klgmac 179477 seconds ago
"“When I was vice president, President — my — my president was"... Biden Calls Xi the Russian Leader, Botches Lincoln Quote, Forgets Obama’s Name in Disastrous Speech" time to take the keys away.
klgmac 185092 seconds ago
"Biden Botches Lincoln Quote, Brands Xi Leader of Russia, Gets Confused Without Handler." You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
klgmac 247219 seconds ago
How is that Georgia case going? "Fani Willis Files Desperate Effort to Counter New Cellphone Data, but It's a Big Dud" Perjury is a crime right? You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
Red Bender 251258 seconds ago
“You have to be in the throes of some sort of toxic delusion and in a toxic cult, to believe that Donald Trump has ever been, in any sense, emotionally, psychologically, intellectually or ethically, fit to be president of the United States.”
- Costas
klgmac 283436 seconds ago
Biden's Approval Drops To 38% On Mishandling Of Immigration, Middle East And Ukraine Crises dropped! You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
klgmac 330900 seconds ago
Thanks for the laugh! Approve 39.7 Disapprove 56.3 Spread -16.6 Direction of Country Right Direction 24.0 Wrong Track 65.9 Spread -41.9 I don't even have to name names! I love your panic you lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
DAS 523994 seconds ago
The walls are closing on Crooked Donald All 14 comments you spammed are stupid and wrong as always you lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
DAS 523996 seconds ago
The walls are closing on Crooked Donald, widespread and pervasive fraud in the Trump Org, his entire brand in the trash you lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
DAS 524026 seconds ago
The walls are closing on Crooked Donald, convicted for fraud you lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
DAS 524042 seconds ago
The walls are closing on Crooked Donald, he lost another case you lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
DAS 524049 seconds ago
The walls are closing on Crooked Donald, no immunity you lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
DAS 524055 seconds ago
The walls are closing on Crooked Donald, nearly all a billion in settlements so far you lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
DAS 524069 seconds ago
The walls are closing on Crooked Donald, 350 million fine you lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
klgmac 619335 seconds ago
Who are the dems going to run? "Bill Ackman: “Biden is done. I mean, it’s embarrassing. It’s embarrassing for the country having him as a Presidential candidate, let alone the President. It’s crazy and it’s just going to get worse.”"
klgmac 623054 seconds ago
Who are the dems going to run? "Biden Manages to Trip, Almost Takes a Header on Short Stairs, Has Weird Response on Newsom Being 'Plan B'" You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
klgmac 669809 seconds ago
Biden also declined to do a Super Bowl interview that might have allayed public concerns — something that President Obama did all eight years in office, Trump did three times, and Biden did in 2021. The White House skipped the interview last year when the Super Bowl was carried by Fox, part of a general pattern of Biden avoiding Fox News. But with the game on CBS this year, there were no such excuses.
klgmac 669851 seconds ago
In response to the special counsel report, Biden conducted an impromptu press conference in which, defending himself against allegations of memory loss, he confused the names of the leaders of Egypt and Mexico and was defiant with reporters in a way that — yes, this latter part is subjective — I doubt many impartial observers would say came across well.
klgmac 669921 seconds ago
There’s also been recent bad news for Biden on this front. In the past couple of weeks: A special counsel report characterized Biden as a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory”;
DAS 698855 seconds ago
Trump lost another court case No evidence of wrongdoing by Joe Biden, but the walls are closing on Crooked Donald 😏 you lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
DAS 698976 seconds ago
Lacks context All 3 comments you just spammed are stupid and wrong again you lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
DAS 698977 seconds ago
Biden literally getting 90+ % of the primary votes, way more than Donald is in his every single time you've spammed this question has been debunked you lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
klgmac 702022 seconds ago
."Bobulinski Bombshell: Joe Biden 'Enabled' Family to Sell Access to 'Most Dangerous Adversaries' of U.S."The walls are closing in!
DAS 702282 seconds ago
Still no evidence of this All 36 comments you spammed are stupid and wrong, as always you lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
klgmac 794145 seconds ago
LMAO. "Bobulinski Bombshell: Joe Biden 'Enabled' Family to Sell Access to 'Most Dangerous Adversaries' of U.S." The walls are closing in!
klgmac 1013874 seconds ago
Who are the dems going to run? "What Just Happened? Biden Totally Freezes Up While Attacking Republicans During Speech" You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
klgmac 1090974 seconds ago
"Legal analyst Chuck Rosenberg said on MSNBC special coverage of the Georgia hearing on Fulton District Attorney Fani Willis’ eligibility in the election interference case against former President Donald Trump that it was not going well for the state and Willis should consider removing herself." You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
klgmac 1111718 seconds ago
You get duped, EVERY SINGLE TIME!" ‘Game Over’: MSNBC Legal Analyst Declares Fani Willis Case Against Trump DEAD After Shocking Courtroom Revelation" "You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂" "You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂"
klgmac 1111778 seconds ago
"‘Game Over’: MSNBC Legal Analyst Declares Fani Willis Case Against Trump DEAD After Shocking Courtroom Revelation" You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
klgmac 1111789 seconds ago
LMAO! "‘Game Over’: MSNBC Legal Analyst Declares Fani Willis Case Against Trump DEAD After Shocking Courtroom Revelation"
klgmac 1141880 seconds ago
"New York Times Stunned After 11 Out of 13 Independent Focus Group Voters Choose Trump Over Biden" You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
klgmac 1281876 seconds ago
The walls are closing in! "And here it is: the “H to Zang” letter from March 22, 2016. Was an attachment on Hunter Biden’s laptop previously inaccessible, but now it has been produced to the House Judiciary Committee by Hunter ex-partner Rob Walker. Shows the relationship with CEFC began during Joe Biden’s vice presidency, as Tony Bobulinski always said. It’s just that Hunter, Uncle Jim, Hallie Biden and friends didn’t get paid until 6 weeks after Joe left office."
klgmac 1316646 seconds ago
"Amidst the growing number of signs that President Joe Biden could be ousted at the Democratic National Convention, the Lincoln Project co-founder and Biden supporter Steve Schmidt is concerned about Biden's campaign being in a "death spiral."" You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
klgmac 1353046 seconds ago
Let that sink in!. "…Kamala Declares She’s ‘Ready to Serve’" You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
klgmac 1353120 seconds ago
"Fani Willis may be disqualified from Trump RICO case over affair with prosecutor, "evidentiary hearing must occur": judge" You almost had him that time! You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
klgmac 1390721 seconds ago
Who do you trust to do a better job handling…? Immigration & the situation at the US-Mexico border: Trump +18 Crime: Trump +13 Economy: Trump +12 Inflation: Trump +10 Gun violence: Trump +1 Abortion: Biden +9 Climate change: Biden +17
klgmac 1438771 seconds ago
Who are the dems going to run? "New York Times Opinion Writer: Biden Should Step Aside" You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
klgmac 1442196 seconds ago
"Only People As Senile As Joe Biden Is Can’t See How Senile Joe Biden Is" You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
klgmac 1442248 seconds ago
"Dems: the Best Way to Counter Biden's Disastrous Speech Is to Put Him In Front of Reporters Unscripted" You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
klgmac 1534709 seconds ago
Yeah, he's screwed. "Top party operatives are warning Biden aides that the president cannot retreat in response to the special counsel report that fueled concerns over his age and mental faculties. They say President Joe Biden, having largely shied away from interviews and press conferences, needs to be out in public far more."
klgmac 1645325 seconds ago
MSNBC Contributor Chuck Rosenberg Says He’s ‘Deeply Disappointed’ In Biden Following Release Of Classified Docs Report You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
klgmac 1645339 seconds ago
The walls have crashed. "MSNBC Contributor Chuck Rosenberg Says He’s ‘Deeply Disappointed’ In Biden Following Release Of Classified Docs Report"
klgmac 1645662 seconds ago
It's over. "Classified Ukraine documents discovered in Biden’s possession from time of Hunter’s Burisma work"
klgmac 1663631 seconds ago
It's over. "As a proud progressive, I appreciate all the wars Joe Biden has gotten us into, even if he and I cant keep track of them all!! "Biden Admin Walks Back Claim it Notified Iraq of Strikes; Civilian Deaths Reported"
klgmac 1664785 seconds ago
Who are the dems going to run? "While the report stated that such actions "present serious risks to national security,” Biden will not face charges because he presents himself as an “elderly man with a poor memory” and it would be difficult to convince a jury he is guilty of a serious felony because to commit such a crime “requires a mental state of willfulness.”
klgmac 1664977 seconds ago
It's over. "President Joe Biden took to the microphone for an unannounced address on Thursday night, following the release of the politically devastating Special Counsel report that said he "willfully retained and disclosed classified materials after his vice presidency when he was a private citizen." You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
klgmac 1666028 seconds ago
"The report says the investigation “uncovered evidence that President Biden willfully retained and disclosed classified materials after his vice presidency when he was a private citizen” but does not establish guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Yet Hur’s assessment of Biden’s “significantly limited” memory also played a part in his decision not to prosecute." Who are the dems going to run?
klgmac 1699566 seconds ago
Not fit to be president. "Biden branded ‘well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory’ — by the Justice Department"
klgmac 1699740 seconds ago
"Again! Joe Boasts of Meeting Second Dead European Leader" You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
klgmac 1735104 seconds ago
"President Joe Biden’s Brother Didn’t Provide Services to Company That Paid Him: Impeachment Witness"
DAS 1738004 seconds ago
Debunked by 2020 election results Also, Mayorkas exonerated, and all 3 of your comments are stupid and wrong You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
klgmac 1833880 seconds ago
"MSNBC goes to barbershop, learns from black voters why they are considering Trump: 'With Trump, we had money'" They will again.
DAS 1836501 seconds ago
Hillary opened 2016 as the frontrunner, and how did that turn out for her oooops all 10 comments you spammed are stupid and wrong, you lose again re1ard 😂😂😂
klgmac 1903008 seconds ago
The other half of dems need mental help themselves. "Three-quarters of voters, including half of Democrats, say they have concerns about Joe Biden’s mental and physical health, per the latest NBC News poll."
klgmac 1919970 seconds ago
LMAO. "Biden tells crowd he recently met with François Mitterrand, former French president who died in 1996."
klgmac 2002173 seconds ago
"First reported by the Washington Post, Trump’s politically motivated election interference trial no longer appears on the public calendar for the federal district court in Washington, D.C. " You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
DAS 2065906 seconds ago
All 40 comments you spammed are stupid and wrong as always. Everything you said about Biden for the last year is debunked You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
klgmac 2077357 seconds ago
It's dems values."Illinois Values: Spend billions to provide services to non-resident, non-citizens and cut funding for resident citizens with developmental disabilities who need services through no fault of their own and we're promised services."
klgmac 2077367 seconds ago
Wasn't he supposed to be in prison already? Feb 2, 2024 JUST IN: Trump to appear at CPAC for record 14th time, breaks Reagan record
klgmac 2077431 seconds ago
Here is your guy! Who are the dems going to run?"Biden Roasted for Wearing Hardhat Backwards While Meeting with Union Workers" At least Kamala is in the wings! You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
klgmac 2077479 seconds ago
She almost had him! "BREAKING: House GOP subpoenas Fani Willis after alleged firing of whistleblower"
klgmac 2077900 seconds ago
Judge suspends Trump's March election interference trial ... - The Hill14 hours ago You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
klgmac 2077913 seconds ago
Judge suspends Trump's March election interference trial ... - The Hill14 hours ago You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂 It was the Big One!
klgmac 2077954 seconds ago
"According to a recent New York Times and Sienna College poll, 71 percent of Black voters in six key swing states support Biden for a second term. However, this is a steep decline from the 92 percent that voted for him in 2020. " You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
klgmac 2086104 seconds ago
"In less than four years, Biden took the Democratic Party base and destroyed it. What’s left is a rabid band of antisemites and neo-Nazis who support Hamas, Jewish genocide, and the destruction of Israel."You lose again re1ard, get a life 😂😂😂
klgmac 2086109 seconds ago
Iran sank the Carter presidency too. "Guess What Happened After Biden Gave Iran a Preview of Its Retaliation Plans?"
JB 14 seconds ago
Here: https://twitter.com/RealJakeBroe/status/1762695875430854939?t=yQUg1QtcQ6PH0AX7JZBQ5w&s=01 And stop repeating Russian propaganda !
IStandWithTexas 24 seconds ago
Today biden goes to Walter Reed for his annual physical. While the "general results" of the physical will be released to the public in a memo, Biden's White House physician and other doctors will not be made available for direct questioning about the president's physical or mental condition. Biden also won't take a cognitive test as part of the exam. My question to you trolls is, what is the left afraid of....besides Trump?
iamsaved2 29 seconds ago
Pope Francis Deplores Massacre of Christians by Jihadists in Burkina Faso Then he moves on to far more important topics like supporting communism.
New England Patriot 30 seconds ago
How many hints does the market have to show before elites get it thru their thick skulls, no one wants an EV until they can be sold for less than or equal to a combustion engine without subsidies???
Carl La Fong 39 seconds ago
The ones (you guys) that rely on feelings, beliefs, opinions & guesses instead of facts & evidence always suffer in the end!
texan59 40 seconds ago
Just gather up a few gallons of maple syrup and head out of there as quickly as you can. I'm sure it will be no problem to get a job in many other places.
Scott 43 seconds ago
I still think they replace Pedo Joe at or before the convention but no way he debates Trump if they keep him in. Knee Pads will get destroyed by whomever Trump chooses for VP. Kristi Noem is my choice.
Bruce Van Buskirk 44 seconds ago
The constitution was written to protect us from the abuse of Government. When the constitution is abrogated then we have no rights, freedom or liberty.
nfcapitalist 46 seconds ago
Restoring yes... the system isn't broken - the District of Columbia is filled with more criminals than honest citizens.
SnakeBeMe 48 seconds ago
In November, voters will ask the Rhouse what they have done for the voters. And the answer will be...................nothing. The Rs will lose the House in November.
Spirit Crusher 48 seconds ago
After losing by 50 points again, Nikki Haley said she will continue to run because the voters need to decide
Von Neumann 51 seconds ago
Where does he get the authority to ignore his duties, particularly the appointing of Bishops and Cardinals, and turning that authority over to Atheist Communist ChiComs to do? This Apostate Pope needs to be removed, defrocked and Excommunicated.
D'Shawn 55 seconds ago
"Your party, the Republican investigators, say that that’s proof of influence peddling by Hunter and James. But that’s just your suggestion. You don’t actually have any facts to that point. You have got some circumstantial evidence. And the other thing is of all those names, the one person who didn’t profit is… there’s no evidence that Joe Biden did anything illegally.” - Steve Doocy, FOX and Friends
jojo 56 seconds ago
Is he too ignorant to realize it was Democrat President FDR who put Japanese American Citizens in internment camps and seized their properties? Wow you have to be so ignorant to be Democrats.
ms. mischief 81 seconds ago
You lie. There are thousands of laws on the books that, whatever they are designed for, are used to punish people who move against the Leviathan. In particular to punish small businesses that might rival the Big Business that is actually part of the Leviathan, they are so intertwined. YOU are arguing FOR corporate power...
Okie Buckeye 81 seconds ago
Or gas....or paid a utility bill....or felt the impact in the property taxes...and myriad other ways that inflation has impacted us.
Treutino 83 seconds ago
News articles BB is not publishing because of it's endless book advertisement: G.O.P. Leaders Optimistic After Meeting With President Biden Young Voters Say Their Discontent Goes Deeper Than Israel and Gaza Key Witness in Georgia Hearing Says He Does Not Know When Relationship Began Russia is suffering huge losses of soldiers to help reverse its fortunes in the war. A Second Day of Aid Airdrops Underscores the Urgency of Gazans’ Need In Chicago, It’s Summer in February Watch, they will be selling sneakers next.
Frank Korzen 85 seconds ago
Pure Alinsky projection, so heads up ! Biden_Joe would, will, collapse the economy into severe depression to grip power more tightly. Biden_Joe has no intention of allowing a free and fair election, the Fulton County case a tell, evidence, of blatant vote corruption. Howard Dean has added his contribution of manure to the pile forming outside the White House, forty tons of boolsheet. No one cares, it's insignificant, and he did it for the money, he was paid to say it, ' Accuse the other of what you are doing, to sow confusion and force defense. ', the dempartie no longer concerned their corruption is plainly seen. So confident of their power to fraud the next election. [ v=3qtjYoQn_Vc ] ~ Viva Frei Fani Willis Highlight
Theophilus 85 seconds ago
I'm simply telling the American people what it looks they're up against. It would be prudent to prepare as best as possible for such contingencies. Die standing and fighting or get on your knees and be a slave. . . or worse. We will each have to make that choice.
fozzy 87 seconds ago
The regular car companies keep making it more difficult to do DIY repairs. Can you imagine how bad an Apple car would be? Change the wiper blades and your car would be a brick.
Vypurrr 89 seconds ago
The corrupt Biden's have taken mega cash from the communist Chinese with nothing to show for it as admitted by Hunter in court. "Awww, the Bidens are squeaky clean!" -- Idiot libs.
Patrick Burton 90 seconds ago
You know the electric hybrid car is nothing like I invisioned it to be.. I thought the the two would work in unison. I thought the batteries would be charged with the combustible engine when it was being used. No need for charging stations. No extra drain on the electric grid. No extra cost to the consumer. That's why I know this electric car crap is nothing but a scam.
D'Shawn 96 seconds ago
”It’s sort of known as Steak Mountain- Steak Hill- Snake. Snake. A lot of snakes. Think they’re rattlesnakes. Between the rattlesnakes and the rough terrain and the steepness, they said nobody’s coming ov– the people coming over by the thousands! It’s crazy! They’re taking the parks from children. Then no more baseball fields. No more soccer fields, no more anything. It doesn’t sound very serious. Knocker fields or baseball fields. Very serious.” - Dumbass Don, Feb 22
StreetsAhead123 98 seconds ago
lmao! Jesus Christ you really are triggered by, not just Stewart, by me personally. This is adorable.
PeaceTrain 108 seconds ago
With all this evidence against the Biden regime, the democrats will continue to worship the loser. This reveals just how much of a demented, criminal commie "party" the Dems truly are today and have always been.
JoGrumby 108 seconds ago
So you want to bring people who want to overthrow the government into this country, instead of leaving them where they are now, and where to this point they've been unable to overthrow their government. Jordan made that mistake. They allowed a bunch of "Palestinians" to enter their country, and they attempted to overthrow the Jordanian govt, and formed "crime gangs" that wrought havoc on the country. That's why Egypt won;t let the Gaza-ites into their country. If you are trying to say there is some risk of leaving them where they are, so be it. There is some risk in anything. But one has to take the path of least risk when it comes to such things, and the least risk path is not to let dangerous people into your home.
Tom Eckert 🇺🇸🇮🇱 110 seconds ago
Government agencies do not make or write law. Neither does the president. That is the job of Congress. Anything else is unconstitutional.
texexpatriate 117 seconds ago
Well now, that would be a good idea. Gather them up in camps, ship them home. The other alternative is getting them to self-deport. Put a $250,000 fine on employers for each illegal alien (migrants, etc) hired. Apply a similar fine to anyone assisting them in settling in this nation. Put all the people in prison for long terms who were in government (that is certainly all Democrats and RINOs) and non-government organizations involved in bringing the aliens here since January 2021.
Rick 308 117 seconds ago
8 year old girl shows me an Album with Taylor Swift .I said oh that looks like the girl who served me a sandwich at Chik Filla . She was noticeably disturbed by that remark.
Brenda Lumpp 124 seconds ago
Remakes...is that all they have left? Every one they try is garbage and puts a permanent feces stain on the original.
threehundredthousand 124 seconds ago
Yeah, maybe that's because sane, sensible people can vote for the Labour Party? I don't think you really thought this all the way through before you posted it.
patrick 133 seconds ago
If Biden mixed up his wife's name and Pelosi's name, the right would never shut up about it. Trump is clearly declining. His language is way more erratic than Biden, who speaks slowly and like an old guy, but he doesnt mess up pronunciation of common words all the time.
TreeofLiberty 136 seconds ago
..... "a vehicle that could appeal to an increasingly sceptical marketplace" - SIMON KENT "an increasingly sceptical marketplace" ? Now there's an understatement!
Me+2 143 seconds ago
as the old saying goes ain't nice to say but ain't right to overlook. The last thing this country needs is more woke idiots in the public eye spewing hate and descension against the middle class. So little Lord Fauntleroy needs to go!
2bigkahuna 151 seconds ago
My book is coming today. Can't wait to read another of Peter's bombshell books. He's been proven right on every point he's ever made.
KingFisher 151 seconds ago
Fox Host Shannon Bream asked the legal analyst about his thoughts on those who claim that there is no “smoking gun” evidence on Biden. Turley pushed back against the argument stating that not only has there been an “enormous amount” of evidence against the president and his family, but that most people agree it is “influence peddling.” (RELATED: Hunter Biden’s Business Relationship With Chinese Firm Began During Joe Biden’s Vice Turley continued to state that there is no necessity to “really show” that the money had “directly” gone to Biden for him to be impeached, emphasizing the “standard” in federal cases that have involved bribery and other similar crimes. “But I have to correct one notion that is being bantered about and that is that you have to really show that money went directly to the president. That’s not the standard that in federal cases involving bribery and other crimes, giving money to a principal’s family members is in fact a benefit under federal law. Otherwise, everyone would just give money to family members and say it’s not a bribe, it’s not impeachable,” Turley stated. And by the way, it is impeachable. I was lead counsel in the last traditional impeachment trial, my client was impeached because benefits were given to a judge’s family member. So many of these congressmen repeating this argument voted on that impeachment and said, it is impeachable.” zx
RelentLess537 158 seconds ago
While the chemistry of a laptop battery and an EV battery can be, and often are similar, comparing the two is a bit specious... Your laptop battery is a few cells that endure a lot of wear and tear over the life of the laptop. An EV battery pack is thousands of cells that share the load and so don't endure as much wear and tear. When I say wear and tear I'm speaking of the energy drain from the cell which increases heat which can do damage to the cell. To think that an EV battery will cr4p out on you in a few years like a cell phone or laptop battery does is flat wrong.
liberalzapper 158 seconds ago
Complete BS, from these two. Illegals are committing crimes all over this country, liars like this professor and leftist news networks and justice systems are covering it up. The moron professor says that while it’s “technically” true that Laken Riley would still be alive, if the Illegal criminal wasn’t here, that’s not the issue. That’s 100% the issue. And try looking into the eyes of Riley’s mom and dad, and tell them your idiot theory…
stormwaves 161 seconds ago
Libertarian Don Rainwater should run against Young for Congress. Rainwater did pretty well in the last election and actually defeated the Democrat candidate for governor in 1/3 of Indiana counties. Impressive for a third party candidate. Braun most likely is the next governor of Indiana.
keithrj 161 seconds ago
Apple seems to be losing steam. After years of great stock returns. Too much dependence on China is adversely effecting Apple
Hopeless Pessimist 162 seconds ago
Christians LOVE being sheep. To clarify, I SUPPORT you; I just don't abide cowardice, especially when it is a TENET of ones religion.
Okie Buckeye 163 seconds ago
Joe TOLD them to report better!....He said it on camera! But the truth is....Bidenomics is NOT working! We can feel it in our kitchens and in our wallets.
ms. mischief 163 seconds ago
Notice the LiR is attempting by insinuation to pretend that the list is all equal when it is an intentional mix of insanity and proven truths -- waving around the insanity to hide the insanity of the claim.