MrQuemo 4804 seconds ago
Many people are saying that it's you, Gipper, who loves to have sex with fruits and vegetables. Is that true?
FatCünt TBR78 5437 seconds ago
TBR the fat çünt is a serial shoplifter. It stuffed watermelons and jackfruits in its ćünt. Disgusting!!! TBR’s green card husband uses its çünt as a urinal. @MaryLTheresa:disqus @steven_hansmann:disqus @yourdailyentropy:disqus @sleuth_dasleuth:disqus @disqus_acdYWH93ek:disqus @Camus53:disqus @raynehell:disqus. @disqus_qFGjWuX4G8:disqus. @disqus_td3UmlYIfX:disqus @Britt_Reid:disqus @Gomez2:disqus @disqus_5JBbYKOHzm:disqus @Markoch:disqus @professional_comedian:disqus @disqus_BFmh2wpIUK:disqus @dks59:disqus @disqus_1mcB6EKQMl:disqus @Outhouse_of_Usher:disqus. @disqus_hkgQpPa0sR:disqus. @disqus_KtdSnVrdhM:disqus @disqus_hh3SnodfCJ:disqus @laura_croft_0001:disqus @medicinezombie:disqus @RiverStroker:disqus @PatchesTheSpider:disqus @disqus_ePsWai2Nn3:disqus @disqus_1mcB6EKQMl:disqus @disqus_0JsaFrd39m:disqus @Blue__Bear:disqus @mathazor:disqus @disqus_dgdOIYODLz:disqus @changerous:disqus @disqus_taWI1JSV9L:disqus @disqus_v0lsB5xh2N:disqus @disqus_ePsWai2Nn3:disqus. @unclepatrick:disqus.
FatCünt TBR78 5638 seconds ago
TBR put Jack in the hospital with its toxic çünt. 
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TBR child abüser 6028 seconds ago
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TBR child abüser 6111 seconds ago
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TBR child abüser 6161 seconds ago
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FatCünt TBR78 13226 seconds ago
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FatCünt TBR78 13293 seconds ago
TBR’s green card husband uses its çünt as a urinal. Disgusting! @disqus_kEn0SnzCnE:disqus. @lazlothoth:disqus @kingcontrump:disqus @leftturn2:disqus @disqus_S5ISL1tlZS:disqus @disqus_9XgLGXsdeP:disqus @ehbridge:disqus @franklinsezchillaxz:disqus @mathazor:disqus @This_is_nothing:disqus. @PEB46:disqus. @disqus_kEn0SnzCnE:disqus @disqus_TSbV0I4oeV:disqus @disqus_Pk89sYgCu1:disqus @Seehowtheyrun:disqus. @rem234343433242:disqus @disqus_qSpiVEYR9a:disqus. @RSCass:disqus @disqus_PSgp8Ck8ys:disqus @g0ptakesellisdee:disqus @unclepatrick:disqus @commonsense23c:disqus @sheltom:disqus @hot_rats:disqus @disqus_zAHjgCGFiU:disqus @bobbeighton:disqus @fredsmith222:disqus @masriobravohombre:disqus @jump_the_snark:disqus @icanttakethisanymore:disqus @disqus_nHFzNjiu7L:disqus.
FatCünt TBR78 13377 seconds ago
TBR admitted its children are licking its ás$h0le clean after every sh!t TBR takes. TBR is a fat unemployed çünt.@disqus_kRFXT1qI0V:disqus. @disqus_uT5L0IiNKA:disqus @lNrI4nk3nh:disqus @disqus_LSYdZBBhlU:disqus @disqus_D4FSEurOlw:disqus @disqus_ObT8saL6aJ:disqus @maga_tron:disqus @disqus_ghigsxQ15r:disqus @david_echegoyen:disqus @patrickquibodeaux:disqus @Jesse4:disqus @Blue__Bear:disqus @rem234343433242:disqus @james_teel:disqus @alienjesus:disqus @disqus_4ohwbWzA6w:disqus @bobinbellevuewa:disqus @mrphilby:disqus @disqus_S78BLNMaQZ:disqus @disqus_fxS3OUWi7E:disqus @disqus_LSYdZBBhlU:disqus @disqus_fa7K84cosk:disqus
Pisto75666 16765 seconds ago
Trump took the 5th more times than any other president in American history, even more than Nixon, people are saying. Even Hillary didn't take the 5th as often as he did.
Birdman 19358 seconds ago
Yes I am impressed with the 3 bills passed, it took a while over a year but they were done and that is an accomplishment. Dude, I don't know how seriously you are taking what's happening?., When you have people making threats at head of FBI and DOJ, that is crossing into a line of a third world country. Remember he Orange Clown is a scared mentally unstable person, when he gets pushed to a corner, when he feels he is out of options, as he did after all his attempts failed in overturning the election then he will resorts to manipulate his MAGA Mob to what could become a Civil War?. In less than 4 days, he has turned this FBI search into a political weapon, with the help of GOP and Fox on the attack of FBI and accusing them working for Dem, with the "Deep State" and the Witch hunt narrative. These morons that follow Trump, who attached the Capital are still out there, not all of them got arrested. If they can make this kind of drama from a FBI search, then just think what will happen if DOJ indicts him and has him in cuffs?. And that is what its Trump's goal is to intimidate and scare the DOJ to back off him and write now he is getting from all sides and when he is under pressure he will create mayhem, that's what he is good at. I hope I am wrong?
ChadHatten 22770 seconds ago
Trump and I have a lot in common. We are both two of the most persecuted people in American history.
Sam Adams 32662 seconds ago
With your continued diatribe you continue to prove my point...your mind is in the iron grip of the Fascist tRump and you continue to mindlessly spout the propaganda that you've been force fed. The disloyal insurrectionists in you speaks loudly to your Fascist programming. But I still have hope that you can be deprogrammed and returned to sanity...
OplySto. boie, Nanglaban 40925 seconds ago
My " gut " instincts were on point realities in relation Leftist sect fromCommie J0e ; his control over mentality on yours so intense - > remarks on yours are similar communist trolls _ yours ambition 's wreck this nation then turn it communist utopia such as Mao Zetong ^ my preference convince yours perseverance treatment from shrinks # soon you ' ll restore mental health ... !
Dude1244 43371 seconds ago
On the up side we now have a president that has three major bills passed, and critical thinkers in his cabinet. the orange calf is reloading his gun after shooting both of his feet and is undermining the far right with his insanity. I kind of feel the winds a changing, but they may be just me.
Sam Adams 59082 seconds ago
I see that I have spoken the facts/truth about the Fascist movement under tRump...he does have an iron grip on your mind. You continue to sound like every insurrectionist enabler. Your goal is to overthrow out democratic government and install a Fascist dictatorship...this is shades of the rise of the Fascist dictatorship in Germany during the 1930's through to 1945. God save our country from the Fascists like you... I would continue to encourage you to continue with the deprogramming effort...eventually you will return to sanity...
DAS 60339 seconds ago
And still no evidence that the January 6 witnesses are lying either you lose again re1ard 😂😂😂
DAS 60361 seconds ago
And still no evidence that the FBI raid on Trump was politically motivated either you lose again re1ard 😂😂😂
DAS 60468 seconds ago
You're a f***ing idiot, and all your opinions are stupid and wrong you lose again re1ard 😂😂😂
Birdman 69207 seconds ago
Trump already undermined our election system with his "Fraud" claims for 2 years, now he is trying to undermine the Judicial system (DOJ/FBI) by accusing of planting something, and the GOP comes to his support too. This past 3 days has been a media circus for Fox, Trump and GOP to attack and undermine the FBI for the search at the Orange Pig's home, where now the FBI and DOJ are getting death threats?. If this is not a prelude to autocracy I don't know what is? The GOP has now abandoned all the fundamental blocks of our democracy to serve Trump. IF DOJ doesn't indict or prison Trump we are in deep trouble? I just can't believe what I am seeing that this FBI search become another Political weapon for GOP and Trump to play the "victim" of the Witch Hunt?..
klgmac 72811 seconds ago
So the FBI has been spying in Trump since he became a candidate and all they have is he took some papers? LMAO. J6 is already being memory holed. It didn't work again Mr Coyote! you lose again re1ard 😂😂😂
klgmac 72916 seconds ago
Hunter Biden saga: NBC News joins NYT, WaPo, Politico in verifying laptop dismissed as Russian disinfo in 2020 MSNBC repeatedly derided Biden laptop story as illicit Kremlin operation you lose again re1ard 😂😂😂
klgmac 72928 seconds ago
Still true today. Hunter Biden saga: NBC News joins NYT, WaPo, Politico in verifying laptop dismissed as Russian disinfo in 2020 MSNBC repeatedly derided Biden laptop story as illicit Kremlin operation
klgmac 72981 seconds ago
You're a f***ing idiot, and all your opinions are stupid and wrong you lose again re1ard 😂😂😂
WhackTheGipper 84998 seconds ago
You have more down votes than there were addled "paytriots" standing on the bridge to Moron Lagoon today --- 11 people total waving ragged cum-stained TRUMP/2016 flags. Losers supporting The Biggest Loser!
OplySto. boie, Nanglaban 91789 seconds ago
Leftist sect from Commie J0e ' s control over mentality of yours really intense ; remarks of yours are similar to communist trolls anywhere who ' re bent wreck this nation - > after Commie J0e ' s 0uster occurs soon liberation of yours you ' ve an opportunity for progress then shrink of yours coach in routine of treatment : 0ust Commie J0e ; 0ust Commie J0e ; 0ust Commie J0e ; 0ust Commie J0e ... !
It's becoming more and more clear Chad Hatten's acute mental retardation has taken over his pathetic life.
ScottInManhattan 133983 seconds ago
I mean, you can still come back to this conversation and bother people who made bad takes 4 months ago.
Sam Adams 138118 seconds ago
The Fascist movement under tRump has an iron grip on your sound just like every other insurrectionist out there--wanting to overthrow the government...once The Rump is LOCKED UP you will be free to begin thinking for yourself...and, your deprogrammer will guide you through the process... LOCK TRUMP UP!!! LOCK TRUMP UP!!! LOCK TRUMP UP!!!
Realist489 141502 seconds ago
Just an idea. Let me know how I can best help. And if the answer is "thanks but no thanks" no worries on my end.
DAS 147729 seconds ago
You're a f***ing idiot, and all your opinions are stupid and wrong you lose again re1ard 😂😂😂
DRGreaves 148003 seconds ago
Being a Filthy One Sided Criminal against Society, Communists aren't Human and should be treated as Such...
DAS 184100 seconds ago
All 64 comments that you spammed are stupid and wrong, as usual you lose again re1ard 😂😂😂😂
Edmund Spenser 1 seconds ago
Given his rage at not being appointed to the Supreme Court by Trump, shouldn't Garland have recused himself? He believed that seat was his. He is furious at Trump.
David Comments 2 seconds ago
Your poetry is better than your debating. I think you should switch hobbies. I look at these images from the new super telescopes and see all the "Design, Beauty, Order, Symbiotic Relationships..." created by gravity and the other laws of physics. The Geological record shows us how the Colorado River can carve through the earth and create the gorgeous Grand Canyon. These things are explained by scientific laws or theories. I have yet to hear any reason whatsoever from you about the designer creating them all I hear is poetic blather about how these things are so beautiful and seemlessly integrated that it must be the God in the Bible who created them but you give no explanation for that beyond the smoke and mirrors of your (in your mind) beautiful poetry. Given the total lack of evidence for said that you are providing and that no human being alive has ever provided for designer that is not the simplest most likely explanation for the Grand Canyon. Maybe the entire universe is a lab experiment from a species of super intelligent aliens. I don't know how it all started, but I'm pretty sure you evolved from a tree.
Green 2 seconds ago
On this site? I live in the real world where evidence, data, facts and objective reality mean something. So yeah.... no kidding that "no one" on this site agrees with me.
Jesse Myers 10 seconds ago
Hoover was no longer head of the FBI then. He had fled to Cuba with a boyfriend, and his place had been taken by a crisis actor who ran the Bureau for years with no one the wiser, occasionally consulting with Hoover by long distance telephone.
LD A 18 seconds ago
Agreed. His monotone recitations of the same things start to wear. We need a Rush Limbaugh who knew how to attract audiences by integrating his natural humor and entertainment into important news stories. We need the very best in prime spots.
ProudAmerican 20 seconds ago
Boo Boo Boooooo Boooooo Boooooo Boo Boo Boooooo Boooooo Boooooo Boo Boo Boooooo Boooooo Boooooo FAF FAF FAF
Ben 31 seconds ago
Lets see what the evidence says.They would be NOT going to Hawaii to get her if they believed her self defense story.
AppreciateIt 33 seconds ago
Their best friends “adopted” them out. Show me ONE picture of Michelle pregnant. You cannot because there are none.
AyuhMainer 38 seconds ago
On many levels, this is 2020 all over again. And why is that? Because the Uni-Party wants it that way.
Reintarnation 49 seconds ago
Garland, Wray and Cheney all have their heads so far up their a s s, they can eat the same meal twice.
jillybean 52 seconds ago
Only cannabis is legal in California. But simple possession for personal use of all drugs including heroin is only a misdemeanor thanks to the voters passing a ballot proposition. Almost no one serves time for a first offense, and the maximum penalty is a year in jail.
Sick and Tired in Ohio 55 seconds ago
Just a woman's home and business were ruined. I hope she sues big-time, even if it's her estate. Hollywood has not setup a benefit for her on the tube? Surprise me!
Amanda Miller 77 seconds ago
Actually, not at all. I don't live in a gated community and went downtown just last week several times. As long as you use a little common sense you should be fine. I even *gasp* took light rail since it is free all month long!!
Stonewall's_Ghost ᵁᴸᵀᴿᴬ ᴹᴬᴳᴬ 84 seconds ago
I'm old enough to remember when they called it 'fortifying' an election, my how the times have changed...
Lets' Go Brandon! 93 seconds ago
President Trump Releases Statement Calling for Release of Documents in Mar-a-Lago Raid Search Warrant Published August 11, 2022 at 11:46pm Come on Ninja Garland, the hours are counting down for you. Your time has come to an end
Dun Gone 97 seconds ago
Garland talks about equal justice. Does that mean we will see Hunter and Joe and Hillary receive some of that equal justice?
Justin Truedope 103 seconds ago
The "F" in FBI stands for Federal. They need to keep in their lane and avoid straying into the State's exclusive jurisdictions, which are Constitutionally PROTECTED. If they don't, they have become the seditionist agents of this illegitimate Democrat government and should face prosecution.
Lark 123 seconds ago
The emphasis throughout Twitter’s announcement is on the curation and filtering of information from the company down to users, as opposed to the old norm, which was users discovering information that was popular with other users, through trending hashtags and other mechanisms to surface popular content organically.
Because the only way they can still "fortify" the midterms is to explicitly tell their bots-slash-Democrat voters what to think while keeping them from seeing any alternatives?
concernedcitizen42020 128 seconds ago
you are correct, we are doomed if God is not for us. at times through history God has allowed his people to become slaves to heathen nations. i hope we are not looking at one of those times here.
insurgens ad opus 129 seconds ago
When Dominion cheats again, will you finally be ready to vote with your gun? How many stolen elections are you willing to endure?
MrBeige 140 seconds ago
If the Republicans manage to #AvoidTheSteal in November and gain majority in the House and Senate, first things first they gotta dismantle Big Tech with anti-trust legislation.
Beetlejuice 142 seconds ago
Who does the FBI think they are? Do they think they can just do whatever it takes to protect classified nuclear documents that Trump stole and refused to return?
Marx Isfer Toys 162 seconds ago
The FIB broke into an empty safe. Try to keep up. Unless you're willfully ignorant which is a greater possibility.
Frank Houstoun 167 seconds ago
The FBI agent that headed up the search for Dillinger was Melvin Horace Purvis, FBI Agent who was my cousin.
Norinos 169 seconds ago
The thing about the truth is it wafts it's borders and eventually the truth comes out. And the truth always sounds like hate to those who hate the truth.
Peacharoo 176 seconds ago
You quickly went from Occam's Razor to whether a designer is falsifiable... Cute.... There are some huge heads made if stone on a place called Easter Island... Nobody saw them being built and nobody knows who would have been able to make them... Now.. let's look at Occam's Razor.... Which is the most PARSIMONIOUS Scientific Explanation for the existence of those stone heads .. (A) Millions of years of wind, heat water sand and erosion SLOWLY carved those heads into the forms they are today (B) Those heads were caused due to the Purposeful Creative Efforts of intelligence agents ... Remember... Is claiming that there were designers for those heads FALSIFIABLE? NOPE ... (Go ahead and try).. Now, take those simply silly heads and add trillions of times the amount of SPECIFIED COMPLEXITY and you are just scratching the surface of our existance....
WTexas 176 seconds ago
$14 bucks its pretty cheap even if the cost per KWH goest up to say .20 or .25, its still cheap. However, there are other issues particularly with externalities that are not being taken into account. Some are the lithium mining is awful for the earth and it produces tremendous pollution. Open pit mines and all that implies. Studies have shown that the cost of producing a fully electric car in CO2 emissions is far more than an ICE car. The electricity to fuel the cars are made from coal and gas for the most part so they are not zero emissions at all. Other issues such as battery life are a problem. If a battery goes bad and its not under warranty, it will cost you quite a bit. This can be mitigated if you only lease the vehicle. If I was going to get an electric vehicle, I would lease and not buy. for the simple reason that I wouldn't want to be responsible for the battery. I still say electric cars are not echo friendly due to the lithium ion battery. Find better, more eco friendly batteries and we can talk but lithium based batteries are currently non recyclable and pose a hazard to the environment so I will stay clear of electrics until somebody comes up with better battery chemistry that isn't as damaging.
One_Mountain_Man 188 seconds ago
FU - 2 years of the Mueller investigation found nothing from the fraud that The Hag Hillary Clinton manufactured via her “dossier” - and here they’ll find nothing as well. Trump must be the most investigated person in the country and is standing tall. This issue is that time is running out, the Deep State is starting to panic - so surprise surprise the FBI may “find” something to bring a charge against Trump - that he’ll win, as per everything else they have thrown at him. As for Biden he can’t even put on his jacket without difficulty.
jillybean 199 seconds ago
It's what a lot of people do but I would say that, unless they're addicts, most people stop using cocaine by the time they reach Heche's age.
Edmund Spenser 208 seconds ago
The motto she painted on her chest said "reproductive freedom". How ironic. No one opposed people reproducing. What she wants is the freedom of younger, pre-menopausal women without any resont to kill any child that whose head hasn't fully left the birth canal - even if it is a tenth-month pregnancy. She really wants "infanticide freedom."
Jesse Myers 222 seconds ago
It is not the Department of Justice's job to police borders. And we are a democratic republic; Lincoln and Reagan would be turning over in their graves to hear an American denying that America is a democracy.
AppreciateIt 232 seconds ago
Yes, you want to pretend that is a conservative. Look up the mass grave of little black orphans fauci experimented on and get back to me. You are one sick individual.
BadCase 234 seconds ago
You have no idea what you read there and most likely did not read it at all and just regurgitated something a talking head said
Dan 243 seconds ago
WE KNOW --> obama was spying on Trump. the FBI had hate Trump departments(Peter Strzok{s}). its probable the FBI has EVERY-thing Trump gets close to bugged. its probable the FBI needed to upgraded their surveillance system(s).
OncealwaysaMarine 243 seconds ago
I can't help but wonder what other world leaders are thinking while watching all this unfold; how the Democrats are behaving, this barely conscious and very low functioning "president" who really isn't, the 6 yr long ongoing persecution of President Trump, the shady manner in which the 2020 presidential election was executed, and the whole nine yards? Embarrassing. Disgraceful. Dangerous.
Jay 1776 243 seconds ago
No, he’s explaining their Soviet and even Nazi tactics. What’s illegal and hiding? This was already cleared up with the National Archives last January when they reported full cooperation from President Trump. The FBI was also invited not too long ago to go through what they needed. They did not go through the proper channels and instead pushed unlawful search and seizure and wound up guilty of misconduct. Are you defending domestic enemies of the country and constitution? But hey, at least Garland secured President Trump’s 2024 victory with that stunt. 😄👍
Green 253 seconds ago
Hilarious. Poor @bookmanchance:disqus is having a stroke after getting boxed in by his own "logic". All he has now is angry responses that he deletes and runs away
JennRN 255 seconds ago
Wow, "severely decreased cognitive ability"- weird how she has multiple degrees from well known universities. I mean, disagree with someone, but comments like this make you look deprived of common sense.
Freedom1 262 seconds ago
They got away with lying and stealing last time, so who would expect anything different this time? More corrupt propaganda media gaslighting.
Swiftbow 277 seconds ago
Gosh, it's almost like the Left set a precedent for doxing the names and addresses of judges they don't like when they did that very thing to the Supreme Court Justices. (And many others before that.) Which led to an assassination attempt against Kavanaugh. Also... Merrick Garland refused to do jack about it. I wonder if he'll do something about if for his political ally? Or how about Maxine Waters telling her constituents to "get in our faces?" I don't condone doing this and would never be involved in such... but the Left created this practice. I would be upset if something happened to this judge... but I think he's far safer facing angry Right-Wingers than anyone going up against your mob. Historically speaking... that generally holds true.
Erdling 284 seconds ago
The people who run these companies need to be named, shamed and doxed. You see how leftists pressure the judges over abortion? That's how we should be pressuring the globalists. You all say how stupid leftists are but they are winning every battle because they will get off their backsides and go out there and do things. We need to be pressuring masonic lodges, places of political gatherings and making them fear for their lives. That's the only option. You are all losing because you think armchair activism and voting is going to achieve anything. It hasn't worked and it will never work. Ende.
off the reservation 294 seconds ago
Yep. Whether a man or not in the same situation it's still a choice to be made. I'm so tired of the victim card (or race card) being played at every turn esp when it doesn't apply.