nicky 13 seconds ago
Very simple: 'gender' is a social construct, there are as many as you care to create. 'sex' is a biological concept, there are only 2 sexes.
Reno1 16 seconds ago
well Bernie's a commie so Neera was probably just doing her job as an American, why are you holding that against her, boomer?
MPC 21 seconds ago
Cornyn can f cough. He doesn't speak for the saner Republicans like Romney, Murkowski and Collins. Neera Tanden will definitely have a confirmation hearing. And if enough Republicans veto her, then Biden can threaten to appoint her in an acting capacity.
akrazyrunner 23 seconds ago
At least they have the hospital capacity to handle this volume. How many other places have had over six months to prepare and still are not?
Charlie_Kane 34 seconds ago
hambdiscus 40 seconds ago
That is impossible. No one can imagine anything as stupid as supporting Trump. The 73+ million that voted for him were convinced of his wonderfulness and smartness and that he also tasted good.
MCMetal69 43 seconds ago
. @60Minutes never asked us for a comment about their ridiculous, one sided story on election security, which is an international joke. Our 2020 Election, from poorly rated Dominion to a Country FLOODED with unaccounted for Mail-In ballots, was probably our least secure EVER! So the documented biggest liar in US presidential history with the lowest intellect knows more about election security than the former head of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency? Is there anything this fat orange moron won't lie about and/or claim he knows more about than anyone and everyone else ? Jesus fuckin' Christ...................
roafer 57 seconds ago
Perhaps one of Fat #DiaperDon's bigger achievements is tearing down the Republican Party, his sore loser foot stomping crybaby act won't soon be forgotten. Epic meltdown, and the silence from the sycophantic gop is laughable!!!
<<--- LAMEST duck, ever. 61 seconds ago
Quack-Quack.....limp... Quack-Quack.....limp... Quack-Quack.....limp... Quack-Quack.....limp... Quack-Quack.....limp... Quack-Quack.....limp... . . . .
Leland Olson 75 seconds ago
Sorry, I don’t have to stay home or shut the f... up. Now do as I said and go fvvck yourself, moron.
thee1truth 78 seconds ago
Ewan "TheUnpaidPiper" MacBain 79 seconds ago
Only a comatose person would believe a fake fact checking site, pal. You’re not comatose, are you?
Westgate 79 seconds ago
Trump is just barking into the wind these days. Come January 20th it'll be up to media whether they continue to cover this loser once he's booted from the white house.
connie 81 seconds ago
Republicans are going to shut down any domestic spending too just like they did the last time. So anybody in Georgia that wants a $1200 check and any other pandemic aid should vote for Democrats Ossoff and Warnock.
pj 84 seconds ago
The sad thing is that there are 72 million people who, on average think the Toddler is right 100% of the time.......SAD!!
sunny 87 seconds ago
except that obama is actually the one who improved the va hospitals and enacted va choice. it has not improved under trump at all. trump has not strengthened our military-he has weakened literally every single one of our alliances and has bowed before dictators and strong-arms. he literally pulled our troops out and abandoned allies who fought beside us on the battlefield. we now have russians on our base in syria. putin wanted a weakened nato, and he wanted our country divided. it benefits him when the united states is not seen as a world leader-and that is exactly what he has gotten over the last four years.
Cleveland 91 seconds ago
I'm a millennial and feel the same way. You zoomers are pretty impressive I'll give you that the boomers are on the way out at least.
Tad Bootle 93 seconds ago
no, they have not, you're being duped by leftists. Oh, that extra 132 votes they found in the recount? The communist media failed to report that they found 140,000 fraudulent ballots for biden in that recount.
Webster1 93 seconds ago
That's one man. " An analysis of the gene database shows that the original Ashkenazi Jews were about half European and half Middle Eastern. They lived in the medieval era, about 600 to 800 years ago, according to the analysis – and numbered just 350 or so people. “Our analysis shows that Ashkenazi Jewish medieval founders were ethnically admixed, with origins in Europe and in the Middle East, roughly in equal parts,” said Shai Carmi, a post-doctoral scientist who works with Pe’er and conducted the analysis. “[The] data are more comprehensive than what was previously available, and we believe the data settle the dispute regarding European and Middle Eastern ancestry in Ashkenazi Jews.”" What they are finding is that the female line tends to be much more European. Then men had the stronger middle eastern signature. They idea that they don't come from the ME at all is just silly.
mark delphine 96 seconds ago
And that qualifies her to be edsec according to you. Ha ha. Go home. Leave the serious business to the adults...please.
Turbotastic 109 seconds ago
Your party has no ideals. Its entire 2020 platform literally says nothing except "reelect Donald Trump."
Spoileralert 113 seconds ago
So this incident happened yesterday, but the media carried it out tonight.....If it happened to Trump, the media would report tonight that the morgue workers were there to pick up the body...but it is Biden....
Republicans_R_Traitors 114 seconds ago
The brainwashing continues. More than 70 million, these are his audience. One thing we knew that we didn't know before: More than 70 million brainwashed, racist, idiots live among us. Now we know their number. Fox, internet, radio, GOP leaders and the Orange Turd, all of them are addressing these brainwashed, racist idiots. The GOP has always been a group of white racists, but the new thing, thanks to the 4 years of the Orange Turd, we now know their number.
Duke Harris 116 seconds ago
Oh that's all it takes. Fine. Is it better to apologize each morning for the day to come or in the evening? ;-)
Dad 116 seconds ago
This election was a complete sham by the Democrats. When is the DOJ going to step in and investigae what the hell happened? 95% of the Dominion voting machines created a paper ballot. You know how many ballots are included in the 5% not producing a paper ballot? 7.5 million!!! The DOJ needs to step in!!!! Where is Barr? 73 million people want to know!!!!!!!!
Merlin 119 seconds ago
Michelle Obama has taken the lead role as the villain in the netflix adaptation of "The Murders In The Rue Morgue". She looks the part.
Hounslow 129 seconds ago
The whole Biden election is a complete vote fraud. The impossibility of these vote dumps after the election are beyond real. Analysts have concluded that the vote dumps after the election could not be possible without fraud. I hope that the senile and decrepit Biden's rotting foot falls off for good.
EddytheHat 133 seconds ago
place her in a position that doesn't have to be confirmed them fire the bosses that leads to her being next in the chain on command unlike trump, this would actually follow the law
Keith 135 seconds ago
Jon Voight warns America is ‘in great danger’ when Biden takes office 45 mins ago
Apalachicola 138 seconds ago
“It looks like I'm immune for, I don't know, maybe a long time, maybe a short time. It could be a lifetime. Nobody really knows,“ This is a rare truth from a liar.
AlfondoGonz 144 seconds ago
Donald has called the US in 2020 “like a third world country” that had “the least secure [election] ever.” Who has been in charge the past half decade????
brakeboy - Zombie Mode✔ 4 seconds ago
Remember when John Kasich said "It's like 24 hours since John McCain was put to death..."
SnoBoardPatroller 5 seconds ago
The only thing Joe picked was the intern, based on hair smell, and what pudding he is having tonight. God help us.
sharyl 6 seconds ago
That's the most benign interpretation...I'd b worried there's a veiled meaning there...and they won't stop at Donald, they'll want his whole family.
Paul3142 6 seconds ago
CNN & FOX initiate dysfunction in society, because only trouble pays the bills. George Soros, (and others of a kin), only make money if the markets go up and down violently. These variations in the market are controlled, by those in the know for that specific purpose.
Wayne 8 seconds ago
Your argument is solid save for the fact that you take the liberty of redefining “sex” to mean some Contemporary technical term more akin to “fornication- the sexual intercourse between people not married to each other. “ While we may marvel at how every species on earth deals with nature’s blessings or “evils” as you would have it, all brought about by a continuing offspring of procreation, you conjecture that less is some how more is just simply mathematically incorrect. To cover our eyes to the reality before us is not short sighted it’s no sighted. Life onto life death onto death.
speakeasy 9 seconds ago
Well......President Trump will long be remembered compared to the flap trap of that supposed Lt. Gov. Fetterman. What a piece of crap Fetterman IS.... An asterisk in wiki
AaCkk 10 seconds ago
Like all radical movements, it will fizzle out in time. Life goes on and people will find other things to do. BLM is doomed to fail...
I Hate Thugz 10 seconds ago
BREAKING: Supreme Court agrees to hear election case.
Ben Bennett 14 seconds ago
lol so only 1% of all events in previous decades would've happened according to Goatroper2211 on the Breitbart forums. Thanks for the take mate.
GrayEagle48 19 seconds ago
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Just what we need more of Soros's face. We will not live in a third world banana republic MSM sock puppets quit telling us to lay down & roll over, we will not go quietly into the night, just because you tell us to. We demand honest elections, and we will have them come hell or high water, deal with it. If the democrats did nothing wrong as they so boisterously claim they have nothing to fear from Robust, extensive,comprehensive investigations. This democrat & media howling unfair is just made for TV fiction Put that in your pipe and smoke it Chris Wallace. Jeremiah 51:28 violence in the land, ruler against ruler. zero tolerance for tyranny. Those who do not fight tyranny, are complicit with it. President Trump Supporters Are Not Uneducated Pls link this video thank you.
Carry Heavy 25 seconds ago
America limping into the future with the Establishments hand picked candidate, a senile old fool to lead the world. I can't be anymore ashamed of my own country than I am already, the guy didn't even make it to the inauguration.
maddog353 30 seconds ago
Eugene, “completely without merit” The evidence has not been presented in ANY court because it is not able to stand up to scrutiny. 5 of the sources mention Dominion. So many lies here. President claimed just today, he doesn't know what country Dominion is from. That's a Joke. He is president. He can look up as you or I can that the company is Incorporated in Delaware. Once Georgia recounts matched, Georgia using dominion, became evidence discrediting both president's statements today and Sydney Powell's claims. If you claim Dominion as your evidence, you are a fraud. None will ever appear in any court. It was presented and removed several times 1) 1st article has potential, but does not contain an iota of promised evidence. "Democratic Insider" Whistleblower. But ZERO evidence is provided. Zero evidence emerged. Zero names dates locations and dated in August 2020. Total evidence: none 2) "Skeptical of Voter Fraud in 2020? Here’s Your Evidence." This is evidence twisted. 2nd articled refers all sorts of irrelevant stuff in 1st four sections and then one debunked source from Steven Miller a mathematician from Williams college a) He was paid b) Data he analyzed was provided by trump operative who misleading claimed he was from the "election verity" project to disguise his affiliation c) Survey's conducted indicted 500 or so claim they didn't request an absentee ballot. The survey ignored practice of providing absentee ballot for the general if one was requested for the primary. d) No baseline value of those that requested for primary and then forgot was established. 100,000 vote claim is contradicted with patterns in NC. in NC 200/288 K ballots returned 70% Return rate for republicans. Using his claims in PA (+ 100K ) 72K/78k 90% return rate. National rate is 68%. Great source is 3) Once dominion appears the claim is fraudulent. Dominion is mostly attacked through the false narrative of guilt by association. I ate an eggroll therefore I am a chines spy Which piece of evidence is the hill you want to die on? 10 nonsense articles is not necessary to convince me. One piece of evidence, more than a dead guy voting. And it is????????????????
jillybean 32 seconds ago
Well, we cannot help that. I read several scientific papers just the other day on brain differences between conservatives and liberals. Your amygdalas are larger than ours, making you more aware of potential threats. We have more neural activity in the part of the brain that handles conflict resolution. But I digress. I am an elderly center Dem left over from the Age of Aquarius and Woodstock Nation. I have no idea how you would go about it. I am far too peace-loving to imagine what you might do. I assume you wouldn't drive to LA in a giant convoy of ex-military vehicles because you would run into terrible traffic at the 101/405 interchange. Far be it from me to blow my own horn but my intellect, though diminished with age, has not succumbed to flaccidity. So it would be nice to hear more of your plans.
Marcus Aurelius Antoninus 33 seconds ago
Hiw is being in favor of unlimited abortions and allowing them up to the minute of birth "pro-family?"
TheDaliLlama 38 seconds ago
We have FBI notes questioning whether the FBI should entrap Flynn with a lie or pursue him for the Logan Act. I can only hope vile people like you find yourself on the wrong side of law enforcement. You deserve nothing more than to be framed for a crime that you didn't commit... just like you psychos did to Trump, Flynn and Kavanaugh. You have zero character, zero integrity, and zero morals. You are disgusitng.
Paul 43 seconds ago
Funny, you say leftists are thrilled with COVID yet conservatives are the ones screeching about their right to spread it all over America. Life is cheap to American conservatives
TVwithoutFrames 46 seconds ago
You forgot that all of Fox collaborated with your favorite idiot. At a level no liberal media institution would allow. Remember when Donna Brazile shared talking points with Hillary and CNN fired her? Yet Drumpfy-pants has a nightcap love chat with Hannity every night and that’s perfectly OK. GFY.
BHOHG2G 46 seconds ago
Sanders said the killing was illegal? I predict in the near future there will be too many to count much less proclaim illegal .
Billybob9 46 seconds ago
Well HoRRIS will. I think she's got an assassination planned to dispose of Biden within minutes of the oath.
Blakbird13 49 seconds ago
"Professor Kalwant Bhopal, as saying that the poll suggests the Black Lives Matter movement has made some white people “feel their privilege is being threatened and questioned”. The professor is full of BS. People are more afraid for their safety than the professors make believe privilege.
Sicandtired 49 seconds ago
This geriatric will be plagued by falls and brain cramps till they remove...probably in the first three months of his fictitious presidency...a disgrace on this nation.
Petrichor 54 seconds ago
The only expectation I have is that he is not Trump. What Trump supporters cannot grasp is that at least half the country despises Trump and even though many of us were not big on Biden, we would have voted for almost anyone over Trump. No cheating, no massive fraud, just a huge number of people who despise Trump.
ForMyselfAlone 57 seconds ago
They’re taking the path of least resistance. This isn’t a time for taking the path of least resistance.
OverTheEdge789 64 seconds ago
Yeah, although it's also a question of the age distribution of US residents. An aging population won't be so good for economic growth.
CLM 70 seconds ago
Leaders of other countries do not determine who the President of the United States is. We the People and our non fraudulent election process does. You must of failed US history and Civics terribly.
I question 72 seconds ago
I don't care. About the Demo'rats or your history lesson. I just hate racists, of which Trump is one.
Flyfisherman 81 seconds ago
Proud to be honest. You try to harm me, I will kill you. No hesitation. And I kneel to no man, especially some illiterate ghetto criminal.
Giveit a break 87 seconds ago
Osteoporosis is a common ailment of those of advanced age like Biden but is that really what it was? He needs to come out in the Morning and make a statement to the public to.prove he hasn't had another mental break.
LTodd 90 seconds ago
Yeah, OK, But. Californians have been migrating to Arizona since the 80s. And republicans just picked up what, 3, 4 house seats in CA? Californians moving to Arizona are fleeing blue state policies and taxes. It's not the other way around.
lester 91 seconds ago
Lol they are trying to kill the guy off already dumb ass dont even know they are going to off him soon after hes in
M Comprendo 92 seconds ago
It depends on your definition of "allowed". One would have to be brain dead not to see that the press and social media amd liberal academia and business stifle and try to marginalize.conservative voices and values. You ask a very stupid question.
'Nuff'sEnuff 97 seconds ago
Something doesn't add up here.... too convenient to "keep him safe indoors" until his foot heals.... We're being bamboozled big-time!!!
Liberalism = Mental Disorder 98 seconds ago
And why not? They have a damn good chance of getting away with it for POTUS...they can almost admit it openly. In fact Biden already has.
PlatinumGhost 98 seconds ago
I pray daily that the evil in this country will be brought into the light for all to see. I believe it is happening.
Matthewthawkins 102 seconds ago
That is not what happened. What happened was the lawyers in charge of the Epic Kracken asked the court to issue an order to the Secretary of State and the State of Georgia an order to not destroy or delete evidence. Totally unnecessary, but the judge issued the order anyways. The SOS and State of Georgia responded by saying that they don’t own, control or have custody of the machines, the counties do. So Kracken Squared asked the judge to issue an order to the counties. The judge responded that he couldn’t order the counties to do anything since they weren’t sued by the Mighty Squid. It really was subpar lawyering.
stargazeman 107 seconds ago
A mumbling, bumbling, now stumbling demented man who is going to be leading this Country? 25th Ammendment cant come soon enough to get radical Kamala in and Obama named as her VP to ruin us once and for all---to whcih we will revolt and rebuld.
SnoBoardPatroller 110 seconds ago
Thank your colleagues with va jay jays and who could not keep, their hubby satisfied. It's over. $26T in debt. $175T in unfunded liabilities on a $17T economy, soon to be post lockdown $12T economy. Nobody smart is gonna stay here. Glad I own hard assets. Out of this (soon to be) sheet hole.
scamada 110 seconds ago
sad to see trump show any support to someone who literally vowed to jail trump and unleash the lawlessness double standard of the deep state onto anyone who was his public supporter ... the more things unfold the more weak and a traitor trump seems to be - 7 trillion dollars printed -> vaccines for all ??? WAKE THE FFFF UP MORONS WOW