Sparta of Phoenix AZ 5 seconds ago
It so sweet...You're so infatuated with me Wisco...I know, you don't have a male role model in your life...Raised by mommy....
Unreal Uknow 6 seconds ago
This propaganda that the rioters are a small percentage is unproven. The same as saying the peaceful protesters are a small percentage of rioters.
Standing Tall As An American 8 seconds ago
Hey libs, 82 shot in Chicago last weekend, 22 dead When do the social justice demonstrations start?
Nordic Bezerker 8 seconds ago
Maybe, maybe not, if all Trump has to worry about is Biden the only problem I see there is if Biden is dumb enough to debate Trump, Trump will get accused of Senior Abuse.
Pedro 9 seconds ago
Besides seeing Trump's concession speech, there will be nothing more satisfying than watching Trump Supporters crawl back into whatever hole, den, or trailer park they crawled out of.
EnjoyDeesNuts 9 seconds ago
Because nothing says "I'm a law and order President" like pardoning a felon convicted on all 7 counts of witness tampering and lying to federal investigators.
Locke 11 seconds ago
I am speaking from a person that also walked many jobs. A union steel job in Tampa was very good, and I volunteered for that company. Quite a few non-union jobs were awesome as well. It depends on the company.
RangerBrigade 14 seconds ago
Maybe he will start informing us about how Andrew Jackson would have stopped the Civil War if given the chance.
Joe 17 seconds ago
Biden has not done much and his lead is increasing unbelievable level. Its the opposite of what happened to Hillary.. But its 5 months away and the economic numbers can easily turn against Biden. In addition Trump camp claim to have 1.4m new voters they can reach with their hate
Jose 18 seconds ago
I'm not stupid enough to vote for the person who spent his career escalating the war on blacks. You have to be a complete idiot to support Biden.
Peter Combs 20 seconds ago
oh, so now Obama wants reform..he sure as heck changed his tune from a few years ago...when killing by cops of unarmed black men was literally 400% higher annually.
Bat Masterson 22 seconds ago
Great job, LA mayor! Cutting police force budget by $150 million and investing $250 million in black communities to counteract Republican racist federal policies and exploitation. "Here’s how Republican Atwater characterized the strategy in a "1981 interview, laying bare its racist underpinnings: You start out in 1954 by saying, “[N-word], [n-word], [n-word].” By 1968 you can’t say “[n-word]” — that hurts you, backfires. So you say stuff like, uh, forced busing, states’ rights, and all that stuff, and you’re getting so abstract. Now, you’re talking about cutting taxes, and all these things you’re talking about are totally economic things and a byproduct of them is, blacks get hurt worse than whites.… “We want to cut this,” is much more abstract than even the busing thing, uh, and a hell of a lot more abstract than “N-word], [n-word].” (parenthetical substitutions of “n-word” are mine.) The exorcism, it seems, cannot be complete without dismantling the GOP and conservative ideology down its fundamental DNA. Racism is the foundation of conservatism in the United States."
Biden_2019 22 seconds ago
Lol its funny how a quick google search debunks you Back in January of 2020 the who said the virus is not spread among humans Trump bans travel from china dems work on shampeachmint to protect joe biden from his Ukraine crimes
Joe Mcg 23 seconds ago
The press has been failing to hold NY accountable for inflating the numbers. Suspected is not the same as an actual case.
mary 24 seconds ago
or they know that employment follows demand and demand won't ratchet up without discretionary money in a consumer economy
Briez 25 seconds ago
That would only be in the Land of Libtardia, hon, where the news is something you prefer being fed to you by those who think like you do.
Banned by the Hill 25 seconds ago
What I find so interesting is the overwhelming is the gullibility of the "CNN Viewer" While proselytizing to their audience that "White Supremacists" who need to be destroyed are the looters, CNN simultaneously denounces Trump for invoking the Insurrection act to secure cities and destroy the looters.
Scott Crabtree 25 seconds ago
Were you the guy who took out the the full page add claiming Gen Petraeus was a betrayer of our country?
ProfessorOzpin 29 seconds ago
Oops indeed 9.0% or higher: Apr 2009 to Sept 2011 Also that 14.7% unemployment? Trump owns that
Robulator 30 seconds ago
You assume that's where I went. That shows your ignorance. Try to understand the big picture related to geography, economics, and demographics. If what you say is true than every country in the world should be prosperous.
John 32 seconds ago
If you have personally seen someone get really sick from this like I have, it would scare the sht out of you. We are just not seeing the carnage, it is hidden but is there. Wear a mask not only for your health but the health of others
Jan 33 seconds ago
A political prisoner? Well, if subverting democracy is being a political prisoner then so be it, because Stone has been doing that since Nixon.
Why do I bother. 33 seconds ago
Same in Peru. Everybody is 5 ft tall with swarthy skin, but they are all dead certain they are 'pure' white. Funny actually. Genetic sampling shows that most 'white' Peruvians are more than half native.
ΦQ 34 seconds ago
So, you prefer obsequious obeisance instead of speaking his mind, from a decorated general, on a matter he considers of grave military and Constitutional importance? Why?
Brown mule 34 seconds ago
"Floyd, an unarmed black man" Question: Would it matter if he HAD been armed? I think the more accurate description would be: Floyd, drug user and counterfeiter.
Lynn 38 seconds ago
So, no police reform, no prison reform, no economic assistance to inner cities, no help for children caught in failing school systems. That's why we had to do it.
wonky12 39 seconds ago
A crazy idea would be the rioters go home. Take care of their children and family. Teach them values, the golden rule and care for others. Read them a book, teach them about history, the fine nation we are. With that I suspect there would be alot less tragedy like George Floyd. Right dims???
odys 40 seconds ago
^Perfect example of deflection. He and his buddies are paid by the chicoms but they come here accusing everyone else. It is so predictable.
bigsky 43 seconds ago
they're not democrat looters- they're not republican looters- they're just BS criminals with no political affinity at all
Alan 43 seconds ago
One could piece of news is the riots are stopping the black savages are losing go back to your he'll holes with no stores anymore HA HA HA!
Día de Muertos 43 seconds ago
Imagining Trump's leaving the White House for the last time I think of Mussolini's departure And the Ceaușescu's.... ..
Javanne 44 seconds ago
Not as long as Kerry, who told the mullahs to hang tough in hopes that Trump would be gone by 2021 isn’t.
D.B.M. 44 seconds ago
Obligatory reminder that when Trump says "law and order," what he really means is "black people--sit down, shut up, and take the boot" Trump and all his little white-color-criminal and fraudster buddies hate law and order.
Leah C 47 seconds ago
Ummmmmmmm......... Police face danger with sovereign citizens By Melissa Braun Dec 14, 2011 0 Paudert warned officers not to engage in the conversations with sovereign citizens during a traffic stop, but to use caution. "Remember that sheriffs are the only ones they recognize with any constitutional authority, but if they are unable to control him, they will kill him," Paudert said. A sovereign citizen's violent tendency is a progression. Paudert has joined with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to identify the dangers police officers face from sovereign citizens.
The Cure 50 seconds ago
Im just happy to live in the suburbs where they are lucky 100 people protest at any spot and the rain scares them away. They did get pretty rowdy with a truck driver who was trying to turn and they were blocking the road. But luckily except for hitting the truck and screaming, no violence occurred.
FreedomsKrieg 50 seconds ago
It should have been more and sooner! But as they say! "Better late than never" Felony 5rys prison and $5,000.00... in Oklahoma it's felony 10 & 10 It's a good 1st offense lesson!
JimmyCrackCorn 53 seconds ago
I'm sure the man that said, "Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet." has thought about pouncing on Dolt45 and breaking his neck more than once.
lrjrj 53 seconds ago
Rachel, is your last name Maddow? LOL "Russian collusion" has been humiliated by a partisan Dem Special Counsel and as we know from yesterday's testimony, the Deputy AG would not have authorized it if he had known about the serial misconduct and fraud that preceded it by Obama's DOJ/FBI. This will be further confirmed for those who are looking studiously away, to be the biggest political scandal in Am history. The attempt by an outgoing Admin, to thwart a presidential campaign of a rival party, sabotage a new presidency and to prosecute that administration into impeachment. What a joke that you still embrace the phony narrative used to justify this charade/ coup attempt.
Mail Voter 53 seconds ago
Until this year it was rare to see unemployment claims at two million per week. Now with the trump economy shedding 3+ million in some weeks, under 2 million new claims is an “improvement”.
DID I DO THAT? 57 seconds ago
It doesnt, not now. Its Dems platform, to keep them down, telling black people they are discrimated against they have no opportubity keeping them resentful and bitter It sells, has been working for decades. Of course Dems never change a think, but the pretense of change works over and over again The cities where I live major businesses are force to have divirsity hiring quotas.
Lucnow 58 seconds ago
To be seen...only Bill Barr's hiding of the Mueller report has kept the pathological liar trump in office and out of prison. What's Barr hiding that can't be shared with Congress?
IndependentModerate 58 seconds ago
So, our first black president, in eight years, had zero opportunity to advance the "healing." In NJ speak, get outta here.
tracey marie 58 seconds ago
Really, he called nazis fine people, his birtherism, his racist comments about POC and countries of color continues daily. His authoritarian demands, gassing peaceful protesters to take a walk. Trump is the CIC of the right wing racism.
FlunkedAgain 59 seconds ago
Anarchy is NO Government. GOP is Limited Government Democrats are Big Government. Anarchy is closer to the GOP than the Democrats.
Wilbert B 61 seconds ago
Yeah, why no prison or police reform. If it's important enough to riot, loot, and murder you'd think it would make the list.
nooki2 6 seconds ago
Ronpaulblican 7 seconds ago
Kinda like when LeBron refused to support protestors in Hong Kong because the Chinese Communists didn’t let him speak out? Freedom for you but screw Hong Kong, huh you prostitute?
elizabethrc 7 seconds ago
Last night Tucker Carlson read off the findings of a recent investigation into the facts of black 'victimization' by whites. It puts the lie to the massive accusations by the black movement and so called targeting of blacks by white police offices. It won't make the light of day, however and Carlson needs to report it over and over again until more and more people (and officials) begin to see how they have been lied to and propagandized.
Merky Waters 7 seconds ago
At this point I care more about white communities than black, sorry. Black communities are run by the Democrats, let them fix it if they can.
Stop Communism-19 8 seconds ago
Pandering to racist narratives is not the way to support the black community. Opportunity for all and family values should be the conservative platform for all.
Kirsten 9 seconds ago
It's ironic to think that under the Trump administration America is being considered to have gone full communist.
Rational_Db8 9 seconds ago
The final report signed by the ME told me, and Baden in his T V announcement old me. You, on the other hand, seem to be getting your info from your fantasies.
Rthuba 10 seconds ago
Didn't see the tape before the "Never Okay to Kneel on a persons neck" for an alleged bad check.. though, by Dem Governor logic if he was Covid positive that cop save 200 million lives.
Gary Eaker 10 seconds ago
Yes. I can tell you what’s NOT a solution, BLM. Look at what they want. It’s insane. That’s why I call them Because Lies Matter. No rational American should support such nonsense any more than they would Al Sharpton. Seen his YouTube Video calling for “KillinCrackers & Cops?”
ConfidentSpaceman 12 seconds ago
Makes some sense, but the problem is that alternative conservative candidates would also have to be members of the same racial community. Simply a fact.
Green Eyes 12 seconds ago
I’m going to body shame. Don’t like it? To bad, I could care less! That thing is flat out F A T!! And it’s here ILLEGALLY! What part of ILLEGALLY do you NOT, understand??? You may not care that your tax dollars are paying these criminals! YES CRIMINALS, when you disobey the LAW! You’re a CRIMINAL. But I care my tax dollars go to these pieces of SH...!
USA Proud 14 seconds ago
Why you talking behind a video camera ?. ( bunker).These are your people...get out amongst them. After all you are a community organizer , and Antifa is your army. Afraid would be my guess.
BBrianL 14 seconds ago
November’s elections present a choice between individual sovereignty and collective enslavement, determined West.
Well said LTC West.
Tim Lynch 19 seconds ago
What a weak pathetic wank stain pandering to the leftist murdering scum of the Democrat Party - remove these vile leftist arse slime of the globalist pugs. No tolerance of leftist filth.
StarGate 19 seconds ago
Under the inept, out of touch, Socialist mayor and inept governor...NYC has actually now become a failed city. After all these riots, with the unchecked violence and looting, it will take many years for NYC to recover and feel safe to open new businesses and to visit as a tourist.
KillerClownfromOuterspace 20 seconds ago
Sorry but I'm sick of SJW etc. Every movie has a gay person and a mixed race relationship. Every job/college/opportunity has affirmative action quotas. They give loans out to people who can not possibly repay them based on race. For what? More of this cra)p? This is blue on blue. Let it burn.
hounddog 20 seconds ago
And not a peep about this or any of the other officers attacked across the US being mentioned on NBC or the Today Show. They are playing and squeezing in the race card in every segment of their show, even cooking segments.
BuckeyePhysicist 21 seconds ago
Let's give African-Americans a real option in 2024: President Allen West. Vice President Ben Carson. Education Secretary Thomas Sowell. Treasury Secretary Walter Williams Labor Secretary Candace Owens. HUD Secretary Burgess Owens Energy Secretary Tim Scott. I'm serious. Let's have the entire Cabinet made up of all black conservatives just to prove a point. This will be a great country!
Dmorris 22 seconds ago
Since the New Year, the crooked Democrats have given us impeachment, the Chinese virus and now riots. What do they have in store next?
Tiger 23 seconds ago
He is correct. What may I ask do children and youth across America see when they look at this? Do you think they wonder why it is OK for blacks to steal, kill and to beat up whites" The Main Media and most likely when they go back to school, their teachers if speaking of this will say it is due to the anger they have over slavery? What goes through these youth minds? Setting a terrible example and using at the end of the day, because the family asked for peace, slavery. Well folks my mother, father and grandfather were in Japanese POW camps for the duration of WWII. I have put up the letter my grandfather wrote thanking the U.S.A. military for saving their lives. He also wrote of starvation, forced labor, rapes, beatings and horrendous things done to them. The Japanese committed atrocities to millions all over the world. Would it be right, since the Japanese stole 150,000 from my family along with went through our home on Manila Bay stealing everything , including my grandmother's jewels and all the art work, which some Japanese family somewhere most likely has right now, for me and all surviving relatives to go to Japan, kill, loot and riot for payback? Cotton is right, this is nothing but taking advantage of another crisis to totally destroy this country and then people like Obama who dared to make a speech at 5 PM yesterday on some channel where he and others go to do the Shadow Government work, about the answer to it all. It is Treason and Anarchy at work the Coup is far from dead, the swamp lives, please take the time to listen to this x BLM tell you and blacks what is going down. In this video he explains that the goal is a war and the blacks are the bait to start it. Youtube has pulled this video over and over and when you watch it you will know why. He names who is behind this.
Master Rod 24 seconds ago
"Trump Needs to Listen to Protesters with ‘Humility and Respect’" No, Trump needs to jail them with reckless abandon.
10 Sep 1833 25 seconds ago
Comments on schools is spot on. Most of these “progressive” municipalities have abysmal school systems with School Board Executives making six-figure salaries off the taxpayers with nothing to show for the return on investment. Most Democrat run municipalities these school system executives are rotating through the local political system as they go from City Council to the school board and back. Voters are either too ignorant or willing to accept these poor results. You want to riot/protest something go protest how your local government officials are failing you!
realistgym 27 seconds ago
Seriously, this is a rare opportunity; before we do it nationwide, we need to try this in selected "beta test sites", so to speak. Since Rep. Tlaib also called for it, the 13th of MI would be a good place to start, as well as the districts of those mentioned in the article. We use some of the money saved to train the "rapid reaction social workers" that Tlaib wants, and then at election time, we have a national referendum on who wants to continue. After a few months we will have objective evidence as to whether it really works, and we can watch the hypocrites who go on to hire their private security forces ("rent-a cops"?) Seriously. Go ahead with the grand experiment. I would apply for a gov't grant, I will take NO salary, and I will be happy to welcome all volunteers who want to co-ordinate it. CALL THEIR BLUFF.
Justin Time 28 seconds ago
Beyond that many of these statues were propped up int he 20th century as a in your face to black people. I get these monuments if they were put up after the war or even after Lee died but you look at many of them you see they put up in the 1920s-1950s.
MB 29 seconds ago
If one cannot read everything that is written on paper before signing, the he should not have THAT JOB If it was sign and it has his signature it is in full face value on his accountability He is associated with the McCabe, Comey, etc Guilty by association!!!!
JJ 29 seconds ago
kids in backpacks. interent brainwashed/educated. cowards who won't loot in the hood (they will get shot dead) cowards who won't loot in Koreatown (they will get shot dead) -- so they loot liberal white business, lol. those liberal white businesses deserve it because they voted in the politicians that created this. these kids are losers george floyd was a loser americans are not racist
Laminectomies abound 29 seconds ago
Yeah IMO the Ship as a Whole is lost. I’m desperate to board a Life Boat ( Red State ) hoping for safer shores. Before you flame I’m RED LEE ZELDIN District in a Destroyed BLUE NY TIME TO GO. Will board up home if needed.
Donald 31 seconds ago
If you support abortion which if your a democrat you do, you have no business telling anyone what to do, you need to destroy religion so your guilt can be ignored and your ideology only allows one god that s the state
NIGELTEAPOT 34 seconds ago
you allowing the worst evils is what brings collapse, not "interwoven issues." also what is it with subh*man demoniacs like @disqus_pM5jVICG0B:disqus on right wing sites? trying to prepare for when the devil takes over the "right?"
Dad O' 7 38 seconds ago
What does "outreach" mean? Until they start to recognize the malignancies in their culture, there won't be improvements.
Steven Freeman 38 seconds ago
These white establishment flunkies and liberal bootlickers can take a knee all they want. In the back of their minds, they know the truth, but will never say it or be labled racist.
Deplorable Domer '79 40 seconds ago
Here is a thought. There is no 'answer' to fix this problem. There is no problem. These people just don't like civility and the rule of law. They will use Police, Racism, etc as their excuse, but the answer is simply, they don't want anyone else but THEM to exist.
Greenlander 41 seconds ago
Look at some of the specimens who have been employed to carry them. There is no wonder why they have now supplied them with spray and tasers.
FireAnt 43 seconds ago
FBI reports 2,925 black victims, 89% murdered by black offenders and 3,315 white victims, 81% murdered by white offenders. See “2018 FBI’s Crime in the United States, Expanded Homicide Data Table 6 Educators preach/teach/ nature versus nurture to mean schools can produce students that will succeed in life regardless of genetics. FBI data asks why do blacks (13% of population) have crime rates relatively greater than whites including hispanic (78% of population)? Genetics or Culture?
KauaiGoneGin 43 seconds ago
Awake yet? The government corporation and its officers are protected by the other department/agency corporations. There's a reason none of the real criminals in Congress are EVER brought to justice. Corporations do not work in the best interests of the people. They work in the best interests of the owners. Always. Question: Who owns the United States, Inc. and all the subsidiaries? Journalistic curiosity might cause some to dig deeper, but don't hold your breath. The world is run by corporations. The World of the Dead (corpus).
mrthinker 46 seconds ago
American Citizen to the health 'expert'. STFU and get out of the country. We don't need globalist minions posing as experts trying to demean the white race in America. WE WHITE NATIONALIST WILL OVERCOME YOUR ATTEMPT TO BROWN DOWN OUR NATION AND YOU WILL SUFFER FOR YOUR WILLINGNESS TO HELP SPREAD GLOBALIST PROPAGANDA.
JoeJr 48 seconds ago
Blacks are welcome to be conservative. Why do I need to convince them they need to change when there are riots demanding change. If they want change, let them change to being conservative. No problem.
Lew Rosser 50 seconds ago
When black Americans were much more conservative in the 1950s through the 60s, most black fathers were married and at home with their children. Almost all worked. There wasn't so much black on black crime. And they didn't so disproportionately make up the prison population. Trump has worked hard to bring black people back. Nonetheless, the Democrat Party, Deep Staters, and Leftwing MSM had fought him tooth and nail all along the way. They began impeachment plans before he even took the oath of office, calling the election fraudulent. A puppet of Putin, Russian collusion, racist, Alt-right, xenophobe, homophobe, sexist, abuser of women, incompetent administration, mentally ill, dictator, habitual liar, conman out for profit, etc. They had P-hat protests, and attacked Trump supporters. Some, like Max Waters, pleaded with crowds to chase us out of grocery store and public places. They attacked everyone he brought into his administration, many of whom were Deep State globalists who secretly despised him. The MSM minimized and maligned us all as backwoods racists and uneducated idiots. Then, when their fraudulent impeachment and partisan investigations began winding down, they utilized the Coronavirus to restrict us all home; if Biden can't inspire large crowds at rallies, neither should the MAGA movement. From there, the MSM went back to the old playbook of institutionalized racism and blaming Trump and his response to Leftwing rioting, looting, assaults, and destruction. Meanwhile, black and white Americans are suffering because of these schemes to oust Trump.
Henry Bowers 51 seconds ago
Margaret Sanger was surrounded by racist colleagues; they loved her anti-Black program. It continues today. Own your Black Genocide.
Hunter 51 seconds ago
"Continue the dialog" They keep saying those words but what it really means is "Sit down and shut up while we issue our list of demands". If we say no to extortion, then we are racist. Anyone wanna bet what the first piece of legislation the Dems would pass if the win the election? If you guessed "Social Credit Scores" you are probably right.
Silence Doogood 52 seconds ago
The bad guys gave fake names and addresses? Who'd a thunk it? That's why we fingerprint arrestees... oh- never mind.
OsmanthusFragans 52 seconds ago
Obama, Mr. Soviet himself, is gonna try to give us a revisionist history lesson, as he takes a break from his commie ‘community organizing’ this week. Oh wait, no sweat, Valerie Jarret still has things under control as she carries out orders from the International Communist Cabal.
4Him 53 seconds ago
The man-made in the lab virus, a tool of the New World Order-globalists-deep state-the swamp -RINOS-Chameleon GOP RINOS-social progressives-UNI-DC party on both sides of the aisle to crash the economy, to wield tyrannical control over the people etc.etc. to push their agenda further AGAINST President Trump ---who IS working for sovereign Americans, despite the onslaught of these naysayers, soothsayers etc.
Robert Beckman 53 seconds ago
Moral of the story: If you have fentanyl and meth in your system AND are positive for COVID-19, don't resist arrest.
John Doe✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ 53 seconds ago
Black people will always lose themselves and keep going backwards if they insist on being fools who keep envying and blaming white people for their own bad choices. Black people have been doing this collectively for a very long time. The amount of ignorance is stunning! They cannot even begin to understand that THEY are the ones who will suffer the most after burning down and destroying their own communities. Then when the businesses that they have looted and burned close permanently and their communities lay in ashes they will blame white people and say its racism. Would you as a non-black business owner ever want to re-open your business in these communities again? Or would you be looking for a better community to move to where there are fewer blacks and white liberals? This is why the ghettos in New York, Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, LA, etc. are the way they are. All of these cities used to be good places to live until Democrats look them over and ruined them. Keeping the ever growing populations of poor black people in mental slavery is exactly how the Democratic party has maintained control, and is also exactly why ALL of these cities are now blighted crapholes. It begins with white flight, and we're going to see a LOT more of that soon. FACT: The kindest thing that you can do for these people is to stay as far away from them as possible. Try to reason with them and you will likely end up a victim with serious injuries, or dead. Don't just take anyone's word for it. Open your eyes and look at what they're doing out there. And the insane white liberals are out there doing it with them. Sonnie is another apologist/ Sharpton and the rest. She made her money and now she's become a part of the beast who pretends to be Conservative and unbiased---except when its not expedient to her agenda. She is a disgrace!
Bob Dog 54 seconds ago
Now be a DOER of the word rather than just a sayer of the word. That is what Christianity is all about and what God expects!
MsDemeanor® 55 seconds ago
Nothing will change unless we start punishing these domestic terrorists to the fullest extent of the law. And that INCLUDES the dirty corrupt politicians at the top that are bankrolling it!!!
Donuts & Covfefe 56 seconds ago
Really tired of having to be told that I have to cater to people who think white people are all out to get them. I have way too many white people in my life to love and care for than to deal with a hostile and violent group that the government has weaponized against us.
MKDAWUSS 57 seconds ago
"If Chauvin is acquitted because of an overcharge ... and there's a second wave of violence and property destruction" That's probably the plan
disqus_3sM5X0YFlK 59 seconds ago
BLM on their homepage want to UNFUND THE POLICE. Why didn’t this DUMBO QUIT and then he is saving money by quitting.
Mike 63 seconds ago
So now its conservatives job to fix it. How about these people use an ounce of critical thinking and see that decades of voting demkcrat has not worked.
will2win 65 seconds ago
Total assh--e. It was founded to create a free society, not to enslave one. It was founded so that all were born equal, not so that some would be preferred by law. You and your slime are dead set against those founding principles -- and you obviously know that.
~jr~ Defiant Deplorable 66 seconds ago
My story is like yours ... but with a different twist... the wonderful life I now live, the abundance that surrounds me it is not my own accomplishments but rather a outpouring of blessings from Father God to me because He can and He did. The system tried very diligently not only to place before me those barriers you speak of but added in a twisted evil set of Local, State and Federal Elites who were set on my destruction: God had other plans for me. I don’t deserve the abundant life I now live ... but I am great full to God for setting His table down before me for me to sit at !
tanstagcopc 66 seconds ago
I'm sorry to agree with you. I was handed a list of 50 objectives of America's biggest enemy in basic training and asked to find 5 on the list that had not happened. Unfortunately nobody in our flight could find more than 4, and that was in 1983. Yuri Bezmenov was a high-level KGB defector I recently found photos of in Taboola clickbait photo links of him sitting behind President Kennedy! (Ironically to the president's right, so in the image as I viewed it he was "back and to the left" one row and one seat!) And I cannot help but wonder whether or not they know who he is. What is also interesting about education in the United States is, a group of wealthy men came together and removed financial education from our schools in 1904. Among them are Andrew Carnegie and JP Morgan. They allegedly did it because they wanted employees (obedient workers according to George Carlin) not competitors, according to Robert Kiyosaki - who teaches financial education in an attempt to help people keep from sliding into poverty. Just an example of poor financial education.... Most people think of their home as an asset. But for those who live in them it's not. It's a liability! Why? Because assets put money INTO YOUR POCKET, while liabilities TAKE MONEY OUT! So show me someone who has moved into their primary residence after buying it and didn't set out to spend even more money on it, and I will show you someone who overpaid and probably bought the model home of a new community, which is the worst "investment" anyone can make. That home most people now get a 30-year mortgage to buy? It's an asset, all right - to the BANK!!!!
Jeff Curtis 66 seconds ago
I think you are missing her point. Blacks need to vote for conservatives on a local level, not a federal level,
Richard McCarthy 67 seconds ago
Smart/wise were fleeing the Dem Party and Dem cities...and the DNC/Cabal/Coup are desperate and guilty.
Lyle Francis Delp 69 seconds ago
Note the low forehead denoting stupidity. Obviously from a lower evolution species. Perhaps we can dissect him to discover the root cause of the lack of brain development.
Louise 71 seconds ago
Whilst President Trump stands for law and order, the socialist Democratic party as can be seen from the actions of Pelosi, Biden, et al, are on the side of anarchists, looters, arsonists and other criminals. The American citizens must remember this when they vote in November. KAG November 2020 - landslide for Trump.
Goat 72 seconds ago
For goodness sakes Trump, please just ignore some of this crap. They left is setting you up to get you to say just what you did. Mattis is gone, who cares, please stop with the juvenile comebacks. You are the president and we will support and vote for you, but you have to stop shooting yourself day, after day. or people are going to think you are nuts just like Biden and turn you off.
WrenchMan2.0 72 seconds ago
Always good for some hyperbole! Empty Vessel! 8 years that it’s Americas fault has run its course you Clown!