Calmone 5 seconds ago
I think Buttigieg is the favorite for VP regardless of who's atop the ticket. For one thing, they don't risk a senate seat (remember Jeff Sessions). Also, with the amount of times Stacy Abrams was name might be her.
Fixer 9 seconds ago
I see the President is raging about this "hoax' calling Democrats "human scum" You want to know why the GOP has lost the suburbs? Look no farther than this. Every time Trump or one of his cult uses the term "fake news" or “witch hunt” or “coup” or "human scum", you lose another suburban voter. Although conservative, people in the suburbs have concluded that the GOP has been hijacked by radicals that no longer speak for them.
MrRickinNH 13 seconds ago
Our republic is being destroyed right before your eyes... but you refuse to look around you. Our allies now laugh at the orange fraud who breaks deals and sides with authoritarian dictators. As the lies mount and our countries credibility goes down the toilet our free press and DOJ is disparaged and put into question. "Alternative facts" and "truth isn't truth".... but you still swallow it. Stupid con.... this is the first thing 3rd world dictators attack. But YOU can't see beyond your wallet. You go with that loser. Your fraudulent leader will either be impeached or quit before the next election... or be laughed off the world stage. Funny how you and your ilk clng to polls now.
Sophisticated Computer User 15 seconds ago
nobody’s rights have been negated. You don’t have a RIGHT to have others think highly of you or think you’re a good person. You don’t have a RIGHT to people giving you the benefit if the doubt.
Genaro 16 seconds ago
The NYTimes is not good enough for you? "Justice Department officials have shifted an administrative review of the Russia investigation closely overseen by Attorney General William P. Barr to a criminal inquiry, according to two people familiar with the matter. The move gives the prosecutor running it, John H. Durham, the power to subpoena for witness testimony and documents, to impanel a grand jury and to file criminal charges."
Trumps Message 22 seconds ago
Libs! We know waking up and feeling like attacking people is fun and blaming other's for your misery and failures is a regular habit! But! Have you gotten any Christmas shopping done? Have you finalized all your various Holiday plans including travel concerns? You people have been in full campaign mode now since June 2015! 4 years and 5 months! You need a break in the action for personal time! When is the last time you had a vacation or just chilled out for a week? You're getting bags and circles around your eyes plus you're out of shape! Let's get with it Libbies! The next 50 weeks are going to be the toughest 50 weeks in your lives as you try to save the Deep State! As we save America!
Bob Loblaw 22 seconds ago
It’s hilarious when you toothless hillbillies believe you somehow know more than everyone else despite the fact you reveal you’re a complete moron daily. 👍🏻😆🤣😂
DS484 23 seconds ago
RNC paid 100 thousand dollars buying DON J books to get him on the NY times best seller DT corruption and his family continue
klgmac 23 seconds ago
Satan Messiah 26 seconds ago
Means? Oh please. The administration are far from the only powerful people in the country. Don't be silly.
The Judge + 27 seconds ago
Republicans are hinging their re-election hopes on a single land line only poll, despite losing basically every election since 2016
Queens of Corruption 29 seconds ago
Still, just one phone call. Funny how dims looked And looked and looked, then finally just made something up.
I Miss Carol Ann 30 seconds ago
In just 17 days, the judicial season changes for Democrats. Their long run of a two-tiered justice system comes to an official end. Handcuffs are being polished. The ones to be used on the traitor Brennan will be especially shiny for the TV cameras.
Don Draighneaux 31 seconds ago
I watched it live yesterday. Poor Boomhauer hasn't been that sad since he was caught helping Dr. Strauss perform 'physicals'
Fred Weller 32 seconds ago
These are all opinions that you are parroting from right-wing media. No actual facts are presented here, despite the imposing length of your comment. You are 100% biased and partisan and 0% balanced. As a result, your opinions are totally predictable and mean nothing. Your comment is, in a word, farcical.
Alan Nathan 32 seconds ago
What a riot! A child's three word claim gets 66 upvotes? Clearly there's a Left-wing sweatshop of functionally illiterate souls incapable of substantive debate.
disqus_kHdheMJNZL 35 seconds ago
We tried this with Prohibition – we shut down a profitable, well-regulated alcohol industry and turned it over to the criminals. How did that work out? The war on drugs has been the biggest disaster in this country’s history. Legalize all drugs, stop criminalizing people and communities and you’ll find the crime will stop when the illicit money dries up.
SmileWithMe 36 seconds ago
Pelosi will go down as the worse speaker in US history. She will have lost more seats than any speaker in history.
PalmettoTree 37 seconds ago
Trump is going to kick your @$$ in 2020- You're an idiot if you don't see that coming. Schiff destroyed any chance you may have had. The media is playing you for fools--so you're blind.
Scuba61 39 seconds ago
No one is terrified of him. He said what you wanted to hear and you tuned out the part where he doesn’t actually know and only assumes it happened 😂
Call Me Switters 50 seconds ago
My fav part of the hearings was Devin's daily recital of all of fat Donald's pet conspiracy theories....
Jacqulynn Spratt 51 seconds ago
Can't help but wonder if the tape had been altered....can't help but think Barr wouldn't be able to tell......can't help but believe he did not send the tape out for further scrunity.
Cee 52 seconds ago
A moral decent human being cannot deliver the MAGA’s their homogeneous goal for America. Thus I give you Donald J Trump who is oh so willing to ignores the Declaration of Independence and views the Constitution as merely an obstacle. Hitler could not pull off in Germany what he did without the complicit support of millions in Germany and considering the unprecedented actions already displayed by this executive branch the comparisons should be taken seriously.
Wordsworth 52 seconds ago
Yes, using Russian disinfo in the form of Steele nonense is just regular politics. Except if Trump tries something like that. Then it's IMPEACH!
Tomorrow NeverKnows 54 seconds ago
The whole world knows he did, Fatty confessed himself on worldwide TV, then asked other countries to do the same, illegal, phony dirt dig up on Biden like the most stupid kkklown in history - which of course, he is. Keep sniveling!
Mike Macro 56 seconds ago
Exactly. You know - I think I overheard someone talking on their phone that Trump has alien blood. ‘so it must be true’... Have a good look at this democrat lineup. How was this democrat amateur hour farce even allowed to get this far.. 🔻Bill ‘Blassey Ford’ Taylor spent 11 years destabilizing the Ukraine, that was his job. Before that it was the Middle East. How many people did Taylor get killed? Millions. Taylor met with Schiff to be scripted & twice attempted to entrap Sondland & others with text messages he knew were lies. Sondland spotted the frame-up & shut Taylor down. 🔻Vindman- the Ukraine born US intelligence agent in the US embassy in Kiev - at the time these US agents paid snipers to kill innocents to spark the excuse for the coup d’état. Was Vindman involved in paying these snipers? It’s a serious question that needs to be asked. 🔻Maria K. A useless ineffectual ambassador that watched on as Obama officials like Biden & co engorged themselves in criminal acts & corruption. Hated by the Ukrainian people. Despised. Sacked for incompetence. Nothing else. 🔻John Brennan’s Pyjama boy - ‘he who’s name can not be mentioned’. The whistleblower writing a farrago of now proven lies with Schiff. Schiff changing the whistleblower forms so that 2nd hand opinion and lies could be manufactured into a smear program. And a dirty grubby little John Brennan pyjama boy - right in the middle of the Obama US intelligence agency & swamp fake Russian Narrative. He will be facing a Durham Barr Grand Jury along with Brennan & co on that. 🔻Sondland- who made it clear in his text reply to Taylor the only quid pro quo here was that Ukraine cleans up its Obama era corruption and theft of US foreign aid. Fair enough too. 🔻The new Ukrainian President who has been crystal clear that was Trump’s intention and nothing being withheld or asked for. Could it be by clearer? Ukraine had already launched the investigation into Biden’s corruption and criminal activities independently & no US foreign aid was contingent on that. The transcripts themselves - that state the same - Trump reasonably & ethically asking “how was that investigation of yours into Biden going?” And now we have this little bimbo Fiona Hill breathlessly giving her ‘opinion’. Yet another Obama era swamp creature that was a participant in the Obama Ukraine misappropriation by the Nazi regime & Obama officials corruption. It’s all such a huge fail - it’s farcical. The democrats can’t even organize a good smear effort anymore.
Use Logic 56 seconds ago
I recall hearing Hillary Clinton speaking on the radio bragging how they allocated so many millions or billions to Egypt. I was thinking ..what the hell are you doing with our money? I suppose Obama's plan to fund Morsi (moslem brotherhood) failed thank God!
Steve Deberg 56 seconds ago
We had a couple eye witnesses to the quid pro quo, one of them the guy that made the explicit quid pro quo. That guy also testified that he acted on Trumps orders. We have communications backing up these witnesses testimony. All the other direct witnesses have defied subpeonas. None of the appropriate documents have been produced, defying subpoenas.
Ziegler Von Strahn 58 seconds ago
He is going with the tried and true...... Never attribute to malice what can adequately explained by stupidity.
arriba65 64 seconds ago
So Scalise is making the accusation. But there's no record of Schiff saying it. And you "don't have time to look it up right now." Although you have time to answer my post and we have been discussing this back and forth since the middle of the day yesterday. I'll help you out: Schiff has not claimed that the committee believes it was Ukraine not Russia that meddled. Scalise and others (like you) are making this false accusation to distract from the impeachment hearings which are going quite badly for Trump. I'm sure if you try a little harder you can find something to accuse Schiff of that he has actually done.
concreteblue 67 seconds ago
Actually, jr is on record saying:"we have all the financing we need from Russia." Are you purposely ignorant or just purposeful?
Chris Manogue 73 seconds ago
If anybody had the means to kill Epstein, it was the associates of the current President who control the federal prison wherein Epstein died.
wuw4 79 seconds ago
Well one thing I know of for sure, when you divide people into special interest groups in order to garner votes and pit one group against another, you’re talking a different kind of talk and walking a very negative walk. We are all in this together and it’s in all of our best interest not to treat each other differently or two but the government treat different special interest groups differently
Lash LaRue 80 seconds ago
DNC is going belly up while the GOP is setting new intake records. That's the 2020 election in a nutshell. Good bye Democraps.
BigB 81 seconds ago
Trump has taken the black vote straight out of the hands of Democrats. Like taking candy from a baby. They never knew they had freedom till President Trump showed them.
klgmac 82 seconds ago
Listen to you lie! Fixer I Miss Carol Ann • 6 minutes ago "Let's hear your witnesses. Call who ever you want. We won't hide any of them." Fixer • 2 minutes ago What will the WB gain you? Another witness saying the same thing as all the other witnesses?
Don Draighneaux 85 seconds ago
the ones that show over 50% want it removed and another 6% just simply want it impeached? those polls?
golforfight 89 seconds ago
According to a 2018 Quinnipiac University poll, 70 percent of U.S. voters support this policy change.
Billy Hargrove 92 seconds ago
Huwaeii funds the Brookings Institute. Huwaeii is a Chinese CCP run business. Hill is officially a Chinese spy.
Justa_harmless_bunny_rabbit 92 seconds ago
Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, they're all going down for this. Dems are going broke. The money has dried up. Sucks for them.
jen7048 92 seconds ago
Obama's "scheme"! LMAO! It's funny that Trumpkins don't realize how stupid they make themselves look literally every time they open their mouths - or bang on the computer.
JimmyLeeFarnsworth 97 seconds ago
Been saying this for months now....The Left "thinks" its doing something positive, but they aren't. Like typical, they can't see outside their bubble and beyond their nose and think everyone thinks like they do. Morrison, Sondland and Volker all stated there was no extortion, no bribery and no quid pro quo. Any way you look at this, there is NO "clear evidence" of anything tawdry. I know this isn't a court of law...but the manner and way so many questions were asked, would never ever be allowed to be asked in a real court. Supposition, assumption of how someone else "felt" or what they "thought" would never be allowed.
EricB 105 seconds ago
Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz has found evidence that an FBI lawyer manipulated a key investigative document related to the FBI's secretive surveillance of a former Trump campaign adviser -- enough to change the substantive meaning of the document, according to multiple reports. The show-stopping development comes as Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told Fox News that Horowitz's comprehensive report on allegations of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant abuse against former Trump campaign aide Carter Page will be released on Dec. 9. "That's locked," Graham said. The new evidence concerning the altered document, which was related to the FBI's FISA court warrant application to surveil Page, is expected to be outlined in Horowitz's upcoming report. CNN first reported the news, which was largely confirmed by The Washington Post.
Charles Reynolds 9 seconds ago
Oh I get it fight hate with hate. I wish one of these imbeciles would put their theory to a test and go over to China or Saudi Arabia and protest either of those governments in the hateful style they do here.
gphx 10 seconds ago
Which do you prefer: a self avowed full blown Communist who never worked a day in his life, Crazy Uncle Joe who still thinks 'My Boss' is President, a dime store Indian, a woman with worse tremors than Hillary, or a guy named Peter Butt? South Park couldn't have made up anything more ridiculous.
SayItAintSo 17 seconds ago
Joe couldn't even form complete sentences during the debate. He is a delusional, bumbling ass. No way in hell could he ever be President.
doug1961 22 seconds ago
Hard to get anywhere near to awareness if you are a left wing loon who only hears what you wish to hear. Right, left wing loon? Sondland testified: "I ask the President what did he want? He said "no quid pro quo. No quid pro quo. I want Zelensky to do the right thing". Jordan: "Mr Sondand, when did the meeting take place?" Sondland: "What meeting?" Jordan:"The meeting you said you assumed was the reason the aid was being held up" Sondland: "There was no meeting." Jordan: "And the aid was released?" Sondland: "It was." Jordan: "So there was no quid pro quo?" Sondland: "There was not"
Jonathan Goodman 23 seconds ago
Trump is tarnished as commander in chief by pardoning American war criminals. Discipline is an important part of what makes American forces so effective. Trump is taking that away. He's sending a message that to every country where American forces are deployed that American soldiers are free to commit crimes with impunity.
badswing 38 seconds ago
exactly on the last sentence! durham and horowitz have/are taking so long because people have decided not to get run over, so they are throwing everyone else under the proverbial bus. It keeps extendeding the investigation, or is this a "matter"??
Tony Hotdog 43 seconds ago
If the liberals had the type of country they think they want, it would not be worth fighting for. We need to defeat the liberals so that these fine men did not die in vain. RIP
Sojournseeker 43 seconds ago
Just waiting to see the scandals that come out about this guy. I'm guessing boyfriend catfights. He'll never be safe in the middle east again, unless he sprouts wings.
EyeCu 54 seconds ago
So you admit that your crowd don't actually give a schifft about victims, that are in fact unworthy sub-beings, to be mocked and the odd bone thrown to?? But we already know that.
Richie Rich 57 seconds ago
The blame game never works- look in the mirror for your true problems. The people are puppets but they know who the enemy of their freedom is.
Leftarefascists 57 seconds ago
Conservative Treehouse has identified the FBI lawyer who altered the FISA docs, thanks to WaPo and their deletion of strzok’s name from their original publication spoiler alert it’s Kevin Clinesmith
ivan 61 seconds ago
He altered the Document just as the four Lawyers that wrote the opening statement for that Witness at the hearings who left out key words, exculpatory, used by the President.
November Rose 64 seconds ago
A sham of an impending trial is worse than the two years wasted on the outcome of the Mueller Report. It revealed no evidence of Russian collusion or any other acts of wrongdoing. Like these incessant impeachment hearings, no substance, no basis, no evidence; and a lot of he said/she said and name-dropping. If the Dems had a modicum of smarts, they'd drop this whole charade.
scott 68 seconds ago
READ SA mission statement: SA actually helps these freaks
CV-60 70 seconds ago
I don't think he'll turn on Pence, and I don't think Pence will turn on him. But at least we agree on one thing. :)
Bolide 71 seconds ago
If I had a purity would look like Lebron James........(engage smugness)
Honest_American 81 seconds ago
I hate the newspaper that outed the whistleblower complaint. If they had been a month late, the announcement from zelenksy would have come and then the aid would have been released.
wxs 85 seconds ago
I have said for 20+ years: Joe is a true low IQ idiot. He advanced like Chance the Gardener. His talked about creds are just a little knowledge on foreign policy that he managed to learn, but only after 29 years trying. He is innately dumb. Lousy grades. Plagarism. Fake hair. Fake teeth. Botox. Stupid stories. Touching. He has no real brain power. An idiot in high office is still an idiot.
Captain Trashman 88 seconds ago
Ah, I remember when you used to Troll Infowars. lol. Back when Trump was not gonna Win. lol. I but you wont be demanding more Satanic Pedo Cannibles be investigated anytime soon huh?
Dr.Hyperion824 89 seconds ago
California is a festering, amoral hellhole. The anti-Catholic, marxist establishment cannot be tolerated
Wpns175 90 seconds ago
"The most insidious power of the Media is thier ability NOT to report." Chris Plante WMAL 0900-1200 EST. Very much worth a listen. And not only is he dead right...he is funny as all heck and as an added bonus (for me) he likes to quote Mel Brooks movies and Monty Python!
Mgtv 98 seconds ago
Sean Misko is Shiffs aide and he was hired August 2019. (That was when the WB filed his report) He is also good friends with the whistle blower/leaker.
Dred 100 seconds ago
I am a Pediatrician with a PhD in Developmental Biology and Teratology. Abortion is the voluntary extermination of a Human individual Abortion is not a Medical Procedure (we do not kyll people, we save them) The ONLY reason why abortion is "legal" in America is the same reason why we had Slavery (and the Germans has the N@zi): because for those in power some Humans are sub-Human.
cm6096 101 seconds ago
They live in a bubble... they actually think the impeachment hearings went well for the democrats lol
TommyD 104 seconds ago
wahh... Page is a weak link. She is a target and conduit to those above her.. If I were the AG I'd be digging up every morsel on her and showing her what the inside of a Federal Prison cell would be looking like and what her children would be doing for the 10 years without her in their every day life. That Page will turn..
Nurse Ratched 109 seconds ago
so the repubs should of just made everything up like the dems and use false witness and ignore the constitution so you want to continue to live in the most politicly corrupt 1st world country on earth
John charlton 109 seconds ago
The big picture: Democrats had gotten used to operating like an organized crime organization under Obama with dirty deals and corruption as standard operating procedure. Hillary was ready to continue that mafia setup as president. TRUMP got elected and all hell broke loose! The Obama and Clinton crime families would be found out! (Watch for Horowitz's and John Durham's future actions). President Trump is the closest thing we have right now to an American Folk Hero! He took on the Democrat mafia and is still standing. FOUR MORE YEARS!
WorkingTexasWriter 110 seconds ago
Fiona Hill amazed me that a woman as pompous and smug in her own intellectual prowess and insight as she is (If you ever wanted to build a monument to overblown bureaucratic arrogance, she could be the model) actually knows less than ordinary deplorable citizens who follow the news. It's like when Mueller had never heard of Fusion GPS. I think Fiona Hill might do well to shop at Wal-Mart from time to time, so we smelly Wal-Mart people could brief her on current events.
Irredeemable Deplorable 114 seconds ago
Dems are losing in the court of public opinion. There are Millions more Trump voters as a result of their continuous scumbagery
Zootopiaʒooo 114 seconds ago
Trump specifically stated no quid pro quo, just to ask the Ukraine prez to do the right thing. Sondland folded like a cheap suit under questioning, all based on assumptions, Sondland's own answers. This nonsense will NEVER pass muster in a Senate trial.
Wyatt Matthews 115 seconds ago
Obama was a disaster. Worst home ownership in 51 years. Average median income declined $2,700.00, added 14 million people to food stamps, 8 million to the poverty rolls. Destroyed health insurance for millions of Americans. Worst foreign policy in history: Middle East went up in flames with 450,000 people killed in Syria, Libya taken over by terrorists, proxy wars in Yemen, Bahrain and Iraq caused by Iran. ISIS was born. Gave $150 billion to worst state sponsor of terrorism in the world, Iran. Didn't give aid to Ukraine which allowed Russia to retake Crimea. Millions of muslims flooded into Europe and USA.
Les Izmore 115 seconds ago
Travel Baseball parents are the worst. The ump appears to have rabbit ears, a bad trait, but he should have warned the coaches that the game is over if they do not get their parents under control. That is how to handle idiot parents.
IndianaFlynn 115 seconds ago
I can point you to at least three barmaids in the Methil area that will tell you all about Salmonds over familiarity and wandering hands. It may not constitute rape but the guy is a known creepy slimeball.
DarkSideOfTheQat 119 seconds ago
Interesting that the places the 'droppings' happen aren't at or near to the property owned by Pelosi, Newsom and other San Francisco royalty. I wonder how it is they can keep that from happening near or to them. Then they lie and say it isn't a big deal and folks are imagining it is that bad, just as they lie about everything else they do. Lucille Ball (who was a member of the Communist Party; she says as a favor to her Grandfather who asked her to sign up) once said that she didn't lie because then you have to remember who you told what lie to and it was too difficult. Today's communists (Democrats) haven't learned that lesson and their fauxpeachment lies are catching up to them. Yesterday was the perfect example, and Dan Bongino has the details in his newest video. It is up at Whatfinger News (which is a great alternative for Drudge since he drifted left; so be certain to check that out), in the middle near the top under blue bar. I agree with Lucy because anyone willing to admit they belong to that organization likely never lied about anything, plus it is simply easier to not lie. I'll check out the connection video. I've seen the 'dropping' map.
Ed Gulisano 128 seconds ago
Q: What does Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler and Barack Obama have in common? A: no conscience.
Robert Hamilton 129 seconds ago
We all know Piglosi isnt going to allow this to go to the Senate. This was all for American consumption, and they failed. Nobody's watching. And its had the opposite effect of what the pinko left wanted. She'll squash it and claim that while she knows he's guilty,she just wants to move forward with "healing" our nation.
John graham 129 seconds ago
you are an idiot......where do you think it goes from here????? to a criminal a court of law, the senate
diegostan 129 seconds ago
This party can only mean McConnell has given his word that there is enough votes from the senate to remove.
Purplesuiter 132 seconds ago
And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Now it is just a matter of waiting to see which one of them is the weak link who will spill their guts in a plea agreement for a reduced prison sentence. The thing about weak links, they know they are and they KEEP DETAILED RECORDS as leverage because they know it is their only insurance against being thrown under the bus.
The Deplorable Donald Shannon 133 seconds ago
A major housecleaning is necessary government wide to cull out petty political hacks installed or promoted into leadership positions by the Obama team. People can have differing political beliefs from the present administration .. that's a fundamental premise of a two party political system - but those who serve the public need to ut those feelings in in their hip pocket and get on with doing the business of the people and supporting the elected leader. If they don't like the leader then work harder to elect your candidate next time around. But in the meantime we have only one leader at a time.
MAK 134 seconds ago
I wonder if Hunter started the relationship with his sister-in-law before or after his brother died. After all, he did get this babe knocked up while he was still dating his sister-in-law and then married the broad from South Africa. Maybe we can get Schiff to investigate. But in any case, it appears this Biden is no more trustworthy than the old man.