Make First Ladies Great Again! 7 seconds ago
Biden has ONE lone accuser. She was debunked. Trump raped dozens of women. Kamala will destroy Trump on this.
BillAlphonso 17 seconds ago
Dems want as many people to die as possible. That's why you see these mass gatherings by Democrats to spread the disease.
Almighty God Above 19 seconds ago
I prefer candidates that are guided by facts and science, and not what they prefer to believe. Pretty obvious choice for me.
Mike416psu 20 seconds ago
I actually hope trump wins. Then the dems can take the senate - maintain the house - and impeach and remove this POS for good.
Jamie 30 seconds ago
"No man has a right to raise a hand to a women in anger .. we have to change the culture. We have to keep punching at it, punching at it, punching at it!" - 'Sleepy' Joe Biden
That too 33 seconds ago
There are those paranoid delusions again. I can see why they gave you that specific diagnosis. Why have you been refusing treatment? Medication can help you, Jack.
Jamie 35 seconds ago
“I do believe [Tara] Reade. Justice can be delayed, but should never be denied.” - Rep. Ilhan Omar (D), snowflake
BillAlphonso 51 seconds ago
Reminder that one of the leaders of #MeToo plied a minor with alcohol and had sex with him in the pedo sanctuary state of California.
Iowa man 72 seconds ago
When an app asks you to update, read what permission s they are asking for. I've been asked for control of my camera.
Ty Harris 101 seconds ago
What's left of the middle class is too busy working 50 hours a week to pay for the spiraling cost of healthcare, housing, education, and daycare with their insuficient post-NATA wages to have any time or energy left for burning and looting. The rich certainly do burn the cities. Who do you think ANTIFA is? It's the rich white college kids from the nice suburbs and the private universities who won't have to live in the neighborhoods where they want to defund the police.
Mr. BLM 111 seconds ago
By October the country will see that HCQ with zinc saved lives world wide and wonder why democrats and the media kept them from saving their families . Not good Dems
Fred Weller 112 seconds ago
There is no "GOP". trump killed it dead. All "republican values" have been thrown out the window. There is only trump and the trump party now, and the only purpose of the trump party is to protect trump from being held accountable for his words and deeds. When trump is gone, the trump party is gone.
Clorox clown 124 seconds ago
Yesterday I ingested Hydroxychloroquine a bottle of Mescal blotter LSD a half pint of ether 3 grammes of Hiesenberg methamphetamine and I finally get QAnon This is the working cocktail to understanding Q
Jamie 163 seconds ago
#MeToo "There is also due process -- and -- the fact that Joe Biden is Joe Biden." - Nervous Nancy Pelosi on Biden's accusers
predicate 180 seconds ago
It sounds more like you couldn't form a cogent rejoinder and were reduced to casting aspersions as a last resort.
Make First Ladies Great Again! 196 seconds ago
Biden has one lone accusers. She was debunked by her own attorney. Trump has dozens of rape victims.
Teens for Trump! ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ 197 seconds ago
Well, Biden and Harris both raised their hands when asked who would give free healthcare to illegal aliens, so they've got that in common!
BillAlphonso 214 seconds ago
Considering #metoo has always been hysteria, good. Too bad it takes their own being attacked before they come out against hysteria.
Abe Lincoln 217 seconds ago
Don't forget the ONE pro that was the deciding factor for Biden, her hair is smooth and smells really good.
G L 221 seconds ago
(Laughing) And he thinks Democrats and other leftists have been uniters over the past 3 and a half years? Now that's some funny s****.
Hightop 229 seconds ago
I never said their "vaccine was unsafe". I said it wasn't actually fully tested. Not to the point that it can actually be considered a working vaccine. You really are stupid Jack.
Fred Weller 247 seconds ago
We have a Governing Party and a Crazy Party. Right now the Crazy Party is in charge, but we are about to change that.
Jamie 271 seconds ago
Liberals are anti #metoo. Biden has many, many accusers .. Two additional women, Caitlyn Caruso and D. J. Hill, came forward Tuesday
plastic_jeezus 281 seconds ago
wow.. I keep coming across your delusional posts and can't help but wonder if you ate those seeds China sent you
Turbotastic 281 seconds ago
Three members of the Squad have had primaries so far, and all three have won in landslides despite the right wasting millions trying to beat them. You love to see it.
Make First Ladies Great Again! 289 seconds ago
Women have a ticket to vote for this time: Biden/Harris 2020 Dr. Jill Biden will be an exemplary First Lady and she speaks English!
Boss Freedom 303 seconds ago
That doesn't necessarily mean a payout, but reparations must be made one way or another by society as a whole, or there is no justice and history will repeat itself. Germany dealt with their collective sin the right way and they are better for it today.
jack burns 321 seconds ago
Hey who am I to argue with a famous virologist like yourself. You've obviously been in close touch with the researchers.
MAGA Winning 339 seconds ago
How ? The world is using HCQ and it works on 90% . You liberals don’t want people to use it. Your governors put the sick with the healthy. Biden and Pelosi wanted the borders open . It’s because of you and Xhina
That too 350 seconds ago
Records don’t lie. I have plenty on you as I heard you were a real problem on this social media platform.
Wilbert B 350 seconds ago
After spending three months rioting against racism and police the Dems nominate a racist and crooked cop. It would be hilarious if it weren't so sad.
Iowa man 357 seconds ago
Everybody does it, cookies anyone, it will load the site quicker (wink wink). What's up with all these permissions you want.
Eddie Sanchez 371 seconds ago
Kamala Harris laughed about jailing parents over truancy. But it's not funny
Hightop 379 seconds ago
Go read up on the various vaccine paths being persued. Merk, AZ, Pfizer, they are all working on different approaches. Some are moving into phase III testing right now.
Val Kerry 381 seconds ago
Trump is on the phone begging Putin for his vaccine. Putin is laughing at Trump so hard that he fell out of his chair.
Almighty God Above 408 seconds ago
160,000 dead Americans and a crushed economy because of your vote for Trump. Don't forget it, traitor. Rest assured we won't. We damn sure won't.
Jamie 419 seconds ago
He has sooooo many.
G L 420 seconds ago
Sorry, but Kasich is not a real patriot. What he is, is a Democrat. "The ANTI-SCIENCE GOP is wrong - their methods simply do not work." And you think the methods of the Democrats do? Seriously, did you miss out on the entire 20th century? The one thing we absolutely learned thanks to all the real world examples of that century is that socialism, and in particular strict socialism, doesn't work. Look at Detroit. Or Venezuela. Or the Soviet Union. Or Cambodia. How many examples do you need before you clue in?
Make First Ladies Great Again! 480 seconds ago
Biden has ONE lone accuser. She was debunked by her own attorney. Trump has DOZENS of rape/assault accusers. Kamala Harris will destroy Trump on his rapes.
Doug Kenny 483 seconds ago
Well,we heard her speak English,and she does not speak it fluently. She speaks English fluently, if not entirely gracefully. That's the thing who speak multiple languages - they tend to take shortcuts when speaking.
Art 17 seconds ago
This gets really interesting. Everyone knows that Harris would be the de facto president. So would California's dislike of her put California in play?
InHocSignoVinces 29 seconds ago
60 years of increasingly radical femimarxist indoctrination, from the moment they can speak, won't be denied..
Dominique 32 seconds ago
So you too don’t know that Jamaican blacks,,like Cuba and the other Caribbean island were escaped slave from the US,, Hope Trump says that..
Feet2Fire 34 seconds ago
How people celebrate their heritage is THEIR BUSINESS. Only a jealous no-good-nik would find that problematic. Probably because they HAVE NO HERITAGE worth celebrating.
C-Note 37 seconds ago
The plan all along. Senator Harris lacks charisma, and is as abrasive as coarse sandpaper. Her poor social skills make her unelectable on her own. She has always come across as nasty, hostile, and angry. These negative qualities make her unacceptable to be POTUS.
Steve James 41 seconds ago
I'm so relieved he didn't pick Mike. That could very well have been a game changer. Kamala's baggage really should make this a cake walk now.
Toobuku4ju 53 seconds ago
Susan rice was osama’s choice but joebama bin hidin picked harris to tick them off. Now it’s just a formality to say “I’ve known her for a long time...” joebama had a bone to pick because osama didn’t endorse him right away. Joe had a minute of clarity. Good call... for us and the country since their campaign is in disarray and Harris is not likable. Trump 2020.
Max Headspace 58 seconds ago
When You Get Shot Dead In Broad Daylight For Being An Outspoken Trump Supporter ..Even Wearing A Red Hat Is Dangerous ..😐
Donna Laws 65 seconds ago
This is her day but I think the more Americans start to learn about her past, the less she'll be liked. What is she, about 10% black?
Borders protect Constitution 73 seconds ago
You Dims are obsessed with Russia, and various other boogeymen, like "global warming" and "systemic racism."
Stingray 91 seconds ago
Now this ticket will make it tough for low information voters to decide the future of America. Full blown communism, incompetence, and an imminent threat to The Constitution. Or America First with a return to a raging economy. 83 more days for the undecided to figure out if they support Freedom, or tyranny.
DoorsAndCorners 99 seconds ago
Sadly, for many of those "in the middle" who still think that our politicians are working in our best interests, it will take their neighbours being killed in the streets on an organised level before reality sinks in. I don't mean the stabbings and shootings that we already see today. I mean the point where if you walk into the wrong area you will be killed on the spot. When the groups of islamic men are moving through the town / village, pulling people out of their homes and converting or killing them on their doorsteps. That is when the scales will finally fall from their eyes. Most people today cannot believe that this will happen or that our leaders know that it will happen and are helping it along. They don't believe that our politicians would betray us in this way. At that point it will be those areas where the invaders numbers are low where the real fightback will begin. There will be no more illusions and no more Mr Nice Guy from the British people. We will be fighting for our country and our lives. Then, when our islamic visitors realise what they have awoken in us, we will see how fast they can paddle themselves back across the English Channel.
SAMantha 99 seconds ago
Jessica Alba was rated meanest celeb by hairstylists She came to function at husbands company and was NASTY
Los2000 104 seconds ago
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH.... I'll just leave this here:
Jimmy Kilgore 104 seconds ago
DogBoy the Cat (I'm back) 114 seconds ago
They call... but... Let me put it this way... When you get a call from someone you do not know.... do you answer?
10ECVOL 117 seconds ago
Hahaha! Now that’s funny right there. I’m giving you fair warning. I’m stealing that one from you!!!
Charles Perigord 119 seconds ago
"workplaces should look like america." Does that mean the NBA should reduce the percentage of black players from 77% to 13.7%? And should they be forced to hire some people who can't run?
Feet2Fire 121 seconds ago
No; he is merely citing some of the grander accomplishments of the White race, which obviously pricks the Jealousy Response of some folks, who feel the need to try to TEAR DOWN what "Whitey" collectively has achieved, rather than figure out how to achieve something worthwhile in their own empty lives.
disqus_LI4IyhLpxR 123 seconds ago
Don’t be fooled, Hillary wanted that spot as her path back into the Whitehouse. Now she will be devastated yet again her dreams dashed and when it dawns on her she will never be president she will finally disappear. Every hope was crushed with Madam, Grislane Coming out with proof pointing right at Bill.
Stathanacious1952 124 seconds ago
Here On Lake Ontario people sometimes like to try to swim in the river by the canal lock. The rapids are so bad there most people drown.
Zeek Zook 140 seconds ago
All of these Bernie supporters have friends and families who have had their lives destroyed for simple marijuana charges. Kamala prosecutes these kids, destroys their lifes. Then giggles about how she likes to smoke pot. Why did Biden do this?
JackJack2020 140 seconds ago
The 2nd Amendment is needed now more than ever with the unconditional surrender of our police and military by the left.
SL Dek 141 seconds ago
So NOBODY else lies on twitter? Have you seen some of the posts by the "elite media". Provably false, yet not blocked or even warned. AOC has been proven wrong time and time again, yet there she after day, laying out false narrative. Promotion of violent blm/antifa activities, (what other kind are there?) and doxing people? If their process for banning were equal and across the board, I think it would make more sense, but we all know the banning and shutting down accounts typically happens to the more conservative people/groups. Your kind knows that the only way to stop real truth, things that you hate, is to shut down the source. Germany did that in the 1930's - called book burning. Liberals used to revile this action by a government and people. What happened to you? Why have you given in to the anti-freedom aspect of the power grab by the democrats and the media?
Patriot 141 seconds ago
michaelrhew 179 seconds ago
Why would this media hack think that a NON-African woman of Jamaican and Indian heritage get the Black African American vote? She has a light brown skin color, not a Black skin color, so they have no basis in that regard for voting for her. With the African American Blacks demanding reparations for slavery, and her Jamaican ancestors having owned slaves, it does not make any logical sense to think she is going to get that vote, unless Democrats think that all Blacks are stupid.
SAMantha 182 seconds ago
Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend shot first then proceeded to use her as a human shield He was left uninvited Arrest the boyfriend who got Breonna shot
4thandinches 186 seconds ago
Kamala is mix of Jamaican and Indian (from India). And I am confused, as I thought that Jamaicans were considered to be black.
LGS 208 seconds ago
James Bryson 209 seconds ago
Yes but... she makes a striking virtue signal...despite being dangerously incompetent and making a lottery out of Chicago injustice...did I mention Fixxx is from the projects?
Habes Nicht 222 seconds ago
It wasn’t long ago that the government itself allowed phone and cable companies to data mine people’s browsing history outright. They kowtowed to big tech, and big tech bit them— because they’re so wealthy they can operate like countries unto themselves.
pawoman 225 seconds ago
I have many issues with her politics. Even if I agreed with her political views, I would never vote for her. As a professional woman, I take issue with the manner in which she secured her various jobs. Her relationship with Willie Brown is disconcerting. In my opinion, many woman who worked to secure their positions in the corporate world will find her method of “climbing the ladder” untenable.
Ed Gulisano 241 seconds ago
Matthew 6:34 34 Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. - Jesus Christ Have a good day Breitbart.
Stathanacious1952 248 seconds ago
Well that’s what we hav3 to look forward to if the socialists get their way. It wasn’t meant to be funny
Jocko Petunie 248 seconds ago
This is the most disastrous rollout of a VP candidate I can recall. Maybe Dan Quayle was worse... but at least he wasn't hated within his own party.
LGS 250 seconds ago
#PhonyKamala #HeelsUp promises to use Executive Action to disarm Americans: Harris: I'll give Congress 100 days to pass gun laws Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) pledged that, if elected president, she would take executive action to enact sweeping gun control measures if Congress fails to send comprehensive legislation to her desk in her first 100 days.
JimBob 251 seconds ago
The Happersett case is irrelevant. The court ruled on the status of Mrs Minor, its opinion did not address who else may or may not be a natural born citizen.
vikings4123 254 seconds ago
I wish President Trump would simply, immediately, 1) declare hcq an over-the- counter drug by emergency EO. 2) do same for ivermectin. 3) order U.S. pharma to produce, by end-of- year, quantities of both sufficient enough to cover the nation for treatment and for the most vulnerable as a prophylactic by March 31, 2021. 4) thank Fauci and Birx and release them from any further obligation or involvement on Pence's team. 5) Promote Dr. Gold and the other 15 doctors to the team and hold daily conferences at prime time for 2 weeks to share the safety and efficacy results of both drugs and when they work.
Tad Moto 254 seconds ago
Sounds like pandering to Asians, East Indians, Blacks, Polynesians (Pacific Islanders) and whatever else she claims to be.
John_33 🐼✓ˢᵘᵖᵉʳᵉˡᶦᵗᵉ 255 seconds ago
Dems are saying the same thing.
Dominique 263 seconds ago
He showed all the notes,,and I guess you don’t watch..the press to a pic of some of them and yes he did a vet,,like he did but Trump didn’t,
Inigo Montoya 268 seconds ago
She is half Indian. India is part of Asia. We don’t normally think of Indians as Asian but they are.
wattyler3 269 seconds ago
If they refloat it, maybe they’ll sell it to Britain. BoJo can’t resist a bargain. He can then sell the two existing carriers to somewhere like . . . er . . . China, and replace them with the wooden one. After all, the Royal Navy don’t need carriers which actually operate planes or go anywhere. It would just need to sit in Portsmouth and look good, and BoJo could still be a member of the Big Boys’ Club.
Gano1 302 seconds ago
The Bernie wing hate Harris and Biden with a passion, Harris is NOT black at all (she is Asian), the Squad are furious...........the Trump campaign can do to Harris what they did to Warren!.......prove you are black Mrs Harris?.