thee1truth 10 seconds ago
You do know that Kavanaugh has a title now, right? SEXUAL PREDATOR BRETT KAVANAUGH Show some disrespect.
FA Miniter 12 seconds ago
WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!!! It was Barr who said - under oath and before the House Committee, that Mueller had no complaints. That was a lie, that was the perjury, Barr knew about Mueller's letter complaining about Barr's summary, Barr knew that he called Mueller, and Barr lied about all this to the Committee. Only when Mueller's letter came to light as Barr was about to testify to the Senate Committee did Barr suddenly remember all of this and give a version of the truth to the Senate Committee. The House Committee wants to tie up the loose ends on the perjury charge and Barr is scared he will be indicted.
LuvsSnark 12 seconds ago
I point the finger on those activists, either here in the U.S. or in these home countries, for encouraging these immigrants to take such a foolhardy and dangerous chance on receiving asylum here. They've probably been told all the loopholes to jump through in order to get government aid and shelter. Until we cut THAT off, these people will continue to come here.
Dr. GS Hurd 14 seconds ago
lol Oh, I suspect they already know that is the law. Somebody might mention this to Billy Barr, and Donnie Trump.
ProfElwood 16 seconds ago
“A statement that the investigation did not establish particular facts does not mean there was no evidence of those facts.” Well, since nothing could stick, that would mean there's no useful evidence. It's a distinction without a useful difference.
Pinker 16 seconds ago
You don't have the right to speed or use leaded gas either. Suck it up, buttercup. But without your silly cup.
h2k 18 seconds ago
False equivalent. Trump never framed anyone (you are the one focused on skin color) and does not deserve it to be done in retaliation because you don't like him or he's not in apolitically protected class. You exposed your bias. I think we're probably done now. All the best.
Chuck 20 seconds ago
I believe Dean testified to prosecutors without Nixon's knowledge before he could raise any objection...
Terrafurtive 22 seconds ago
Congress demands, Executive provides. That's the Constitution folks. Presidents always lose this battle. .
P.N.Gwyen 25 seconds ago
Progressives asked the DCCC to not fundraiser for the 5 ProLife Democrats. Democrats have a purity test now.
MAGADeplorable, too 28 seconds ago
Again you are too stupid to comprehend the legislation signed into law has nothing to do with anyone's religion You mommy must be proud her eternal infant is an imbecile
Fatalflash 29 seconds ago
Memo to Cons: Your scum pond is beginning to drain. Some of your own are starting to slither out of there.
Viva Obamacare!!! 31 seconds ago
Amash is FOUNDING MEMBER of the Tea Party and FREEDOM Caucus who votes 99% with MAGAts and look how they viciously whip him like a runaway slave
Thermopile 34 seconds ago
Since when does oversight = abuse? Oh, right... when it's a lawless GOP President being investigated. Vote Dem in 2020 and MATA.
YCantWeBFriends? 35 seconds ago
Tell me Turley... it seems the one floating impeachment talk are mostly conservative pundits. Why is that?
naksuthin 35 seconds ago
Its a FREE MARKET Your competitors can also 1. "dump" to get rid of you. 2. Or they can buy you out. And raise prices 3. Or they can merge with your rivals and dominate you 4. Or they can offer a better warranty 5. Or they can offer a money back GUARANTEE 6. Or superior service There are so many ways a competitor can get an advantage over a rival and put him out of business and then raise prices..... BESIDES dumping THAT'S BUSINESS! The government shouldn't be trying to.protect the weak
Doris 35 seconds ago
The Criminal-in-Chief and his band of thieves need to be IMPEACHED, otherwise, our democracy is DEAD.
Sharon Vaughn 38 seconds ago
Novel? Last resort, maybe. Both Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson faced impeachment and were acquitted. Nixon would have, but he saw the writing on the wall and resigned. Impeachment is not something to be taken lightly. The House has to build a solid case with irrefutable evidence to be presented to the Senate who will vote on whether or not to put it to trial. With McConnell as majority leader, that seems futile.
wotsa 41 seconds ago
"You haven't provided a shred of evidence so, therefore, your assertions are mere lies. You realize you are asking me to lecture on the entire geopolitical history of the United States and well as the history of US-Iranian relations? Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, China. All of it? "Yeah, just another Iran apologist troll." Stating facts. "A few hundred comments and you're gone until the next time the mullahs need a mouthpiece." Should I call you a Saudi mouthpiece? Because by defending US policy that is exactly what you are doing.
Jade 41 seconds ago
I thought that same thing. Though he can actually resign if he feels he's being kept for corrupt reasons.
Curious 43 seconds ago
Not to worry - Individual 1 has promised to give farmers as much socialism as they need to stay afloat. Including $62 million to a Brazilian company whose corrupt owners can't leave the country and have increased their sales of Brazilian-raised pork to China by 25%.
The Contentious Otter 43 seconds ago
Dumba$$ Donald is destroying the economies of the flyover states that elected him, while talking about even more tax breaks for his wealthy GOP cronies.
The Devil is a Fine Gentleman 44 seconds ago
Let's make one thing clear, as it should be to everyone. There is no pathway to conviction, and only a perilously thin path to impeachment even being considered by the house. If you are buying into the idea that this is a real possibility, you are a fool. My hope is you are a willful fool, but my expectation is that you're just clueless.
GOPDestroyingDemocracy 46 seconds ago
General Election: Trump vs. Biden FOX News Biden 49 — Trump 38 — Biden +11
unworthy 46 seconds ago
The DNC voters in Alabama are too dumb to know how how to choose their own foods and eat right, since they are all on food stamps.
Joe Acerbic 47 seconds ago
tRumpy refuses to do anything about what draws illegal immigrants here: employers hiring them. tRumpy cult followers are the dumbest, most gullible suckers in this and all the parallel universes.
William Bayer 47 seconds ago
Well then I direct your faulty attention to my very first sentence: "So then why not eliminate ALL statutes of limitations?" With what you're proposing the least serious crimes are tried on the most reliable evidence, and the most serious crimes can be tried on the least reliable evidence, such as a 50-year-old memory.
Lizintexas 47 seconds ago
Thanks to Obammie and his admin. We had measles eradicated in the U.S. until our borders were opened by the lib dems. They needed votes because real Americans wouldn't vote for them and and they knew it.
oorfenegro 51 seconds ago
If residents of an area do not have representatives in Congress, why should they be subject to federal income taxes like Puerto Ricans who like DC residents have no voting representatives in Congress.
Sueatt 52 seconds ago
it is a new development as there wsan't a subpoena then and donnie didn't tell them to defy the subpoena
Dschwarpa 56 seconds ago
I want SCOTUS picks that are constitutionalist rather than ideological in nature. The constitutionalist always measures the law up against the Constitution, where the ideologist determines what the outcome should be and tries to find a legal thread to justify it. The former is more consistent wheras the latter causes much confusion and clashing of rights.
Not So Evil 56 seconds ago
I don't have to. We are going to be finding out how many politicians get rich from China. And why they don't want to change our trade policies.
Richard 57 seconds ago
Another moron with zero brains . It’s called following the law President Trump has directed former White House Counsel Don McGahn to skip a House Judiciary Committee hearing scheduled for Tuesday, citing a Justice Department opinion that he cannot be compelled to testify about his official duties.
ACLUGLY 58 seconds ago
You know what i find crazy about all of this? We used to use paper bags and paper straws until the liberals of the 1970's said we were killing too many trees and that we should switch to plastic and recycle!!! Liberals, always trying to solve a problem they created.
OneFootOutOfThisBananaRepublic 8 seconds ago
So, is it because DeNero is a pedophile, or is it due to one of his many other illegal activities? Trump is outing these slime balls.
Gale S 10 seconds ago
Many years ago I worked for a govt. agency. A Congressman came to hold a blacks only meeting. I showed up, they told me to leave, I stayed. Never had a racist bone in my body until Obama. Now what's going on makes me angry. We are either one society or we go back to segregation. Not a lot of choices, none of them good. This nonsense like the Congressional Black Caucus needs to go. All Congressmen/women are supposed to represent All the people, not special interest.
Abby 12 seconds ago
Their just waiting for the bus and plane schedules from President Trump. Why doesn’t Trump use the insurrection act of 1803 and put an end to this. He is allowing this. We need a real American conservative as President. Trump is proving he doesn’t hav it.
America=Cowards 14 seconds ago
1,000,000 in Law Enforcement and 2,000,000 in the Military and we cant win a war, crime continues to get worse, and millions of people have entered the country illegally. America is a joke.
disqus_4SRYzOEtQx 20 seconds ago
The 51st state I want is Northern CA becoming the State of Jefferson, a solid conservative strong-hold. We can't take a risk on bringing our idiots of America who are already thinking socialism and communism are "great ideas" into contact with more idiots of the same! If anything, grab the anti-totalitarian cubans and bring them here, then sink the whole damn island. Ditto for the useless, lazy, crapheads of Puerto Rico.
Political Moonwalk 21 seconds ago
Aren’t 3 hour movies harmful to the climate? How many cars are driven to the theater? How much energy is used in the writing, filming, and distribution of movies? How much energy does it take to product plastic DVDs? Popcorn doesn’t pop itself in a vacuum.
davidcoxe 22 seconds ago
Coming from someone who refused to stand up and fight during the debates this is laughable. A debate question he had 100% correct he allowed the MSNBC commentor to throw the answer to Obama and not protest. What a Gutless wonder
Freempg 22 seconds ago
Here's a woman that says she voted for Trump BECAUSE he's a p grabber (betas like you couldn't get within a hundred feet of this beautiful free spirit):
Gafly 26 seconds ago
Devolution is starring us in the face, in the form of one of the old Muppet guys. Grumpy old communist.
Qwerty 26 seconds ago
DeNiro has grown old a bad foul-mouthed, deranged, hateful, stupid individual. No respect for this psycho.
STARCHY2 29 seconds ago
here's me "answering it":
voting toward oblivion 30 seconds ago
Many Black Colleges and thousands of "Black Educators" and "Black Students" want race based re-segregation? Fine - give it to them. Its also time, to repeal all Diversity and Affirmative Action preferences under law, in the USA favoring all Black Americans.
Pip Doug 32 seconds ago
sfdebre, Love Sharing and Stumpo: Your comments demonstrate moronic displays of intelligence. More like screaming & shouting 3rd graders mad because no one likes you. Mueller has the evidence. DoJ rules did not allow him to indict......or he would have. Instead he sent it over to congress. He said it Right there in The Mueller Report. Loud & clear. That's how I know you Einsteins didnt not read it. Scump is suing to deny him testifying before congress--because if he testifies this info will be broadcast nationally on live tv. Scump doesn't want that.
catmom 33 seconds ago
Really? Well hate to break it to you but "white collar crime" is mostly done by white males. Now..... considering this has been a term for quite a long time, do you have any clue why? Could it be when it began as a term, most management jobs were white only. How's that for racist?
Dustin 35 seconds ago
Again, please grasp the meaning of deficit and debt before trying to explain them. He reduced the deficit. Reducing the deficit reduces the rate of DEBT. He never said he reduced the rate of the deficit. That wouldn’t make sense. You either reduce it or you increase it. There is no in between. Educate yourself. You look dumb. Like I said, consult your preferred dictionary
bookish1 35 seconds ago
The issue with Hillary was not "personal emails." The issue was that she set up her own private SERVER to evade FOIA requests. Look it up and ya might learn something.
Bob L 38 seconds ago
Amash should spare himself the embarasing and horrific loss that he is going to receive a concede to State Rep. Jim Lower today!
Goat 41 seconds ago
Goodness I wish he would set the world of baseball on fire. What a truly decent Christian man for children to model themselves after.
wellWellwell 42 seconds ago
Shot or arrested, they are surrendering to BP and walking through the ports so technically are hands are tied.
Saul 44 seconds ago
The truth always comes out about these slimebags --- Figures that Trump-Hating Rep. Justin Amash Has Personal Business Interests in China..
BossBass7o7 44 seconds ago
Fee'yuck De Ziro, who cares. This guy will be dead soon & he will take his ignorance & hate with him. Tough guy, he cried when Hillary lost, what a poofta.
Average Joe 47 seconds ago
Soon robots will do the 80 percent of the mindless work. Better start figuring out how to use your brain if you want to be part of the 20 percent still employed.
Paul Johnson 48 seconds ago
One of the greatest actors of all time, but this obsession with disparaging a two-year-old acting, four-flushing white president is counterproductive. He needs to get over it and just say that he disagrees with President Trump and pay the baby no mind. Simple as that. But stop the whining, Robert. The Donald could only dream of being at the pinnacle of accomplishment that you've reached, that you've achieved.
Xena 49 seconds ago
Funny how my military status mattered before you found out I am actually a vet, then suddenly it doesn't matter. What it means is that your pathetic attempt failed at using the military to further your political agenda failed. Thank you for proving that you never served a day in your life and you're nothing more than a hypocrite.
GoldenRudy 49 seconds ago
NATO has outlived its purpose. Created in 1949 to block the USSR from getting to The Channel. The Channel is still there. but the USSR is not.
BackFromTheBrink 56 seconds ago
After collecting Marvel comics for over 30 years this is exactly the reason I stopped buying anything Marvel related. Ruffalo and Evans have ruined the characters they portrayed with their political activism. Leftist storylines in the comics were nowhere near as offensive in the early Marvel years but got worse over time.
npcToo 57 seconds ago
The real problem with both Ford and Chev for cars is if you ever crash it, you'll find out your vehicle depreciation was so bad that your insurance company will total it for a minor fender hit -- and it wasn't even worth carrying collision on it for the past 3 years.... Maybe look at the blue book on it now just so you're not shocked. Save yourself some money too. Sure, cars are terrible. No....they're not investments either unless you're building something cool yourself. Still, you can do better than the scrap yard after 8 years. Plenty of good cars out there. They're even made in the USA, although they might be owned by a company with an HQ somewhere else.
Glenda 60 seconds ago
Does that include tax cheats and off-shore hidden money, professor? Does it include CEOs who rig their compensation collusively? If so, I might get on board. End ALL Corruption
USfirst 61 seconds ago
Between this moron and Baldwin it's a race to the bottom who is the bigger has been. Both desperate to get a reaction from Trump - who ignores the dirty rats.
TIME2INDICTdemocrats 66 seconds ago
Faux is boasting 1.1 million viewers watched...thumping CNN and MSNBC. That is IT...Isn;t Hannity like 3+ million??? Seems like the extent of the SOUTH BENDOVER Mayor's support is a bit limited.
STARCHY2 66 seconds ago
here. read this:
EdtheK 66 seconds ago
it's not, but the people voted that it didn't matter to them. The people who were in the sane part of the country knew he was flawed, saw Hillary as a lying conniving fake witch with all the lust for power and control like all dems have now, and lett than a tenth of a percent of her husband's personality. The people saw that he actually said what he thought, not carefully scripted, focus tested pablum. and they liked it. They lived with Barry for 8 years. It is time for dems to get over it and move on.
endpork_Spending 71 seconds ago
I am so glad that I re-registered away from a Republican to The Federalist Party. ......... You R voters are drama queens now. 33% Conservative Rated and Main Swamp Rat M. McConnell Primary Opponent ...nope. 34% Conservative Rated and "Red Flag Firearm Confiscation Bill" L. Graham Primary Opponent ... nope. 44% Conservative Rated S. Collins Primary Opponent ... nope. . But a Conservative like this guy says something against Trump and a Primary Opponent is found ... a..mazing. ... YOU REPUBLICANS ARE USELESS !
simona 75 seconds ago
Come on already corrupt filthy evil DNC, roll out BIG MIKE. It's no secret, we all know that he is suppose to save everyone from the lunatics presented before us. Won't matter, President Trump will CRUSH Big Mike as well. We are in exciting times, ORANGEMANBAD2020!
disqus_3sM5X0YFlK 76 seconds ago
What “overt act” did Trump do that is an “essential element” of what statute? This is all mandatory and you have none of that - talk to a prosecutor other than pencil neck Schiff! Go stick your head in a toilet and count to 1,000 and see if you learn anything!
GateKeeper 77 seconds ago
I'm afraid they'ed just hire more staff to justify additional spending each year. "If you vote for my pork spending, I'll vote for yours".
Wonderclapnewman 81 seconds ago
Excuse me, I don't know, or care how this works. But, if he has a husband, does that make him the wife?
L Garou 82 seconds ago
LOL, Ring! Ring! safety first!
HammerTime 84 seconds ago
I don't care what they do. They were NOT bailed out. And I have never owned a Ford. Not because they are not good cars, I just prefer others.
Cynara2 88 seconds ago
Mrs. Margaret Sanger, crusader for birth control, says she will "find another place to live" if Senator John F. Kennedy becomes president. Mrs. Sanger said she was opposed to Kennedy because of his religion. "In my estimation a Roman Catholic is neither Democrat nor Republican." "Nor American, nor Chinese; he is a Roman Catholic," Mrs. Sanger said. Mrs. Sanger is here [Hawaii] on a vacation from her Tucson (Ariz.) home. She told a reporter that a Roman Catholic at the head of the country would "make impossible America's most important contribution to world peace -- the dissemination of birth control information." She is the founder and president emeritus of the Planned Parenthood federation From a 1960 newspaper article. There is absolutely no way JFK could be a Democrat today.
simmer down 89 seconds ago
You got to make that choice. Because you now regret said decision, you now believe nobody should be given that choice. Is that the gist of it?
ljj312617 90 seconds ago
At least and he knows how to deal when donny gets in the mud.. Like any hog wallow you laugh at it..
PRISM-theNewSocialNetwork 91 seconds ago
I'm not insulting you, nor am I looking at statistics you cited. Why? This statement of yours. "3 fatal crashes. And how many fatal crashes by human drivers every year?" This tells me you don't understand how to look at numbers like this. Example. Which is worse, car A that has 3 crashes, or car B that has 100 crashes? That's right - we don't know. Why? We don't know how many of each are out there. If A builds 3 cars and they all crash, it's worse than B building a million cars and 100 crashing, right? You may have meant something else, but what you actually said shows a lack of understanding. You're probably still defensive, but my point was simply - a good stats class would serve you well.
Thinker-1 93 seconds ago
That is simply driver error. No need to blame the hardware. But I have my doubts about a camera-only system, no radar, no lidar. I would not trust any system to do more than alert me to a lane drift.