RememberSekhmet 6 seconds ago
Dumb muddy truckers who are looking for bamboo fibers threaten elected official's life. Th is is not the America I grew up in.
Derp State 8 seconds ago
That's that incestuous relationship democrats have between their channels. It's why Fox lost half its viewers and they aren't coming back. Fox is the new flagship station for the democratic party. Should go well with Cheney/Bush/Romney/etc. being their new leaders.
bigguvreeks 10 seconds ago
Xiden and the rest of the Marxist democrats have done a great job of scaring the daylights out of any business thinking about hiring anyone.
Erminemark 12 seconds ago
Bc most people who take subways hate taking the subways. But they do bc they also like living in the city.
AlfieOmega 12 seconds ago
Well, your handle is Phoenix and this is a story about Arizona so apologies for thinking you were from Arizona or had ties to the state.
Show your evidence 13 seconds ago
That's a lie. The conduct of this audit is joke a best, a grift at worst. The only concern I have is that it will result in invasions of Arizonans' privacy and lawful exercise of their voting rights. If this audit were serious it would be conducted by a professional corporate audit or law firm with an established reputation, not some cartoonish fly-by-night outfit from Florida with no apparent expertise or experience in this domain.
1984U 13 seconds ago
What? The ACA insures less than 13 million, and more than 15 million were forced into the worst possible medical insurance in the US, called Medicaid.
cynthiarous 13 seconds ago
This insanity is getting more and more dangerous. Even former AG Barr said 'there was no election fraud' and he was a 'super Trumper....'
Tom 15 seconds ago
So, when Garland comes looking for Billy Barr, will Barr fall on his sword for DEAR LEADER or will he start singing in an effort to save his own worthless life?
Libtard Hunter 17 seconds ago
If you recall, that was an actual honest to goodness selling point the left used to push for the ACA...
Thaas 17 seconds ago
A federal response with a coordinated lock down, instead of 'This county will start now, that county will start in a month, the other one a few months after' made the lockdowns spread out, non-overlapping, and far longer than necessary. Gee, if only everyone took it seriously sooner, instead of those who STILL don't believe it even exists. "When you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that’s a pretty good job we’ve done." “We’re going to be pretty soon at only 5 people, and we could be at just 1 or 2 people over the next short period of time” DJT - February 26, 2020
IBelieveChristine 17 seconds ago
Mayors who would absolutely win their next election, are already saying no more. No thank you. Not going to run. The mayor of Atlanta is not going to run: "The last three years have not been at all what I would've scripted for our city," Bottoms said. She referenced a massive cyber attack, recent racial justice problems and "a madman in the White House," meaning former President Trump. Are all of our elections going to be violent now?
SonOfTheAmericanRevolution 18 seconds ago
that is so utterly absurd that i'm laughing like a belly laugh you'll never get from commielib puppet jimmy kimmel
Bullet, Jake Bullet 21 seconds ago
FUNNY HOW BARRY WAS ABLE TO SNEAK IN AND GET THE FISA ON THE SAME DAY EVERTHING IS SHUT DOWN On October 21, 2016, Rogers shut down all “About Query” activity. He reported his findings to the DOJ (Senate testimony & inferences from Court Ruling). On October 21 2016, the DOJ & FBI seek and receive a Title I FISA probable cause order authorizing electronic surveillance on Carter Page from the FISA Court. At this point, the FISA Court is unaware of the Section 702 violations.
piss paul pete 22 seconds ago
It will be used to get their base foaming at the mouth, and ammunition for the right wing echo chamber.
CA Commies run the WH 24 seconds ago
Psaki said she's leaving Basement Joe . . . . . . "Obama was bad enough, but Joe and Kalama are cluster**ks
Progressive Patriot 26 seconds ago
Translation: Does not believe that a militia threatening to kill a Democratic governor of Michigan should be legally prosecuted. After all, equality under the law has died as a result of GOP tyranny and disenfranchisement.
Internet Azzhole 27 seconds ago
At least they own a barber shop. All you European immigrants just go to the hair dresser at super-cuts
JMNT 31 seconds ago
CNBC had to do a double take when the numbers were announced. The annchor thought it was a typo. And Yellen the felon is claiming there's no signs of inflation. Do they live in an alternate reality?
Else: You Are Mad 32 seconds ago
The funny thing is that even if everything they determine is 100% and they find massive fraud since they didn’t follow the necessary steps to keep the chain of custody none of it would be admissible evidence.
affableman 32 seconds ago
Barr saying Trump didn't obstruct justice when it was obvious he did. That's just for starters. Whine on cultist.
Tears of a Clown 33 seconds ago
DOW at record high since Biden won. Trumpers kicking themselves since dear leader told them to sell all their stock
Overseasobserver 39 seconds ago
The pathetically incompetent habitual LIAR, LOSER and TRAITOR TRUMP remains a clear and present danger to a sane America!!
Pizza Licker 41 seconds ago
Democrats are possessed by the Devil, anything is on the table for a Democrat, they have no high moral authority
Moloch 41 seconds ago
Because it lacks nutrients, people tend to eat more because it doesn't satiate like quality food does.
Caldwell Stevenson 45 seconds ago
Okay, great, we've narrowed it down. Go ahead and name one time a woman in Texas couldn't access reproductive healthcare.
Yuge Mistake 45 seconds ago
They tried to do to her what they tried to do to the Capitol on Jan 6th. Trumpkins are depraved filth.
Bru Brubaker 50 seconds ago
Once again, you're a historically ignorant moron: "On June 20, 2012, the Oversight Committee voted 23–17 along party lines to hold Holder in contempt of Congress for not releasing the additional documents the committee had requested."
arc99 51 seconds ago
Your cranium is shoved so far up your rectum, you have to yawn in order to see the sun rise. So how would you know what argument I have, a$$hole..
Mr. Moderate 64 seconds ago
“Newsmax” is nothing but Fascist Trump propaganda. They perpetuated Trump’s Big Lie, and ended up sucking up to Smartmatic and Dominion in an attempt to mitigate damages...
Buckwheat 66 seconds ago
Govonor Cuomo the Democrat meatball maker said today that he is terrified to ride the New York City subway. The democrat Govonor who has plenty of police protection is terrified to ride the diverse subway system of the most diverse democrat city of the United States. How come that’s not mentioned?
TrumpleThinSkin 66 seconds ago
The economy was strong when Obama left office, it was in tatters when trump left office. Go back inside your trailer and wait for the tornado siren to sound.
AlfieOmega 69 seconds ago
Sidney Powell, one of Trump's election fraud lawyers, said no reasonable person would believe the crap she was trying to push.
Prosthetic Conscience 69 seconds ago
Well, I'll bow to your knowledge of being extremely stupid, how about that? You obviously have more than a passing familiarity with it.
abemoire496 11 seconds ago
I always knew Trump supporters were fkdin the head, racist, bigoted black-hating rtardedloons and you are the living proof of that being true. I feel bad for your parents, ending up raising a low intellect friendless racist tarded trump tard
Can't Think of a Name 11 seconds ago
I don't make choices based on intimidation. "Get the shot, and you can have your freedom back" is an intimidation tactic and the same rhetoric CNN uses.. My body, my choice. End of discussion
donh 15 seconds ago
Gaslighting ... The Big Lie theory of dictatorship. All the sadistic tricks of 1930s German authoritarianism can only go so far and you left ranting at your second in command as everything in the world falls apart and nobody cares about anything. .
Bolivar 17 seconds ago
Referring to people in a derogatory manner because of the color of their skin, reinforcing stereotypes based on the color of their skin, that’s literally the definition of racism. Just own it.
zama202 19 seconds ago
Chauvin's incompetent lawyer should have brought that up, as well as other pieces of evidence that he never bothered to mention.
Louis Emery 20 seconds ago
That's a good one. I'm still amazed at Jenner's decathlon accomplishment; I watched him in 1976 on Canadian TV, big coverage.
Steeler 23 seconds ago
Someone needs to investigate if his grandparent's are dead or alive and if dead from what. He is probably like in some activist group, my bet his grandparents did not die from Covid.
StubbornlyRational 24 seconds ago
The law applies equally to all voters. Only in a low-IQ mind like yours would this indicate an attempt to “rig.”
Sojouner 25 seconds ago
I will. One source for me is a pastor Charles Lawson in Knoxville TN I've listened to him for years online and on YouTube channel is Still Waters who has hundredths of his archives. I'm looking for the one on the Jesuit Popes about a year ago. I promise to link the message to you when I find it.
just 123 25 seconds ago
They just need to go away. I don’t care where they go….just go and stop spewing the trash that comes out of their mouths!!
Albert Fine 27 seconds ago
Old Dog. We had a big beautiful Berner. The best breed on the planet. Ostermiller dog. Ol Dan Tucker was sire. We now have an Aussie Cattle Dog. It’s fun to play tug of war for hours. AZ Rs are over the target. They need spine to the fourth power. DON’T BACK DOWN. I’ve had some low rounds in AZ.
Sari Thackner 28 seconds ago
Taking to the streets in ANARCHY! Tearing down Lincoln statues..who sacrificed his life to free you from chains! We see what happens when BLM TAKES TOBTHE STREETS —A HOLE — JEWELRY STORE OWNERS — nationwide — have been fearing like in America every summet riot since the 60’s, you stewpied blsck lady! MIKE: STOP INCITING TYRANNY!!!!
Poper 29 seconds ago
To quote a favorite politician: "Government is not the solution to our problems, government IS the problem."
Lefty_R_1929 34 seconds ago
They want a 🌭 hot dog they want a hamburger 🍔, they want top dollar, they want full benefits, they want a Mercedes-Benz, they want a BMW, they want to roll like the Mack Daddy, they want it all, they will get noting and like it
MissKittysoftpaws 41 seconds ago
I agree they are but my niece who married a black man(very nice guy) disagrees. So we haven’t spoken in years now. Fine with me.
Trisha 42 seconds ago
You’re right they did a recount in Ga. the only problem was Joe Biden kept increasing his lead by a few more votes each time. So they now they have Quanon guy doing the audit.... you really can’t make this stuff up. Do yourself a favor and go to Fox News favorite think tank heavily Republican... almost all the voter fraud they have ever found was not in national elections but in local elections.... usually where state rep or local candidates pay off homeless to get on the ballot. It happens in both parties... but it is still pretty rare.
Ralph 43 seconds ago
If you buy into this guy’s (Michael Obama’s) victimhood BS, you’re an ignorant putz with a race chip on your shoulder. All I hear is: “Blah-Blah-Blah!!!.....Wahhh....Wahhh....Wahhh!!!!!”
Maria Von Theresa 53 seconds ago
A former First ?Lady, should be telling black people that it is time to ensure education of their children and obedience of laws. If Black people paid as much attention to their children's education, family life and proper behavior, there would be no need for this pseudo movement, rioting, looting and burning down the cities. The small % of the black community who fall into the lawlessness do not reflect the lives of most black people, the black people who work hard and properly look after their children. The lawless black people's parents did a poor job raising the wonderful gift that is and was the children.
Pale Writer 60 seconds ago
I actually hate the planet. It is always screwing me over. Just last week it used its gravitational pull to cause me to fall and scrape my knee. I try to get even with it every chance I get. Sometimes I buy old used tires from Craigslist just to burn and pollute to get even with it.
Jim 64 seconds ago
I thought the 5th amendment prohibited double jeopardy but leave it to crafty lawyers to get around that one. It really seems to be piling on the three junior cops who watched Derek Chauvin hold George Floyd down. Two of the cops are Asian and they seem to respect seniority in their culture. Chauvin was the senior officer on scene and to be followed. BTW, I still think it was laying Floyd on his stomach with hands cuffed behind him that helped do him in. The fentanyl in his system didn't help. Chauvin kneeling on the neck looks terrible but just meant Floyd was kept in a position too long where he could not fully breathe. This plan for federal agents to wait at the courthouse to arrest Chauvin again if he was acquitted reminds me of the Third Reich where the gestapo would rearrest anyone acquitted in the civil courts for a political offense and ship them off to Dachau.
Banacek343 65 seconds ago
“Listening to commentators today, as I was getting dressed, you might think that we should be disappointed,” Biden said with a chuckle. “This is progress,” he said. “And it’s a testament to our new strategy of growing this economy from the bottom up and the middle out.” DemocRATs lost 13 seats in the House in the 2020 Election, and Nancy Pelosi considered this a VICTORY!!! WTF!!!!
Hollis from the cornfield 65 seconds ago
Translation: "Nothing." Mkay... here's mine.... Step 1. Secession. Step 2. Trials. For DECADES of mass-theft, baby-murder, soldier-murder, engineered invasion (treason), "War on Rona," etc, etc... So... which party - BY NAME - have you been voting for, and how long?
Jeremy 67 seconds ago
Yeah - I'll admit that would have been better to see than seeing some guy do it - and a hell of a lot more funny, too!
bns-ahhhh 68 seconds ago
“Free to leave”, but most Americans couldn’t afford a plane ticket out- nor would they have anywhere to go. Relocation is no easy task.
Midnight oil 83 seconds ago
I'm convinced it must be in their DNA. There is absolutely nothing the civilized world can do to change their lack luster performance in life. They must seek change themselves and earn the respect. There are many decent blacks who have broken the mold and become successful and living the great American dream while others stagnate in their ghetto doing what ghetto humpers do dependent on the taxpayer for their existence.
Mikial 83 seconds ago
Biden is a failure. The Democrats are a failure. They always have been and always will be. Obama was a failure in all ways except that he was one of the best things to ever happen to the Conservative movement in America; no doubt Biden will continue that trend and give both houses back to the Republicans.
Esto Vir 87 seconds ago
Coach, it's best you stick to subjects you know, like sports, maybe? Because you sure don't have a clue how the Church works.
ExNYer 89 seconds ago
What is she talking about ? Several mansions, one on the Vineyard, occupied the WH for 8 yrs but need BLM to destroy and riot to demand respect? How about hitting the Vineyard BLM.
Louis Chilton 90 seconds ago
wait wait wait....Your telling us that TEN members of the House think there was election fraud....and we still cant even get a single court in the nation to hear any case regarding it? Does that seem legit to you?
Detroit Boi 94 seconds ago
If the rumors around here in Michigan today are true, and Detroit Police Chief James Craig is retiring to run for governor.....Big gretch is TOAST. Thank the Lord.
ConservativeToTheCore 96 seconds ago
Biden lies! He rolled back every single good thing President Trump put in place and has created a lousy economy with a tenuous future and massive uncertainty and then blames President Trump?? BS!! Biden is a known liar, and cannot be believed!! Time for him to go!! And then we'll get mattress back for a short while and we can put her under the microscope as well. All Communist Democrats need to be turned out...forever!
MajorStevens 102 seconds ago
Funny thing is we are all going to die... since the time were born...We can use common sense specifically around the elderly and high risk people... The government have made people into snitches bullies and crazies... Get back to living life..
lilo marti 103 seconds ago Obama calls Michelle (Michael) Michelle is Michael. oh oh oh
abemoire496 104 seconds ago
thank you for proving my point on what a lowlife low intellect black-hating racist trump loser you are...
Maseo1212 110 seconds ago
anyone who believes anything JK says is a fu ing moop...i cant say this on twitter because who the f cares.. and i dont have twitter
Mi Bl 110 seconds ago
“kits that contain the parts necessary for someone to readily make a gun at home.” How would that even work? The kits for the so-called "ghost guns" do not contain the necessary parts, they are missing lower.
CVG27 117 seconds ago
Was there a quid pro quo for the use of the private jet? If the jet stayed in Florida and waited several days to bring her back the total trip aircraft costs could be six figures. It does not sound kosher to me.
Jim Eagle 120 seconds ago
Hey dummy I'm not registering as a Republican and I'm not supporting McCarhty, Scalise or Cheney or Elise or any other big government, big spending, "climate" nonsense promoter or "the virus" moron under any circumstance. I'm man enough to let the chips fall where they may rather than capitulate to evil nonsense. you are the problem. you make excuses and do nothing.
GoldenRudy 124 seconds ago
SICKENING! What's wrong with California, especially the bug cities? Cute kid. No justice for him, I guess.
milburnschmidt 128 seconds ago
I would fear more for them if they went to a rap concert or a black nightclub or even a car jacking. I woulf fear more young blacks shooting up yhe city than the police. I wonder if she is afraid of her secret servive protection. No cookies for them at christmas I bet.