Sowell Man 7 seconds ago
Hey! Guess what! Liberals are DENIERS!!! Despite all the evidence and facts, they don't believe Mueller! DENIERS! DENIERS!
nick supreme 12 seconds ago
Don't bother. These people are trolls that are here to mock liberals/nevertrump conservatives by promoting fake narratives.
JohnR 22 seconds ago
your fellow citizens are dying because they can not afford medical care and medicine. People are working 3 jobs and can't make it. Students buried in debt. The facts are that we are at the highest wealth and income inequality in our history. As for the 12 years, according to some scientists it could be much less.
AFDBAF 28 seconds ago
The Trump Cocktail Take a large glass and fill it with a ounce of everything behind the bar. Top it with whipped cream and a cherry. Now for the hard part: Finding a Mexican to pay for it.
Fatima 36 seconds ago
I'm 8 months pregnant with a boy who we already decided to name Nick, what time do abortion clinics open?
Voodoo 58 seconds ago
The standard for an indictment is simply reasonable suspicion. It’s an incredibly low bar, but it’s one that was not met. Trump will easily win 2020 if democrats continue to beat this dead horse.
Joe Schmuccatelli 69 seconds ago
Click on the names. There are trolls will meaningless "comments". If they are are over 10K comments they are paid dung heads.
Dude 76 seconds ago
No, Americans should be angry that we have an sick narcissistic imbecile in the White House. Mueller's purview was limited. He intelligently and properly farmed out other very important and troubling investigations concerning Trump to other FBI offices. Trump clearly obstructed justice in plain view before our eyes. My eyes and ears don’t lie. The real question is why does trump kneel before Putin and disparage US intelligence and the FBI? The very real question that remains open is whether or not Trump was compromised by the Russians and is he their useful idiot. Everything I see tells me he is.
Tim Berton 86 seconds ago
We know that is not true because Manafort, Trump Jr. and Kushner met with Russians in Trump Tower to get dirt on Hillary. Trump Jr. emails prove it.
Texmom32 98 seconds ago
Looking forward to the next while that will include the FBI and DOJ investigating the false flag that began the Special Council. The FBI should be visiting some folks with plans to hold into their passports...Seems there was some dirty business going on in DC to assure this President would not serve. Time to dig deep and find the true conspirators and colluders.
Marsh hen 101 seconds ago
Because of your hate, you thought it was ok to drag the country through hëll for almost 3 yrs. Liberals are despicable.
33 110 seconds ago
The Trump cult calling George fat is insanely serious, he guys we can't all be as toned as the orange turd.
Sowell Man 117 seconds ago
I'm sure you'll parse the language in it to death, but the result is the same. No charges. No collusion. No conspiracy. No obstruction. Just stop it. It's over.
Bob 125 seconds ago
What could you possible mean? Wonder if any liberal will get the Sarcasm of you brilliant post ? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Publius Valerius Publicola 128 seconds ago
Kushner I'm here because I have nothing to hide Don jr I was only on the periphery making phone calls to blocked numbers Emails what emails ivanka Senators but you attended a secret meeting in trump tower with Russian operatives and denied it As the NRA laundered Russian money to the trump campaign
Por Brown 150 seconds ago
Mr. Mueller was probably told to wrap up this investigation as quickly as possible, because of the obvious melt-down that was going on, evidenced by the tweets over the last two weeks.
Icansee4miles 162 seconds ago
A majority of respondents said they believed President Trump has tried to interfere in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian election interference and possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin, according to a new Fox News poll. The FOX poll, released Sunday morning, found that 52 percent of respondents said they think Trump has attempted to interfere in the recently completed investigation. Thirty-six percent said they believed Trump has not tried to interfere in the probe. Meanwhile, 44 percent of American voters said Trump coordinated with the Russian government during the 2016 campaign. Forty-two percent disagreed. The findings come just days after Mueller submitted his report on his investigation to Attorney General William Barr. Barr could brief Congress on the probe's highlights as early as Sunday. Many lawmakers have called for the Department of Justice to release Mueller's report in full. The Fox News poll found that a large portion of America voters agreed. Eighty percent of respondents said the Mueller report should be made public. AMERICA'S JUST WARMING UP TBGRS; THE AMERICAN MAJORITY WILL GET THE BIGOTED GRIFTING TRAITOR TRUMP!!
nick supreme 187 seconds ago
Because most likely Mueller has sent out a lot of (non-collusion) indictments (43 in DC for instance) that are gonna be bigly trouble
Sowell Man 193 seconds ago
I have no doubt libs will parse and spin every syllable in the Mueller report to 'show evidence' of something, but it's just the dying twitches of a failed false narrative.
John_33 🐼✓ˢᵘᵖᵉʳᵉˡᶦᵗᵉ 193 seconds ago
No evidence of guilt. Since free societies have innocence before proven guilty, that means Trump is innocent.
ScottinVA 200 seconds ago
Hey, look... another investigator wannabe! You need to come to acceptance that a crime was not committed. Be an American for a change and cheer the fact your President didn’t collude with a foreign power. C’mon.. you can do it!!
Tim Berton 201 seconds ago
Barr's reasoning was not that there wasn't collusion or obstruction but that prosecutors didn't believe there was enough evidence of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt to bring charges. The public has not yet seen, and may never see, what additional evidence Mueller found beyond the ample evidence already publicly known. OJ prosecutors might have made the same judgement and avoided a loss at trial.
The Bob Charles Show 204 seconds ago
Now that the Report is out just maybe we can work on American Real Issues.. There's 17 People running for the 2020 Election and research will show that 16 have a lot hiding in their closets. But if they are Democrats like Clinton it will all be swept under the Carpet and we'll be in the same mess we were in for the last 50 years. With Trump you hear things from him that are going on by the minute before the News Media makes their own news in upcoming administrations you'll be in Full Shut down in Media Coverage and you'll be in the " YOU DON'T HAVE TO KNOW" Mode. Secretly the Politicians are raking in the Dough big time and Trump took that Pleasure away from them so they will be MAD AS HATTERS till this Administration is over and they can go back to Making Personal Gains again. You can see what I mean by reading what a Runaway Socialist has to say, GOD HELP US !
Publius Valerius Publicola 222 seconds ago
One stubborn question remains, why all the trump crime family lies for crimes that Barr sez never happened?
nick supreme 223 seconds ago
Can't see who'd suddenly like him because it's proven he isn't installed by the Russians.He's still horribly inept and a pathological liar.
Like Watergate with Treason 235 seconds ago
Flynn - convicted of lying to the FBI about collusion with Russia. Papadopulous - convicted of lying to the FBI about collusion with Russia. Gates - convicted of laundering money and evading taxes on proceeds of collusion with Russia-aligned Ukrainians. Manafort - convicted of laundering money and evading taxes on proceeds of collusion with Russia-aligned Ukrainians, conspiring with a known operative of the Russian GRU to defraud the USA and obstruct justice. Van der Zwaan - convicted of lying to the FBI about Manafort and Gates association with known GRU operative. Pineda - convicted of conspiracy to commit identity theft on behalf of Russians who were interfering in US elections to benefit Trump. Cohen - convicted of lying to Congress about Trump's business dealings in Russia, and committing felonies in furtherance of two other Trump-directed conspiracies to illegally influence the outcome of the 2016 elections Patten - convicted of being an unregistered agent of a Russia-aligned Ukrainian oligarch, and for funneling foreign contributions to the Trump inauguration committee.Kilimnik - known GRU asset
mlmontagne 239 seconds ago
"My experience in 1998, helping to defend President Clinton from impeachment, showed me the enormous national cost of these investigations, how they weigh personally on a president and can affect the decisions our leaders make." Well, the difference being that Clinton was guilty. The Democrats do not need a veneer of bipartisanship to continue disrupting the Trump presidency through investigations. Very few people actually believe Trump has done anything wrong, they merely claim to believe it as a political tactic, and the media, being a partisan tool of the Democratic party, are more than willing to go along with the pretense. And it won't stop here. This has proven effective against Trump, it will therefore be used against every Republican president from here on out. In my opinion, Trump could have quashed this whole mess two years ago by following Ronald Reagan's example in Iran Contra and getting out in front of it. He should have had every person he has ever met who ever ate a bowl of borscht publicly acknowledge the fact and get every possible fact into the public arena before the investigators even asked about it. That would have pulled the fangs of the investigation before it even started. It might have avoided the appointment of the special counsel. Instead, Trump spent months making it *look* like he was covering something up. You can't obstruct justice when there is no underlying crime, but when you go through all the motions it sure makes it look as though that crime might be there, and that causes people, especially those with a political axe to grind, to want to investigate.
Otto_Parts 250 seconds ago
Get some help. No, seriously, get some help. What's your zip code? I'll search for a good counselor for you.
ATC250R 286 seconds ago
Wow, so you're saying Barr misrepresented Mueller's conclusions. Well then, I guess we should expect to hear from Mueller any minute now.... Still waiting...
Icansee4miles 303 seconds ago
Americans should be Angry over the White Wash and Cover Up at the Highest Levels of Government! But then Republicans have Plenty Of Experience with Nixon (Watergate), Reagan (Iran-Contra), and Bush (9-11, the Iraq War)!! Add Trump to the Garbage Pile! Putin-Russia-Collusion-Cover Up!!
John_33 🐼✓ˢᵘᵖᵉʳᵉˡᶦᵗᵉ 311 seconds ago
He also didn't say he's guilty. Democrats are having a bad time at this. First Trump beats Hillary. Then Kavanaugh's accusers fall apart and he's confirmed. Now Mueller fans are desperately clinging to opaque language.
Bill Clinton's logo 339 seconds ago
Libs You do understand that not one American has been found to have any evidence against them that they colluded with Russia. Not Manafort Not Don Jr Not Stone Not Corsi Not Flynn Not Pappodopolus Not Cohen and not President Trump or anyone on his campaign. Sorry!
Joshua Steven Williams 341 seconds ago
We do know what the report says. It was QUOTED in Barr’s summary. Page 2, Paragraph 2, Last sentence: “There is no evidence that any member of the Trump campaign coordinated or conspired with Russia in the 2016 election.” What part of “NO” do you not understand? Go ahead and spin your wheels on the counsel’s deferal of an obstruction conclusion for a crime that the counsel confirmed NEVER EXISTED. That should work great for 2020!
nick supreme 346 seconds ago
He accidentally revealed he is bald and overweight and I seized on it. Since then he's obsessed with me.
mrlyn60 366 seconds ago
Could it be that Saudi Arabia owns a huge chunk of Fox Network stock shares and carries massive clout with CAIR (Muslim Brotherhood) that's backed with an almost endless amount of $$$ and boundless influence in American institutions on every level imaginable (and some you can't). If that doesn't concern you, it should.
Like Watergate with Treason 374 seconds ago
The extent to which the members of Trump's cult of halfwits are uninformed and misinformed never ceases to amuse and amaze. Flynn - convicted of lying to the FBI about collusion with Russia. Papadopulous - convicted of lying to the FBI about collusion with Russia. Gates - convicted of laundering money and evading taxes on proceeds of collusion with Russia-aligned Ukrainians. Manafort - convicted of laundering money and evading taxes on proceeds of collusion with Russia-aligned Ukrainians, conspiring with a known operative of the Russian GRU to defraud the USA and obstruct justice. Van der Zwaan - convicted of lying to the FBI about Manafort and Gates association with known GRU operative. Pineda - convicted of conspiracy to commit identity theft on behalf of Russians who were interfering in US elections to benefit Trump. Cohen - convicted of lying to Congress about Trump's business dealings in Russia, and committing felonies in furtherance of two other Trump-directed conspiracies to illegally influence the outcome of the 2016 elections Patten - convicted of being an unregistered agent of a Russia-aligned Ukrainian oligarch, and for funneling foreign contributions to the Trump inauguration committee.
DonGTonic ⬜🕇🚹 4 seconds ago
I usually don't find joy in other people's miseries, but when you have leftists continually working relentlessly everyday to bring misery to an entire nation [USA] that they despise, when any chance misery comes their way, I'm going to savor it to it's fullest.
Citizen Kane 44 seconds ago
Arnold Schwarzenegger's father (Gustav) was a full fledged, decorated Nazi who killed a lot of innocent people during WWII. In 1975 Arnold Schwarzenegger expressed admiration for Hitler.
RD 52 seconds ago
Prosecutors do not investigate someone to exonerate them, That wording by Mueller is Stupid...Either he had evidence to convict or he didn't, in this case it appears he didn't...So the Dimwits led this witchhunt for 2 years because they refused to admit Trump beat Hillary Fair and Square...Your Candidate sucked and she ran a terrible campaign and Trump worked his ass off and won...Deal With It...
npcToo 74 seconds ago
Flynn's sentence guidelines for getting jumped with an official interview he didn't know he was giving? 0-6 months. He couldn't remember word for word what he said, and they had a transcript. It was a perjury trap. He should get a pardon, and should sue.
meatthepenthouse 78 seconds ago
How could someone obstruct a takedown investigation that was set up and investigated by a bunch of crooks?
AOC Farting Cow 79 seconds ago
hoping for an epic counterpunch ..... don't let us down Mr President ...... i know you read our posts.....
Junglebunny 80 seconds ago
America and Russia are pals. It's Israel who who wants world divided and drags America down. Why? Because they aren't a likable populace.
boys3rsk 81 seconds ago
Liberal communists are never SORRY. She see's her bottom line being affected. What these communists refuse to say is Michael Jackson was a PERVERT, who bused little boys over a long period of time. It is very clear he SLEPT with little boys. He even tried to tell everyone it was NORAML. The liberal,communist media doesn't want ANYONE to say it, because it goes against their queer, lesbian, and transgender agenda. We all know was a PERVERT, who abused all the children around him. He had already paid out millions to some families. There will be more coming. Just ike the PHEDOPHILE capital of the world. The Catholic Church, who STILL is paying out millions for hiring thousands of homosexual priest. But remember being queer is NORMAL.
Barbara Razza 83 seconds ago
Sure Dre. And Diddys son is gonna play football for them too. Can someone please investigate this. Let's see her grades and SAT scores
Chris White 83 seconds ago
" Kenyan waiters are Racist towards Kenyan citizens " -- Hussein Obama Racist effer Hussein Obama was basically attempting to blame white people for it again.... You can't make this stuff up
The Orion Hunter 93 seconds ago
Bottom line, this story should have been laughed off from Day 1. The only way you can influence an election in the USA is by importing millions of people, then allowing them to vote.
Alecto 96 seconds ago
Why not try to find the names of the 175 forced laborers, locate their descendants, and offer them an apology and money? Donating to some "charity" (Planned Parenthood, or some such organization by another name) isn't required, nor are these descendants responsible for what their parents did.
Kendo4Breakfast 102 seconds ago
My guess at the time was someone must have some interesting private info on Sessions; it's still my guess.
donnieduck 117 seconds ago
From the “Seinfeld” Show Jerry: “What’s the show about”? George: “The show is about nothing “. Jerry: “The show is about nothing “? George: “Nothing “. Jerry: “You just might have something”. From the “Robert Mueller III” Show AG Barr: “What’s The report about “? Mueller: “The report is about nothing”. Barr: “Nothing “? Mueller:”Nothing “. Media, Dimocrats, Hollywood: “You must have something “ !!!
H. Spires 118 seconds ago
Thank you and God bless you President Trump. It is a shame what you have been subjected to. You will be judged in years to come as one of the greatest Presidents we have ever had. I can't wait for 2020 to get here so that I can vote for you again. Keep on giving the demoRats and the swamp he**. Let's get the wall started and finish making America safe for generations to come.
Kathryn Smith 126 seconds ago
Wow, Indian authorities mean serious business when they had the Modi Fraudster's seaside mansion dynamited. Will UK extradite Modi Fraudster back to India?
Paleryder 129 seconds ago
Dems wasted tax payer money for political gain and bias. They should be charged tried and hung. They played games with American lives for political gain. They need to be held accountable. They ruined people’s lives over this. Does anyone care? How come the news isn’t reporting on those things? Pathetic.
Don Budge 132 seconds ago
The Lady made too much sense for either Jones or Lemon to get their collective low IQ's around it. The Dems and the Progs have canceled the fireworks once more and we will see a reenactment of the poor loser mentality...exponential. The real problem for them is that Donald Trump and his minions are simply too brilliant not to play this ultimate trump card to its inevitable game changing conclusion. But stay tuned...I am now reading the Wisdom Books of the Bible. Job through the Song of Solomon. All is vanity.
danbear21 144 seconds ago
Rosenstein threatened Trump with obstruction. He couldn't declas while under investigation. Now he can. Besides, it will be more effective to do it now.
Floormaster 164 seconds ago
Whoever that was I applaud his greatness! It was hysterical watching him get under Nadler's skin and make him stutter. I got a kick out of that girl in the background laughing as she looked back at the heckler and Nadler in the second video. Hahaha!
DemsAreMarxists 173 seconds ago
WHAT "obstruction"? Neither the Mueller nor House nor Senate nor Defense Intelligence nor any of the various FBI investigations were impeded or interfered with in any way. The president has absolute, unconditional authority to fire Mueller's personal friend, Comey. Comey's firing certainly did not stop anything, and don't forget, the democrats were shrieking that he should be fired too. The fact that there wasn't anything to obstruct is secondary to the fact that NO OBSTRUCTION OCCURED.
Tatanka66 180 seconds ago
Maxine(hair relaxer)Waters must have some of the stupidest people on the planet in her district. To win elections, she probably hands out gift certificates for Colt 45 Malt Liquor on Election Day.
Double Fault 186 seconds ago
Now we know why TM got the job as PM - the rest of them bottled it then in 2016 - and now in 2019 they are still bottling taking any responsibility. Non of them fit for purpose - time to deselect the wimps.
Mary french 193 seconds ago
Its stunning that liberals continue to believe what they hear from the mainstream media. They've been duped and shamed so many times. They keep crawling back for more. Reminds me of an abusive relationship.
Kendo4Breakfast 198 seconds ago
And HRC was the perfect DNC candidate because win or lose, the complex corruption around her (e.g., the last 2 years to begin with) has kept any focus off the most spectacular fraud ever perpetrated in global politics.
Pablo 202 seconds ago
The summary by Attorney General Barr was beyond any pundit could have predicted and exonerated Trump beyond measure. It was a total grand slam for Trump. The giant sucking sound you hear is the sound of left-leaning independent voters moving right. SDNY will be grasping at straws. America is sick of this crap.
Etchmiadzin 233 seconds ago
Did ISIS spare children when they killed their parents in front of them and tried to force them to convert? NO! Then when they refused the arselifters crucified or beheaded them. NO MERCY!
Witan 238 seconds ago
The same as Franks (Free Speech Coalition) I'm now a little curious. As with Breivik, Hitler (to a lessor degree) and now Tarrant the MSM only want to examine (the mind) what drives a person to commit horrendous acts. They seldom examine the ideology and beliefs of these people.
jst4fun 239 seconds ago
Sessions RECUSAL was an act that legitimized the Russia Hoax. Why did Sessions play along? Why didn't he fight or push back? I wonder, but he was not on America's side.
She Guevara 249 seconds ago
Print the evidence of it? The media has been printing the evidence of the hoax for two and a half years. The whole thing was a fraud!😂😂
John graham 255 seconds ago
rinos, doing what rinos do.....imagine if they would have supported trump, and we the people they work for
Winning 258 seconds ago
I agree. Obama politicized the entire federal bureaucracy. The freakin' ex CIA Director is tweeting that for Christ's sake. Comey, Clapper, FBI brass, etc all politicized/weaponized by Obama and his administration.
glazer1006 260 seconds ago
Democrats need an AH-HA moment...............the problem is the AH-HA finger is pointing right at them! AH-HA!!
Chris Skipper 263 seconds ago
Democrats are are really no different in my book as they sit there, doing nothing. Its like watching the black guy on the train kicking the black granny in the face - all the people on the train did was sit back and film it with their cell phones...this is the Republican Party of today
roy kokinasok 297 seconds ago
LMAO Hopefully you and the rest of your fellow death cult members get New Zealanded soon. All muzlems need to be-killed.