billr111 27 seconds ago
Joe has never had areal job in hiss life except when he was a lifeguard fighting corn pop and letting kids rub hiss legs.
Zootopiaʒooo 28 seconds ago
Maybe the liberal celebrity Minnesota Bail Fund can help, they've let out loads of outright felons, murderers.
Farmer 48 seconds ago
Abortion: The only word that can make followers of Jesus vote against everything Jesus ever talked about because of one issue that Jesus never talked about.
Savvyheat 49 seconds ago
I also ready, maybe in Vanity Fair, that the Trump campaign has knocked on 130 million homes nationwide. I think historically it's just known to be the best way to engage voters, find out if they're registered, see if they're leaning one way or another. Traditionally in American politics, the campaigns that come in contact directly with voters have done well. I wonder if the Biden campaign made a strategic mistake by not knocking on any doors at all.
Uncle-Archie 53 seconds ago
Biden avoids 500k tax with loophole. Jill Biden took advantage of the "S corporation" payroll tax loophole that the Obama-Biden administration unsuccessfully attempted to close. According to the report, the Bidens routed income from book sales and speeches through S corporations - avoiding the 3.8% self-employment tax they would have paid if they had been compensated directly, and avoiding as much as $500,000 in taxes. "There’s no reason for these to be in an S corp—none, other than to save on self-employment tax," accountant Tony Nitti told the WSJ at the time. And as the Journal's Chris Jacobs wrote last month, "According to the Urban Institute, a couple featuring one high earner and one average earner, retiring this year, will have paid a total of $209,000 in Medicare taxes during their working lives." "The Bidens avoided paying nearly twice that much in Medicare taxes during two years
classicalmusiclover 56 seconds ago
Or, conversely, your own comments outs you as an all-purpose science dismissive willing to accept the White House spin on any scientific issue, even the ones they are willingly distorting.
TarimBasinMummies 56 seconds ago
In June 2019, Amy Coney Barrett cast the deciding vote in a Seventh Circuit case resulting in the immediate deportation of a Mexican immigrant who had been a lawful permanent resident of the US for three decades and first arrived in the US at age 10. He had been convicted for drug crimes resulting in a more than 10-year prison sentence, but because his mother was a US citizen, he believed he had a right to remain in the US.
taraterm3 63 seconds ago
the war machine thats seen no wars, no invasions, and bringing the troops home from Europe and Mid east?
Inquire 66 seconds ago
And let's face this,.... Trump admitted he loses money every year in all his businesses. Trump needs government assistance to stay afloat.
dks59 69 seconds ago
Most delusional people think their “right” at first, then reality will come along and b*tch slap them and the one’s who are not to far along will come around. The others are to stupid to have the right to vote.
Individual Caller 1 70 seconds ago
Didn't say there was a requirement, I'm saying he can prove the story false, you just proved my assertion correct though And pretty sure he's lost every case on his taxes so far
One Term Loser 74 seconds ago
No doubt. I also think he took a call from the daughter-wife Uvunka last night that went something like this: “WTF you fat fkng moron! You told me that $750,000 consulting fee was legit! I didn’t let you blow up in my face just to have this sh*t blow up in my face!!...”
Rube Slayer 83 seconds ago
Brad Parscale once again proved that you can take the MAGAt out of the trailer park but you can't take the trailer park out of the MAGAt. Put on a shirt and throw on some sneakers before you get your butt whooped by the PoPo. And next time, leave your can of beer in the house, Brad! With all those donor dollars you've taken you can afford bottles!
John Smith 92 seconds ago
There should be a single tier justice system. As it stands now, we have one justice system for the elites and the other one for the rest of us.
Bill Smith2 99 seconds ago
Remember as you all flee liberal areas because liberals destroyed it, to leave your (D) vote behind when you go..
Pro-American 102 seconds ago
“Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale tackled and arrested by SWAT team for beating wife, threatening suicide with gun.” Just another day of Trump insanity.
CountMahdrof 103 seconds ago
So 11 people didn't hear the announcement in the middle of the night while one says he did. Hmmmm. Maybe the other 11 were sleeping or had their Beats cranked up high. In any case, you can't convict based on what someone DIDN'T see or hear.
AwesomeDefined 106 seconds ago
The best part is you simpletons think this will only cause problems for real Americans living in blue states. Ongoing proof trumpers are low intelligence rubes....
Th3OnlyOn3 115 seconds ago
Says the party that literally legalized the NSA to collect data on every American, which used contractors to then process and store the data, just amazing. But again, do whatever mental gymnastics you need to in order to tell yourself this wasn’t the fault of the local government. And please, tell us about how Qtards need to stop believing in conspiracy theories.
Tampa Bay Buccaneer 117 seconds ago
“This weekend, as Breitbart News reported, before President Donald Trump even formally nominated Barrett to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left behind by the passing of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Brougher leveled vicious personal smears against her, questioning the legitimacy of the adoptions she and her husband made of two children from Haiti.“ This is the party that you want to vote for that attacks a family for adopting two kids?
zero2sixty 128 seconds ago
Biden’s Texas Political Director Implicated in Massive Mail-In Ballot Harvesting Scheme in Harris County! A Biden Campaign operative in Texas is attempting to rig the 2020 election with the help of others in a massive ballot harvesting scheme, according to two private investigators who testified under oath that they have “video evidence, documentation and witnesses” to prove it. With the help of mass mail-in ballots, the 𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐠𝐚𝐥 𝐛𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐨𝐭 𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐨𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝟕𝟎𝟎,𝟎𝟎𝟎 𝐛𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐨𝐭𝐬, 𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐇𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐢𝐬 𝐂𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐲 𝐃𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐜𝐫𝐚𝐭 𝐨𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐠𝐞𝐝𝐥𝐲 𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐠𝐞𝐝.
disqus_O24WX8STKa 130 seconds ago
Foreign Observer 132 seconds ago
Actually it's a win win situation for the Republicans. Like you said : you can't have it both ways. Either the reporters produce the so-called anonymous sources and the IRS documents to prove their story is real or they have to admit it is yet another fake story. They are stuffed either way. 😆
Prowler Pilot 139 seconds ago
No, you aren't, just in your dreams. Hey, is your tent in Anaheim? I am heading that way, will stop by and give yo $20.
Tom 147 seconds ago
Still, no fraud, regardless of your hopes. All you have to do is invest a little time with a tax professional or even reading online. When in doubt, call IRS with questions. They do help.
Charles Odell 148 seconds ago
Drug tests before the debate? I have a better idea. Let's have the candidates connected to lie detectors DURING the debates. The moderator could have three or four on hand for Trump, so that as he burned out each one a new machine could be attached.
earl phlegm 149 seconds ago
I was responding to your statement "not murder or manslaughter" as intended to mean that they were prevented from filing more charges because of double jeopary issues. The grand jury may have concluded that they were legally defending themselves but that keeps happening in many of these cases when it shouldn't because of the exigent circumstances rule. When the cops in Cleveland pulled up on that kid in the park with the pellet or toy gun, they excused it because they failed, probably intentionally in my opinion, to factor exigent circumstances. The Supreme Court says the police can't wrongfully create an emergency and then use it as an excuse to use deadly force. When they drove up at high speed to within a few feet of the kid and then claimed they had to shoot because he had what looked like a real gun and was only a few feet away, they created that emergency. They didn't have to drive within a few feet and the a reasonable person wouldn't have potentially put themselves in harms way like that. They do that cowboy bullshi all the time. They intentionally make it appear as though they had to shoot by using tricks to make it look like they had no choice. The kid was not an immediate threat to anyone. There was no one around. The police had all the time in the world to stand back and order him to put his gun on the ground with a bullhorn. Driving at high speed within a few feet, jumping out and immediately shooting was just an execution. It had nothing to do with lawful policing, in my opinion.
DKR 153 seconds ago
It's been all downhill for them ever since they whacked Chief Justice Antonin Scalia in their plan to pack the Supreme Court. They never thought she'd lose... God is not mocked, you will reap what you sow.
Savvyheat 154 seconds ago
Politico was saying the personal engagement during a doorknock is something that can't be replaced by a robocall or TV commercial. Do you buy that Lefty?
The Notorious PDF 158 seconds ago
Why does Trump want an inaccurate census count? And he’s counting on a republican-planted judge to give it to him.
Us and Them 164 seconds ago
Most of those kind of efforts have some effect but not as much effect as Trumps self destructive blunders. However we’re talking in the less than 2% swings in voting intent
🍺DevilsTriangleChampion1982🍺 198 seconds ago
it's totally cool that i'm in debt up to my eyeballs with foreign adversaries. who am i? ronald reagan or 400 lb orange bunkerbitch?
Joe Friday 214 seconds ago
World Peace is voting for President Trump. No new wars. No invasions. 3 Nobel Peace Prize nominations for creating peace in the Middle East which was said to be impossible.
William Brewer 215 seconds ago
Unwilling to negotiate as evidenced by what's in it. Lowering the dollar amount is fake negotiation. Especially when you consider Republicans have essentially stated no aid to Governments. Add in the fact schools have been closed for months but we kept paying those taxes, are mostly still closed now and we're still paying those taxes, but schools need even more money? WHY!? I'm sick of Democrats pretending effort isn't required and that Government owes people everything they want just because they were born. (although, taken with abortion, maybe they view being born as a miracle... maybe they want to do away with the Hyde Amendment so they can force some people to get abortions and install a means of population control?)
John Smith 238 seconds ago
Yes, be Joe Biden. I want to see you say "if you don't support me, you ain't black," "Shut up, you dog faced pony soldier," "That thing, you know that thing, c'mon man," "Guns killed 75 million Americans last year and COVID has killed 250,0000,000," and many others on national television
classicalmusiclover 255 seconds ago
Or, you are just another dumb, hyperpartisan conspiracy theorist prone to spout idiotic inanities like "liberalism is a mental disorder" and on a thread concerned with science, no less.
Donald J. Impeached 259 seconds ago
Psychologists say when someone starts a sentence with LOL, they know and are admitting the other person is right. Thanks.
billr111 268 seconds ago
I remember when the comment section of the shill was 90% dims. Boy how times have changed for the better.
Temp Fourthirty 293 seconds ago
The Democrats’ plan to disrupt the election is in full swing. But I’m counting on them being too stupid to cheat on a mass scale.
juanmeden 331 seconds ago
Greenwald is one of the few real journalists left out there. He is surrounded by a sea of propagandists. More proof that the democrats are the party of intolerance and tyranny. They are the embodiment of Animal Farm.
CountMahdrof 332 seconds ago
And a witness testified that the cops did indeed announce nearly a minute before entering. However, a no-knock warrant didn't require that announcement. It is issued under the belief that to announce may instead cause exigent circumstances
J is the new Q 335 seconds ago
I think he's freaking out, trying to process what's been released in the NYT's two articles so far and how many more of them they have planned. If they've got the goodies they've got him by the short and curlies. If they want to get mean about it they can break stories strategically for maximum effect.
Inquire 336 seconds ago
You payed more taxes than Trump. But that not the cherry on top, Trump just admit he is a freeloader.
Savvyheat 337 seconds ago
I read somewhere.. maybe Politico, that the Trump campaign has doorknocked 12 million homes since June in the battleground states. One million per week. The Biden campaign eschewed doorknocking due to Covid. They haven't knocked on any doors. Do you think that could be a determinative factor?
Joe Friday 337 seconds ago
The truth about the bounties for US soldiers is the Iranians were paying the bounties so Trump vaporized Soleimani and we haven't heard a peep since.
Linda 338 seconds ago
No, that’s not true either. There is NO requirement that he do so. FACT jack. lol It’s up to any president if they want to or not. He doesn’t want to open eight years of his tax returns so the left can go through them on another of their five year long witch-hunts that have found nothing. . Eight years of 500 businesses is ludicrous. Imo, that’s what pisses off the haters who are Big on control, they are upset the courts have sided with Trump. Only one case still in the courts.
nightwisp 12 seconds ago
They are from the democrats and the deep state partnership. We know quite well who is the problem. And you are part of it.
Bonce 16 seconds ago
Boris is busy creating a Chinese communist party dictatorship in Britain using the Covid-19 hoax as the excuse. Are we sure that Boris and his colleagues aren’t also under the influence of certain Chinese billionaires? We already know that big pharmaceutical companies are dictating part of his response to the Covid-19.
GMLOSMD 23 seconds ago
I feel pretty feel lucky to have survived a worldwide plague with only a 99.8% survival rate, 2012, 9/11, Y2K and the cold war.
No Fly Zone 27 seconds ago
Lol, well he sort of does do that in some of his more clunky speeches because he believes it might silence his critics and win him support! Seriously though, he still only has about 8% support with black Americans so he has a lot of work to do there.
sonya 36 seconds ago
Seems he wasn't able to make a profit and has a lot of mysterious debt. Burning through your stock portfolio is not a sign of success.
Mcdave 42 seconds ago
Actually the smart move would be to just accept she is qualified. And act like humans. .But we know they won't it's going to cost them More votes .
Willie 48 seconds ago
AFAIC, the damned seat can remain VACANT until this fraud is investigated and prosecuted. When that is settled then a FAIR election can be held.
Doyle Dyer 53 seconds ago
Ahh, yes Susan Rice, The Plantation Socialist Liar, you know-the one that didn't understand it wasn't a video that caused Benghazi?
E. Norma Scock 53 seconds ago
Sounds exactly like Pelosi did when she infamously said, " We must pass the bill (healthcare) so you can find out what's in the bill." It passed. We found out. This will be no different.
CVG27 59 seconds ago
I am OK with ACB’s deep devotion to the Catholic Faith as well as her affiliation and work with People of Praise. The easily verified manner in which ACB has lived her life, her sacrifices for others, as well as her achievements tell me everything I need to know about her. I would be honored to have this lady as a friend or as a neighbor. She will be a sensational Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court.
TomKatBooks2 62 seconds ago
How many people would accept driving golf carts in place of their roomy and powerful SUVs? Not many. Hence an increased emigration from the state.
Mortimer Snurd 70 seconds ago
Never forget that Steyer claimed in a debate that he wakes of every morning and reminds himself not to lie.
xpatYankeeCurmudgeon 70 seconds ago
CNN: “ But a CNN Business analysis of OpenSecrets research shows that Biden is beating Trump in fundraising from all of America’s big banks — in some cases by wide margins. “ Dems, party of the rich.
herb canter 107 seconds ago
Corrupt Judiciary: Tom Fitton says John Durham is not willing to prosecute anyone and Trump should release all documents.
Sovereign 110 seconds ago
God Bless you. So happy knowing you are happily betrothed! Wishing you both every blessing! Bin is never mean here on BB - only loving and respectful. I'm not familiar with TMZ, although I know Bin was there before. I think Bin is finished with me. He doesn't understand or trust me, and although I feel I understand Bin, I have not entirely trusted him. One of my motivations to begin with was to help him be free of depending on substances, like alcohol. But then I realized he did not want to change and that I had to accept him or walkaway. So I accept him. I want him to be free in his life and have all the women he wants etc - I just want his love. He says he loves me but that we have all the time in the world and he never ever rushes things. He asked me what I wanted that last night and I said love and email. But we were not able to finish our conversation at Red State Watcher at a dead article because a Mod - my friend - came and told us to stop. So it was not destined at that point that we come to an understanding. If Bin is not serious about me, I need to detach but he will always be and is alive in my heart. I'm going to leave you a link to my published book Only One in ebook form . . . it is the highest most pure teaching in the cosmos and a Gift from Grace . . . Kailash is my pen name but I'm going to change it to Sovereign. Kailash does not fit me. If somehow you do not contact me again, I'm so happy to have had this time with a kindred soul. Love you, Ember! <3
Digital Man 121 seconds ago
In the article, the 2 CT trannies who competed and won, setting new records, would have placed 140th in men's competition. That means if the top woman competed in the men's track event, she would be ranked below 140th. Who exactly would the woman be humiliating?
Willie 122 seconds ago
President Trump should require the DOJ and FBI to investigate these claims fully. Further, until the investigations are complete NO VOTES in Minneapolis, particularly in Ilhan Omar's district should be counted as valid, even if that means some city council, state representative or senator, OR Congressional District has to remain VACANT. A Federal Injunction on this has to be imposed on this immediately.
No Fly Zone 129 seconds ago
The news cycle and focus is about the president's taxes. It's a bigger story than tax for Amazon but the two are related. If Trump has avoided paying taxes then a lot of Americans will feel he, and others who have wealth, should pay a lot more, Bezos included. Trump gave Bezos and others a tax break and now conservatives are defending Trump by saying he's smart to avoid paying taxes whilst arguing there should be outrage that Bezos isn't paying more. It's inconsistent and looks hypocritical.
Mortimer Snurd 139 seconds ago
Pro-American • a few seconds ago Prepaid taxes? Who tf does that 😂 ------------------------- Since you quickly deleted your dumb comment, I will reply to it here. ANSWER: Millions of people who are required to pay quarterly estimated taxes. You are obviously ignorant of how taxes work,
DP111 158 seconds ago
A married Christian couple who have worked for decades in domestic violence, informed me that almost 90% of all domestic violence is initiated by the wife/female partner. In less then 10% of violence, the man loses his self control, and she comes off the worse. Generally, the man puts up with violent physical abuse for years and years. As for verbal abuse, its more like 99% female on man. Yet all the woman has to do is to phone the police in tears.
Lickmyboomboomdown 179 seconds ago
You mean the democrats last wish. RBG probably was just happy if she didn't poop her pants on any given day. Nice try morons....but none of you gave two craps about her. Don't worry....i didn't either....but I do care about ACB getting in. And attacking her and her kids.....really has sealed a special place in hell for all of you. You have officially all becoming libtarded.
Mark Alexander-Warne 192 seconds ago
We don't really know, do we? According to Trump, his taxes have been under audit for over four years.
Pro-American 198 seconds ago
“Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale tackled and arrested by SWAT team for beating wife, threatening suicide with gun.” Wtf
John D 203 seconds ago
Not that it would make any difference, but 'who' heard this dying wish? Oh, diehard Dem and activist lawyer granddaughter Clara.
PourThatPino 211 seconds ago
Thank you for your reply. Yes, Heritage Foundation was one of the ones involved in the "crafting" of ACA (Obamacare) - in particular the PR aspect of it. They put a lot of work in to just naming it so we'd all "feel good" about being forced to buy insurance we couldn't afford! I digress. But, insurance company models were used in crafting ACA. In fact, for years, D.C. has had a difficult time getting away from using these models. My point, Just Looking, was simply to say the lobbyists in DC - especially those that represent healthcare related industries - are some of the most powerful voices. And also to say, many of the incoming "lawmakers" have little to no legislative experience upon arrival in D.C. They rely on others (i.e., special interest groups, think tanks, etc.) to craft their ideas into laws, so they can then put their name on it. Its called "copycat legislation." In return, these special interest groups become donors. Snipped: "Politicians get a shortcut to success. Special interests get their agendas turned into law."
Ulaa 212 seconds ago
Do you even know what a corporation is? Because the Trump Organization is definitely an LLC. It’s an easy Google search.
Lovely Rita Meter Maid 223 seconds ago
That is what Trump has been screaming for and the Democrats keep suing him over it. The Democrats hate American workers because they are mainly white.
herb canter 233 seconds ago
Trump was right again. Biden’s Texas Political Director Implicated in Massive Mail-In Ballot Harvesting Scheme in Harris County
Lori-from-Maine 242 seconds ago
Made in the USA sounds wonderful! Just a side note, New Balance sneakers are headquartered in Massachusetts. Most of their sneakers are made in New England, many here in Maine.
mikehunt 247 seconds ago
Well, being a lying, thieving traitor to america doesn't help his case. In his defense, I hear ivanka likes it.
dbroms 250 seconds ago
The tragedy of the current intelligence community is that they truly think they are acting against Trump, but have forgotten that who they are really assaulting is the American citizenry; the same citizens they are supposed to be serving. When a public servant becomes self serving, they are no longer useful to the citizens of the nation, but only to those that wish to releave the people of power. They become the true enemy of the state. Time to consolidate and reorganize all the intelligence agencies. Sounds like a good project for Flynn.
frank reedy 254 seconds ago
25 questions? That would bury poor stuttering joe and send him into hypomnesia shock! How about 3 questions then a nap break. Turn the lights lower so it’s more like his basement bunker. And check his ear canals for any wireless connections to ‘Doctor’ Jilly - sorry joe you’re on your own, now go on out there and do your best! Oh lord the poor Democlogs put all their eggs in Joe’s basket and now they’re set to watch him crash headlong into the damned henhouse on impact.
thomas trench 280 seconds ago
This Puke Steyer is a billionaire, he looks like the typical Libtard Commie, that someone just P--d on his Corn Flakes.
I'm a Bad Man 284 seconds ago
wow! They're paying people up to $200 cash for their mail-in votes in Minneapolis. Probably isn't hard to find people willing to do that.
Barack Odumma 301 seconds ago
Suggest you Seek “counseling” or “medication” for your inner anger. Sorry couldn’t help needling you with your absurd use of “quotations”. Funny but also sad.
Criticising the Stupid 303 seconds ago
Indoctrination and propaganda by bought and paid for media who are now owned by a group of ultra rich, evil Satanic people who have been blinded by their own greed. Also, simply look back at how well Hitler was able to convince millions of Germans with his Obama style "Yes we can" lies that they were willing to turn a blind eye to the murder of innocent people, even turn innocent people over to "authorities" to die and further make those Germans so patriotic that they would side with an insane, corrupt megalomaniac. Just saying....
herb canter 308 seconds ago
Jim Jordan tweet
The media promised that President Trump’s tax returns would reveal deep ties to Russia. Didn’t happen! Know whose finances would reveal deep ties to Russia? Hunter Biden. 10:49 AM · Sep 28, 2020
INTJ 317 seconds ago
When John F Kennedy won, it was a stolen election and nothing was ever done. Unless the American people rise up it's never going to change
CapeAnnConservative 317 seconds ago
If Joe wins, everyone in the country will understand that the "world" they live in is similar to the world the Venezuelans have been living in for quite some time.
ComradeAdam 320 seconds ago
Monmouth's poll: 29% Republican 36% Independent 35% Democrat They gave the democrats a +6 advantage in what is looking like a republican banner year. And they polled a huge number of independents, which can be manipulated by just picking left leaning 'independents'. And Trump still got 44%! Their summary of the poll reads like a liberal news column, the pollster is dripping with hate for Trump.
Robert James 343 seconds ago
Silicon Valley and Wall Street are still forces, but the NBA and Hollywood are WAY past their sell-by-date; totally irrelevant. As Senile Joe says, "If you watch the NBA, you ain't white". He went on to say, "If you pay attention to Hollywood, you ain't straight".
Timothy Wallace 344 seconds ago
He is there, and He alone is Perfect. The rest of us are flawed, each and every one. Faith Love Forgiveness Amen
Mcdave 359 seconds ago
As we have seen we can't trust the post office with ballots.. .what's stopping them from postmarking the third for days after the deadline
william 359 seconds ago
love how the media portends him to be an impartial voice and some authority on "CORUPTION", id love for some real reporter to dig in to his goings on, i bet there would be interesting finds.
oldsoldier54 372 seconds ago
Locals got us the creeper Franken. Get some feds on this yesterday. Better check Columbus, OH as another locale for irregularities. Clearly it needs to be one citizen, one vote at one location, verified by a fingerprint.
herb canter 373 seconds ago
NY Times tax return nothingburger helps President Trump win more voters
shag 379 seconds ago
Democrat mayor wanted to humiliate him and Trump. Was it really necessary for swat team and filming? He will never be the same. And Candy, nice nips.
Jack Rackham 384 seconds ago
You're an idiot. A childish, immature idiot. You're asked to provide proof and you can't, so you post a lie. Typical Democrat. Typical and Pathetic.
INTJ 403 seconds ago
Trump understands this world and the dangers we Face Susan Rice and the danger is you and your kind that are trying to overthrow the people of the United States and put them in slavery. We know your kind you are the enemy.
MAGA✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ 403 seconds ago
Impound all ballots sent in so far. Look for two different pens used to fill out the ballot: One for the name and signature and the other for filling in the vote boxes. That will give you your paid for ballots. Somalis are too stupid to have planned ahead.
DHOLLIN 413 seconds ago
Right Susan, we believe you! Just like when you said that Ambassador Stevens was murdered over an anti-Muslim film!