loretta 6 seconds ago
She is gonna have to work harder to catapult the propaganda since OAN has been ejected and can no longer provide that outsourced activity for TRUMPCO.
I'm the Judge 8 seconds ago
Math and science classes take a back seat to hurry up and clean the house before daddy comes home drunk
DumpDemLiars 9 seconds ago
Sick and tired of having to pay for this crap. Nothing is free Junior and the taxpayer ultimately foots the bill for all if it.
Steve 11 seconds ago
I have to admit, the testing part of this seems a little strange. I can certainly understand testing a sick person to determine just what they have, but, if I'm not sick or showing symptoms, I don't see what getting tested does for me. If I test negative, I might catch it going home from the test. And with an incubation stage of up to 14 days.....I don't know, seems like spinning our wheels. And the fact is, we don't have enough hours in the day to test everyone. Even if we had enough tests and we could pull off 100,000 tests a day, which is not likely, it would take nine years to test everyone in the country. So, that seems folly to me.
rvga 15 seconds ago
One MAN wrecking crew in WH! No other way to tell the story about US response to COVID 19 Pandemic. https://twitter.com/EricTopol/status/1245467513732775936 Eric Topol @EricTopol · 13h The grim story for the US death curve on April 1st is that it has crossed Italy's, steeply heading to Spain. Not a hint of improvement; >500 deaths/day now New York's slope is still worst in the world. https://ft.com/coronavirus-latest
Arthur Bremer Jr. 35 seconds ago
Trump Must Go 41 seconds ago
No actually it didn't. The tunnel has apparently been there for quite some time. The built the wall all the while the "trains" were running underneath it moron. So you are still stupid.
classicalmusiclover 41 seconds ago
People forget that his political career was sparked by his birther campaign against Obama and Obama's public mockery of him for it.
El Centro Rancho 50 seconds ago
"we just can not afford it." We couldn't afford the endless republican wars against nobody, but you crazies still started them. Did you PAY the war debts yet?
C Everett Kook 53 seconds ago
To clarify: John7 minutes ago "I thought Trump and Fox News said this was all a hoax?" That was you, correct?
Joe Collins 60 seconds ago
The Donald did tell us we are on our own. The Biden administration will review all stock purchases of related industries in January.
JCS 64 seconds ago
No, that millions of people have been forced into unemployment is what happens when the "government" arbitrarily, without reason, shuts down some businesses while others are allowed to remain open. This economic crisis has been created by "government," and the "solutions" they are offering to solve it are not going to "help" people do anything but to become dependent on "government."
golforfight 65 seconds ago
March 7th...The most concerning report over the weekend involved the White House’s decision to override the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendation that elderly and immunosuppressed Americans should not fly in order to avoid potential exposure to COVID-19. Please stop pretending this con man is prepared or willing to do the right thing the first time.
rvga 66 seconds ago
One MAN wrecking crew in WH! No other way to tell the story about US response to COVID 19 Pandemic. https://twitter.com/EricTopol/status/1245470709117153283/photo/1 Eric Topol @EricTopol · 13h Additional insights from April 1st @FT curves 1. While Spain has started to flatten, US death curve shows no such sign 2. The exceptionalism of the US w/r to cases has now led to new Y-axes for new & cumulative case so we're not "off the charts"(partly related to late test surge)
Chopper 73 seconds ago
That’s what tariffs are for. It’s time this country was self sufficient again and invested in its own people. Stop buying Chinese made products!
Arthur Bremer Jr. 74 seconds ago
Troll Hunter 74 seconds ago
Obama expanded gun rights, and Dump curtailed them while also suggesting the government just take them from folks. Guess who republicans think was actually trying to take their guns...
Kat 81 seconds ago
We have tests, nasty lady! As we KNEW, we don't have ppe to do them! Supply chains are broken, and labs have run outta chemicals to process them! Perhaps instead of harping testing! Testing! Testing! and demanding that we copy SK, and China, even though we dont have their tools, or the same kinda countries at all...DEMS should a focused on the original goal OF PRERPARING HOSPITALS, so that we can open the economy.
MakeAmericaNormalAgain 88 seconds ago
After normal people take this country back from the Cletuses in November we need to do away with home schooling. Can you imagine what some of the fringe right kooks on these boards teach children?
Wilson Wade 93 seconds ago
No idea who that is but I was referring to the white conservatives in AL and MS who cry about socialisms while being the largest of welfare recipients.
celticreeler 96 seconds ago
I've paid taxes for many years, done everything I was told to do, been a pretty good citizen I think....can I ask something of the central government with all the resources including the printing press? Can you please, please, please develop a test for protecting antibodies so we can stop tormenting those who have recovered or are immune? Please????
john wilson 96 seconds ago
Democrats have many faults, some are very destructive to the country. But they can never see them in the mirror, like vampires they see nothing there....
Biggins 100 seconds ago
Because of the Chinese I had to talk to my grand children from the balcony yesterday. Yeah, I can't wait till they expand their influence. We get it. They have enough billions for an army of American media apologists. They will never be made to pay the price they should pay. Cosmic justice is my hope.
oscar tebo 102 seconds ago
Demonstrating a firmer grasp on U.S. civics than the Syracuse Law graduate*, Wayne responded to the unhinged “public servant” by saying “You’re working for me, man.” Continuing his profanity-laced tirade, Biden responded with, “I’m not working for you. Don’t be such a horse’s a**.”
Arthur Bremer Jr. 108 seconds ago
Thor Malleuson 113 seconds ago
Like health care, education of the populace should not be a for profit enterprise. Especially when people can be denied access for any reason. The charter school model has been a failure.
Prince of Whales 113 seconds ago
oh one more thing, agnostic just means you are not sure if you are scared of ghosts because you lack self awareness and the ability to understand nature.
Ls427 113 seconds ago
Typically we love to share our secrets about becoming financially solid..call it what you will..its real simple..ready?..Make more than you spend.. thanx..thats all..do that everyday...at some point..you arrive..
plant man 116 seconds ago
Everything else he has been taking wrongful credit for he has destroyed. He is in kind of a bind. Of course, he can always campaign on .." It's all Obamas fault"..and his braindead lemmings will sit around like a bunch of bobblehead dolls agreeing with him, but it won't win him the election.
Derpster 119 seconds ago
So explain what he was talking about. You know for those of us who don't speak moron. Specifically what hoax was he referring to.
Don The Con 125 seconds ago
. Trump is a socialist! . Trump Admin. seeks 2-rounds of checks to Americans - Fox News 3/18/20 .
Clive 125 seconds ago
They believe Trump's combover is a nod to Mr. Hilter's hair style. They could be right. Trump want's to have a germanic identity so bad that he lies about his dad's ethnicity.
Erminemark 125 seconds ago
Son, trump knew about the program and did nothing. Just got you allllll worked up and did nothing. There is no way around that. Damn, you guys are gullible?
TReynlds 128 seconds ago
Breaking: Trump Administration issues economic advisory: Unemployment Figures are Fake Again
Barron_Park 7 seconds ago
So do ya’ll still think the media overhyped the danger of this virus? Because Trump seems to be seeing it’s very, very bad.
Ron 8 seconds ago
I hold Adam and his opinions right next to Michal Moore’s... and Maxines and Nancy’s and Jerry’s the list is too long...
bankruptfromobamacare 8 seconds ago
So Bette Midler supports the cheapskate deadbeats who refused to buy insurance like Obama wanted them to, which would have helped lower everybody's costs, and now want to buy it cause they think they're going to get sick.
Electric Boogaloo 12 seconds ago
I'm really sorry you would put that poison in your body instead of realizing what vaccines consist of and what the vaccine agenda is really for. Don't drink the koolaid. China SHOULD pay.
badger_52 13 seconds ago
The Gov't could have hundreds of doctors citing the dozens of patients (each) - so in the thousands - who benefit from a regiment similar to Dr. Zelenko's. But because they're all not in one place it will be called "anecdotal" rather than evidence. CDC moves at the speed of glaciers and also suffers from the "we didn't think of it first" syndrome. When the dust settles, the CDC needs to be gone over with some wholesale firings. Anyone not studying or operationally working to prevent or control infectious diseases is gone. All you social justice warriors with worthless degrees go study obesity or bullying or racism or intra-racial murder in Chicago somewhere else. Any politician who, by use of their authority or authority they usurped, blocks a physician prescribing the regimen they or the patient are willing to try is complicit in attempted murder. (Only because the war crimes statute probably wouldn't hold.)
GenerationX 15 seconds ago
CNN trashes Trump for 'political' “anti-cartel” efforts. ... Anti - Cartel You can’t make this stuff up.
Irv Zisman 16 seconds ago
They’ll have access to our financial markets- they just won’t want to hold downgraded debt. would you??
Fillmore East 16 seconds ago
the Chinese are red dog pony faced liars and need to be held accountable .. all of this was avoidable .. cancel the trillion in us debt they hold
Guillermo Maguire 17 seconds ago
tough to argue if the age of death properly assigned to COV is up there as has been reported. 3 full months in is more than just a trend.
I M Deplorable 21 seconds ago
Democrats want to confiscate Americans 401ks. Republicans want China to pay for what they have done.
Whataboutbawb 34 seconds ago
I’m without pay...can’t work. No pay for Congress thru the end of the year...and stop them from working too!
Merky Waters 37 seconds ago
Not only they must pay for the damage they caused globally, but also both the World Health Organization and the Chinese government must be put on Trial for covering up the severity of the Virus and let it spread globally intentionally.
Bullet2354 37 seconds ago
Don't forget the ZINC!!! The hoarding of HCQ is a problem.... BUT TONS OF HCQ TABS ARE COMING ONLINE "HELP is ON-THE-WAY! Upwards of 250 MILLION HydroxyChloroquine pills will be produced/donated to USA needs by mid-April. Thank you @BayerUS , @tevapharmeurope , @Novartis & @MylanNews for stepping up!" https://twitter.com/KMCRadio/status/1243442904057688065 It is easy and cheap to make.... MILLIONS of tabs should be rolling out in days.... Don't forget the ZINC!
richard 39 seconds ago
Barron_Park 47 comments • 6 votes When numbers tell a story, your profile does just that. You're hoping for the deaths of many Americans. That's why you're here but you're too cowardly to admit that. You have more hate towards the President, than love of your fellow countrymen, assuming you're even an American.
ogregunner 41 seconds ago
Now that the precedent has been set, the left will use every excuse to close Churches. We've lost our freedom and now it's going to be a fight to get it back.
Wanderer1896 46 seconds ago
This will put the nail in there coffins. Distance learning can offer a degree for far less money. There is ample evidence of Billionaires who have made fortunes with out a college degree. Bill Gates is example of this phenomenon.
Hippiefreak 47 seconds ago
This same thing could have happened to us in the USA if we had for a President anybody but Trump. Trump doesn't respond to name-calling.
Old Phil 47 seconds ago
It has been called mechanization. I too disagree that we need increasing numbers of imported workers. We may need two or three years maximum to get replacement workers from our useless city warrens. The US once had Okies to do that work in California. In many parts of the US, they hired an agent, as they do today, who hired work gangs of African American men to travel and do the work. The illegals worked cheaper so the American workers got cut.
Griefman 49 seconds ago
What they are doing is crippling the economy and giving millions and millions of pork dollars to their favorite anti American backers.
beef on weck eastside 62 seconds ago
The CDC reported that in 2017 2.8 million people die annually in the United States if the hospitals and other health agencies are filled to overflowing how is it possible for them to differentiate one reason for death over another I think these numbers are intentionally inflated and there is being done for political reasons if 2.8 million is a good number that's approximately 7600 people a day
CassandraKing 63 seconds ago
The solution is as easy as it is revolutionary as it obvious, the Treasury simply has to print 2 X One Trillion Dollar Notes and make them legal tender and then post them to China with a demand for the odd change back. Hey Ho and Hey Presto no more Chinese debt. Its legal tender so they cannot refuse it, and if they try just give them the finger.
LuciusAnnaeusSeneca 64 seconds ago
A good analogy. The EU of today is what happens when something is taken to unplanned, unreasonable, and unworkable, extremes.
D L 65 seconds ago
I don't consider it scam like some do, but the cocktail is a guess for what may come up in the coming flu season. The THIS WILL take care of THAT isn't true. The THIS WILL take care of THAT if we've guessed what THAT will be, is true. An insurance policy more than anything else.
Helen 74 seconds ago
And it all could have been achieved with taking a little pill! Let’s be perfectly honest here....most of these women were just too stupid or lazy to keep from getting knocked up.
Bigliardi 75 seconds ago
Nancy’s been whispering in Joe’s ear that “Trump will be impeached soon, just hang in there., we’ve GOT HIM this time.”
Cozette 82 seconds ago
These articles, imho, help us realize who our adversaries really are. They're demon possessed. Once that reality sinks in then the stakes of this battle become clear. Imagine if these people and their masters regain power. Pray and focus on winning the 2020 elections, please.
Michiguy Madison 82 seconds ago
Sure, let's just destroy the world financial System since we're all stuck in our houses anyway. How about we do our own bankruptcy restructuring, but Congress only reason for being becomes figuring out how to restructure the old-U.S. debt, and let's draft a slightly improved Constitution that gives Washington no power to spend money except for what the population votes to spend on Military and Universal Medical. This would give us a system similar to Canada where sure you can get medical care, but only if your treatment is in the batch of services that the government provides. Put the power to spend money back in the States where it belongs. The US budget should be constitutionally required to be balanced.
hitofly 83 seconds ago
If so you dope, why didn't YOU tell the country? Why didn't Pelosi and the leftis you love tell the country if "EVERYBODY KNEW"?
Man from Town- 86 seconds ago
NYC "health commissioner" on March 2nd: "We know that there’s currently no indication that it’s easy to transmit by casual contact ... We want New Yorkers to go about their daily lives, ride the subway, take the bus, go see your neighbors." *Stupid funking Democrats* ↑↑↑↑
quercus lobata 89 seconds ago
A study done by US Dept of labor determined in the 1990s that California had 3 agricultural workers for every agricultural job. Nothing has changed except an increase in greed by corporate farms. Ag workers are usually paid for piece work, not by the hour. And because each season brought a new wave of illegal labor, the new labor under cut the previous years workers. Ag wages never went up because of the abundance of workers. With the use of illegal labor, ag producers have never had to fully mechanized farm work. It has always been cheaper to import labor. Now with better enforcement of immigration laws, some of the illegal labor has dried up. So corporate farms are having to use the legal labor system. Take for instance onions. In Europe a single person drives a machine to harvest acres In America we use lots of foreign labor. My only problem with the visa program is the other laws that often make it impossible for us to send the foreign labor back home and lack of enforcement of current laws. Once here, they will be permanent.
SchattenMutter 89 seconds ago
There is nothing little *itch Adam Schiff won’t do to destroy the President and those who voted for him. We all just want to get back to work and get on with our lives. To say I hope that little tors gets sick is being polite.
Jason Brown 91 seconds ago
The 1st Amendment will tell you what you can do with a charge of unlawful assembly! County Sheriff is making it up as he goes along. I hope that guy in Tampa has an awesome constitutional attorney, and that he sues the pants off of HCSO! Chronister should be the one going to jail! Crooked bastard! He has also been a advocate for taking firearms since this red flag crap started. We need to have a constitutional sheriff in Hillsborough County, not some rogue psychopath with a badge!
Nut'ntoSeeHear 91 seconds ago
They're getting lazy, they use to hold you up for 1200, now they just want you to send them a check.....
Marlin 95 seconds ago
Doesn't fit the dumborat narrative to work on real issues confronting this nation, only those issues to further the socialist progressive agenda. Need to elect a Republican majority back in the House this November and increase the GOP numbers in the Senate.
Rod Fisher 99 seconds ago
Here is Pelosi's puppet again, doing her dirty work. Hey Schiff you spineless loser. When are you going to man up.
Mongo's Candygram 103 seconds ago
"I’d be lying to you to say that he hasn’t been responsive to our needs. He has.” Never stopped you before. Don't believe you now, Gubnor Nonsense.
Farley2020 106 seconds ago
“An opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision...? Guess that’s another attempt to “fundamentally transform” America. Chilling.
Clyde 108 seconds ago
All of this hell is being exacerbated by the H1-B and H2-A, under the circumstances, it needs to be shut off completely...We have been sold out..
Cuddeback Cuddelink 110 seconds ago
I'm pretty sure Obama is on record saying that he admired Trump. I don't think it was the other way around, ever.
ymygody 112 seconds ago
Are you in need of an echo chamber? Is God deaf and can only hear it if multiple people are saying it?
J. Page 115 seconds ago
THE MORMON Church, from SLC, UT, is going to hold a World-Wide Conference, They do this twice a year, I'm told. OH WAIT...What's THIS? (ht Mark Dice) They are doing it all ELECTRONICALLY? TOTAL Social Distancing. Watch it online. ANY church could do this if the Mormons can.
seala 121 seconds ago
He is incorrect The word Easter comes from the goddess Eostre or Ostara a Germanic goddess of spring and fertility. The rabbit was her symbol
Barron_Park 121 seconds ago
1,000 Americans died yesterday from Coronavirus. Obama’s team obviously kept H1N1 under much better control.
Azli Jamil 127 seconds ago
According to 2017 trade figures, although US is #1 but it accounted for about 18% of total trade for China. I think China will survive 0% trade with US but could US survive especially since American goods are too expensive for non EU countries?
Publius 132 seconds ago
Yeah?....................Well I was BORN HERE and I'm not Irish I'm AMERICAN and didn't cross the border ILLEGALLY, and tax dollars are rewarding these people for BREAKING THE LAW. If you don't like it move to one of those SH ITHOLES and live with your buddies, otherwise STFU.
balloonpilot 133 seconds ago
"I have never wished any man dead but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure." -Mark Twain "I have never wished any man dead until now." -Balloonpilot
spectral 69 137 seconds ago
Biden would tell Trump we need a 50 Trillion Bill. Never would get out of debt for the nest 1000 years.
Nummberonne 141 seconds ago
Think of all those acting majors waiting on tables with student loans to pay back. Then there is Jennifer.
supernatural_witness 142 seconds ago
So, why was Paul executed? “Then [the govt officials] called them in again and commanded them not to speak or teach at all in the name of Jesus. But Peter and John replied, “Judge for yourselves whether it is right in God’s sight to obey you rather than God. For we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.” (Acts 4:18–20 NIV-GK)
Alecto 144 seconds ago
President Trump's right-hand dummy, Jared the Third Tier Academic, is behind this effort. If Trump does not fire him and send Jarvanka packing, he WILL lose votes and possibly the White House. Why would ANY UNEMPLOYED AMERICAN VOTE FOR A PRESIDENT WHO STABS THEM IN THE BACK?
Dave 151 seconds ago
Where do you begin with such a cretinous load of bollox? If the birds adapted to a warmer climate e.g. in the UK by having shorter wings, and if this prevented them migrating south in winter then a cold spell would kill those that couldn't migrate and therefore the adaptation wouldn't be passed on. Adaptations need to confer some survival advantage and be passed on to progeny for a population to evolve. If they don't confer a survival advantage then they die out. Either that, or the graun has done an April fools