klgmac 14 seconds ago
Looks like you have zero credibility. You self ID as a Dem. "Trump condemns Capitol Hill violence in video that does not mention impeachment" https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-remarks/trump-condemns-capitol-hill-violence-in-video-that-does-not-mention-impeachment-idUSKBN29I37G
euwe max 22 seconds ago
Trump went out in shorts once... His legs were visible from the space station... 2 years later we received a reply from a distant planet
BigOl MemoryHole 27 seconds ago
It bears repeating as folks here don't seem to have done Jnr high biology. Maybe they're a new kind of new creationists, genetic engineering creationists.
keepingitreal 46 seconds ago
It must suck for you, watching overwhelmingly popular bills passing, as you stew in your hatred of Americans.
catsrock 47 seconds ago
Hoof Artel, You don't live on a Reservation and you're not Native American. You do know that it is real common for people like you to claim things about yourself that aren't true---you know, the ol' "I'm black and I voted for Trump, therefore . . ." Sorry, but you can't guilt trip me into agreeing with you or caring about anything you have to say. I know nothing about you except what you post. Which means you have nothing to say that anyone with any sense would believe. Again, what's your Reservation? If you can't or won't tell me, then you are lying.
Jayzel's Ghost 83 seconds ago
LA mayor Garcetti is leaving soon to be racist Joe's ambassador to India, thankfully. Unfortunately, he left a city in disaster in his wake. Homeless everywhere...
Rube Slayer 90 seconds ago
Lowest Vaccination Rates (including Washington DC) 40. South Carolina 40.49% 41. Oklahoma 40.12% 42. North Dakota 40.01% 43. West Virginia 39% 44. Tennessee 38.97% 45. Georgia 38.55% 46. Idaho 37.29% 47. Louisiana 36.76% 48. Wyoming 36.56% 49. Arkansas 36.2% 50. Mississippi 34.36% 51. Alabama 34.21% I'm noticing a trend, Trumpkins. Why do you think this is?
Jump the Snark 93 seconds ago
They said they would wait for the CDC's test results. Stop being such a dirty pool player. You know what they f*cking said,
Bluhorizons 96 seconds ago
You live a rich fantasy life.Most of those arrested will never see court and most are charged with misdemeanors, not felonies and the single murder was by police. Like all good little Democrats you think you can make BS into fact by endless repetition like you did when you unsuccessfully impeached trump Twice. Trump was dead-on about Biden's son and you know i.t
bob 97 seconds ago
when wasn't the virus airborne? china tried to contain the virus in wuhan while flying their people around the world. you want the thank xi because you're a chinese asset.
John-nevertrump15nevergop 102 seconds ago
It was revealed by people in the room traitor trump tried installing hacks that would assist him in preventing the peaceful transition of power. ANYONE supporting trump is a traitor. Shame on every darn one of you.
<— Orange Jail Bait 112 seconds ago
I know why you Deplorables are angry. Because you fill your diapers and it weighs you down trying to lunge out of your mobility scooters. 🤣
Friday 113 seconds ago
False. "Donald J. Trump, may have been right from the very beginning" Switching to Fauci is a deflection
HIC SVNT DRACONES 187 seconds ago
"New York required IDs for vaccines to ensure that people who showed up for appointments were indeed who they said they were and eligible." https://www.nationalreview.com/2021/03/ids-for-a-vaccine-shot-but-not-for-voting/ Now you sound stupid.
obentag 198 seconds ago
Wrong and wrong. Meanwhile, Democrats have turned LA and San Francisco into open air toilets. Nice lies though.
<— Orange Jail Bait 206 seconds ago
Hahahaha. For pointing out that your Orange Antichrist messiah is a liar and you saps bought into it perpetually. Hahahaha hahahaha. You piles of excrement deserve to be highlighted.
Iamnotfooled 216 seconds ago
You know what is really sad. Most of the morons here ,will actually be helped by Bidens policies but still back Trump. They are so lame they want an entertainer over what is best for them and their country.
JtCarrieres 234 seconds ago
Rudy was the one who convinced Trump to put up this months-long, insane fight against the election. On election night, he was wandering around the White House totally drunk, and urging Trump to simply "declare that he won."
Charlie 235 seconds ago
At least 5 people were killed and 50 others were injured in shootings across Chicago this weekend, according to authorities!!!! Love you Chicago with the most strict guns laws in the nation! 🙏😁🤪😂👏🤣. You democrats voted for this. Now live in fear. You people deserve it. The good good news - I won my bet. 50 shot. Double bonus!!! Wahoo!!!! 🙏😂🤪🤣👏
Cranberry Dad 237 seconds ago
If capitalism is so great, why aren't all the capitalists moving to Brazil, which has a lower standard of living than Cuba? The poorest countries in the world are capitalist. Now be off with you!
CaptainCommonsense 239 seconds ago
Republican men have a fascination with black men. (Republican women have a fascintion with a certain part of black men)
Atlas Sharted 259 seconds ago
Built a healthy economy so that people could earn a legitimate living and not live as slaves to government handouts. Always looking for a silver lining, At least the democrats can never try to blame the debt on anyone outside of their own party EVER again.
Kalinin Yuri 265 seconds ago
The US before starting a war for Ukraine should find out - how many kids of Ukranian elites are in the army of Ukraine and already are fighting for Ukraine. So far as far as everybody knows from instagram, the children of Poroshenko and other thugs in Kiev, live and party in London. Now ask the US elites - who will send their kids to Ukraine to fight and die just because Boris and Natasha are the bad characters.
euwe max 286 seconds ago
If Trump ends up in prison.. hopefully solitary lockdown... I hope nobody slips him a hand mirror.. He'd never know he was in jail
Pat Dunne 297 seconds ago
GOP seem to be ignoring the fact that the virus was killing people in Italy 6 or 7 weeks before the Wuhan events.
Пaвел Судоплатов 319 seconds ago
When americans begin to accuse Russia of occupying the territory of Georgia, they always forget to mention the American occupation of Kosovo. Apparently, someone erased the memory of the Americans and they do not remember about the military aggression of NATO against Yugoslavia in 1999.
<— Orange Jail Bait 323 seconds ago
Imagine. The dumbasss Trumpettes thought they were on the right side of the law and elections January 6th but it turns out they broke the law, attacked law enforcement and now they won’t be able to vote with felony records nor own guns. Hahahaha. Didn’t think that through huh you mental midgets.
Curt22too 328 seconds ago
"If the public-health professionals, if Dr. Fauci, if the doctors tell us that we should take it, I'll be the first in line to take it — absolutely," the California senator said during the first and only vice-presidential debate.” https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.businessinsider.com/kamala-harris-rejects-a-coronavirus-vaccine-from-trump-2020-10%3famp Yep, Trump supporters are very misinformed
Unreal Uknow 347 seconds ago
rofl. If you think those baby mommas who get that money are going to spend it on their kids, you are crazy
HIC SVNT DRACONES 365 seconds ago
https://www.nationalreview.com/2021/03/ids-for-a-vaccine-shot-but-not-for-voting/ "New York requires IDs for vaccines to ensure that people who showed up for appointments were indeed who they said they were and eligible."
Bluhorizons 369 seconds ago
Perhaps we should talk about the national debt. In all truth, suggesting the $1.7T will get funded from taxes. That is just a ploy to make you happy. It is lip flap. It is going to become debt. The debt is already $25.5T--much more than the GDP. Because the USD is a "benchmark" currency and so many nations and people hold it, they have been reticent to pull the plug. But the US is like a craps player that has already thrown his Rolex and his wife's wedding ring on the table and is now asking for credit. Who at the table doesn't know what that means?
RogerStoneDidSomethingWrong 372 seconds ago
"Rudy Giuliani Is Reportedly Almost Broke And Trump’s Shutting Him Out" "Giuliani is currently struggling under a mountain of legal fees as he attempts to fend off a major federal investigation and answer a $1.3 billion lawsuit. Trump, meanwhile, isn’t pitching in a dime of the millions he has raised in his ongoing battle against a legitimate election, according to New York Times White House correspondent Maggie Haberman." Rudy will flip on Trump when he is indicted. Rudy kept a "book" of evidence. "Book" is mafia language. Rudy prosecuted the mafia. Rudy is an IDIOT, but he knows how to protect himself. Anyone who thinks Rudy will go prison when Trump is f-cking him over, probably still thinks Mexico will cut a check for the wall tomorrow. Rudy doesn't have the money to go to trial. He could even flip on Trump before he is indicted.
Flipsidedown 382 seconds ago
Dolly is pretty funny as well. When a reporter asked about her big wigs and makeup she responded - ''Well, It takes a lot of money to look this cheap.''
Jump the Snark 382 seconds ago
They complain and get their hopes up about pointless sloppy audits. They also molest their Trumpy Bear dolls.
Flippy Hambone 9 seconds ago
Banks are inherently evil... imagine charging you to hold your money and use it to make loans to others.
mitchelin 18 seconds ago
OFF TOPIC....from Yahoo finance. Has COVID-19 put the pension triple lock at risk? Savers are fearful about the safety of their retirement income amid reports the pensions triple lock guarantee could be ditched to help pay the costs of COVID. Prime minister Boris Johnson is said to be locked in a bitter row with chancellor Rishi Sunak over how to cover heavy borrowing costs due to the pandemic. There are fears that in a bid to raise new revenue – or at least keep costs down – the pensions triple lock could be suspended for a year or two. This is just one of a number of suggestions rumoured to be up for discussion, along with a host of tweaks to pension taxation. I have a better suggestion: Why doesn't the government STOP and DEPORT all the illegal Third world migrants in Britain. Imagine the cost of accommodating many thousands of them, mostly in 4 star hotes, three meals a day, pocket money, sight seeing tours etc. That expense can be halted immediately, which of course the taxpayer is "kindly" paying for. The taxpayer never asked to be invaded, so why must the taxpayer pay for the invaders?
Fritz 23 seconds ago
Compare to the average bible that has around 1,200 pages where God explains all of creation and ultimate salvation.
Deuce21 33 seconds ago
Yup! Prepare for the Great Reset and a whole brand spankin new international monetary system backed fully by CBDCs.
Bertie 73 seconds ago
I have to leave my bank because the HATE ME and want to sabotage me. That sucks. I've been with them for 23 years. They STILL HATE ME.
UNOwen 83 seconds ago
"...we have to pay tribute to her courage and tenacity in actually competing and qualifying for the Games,” What is courageous about a man competing and qualifying against a bunch of women. Sounds more like someone who is anti-feminist.
Neptus 9 130 seconds ago
Why pay any attention to this crap any more? Why didn't they leave the statues up and tell the whiners to shut up and quit bothering them?
Paulito 177 seconds ago
"More needs to be done..." or maybe "Lessons need to be learned".... ROFL.....these rape gangs are part of pakistani society and being born in the UK means nothing. They are brought up believing that White women are whores and therefore to be exploited. Until THAT lesson is learned, nothing will change....
Justplaythegame 241 seconds ago
basically.. the same reason old people tell young people not to try and hide the past... don't try to wipe out history... the following article should be MORE THAN ENOUGH reason to never trust Government.. ymmv.. Tuskegee Syphilis Study https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuskegee_Syphilis_Study
Bertie 269 seconds ago
Term limits have ALWAYS been in effect ... it's called the voting ballot. We can't FIX citizens being STUPID.
oratorwilkes 285 seconds ago
Would anyone trust any MSNBC / fake media spokes- mouth? — Do you really think they flipped? RED. Remove Every Democrat
Bertie 327 seconds ago
Read out your original statement six times without laughing or messing up. I want to hear it! ; -))))))))
Rexlovesgia 330 seconds ago
Kick all these whinning ungrateful daca brats OUT...they are squatting criminals like their criminal parents
Charles 373 seconds ago
Who actually wrote this 2,700-page monstrosity? Let me guess, it was written by congressional staffers who weren't elected and who aren't lawmakers. And then the elected lawmakers didn't bother to read it, but they saw the dollar amount and immediately drooled over the amount of bribe money that they could get from contract companies if they pass it.
LadyDana 382 seconds ago
Why would they want to inject a computer chip? What would it tell they don't already know from tracking you with your cell phone?
david zweiban 392 seconds ago
I believe Di ck Morris is absolutely correct. The fall in the polls began right after Biden's "mission accomplished " aka we're going back to normal moment
Bertie 412 seconds ago
HAAAAAAAAAHAHAAA! Now, I don't care WHO you are ... except that being a Texan, that's frigging HILLARIOUS ... assuming we all know what and who we're talking about!
REMINGTON STEEL 438 seconds ago
Billy 474 seconds ago
Britain and Europe won? Straight after the war we started getting blacks, lots and lots of blacks. Doesn't feel like a win to me
Redneck Road Rage #2 496 seconds ago
Yeah you know all those moose crossing deer crossing signs will now have a crossing pilot kinda like a forest ranger to help the wildlife cross safely lol 😆
Freedom 564 seconds ago
Instantly THE global poster child for Ugly Americans. She should be sent home on the next flight leaving Tokyo.
Bertie 579 seconds ago
I'm just a chick with a pretty good eye and a pretty good shot, but not the best in the world ... I could have put those in my freezer had I the State game tags for them!
Garrett 586 seconds ago
How does this clown deal with this tortuous TDS that rules his life? He hasn't shown one shred of evidence for his delusional accusations. Trump did not incite anything. Dems incite constant hatred by demonizing conservatives with lies on a daily basis - again with no proof for their fabricated allegations. The dems purposely mislabeled the January 6th protest as an 'insurrection' when videos prove that most of the protesters were ushered into the Capitol Building by the Capitol police. None of the 'insurrectionists' were armed and were only guilty of meandering in the halls and taking selfies. A small number of instigators did cause damage to the building and they should be prosecuted for those crimes, but nobody attempted to overthrow the government.
Impeach Biden_Harris 648 seconds ago
That's what the left said about Trump. I could not care less what the rest of the world thinks then, and now.
Big K 668 seconds ago
Little Hottie says I'm only wrong when I think I am, Foxy knows that's the truth but doesn't want to say it.
Paulito 678 seconds ago
Nope, they are not, they do not want to get involved..... Officers may end up being accused of islamophobia....and that will be their careers gone....
Bertie 757 seconds ago
OOOOPS! I forgot .... I'm supposed to be privilage White and not like Earth, Wind and Fire! My baaad!