Kevin Cobb 1 seconds ago
When China takes over the blacks will stop complaining about racism. And think of all those beautiful Chinese girls who will come here to occupy us 😆
Truthtogop 9 seconds ago
After civilization collapses McDonald's will run out of burgers in a hurry. Protein is going to be a scarce commodity.
Gorgus 11 seconds ago
The national average for gas is a little higher than it was in 2018 and 2019. I wonder if it might have been depressed last year by a global pandemic and recession or something?
Cabowabo522 12 seconds ago
Millions of people are reexamining their life choices, hence the labor shortage. CEO pay started climbing to obscene levels under Reagan, who decided that America shouldn't have a middle class. Clinton's actions did make it worse long term only because Bush and Republicans nixed Clintons worker rights initiatives.
The Lone Ranger 15 seconds ago
It is fraudulent and it will eventually be decertified! The entire government is corrupt and is being brought down! Then we will rebuild the government according to Constitutional guidelines! Your takeover of America will never reach fruition and your heroes will be dead or in prison!
SPKNX 20 seconds ago
"Involuntary manslaughter is defined as an unintentional killing that results either from recklessness or criminal negligence or from the commission of a low-level criminal act such as a misdemeanor." The bolded element is missing.
Somegeye 22 seconds ago
Which part of the NRA safety course teaches you how to differentiate between dummy rounds and live ammo, dummy?
ClearSecret 22 seconds ago
Muchado about nothing..... We have Nuclear armed subs all over the planet, with each having the first strike capability to lay waste to any foreign power. We also have our own hypersonic program (as all 1st world countries do). Big woop.
WebTraveler 25 seconds ago
Why do you even bring up little kids and their stuff? Who does this? It shows you are predisposed to this sick shit. Trumpers are big into kids if we look at Trump/Moore/Epstein/Hastert/Maxwell/George Nader and the rest. Science? I will believe someone trained in science and medicine over someone like you whose experience seems to be playing doctor on the underage.
Locke ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ 27 seconds ago
Interestingly, the urban element isn’t the common factor on crime. They have studied this for years. Now, yes, one group has a higher amount of crime than other groups. But…why? We can stop and say, ‘it’s just them’ but…that is stopping short. So they looked at comparable incomes…nope. They looked at areas lived…nope. They looked at a pile of factors….nope. Then one day, they did, ‘single parent household.’ Bingo. Whites and blacks and other races had nearly the same crime rates. Now of course, the various welfare programs destroyed the African American family more so than other races, but when they did two parent households…the chance a kid would grow up to be criminal fell through the floor. So…Murphy Brown was wrong, Dan Quayle was right. But…we cannot say that out loud because both RAAAAAAAACIST! And Sexist!
DepotGuy 29 seconds ago
Elizabeth Warren said, "progressives won't be the ones left holding the bag." She either lied or was duped. (Those two are not necessarily mutually exclusive.)
Lee Clayton 30 seconds ago
In dumbfvck MAGAbilly world, an actor who is provided a car to drive in a scene should first acquire a mechanic's license, then perform diagnostics on its fuel injection and braking systems before getting behind the wheel.
EK Fall 93 31 seconds ago
The federal govt did what your ancestors wanted done to the indigenous people of this continext so they could take their land. You clowns are just mad today because people are forcing the govt to stop enforcing your evil ways.
Perry Passu 33 seconds ago
Nah, Biden supported them along with Clinton and many other Democrats. Obama continued them. Stop trying to rewrite history.
CheeseEatingSurrenderMonkey 33 seconds ago
Highly popular Barack Obama 64 million votes, twice, Clinton 63 million votes, Bush 60 million, THEN Democrats ran blank COVID mail in ballot scam
Cannibal 34 seconds ago
You have a point there but simply copying and pasting the same thing over and over is a red flag over your mental health.
AlextheKay 35 seconds ago
Because he wasn't a war criminal. It's remarkable how many saps and suckers respond to an article about disinformation by spreading disinformation.
Biden Makes My Skin Crawl 44 seconds ago
the infrastructure is crumbling right before our eyes. Why let it crumble and then spend trillions on it? Destroy and rebuild=build back better
President Joe Biden! 45 seconds ago
More than 140 contacts between Russia and the Trump campaign in 2016, son. That is not a lie. What is your explanation for that?
Iron Mike, the DJT Supporter 47 seconds ago
LOL, NOPE! The progressives dims aren't going to allow it! Nancy isn't the speaker. AOC and the squad control the house.
Oakspar77777 47 seconds ago
You have reduced yourself to name calling and defeated yourself with your own point. School boards do answer to the public where they are elected - but they SERVE the parents. The public does not have authority over other people's children to convey to a school board. ONLY parents have authority over their children. That is why I mentioned the community as also being stakeholders - but behind the primary stakeholders who are the parents. I don't know why you keep projecting your frustration onto me. My local school board isn't made up of usurpers. They put the kids first and leave the politics out.
Mark Wills 49 seconds ago
LOL...Please link an article to back up your claim. Good luck defending your comment, sweetheart! ;)
Thisisit 49 seconds ago
It is not easy to give someone a cookie, and then say...oops. I need that back. It is not like either side cares about the debt to make the cookies.
Tom 52 seconds ago
Wrong they know the increased taxes won’t stop at the top. You also have heavy inflation now and higher taxes in corps will cause the increases to be passed along to consumers. Who is gonna pay the heaviest price middle class and poor.
Richard Sperry 52 seconds ago
More utter horse shit from you... It's not unconstitutional... Time to block your stupid a$$. AGAIN...
JeffK from PA 58 seconds ago
You rack up downvotes faster than my German Shepherd sheds hair. And he drops it like leaves off my oak trees in the fall.
Velocirapstar 63 seconds ago
Lol, I lguess be when someone betraying basic ignorance of the English language thinks they have a “gotcha”. This time, I WILL have you Google something. Look up what “fuel” means. You don’t build things out of fuel, genius. I’m not opposed to all use of petroleum products, I’m opposed to burning petroleum for fuel. In fact, the use of petroleum to build things is a reason NOT to use it as fuel. It’s hard to make something out of petroleum that has been burned. Other than deadly climate-crisis fueling emissions, that is. Logic and language - not your strong suits, eh?
doobie 65 seconds ago
Best of luck getting me to buy into that BS ever again. And wtf does lockdowns have to do with food prices skyrocketing not to mention gas?
Am your whisperer 67 seconds ago
Us minorities don't believe the elections were stolen, we made sure your failed messiah got the boot, fact
phyxer 2 seconds ago
Put national guard, police and armed militia at the borders. Biden and his bunch are enemies of the states , the constitution and AMERICA. He would send troops after the states but not to stop the invasion.
John Charlton 2 seconds ago
And this doesn't even touch on the government's "War on Ivermectin." They mock the lifesaving drug Ivermectin that has been AMAZINGLY effective especially in early treatment of Covid-19, but also in the ICU setting and even with people on ventilators. YET they clamp down on the availability of this remarkable drug and disparage it as a "horse dewormer." I would predict that the number of Covid-19 deaths would be only a few hundred if Ivermectin had been used EARLY ON as the standard of care. It stopped the pandemic in many nations, including the largest state in India, Uttar Pradesh where Covid is virtually NON-EXISTENT today.
1tempusfugit 6 seconds ago
He is a criminal of a potus...this is the most divisive, #HateAmerica, #HateAmericans, #HateParents admin in history....they should all be incarcerated.
Ellen Peba 8 seconds ago
Also, Shakespeare wrote something about 'killing them all'. Did you know (according to disclosure laws with the IRS) that more than 85% of all attorneys are Democrats (Communists)?
A cat with 3 names 13 seconds ago
I never heard the television ratings of the all star game that was moved to Colorado. I'm guessing that they weren't great. I know I didn't watch it because of the MLB politics. If the game played in Georgia sticks a finger in MLB' s eye, I'm all for it.
Shawn O 21 seconds ago
And make those retards actual FBI agents and have them incite violence to make it look like the patriots did it. Have them murder an unarmed woman and then let the killer go free while you lock up the patriots who were incited by the FBI agents. To top it all off invite the media to collaborate.
Texzor 24 seconds ago
Kate, keeping those kind of records, let alone disseminating it to the public would be highly illegal according to the Leftists.
GetClue 25 seconds ago
And they took photos and put it out there when Trump got his vaccine. The lies from these angry haters is unbelievable. Maybe one day they will realize we told Trump what we wanted and he listened. We don’t follow Trump. In a sense…I guess you could say he followed us. We were screaming media lies well before he even became President….the left truly is ignorant…or they don’t listen.
roy 25 seconds ago
Bet these white guilt virtue signaling self loathing liberal protestors are about to bust on this one.
sunshine 91 27 seconds ago
Not just depressing , but an insult to all those innocent people , mainly children who died or were badly injured.
Frank Wilson 36 seconds ago
I have a large family and made the sacrifice to have each one of the children privately educated. Including college, with the exception of the one kid who took mercy on me and got into one of the academies. It's worth the money, and most private schools will work with you very closely to try and get your kids in. Let the rabble deal with government schools. Make the sacrifice, rise above the squalor, and let the school systems indoctrinate someone else.
Seattle Diva 39 seconds ago
EXACTLY she needs to go back. But NEVER come back! An I LLEGAL spent time in prison here and was deported. It CAME back and K i lled my husbands son 6years ago. Drunk it was! It’s truly disgusting and UNBELIEVABLE that our so called dear leaders! Are giving FREEEEEEEEE! To people who have BR O K E N the L A W just coming in here, I LLEGALLY! No wonder the s c u m are coming here. They are NOT coming in here to work! They are coming here for the FREE! Have you seen how many are F A T that have been coming through? I have seen many and the F A T p I G S need help just walking 10feet! Now what can that I LLEGAL offer this country that can’t even WALK, and can’t speak ENGLISH? I will tell you, NOTHING, but will be really good at soaking off us! FACT!
SF Vet 40 seconds ago
All this indicates to me is that McAuliffe's base is behind him on the issue of who should control Virginia's schools. Tens of thousands of government drones live in Northern Virginia and this poll shows that.
Tim Edwards 40 seconds ago
I’m against government censorship. I’m for an individual’s or a company’s right to censor as that is a form of free speech. If you’re in my house spouting nonsense, I can kick you out. That is my freedom of speech. If you’re in my storefront shouting things I disagree with or think would harm my business, I can throw you out. That is my freedom of speech. If you’re in my social media site and I don’t like what you’re saying, I can ban you from it. That is my freedom of speech. The First Amendment only applies between you and the government, not you and other civilians.
Hollif50 49 seconds ago
Facebook employees are angry because their exquisitely designed and supposedly watertight censorship container is leaking conservative ideas and commentary from a variety of sources - such as Breitbart. Their view: "Damn those who won't kowtow to the Dems/Left ideology and narrative"! (smirk)
Mcdave 53 seconds ago
DeSantis is leading in the straw may get your wish..Trump was the right choice in 2016...we needed someone to bash it up and expose the corruption..He did that for us..
1984wasAgoodYear 54 seconds ago
If they want raise more money, start taxing churches, charities, PACs, and political parties. Start taxing everyone that gets any kind of tax break for operating. If it's all about money for the greedy hog of Democrat government, there it is.
Norman 54 seconds ago
Doesn't China pour out more pollution in one day, than Australia and New Zealand combined, in a year? But China Could Not Care Less. As we groan under the burden of LGB, equality and BLM, China quietly and stealthily goes about her business, and laughs. Make your choice. Either Islam or Communism. Our weak and insipid leaders are mere playthings, and VERY highly paid traitors.
boscoo 63 seconds ago
We all know what Party is to blame for the next terrorists attack. I cannot believe a Country has sunken so low in 10 months.
Moose 63 seconds ago
As an Australian commentator said, Joe turn the Teleprompter around so we can read it. It would be easier for everyone.
GozieBoy 76 seconds ago
Dems have been well trained to be lazy, irresponsible, dependents. And that strategy has worked spectacularly, which is why they want to expand it hugely.
big crow 80 seconds ago
Well she's got a head up on the rest of congress because she knows where her pocket is when it comes to tips.
Dawn Marie 90 seconds ago
What if they tax it a a value that it never gains? Does the government reimburse the individual? I mean there are a lot of grandma’s out there with Bennie babies that they thought were worth something at one point. Something is only worth what you can sell it for not what you brag it is worth or some tax accessor declaims it is worth. I find it interesting how much the numbers differ when the tax accessor accesses my house and the refinance people access my house. I’m sure you can guess how values it higher.
thatotherguy 93 seconds ago
If Trump were in office the left and it's propaganda media would be screaming not to take the vaccine.
bil 94 seconds ago
The Democrat Carter institute and their Euro, poll watcher, allies destroyed Venezuela in less than 20 years. With the last 'election' Venezuela needed.
Squeakity Squeak 96 seconds ago
There is a party that doesn't care about your race, you know? As long as you're here legally, we all benefit from your success. It's a pretty simple system.
Av8tor 98 seconds ago
When I was younger being self employed I heard the same thing about taxing the rich, in the first years of the Clinton presidency. I was barely making it and then the taxes were calculated I couldn’t believe my tax bill. I asked my father and he put his hand on my shoulder and said “congratulations you’re rich”.
Alive and well in TX 99 seconds ago
That'an opinion that most likely few people share. ""still trusted by the people during the collapse of the country""
Obiden 100 seconds ago
He is speaking about his America ... not the America I claim. We are too divided to move forward as one nation ...
cape cod charlie 101 seconds ago
I must be dreaming - a touch of sanity within the corrupt judiciary. This judge won't make it alive through the close of the trial.
Ladysouth 113 seconds ago
Well Texas spelled it out for them. If they can’t hear three words clearly maybe they can read three words.
Bildo1 114 seconds ago
I may be mistaken, but I think he's Jewish as well. Not that I care. It would just be a little icing on the hypocrisy cake.
An Englishman from 1381. 117 seconds ago
I had one of those when I was 16 with the girl next door but luckily got away with it just like Alec '1 shot - 1 kill' Baldwin who will also get away with it I'd say.
mjwooten 121 seconds ago
Wasn't aware the Treasury Department could actually do all that. Another position that shouldn't even exist. Amazing how they can expand the payroll just like that of the Treasury department.
sawbino 128 seconds ago
Any parents that take their kids to this crap should lose their parental rights. No child should be exposed to this morally bankrupt garbage.
Schottische 128 seconds ago
SC 137 seconds ago
Perhaps he saw what his site was turning into (globalist, establishment, billionare donor controlled, shills) and died of sadness.
john wilson 152 seconds ago
I liked Noem better before she wouldn't sign the girls sports law...but I still think shes conservative and good, but the refusal puzzles me. I don't want her to turn into the SC governor or AZ governor, etc where they are really NWO plants...
jdquick 154 seconds ago
Scary to think what will happen in the next 4 to 6 months isn't it..... Our grand kids don't have a chance.
Being classically conservative 156 seconds ago
If the GOP had any brains, they would make school choice a top priority. Gut public school funding and instead fund vouchers that can be used for public, private, or home schooling. Of course they don't have any brains and that's why they control nothing.
Go_USA2012 161 seconds ago
A product or service is only worth what another is willing to pay for it at the time it's offered for sale. Something that is unrealized doesn't exist and therefore cannot be taxed. Otherwise, the government could just assign random inflated values to all you have and tax accordingly. This is nothing more than theft.
doublellnfl 162 seconds ago
Oh geez charlie crist mr.... i can never tell what party i am going to run as, that charlie crist what a loser made a terrible governor.
Eye4one2 166 seconds ago
Isn't the standard Dimwitocrat Party approach to create problems they can promise to resolve upon re-election?
notademocrat 167 seconds ago
Democrats are very sleazy miserable jealous people. They take joy in the suffering of others. What's theirs is theirs and what's yours is theirs too.
Mitch 168 seconds ago
Your utter ignorance of multiple things is showing. Firstly, SAG is the Screen Actor's Guild. Actor's Equity is the union for live performances. Secondly, and far more importantly, Jews are not the racists/bigots you claim them to be. Did you know that the majority of "white" people who came to the South in the 50s and 60s to march with Dr. King and the like were Jews? Jews know what it's like to be hated and discriminated against. After all, people like you have been doing it for two millennia or more. And finally, the actions of ONE person who is Jewish does not mean that ALL people who are of that group believe or act the same. THAT is what racists think.
UNCLE RONNIE'S NEPHEW 173 seconds ago
Of course! . . . and, as I recall, the Rooskie vax is also old style. Why is it that only we Americans and Europeans are treated as guinea pigs?
ed357 180 seconds ago
......“The Senate needs to start saying yes or no on issues and stop fuxxxking talking,” Rep. Gomez stated..... So you’ll publish a curse word.... “fuxxxking” an article....then censor me from using it in a comment....???? Hypocrisy much....????
RedPillBlues 181 seconds ago
Because that is in leiu of sales tax. you didn't pay full sales tax on the purchase of said car and this is the recapture event to do so.
Kelvin 186 seconds ago
So were Trump's. This is why we need an ACTUAL GOP and not a RINO that pushes "vaccines" from their rich friends.