap & RepugnantGoon ruling duopoly that spawns morons like Trump, and the RACIST, Dementia-addled, finger-banging sexual predator Joey Biden. Try, Again, P.O.C-supremacist RACIST, Fascist Progressive Troglodyte.
Amathius IV 564 seconds ago
> Democrat turn out in early voting is cratering. > No youth vote increases and they have lost a significant % of their voters to Trump. > Trump is also carrying %'s of the black and latino populations that should have been impossibilities. > Biden has actually lost some states already. Mr. Biden is currently behind by , 4+ points in , Pen. Florida Nevada Texas NC , alone. Biden is even buying Airtime in new york. >> Biden has a 12% chance to win in november. >> Less as his direct ties to the CCP are revealed to the US public. Great time to take a position on the various markets.
FreedomFirst 571 seconds ago
No, he has handled it well. The process has been respected but he could have tightened the voting timeframe.
As a Mater of Fact 576 seconds ago
You seem to have forgotten the many other replies that said the same as I did. You screwed up, by popular opinion it seems. Take the criticism and improve yourself. You act like Hillary after her loss, just can't admit being wrong.
JimBob5 577 seconds ago
Get Amy Barrett seated, bring all this alternate voting mullarkey up for a decision and let's get back to votes in by election day night or they don't count. It is election DAY....not election week or election month.
Moonriser 579 seconds ago
I do not agree with greta on climate change, BUT, I do agree that we should help HK. We little people ought to stick together, and get all the help that is needed to end the misery. No one wants to be subjugated by communism (well, except the ignorant liberal left). More reason to fight together with those that are willing to fight along our side, on this matter. We may not like their view points on other matters, but on this, I will stand by HK.
Blacklist 580 seconds ago
We have one candidate doing 2 or 3 events a day and another one hiding in his basement with the lid on. Which one do you want running your country?
cssbuckel49 580 seconds ago
That's why excess deaths is a useful number. It's the difference between the number of folks who died this year and last year (actually an average of several years but I'm splitting hairs). It's well over 220K in the US and the year isn't even over. Agreed, some of these won't be covid at all and many involve comorbid conditions.
Cahal the Mad™ 581 seconds ago
Well... the parasite Dems love it because it means more "free" money in their pockets while the working class literally become slaves.
Tonto-G 583 seconds ago
Well, Edgar, you write it your way and I'll write it my way--with or without your permission. I'm sure you get what I mean don't you, Edgar?
Ambassador Kislyak 585 seconds ago
While I am confident of re-election in spite of John Roberts being a liberal and making Pennsylvania a matter what happens...the greatest triumph of the Trump Presidency is the outing and exposure of the nations media, deep state players, intelligence agencies, pro sports and big tech. It has been an unimaginably heavy lift and he's the only man in the country who could do it. I, for one, will always be grateful. Thank you, Mr. President.
Kurt Ingalls 586 seconds ago
People who believe that abortion is a sacrament to a specific gender/sex fit the demo.......who would tell a person they love to get an abortion ??.....the WRONG question gets the answer is skewed......the right question is, "HOW IN THE HELL DID YOU GET IN THIS SITUATION TO BEGIN WITH !!!!".....let us start with the latter question.I know it is harder.....but it is more humane..... :-)
DCP the Lesser 587 seconds ago
Unfortunately, lingering cough can last as many as a couple of months or more after recovery. It depends on how much damage was done to the lungs by the virus. Hopefully not for her. But a Z-pak would be warranted right about now. She may well have a secondary infection from it, as also frequently happens after infection with this virus. Get well, soon, Melania!
LadyGreenEyes_MAGA 590 seconds ago
I can't see it that clearly, but that would be pretty bad, if so. Hands would be open, though, if she wiggled loose, as well. I'd like to know if there is any indication that he'd do such a thing, other than the video.
Reinhart 591 seconds ago
Another Weiner on the net, must belong to the Biden, Epstein club. Looks like Hunter is going down for raping an under age child. Gotta love those democrat rascals, heh?
Tumbleweed7 594 seconds ago
She met the requirements of the powers that put her in office. She fills the seat and prevents a thinking person from being placed in that seat.
ChrisLongski 598 seconds ago
The surrender is over, Farage. Merkel surrendered the UK for you. What's left now is bare bones survival.
Casper Africanus Gonoff 598 seconds ago
¿What group are you referring to? You sound condescending. ¿ What are you getting at? ¿What does policing had to do with anything?
LastCentrist 606 seconds ago
do you not think it's basically true that covering your mouth when you're sick helps prevent the spread of a virus? You know, like how we tell kids to cover their mouths when they cough? It's the same principle.
catgirldreamer II 610 seconds ago
If she did this while still in the White House, or around people who deal directly with the President: charges of reckless endangerment of the President? Or worse charges?
Ghost of Leviticus ✓ᴮᴬᴺᴺᴱᴰ 616 seconds ago
The lamestream media are a group of bought and paid for known liars....why anyone still believes a word they say is beyond me!!!
Ryben Flynn 619 seconds ago
Now that the Left on the Court will be outvoted, maybe Roberts should retire since pandering to the Left will be useless.
edkblue7 622 seconds ago
Trump is the USA, he is George Washington, Abe Lincoln, John Adams, and every Patriotic American who loves this nation and the freedoms, liberties and rights it provides the people. Those who say they hate him really mean that they hate the USA, that they love and want the same government as China, North Korea. Cuba, Russia, Iran, and the rest of the nations that loathe us.
ernst 622 seconds ago
The entire Biden family just wreaks of corruption! No self-respecting American can ever vote for such a crook! REELECT PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020!
AliVonSmithSki-DaTurd 626 seconds ago
You talking about the science & data, showing a baby feels pain in as little as 12 weeks into pregnancy?
Esto Vir 626 seconds ago
Reading what the Bible says and actually understanding what the Bible means are two very different realities. 30,000 different protestant denominations, all claiming to be "Bible-only" can't even agree on very core teachings about salvation. What does that tell you about sola scriptura?
Robert 630 seconds ago
To paraphrase a Russian joke, Pravda is not "Truth"; Izvestia is not "News"; CNN is neither "Truth nor "News"
Comic1011 632 seconds ago
All walls built are an improvement over the trash 'fence' that was there previously so it all counts to the total. It's only ignoramuses like you that keep trying to deny that the current fence is much more of a deterrent than the old.
Cynicwyrm 633 seconds ago
Classic moving the target. Twitter and Facebook are committing election interference, and we are focusing our resources on Google? Total bs. I will be glad if Google gets knocked down a few pegs, but Twitter and Facebook are doing irreparable damage as we speak.
Mo-Jo 634 seconds ago
Oh yeah! Burned out actors, and actresses, and unknown show creators will definitely sway the undecided to swing with Dementia Joe, because Joe speaks their language! "Nonsensical Gibberish."
mjfitch 635 seconds ago
Prayers to the Chinese People who are slaves and are suffering under the (C)ommunist(C)hinese(P)arty dictatorship...Rise up. It's better to die on your feet than on your knees...ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS!!!
Darth Tater 635 seconds ago
He's a Bush boy, which means he's a globalist at heart. Probably got himself a cushy lobbyist job and wants Biden elected so we can get back into all those regional conflicts america is always responsible for fighting so no one else has to.
person of liberty 636 seconds ago
Why not? That's what all the far leftists want to do, but most of them aren't stupid enough to say it on camera.
3rd Trump win 636 seconds ago
So Thursday they aren't debating immigration. Instead the moderator will grill Trump on his taxes and how poorly he did with the Coronavirus. The system is now in control enough to destroy any Republican running for office.
drewcifer7840 637 seconds ago
America would get great again real fast if we started to get rid of these Leftist "dogs from hell" on CNN, MSNBC, etc. who KNOWINGLY lie and undermine our country. We could all proudly wear MAGA hats if we would "see red" everytime a Lefty starts talking ship about our President. Think how quickly the discourse would become friendly again if we hung these devil dog Lefties.
Benny James 639 seconds ago
Toob Loobin' was fantasizing about a Harris/Biden Landslide on Zoom which caused his raging 3 incher to need servicing.
investigate investigators 646 seconds ago
F-18 Navy Fighter Jet Crashes in California; Pilot Ejects Safely - be a shame if it hit the PACKED state house be $40M well spent
Douglas Beachler 646 seconds ago
Funny how the National Debt and the money spent on the War on Poverty (exclusive of Social Security and medicare) are almost identical, with the same percentage of "poor" now as in the 60's If you want to save SS you need to eliminate the Maximum Taxable Earnings threshold so the "rich" continue to pay the same 15.3% as the average working person
I. Samwell 647 seconds ago
Don't know which pilots are doing these flyovers but since they're not doing aerobatics, I'm assuming they are not the Thunderbirds or Blue Angels, at least most times. I believe these guys have to get in so many flying hours per year so if these flights count toward that, it's not wasted money. By the way, if you go to the Wikipedia page for Joe Foss, the WWII fighter ace (among many other things!), you'll see his love of flying came from watching an airshow as a boy. There is that part of the picture to consider, too.
Judith Will Fleming 648 seconds ago
I live in a Columbus suburb which has many Biden signs. Rich liberals are moving in and it makes me angry. There are 88 counties in Ohio and Trump will carry 80. Trump wins Ohio he wins the election.
SmartMouth 649 seconds ago
The sad thing is CNN will welcome him back without even a touch of embarrassment. We all make mistakes, right?