klgmac 2549 seconds ago
I am glad we agree that the Alpha bank story was bogus. "The campaign then pushed these unfounded claims to the media and the FBI. Indeed, prosecutors this week contended that Sussmann continued to push the Alfa Bank claims after Trump was elected, in an apparent effort to fuel the Russia collusion claims being breathlessly reported in the media at the time."
DAS 3153 seconds ago
Cool, now do the fake stories Trump and the right wing media pushed about Hillary Clinton, re1ard 😏
I think it's freaking hysterical Chad Hatten is too stupid to stop posting here proving he suffers from mental retardation.
DeathComesRipping 4506 seconds ago
I have family that lives in Minneapolis. I can’t wait till next time I go there so I can piss on that junkies’ statue.
TRUTH not FICTION 4599 seconds ago
Bien is not the one who pulled out the TROOPS. He was just left with getting the INNOCENT people out.
klgmac 5731 seconds ago
So we all agree there was nothing wrong with the Alpha bank and Trump. We are making progress reject. "When Clinton allegedly approved this effort, at least some people connected to her campaign were aware that the Alfa Bank theory was never viewed as credible by researchers tasked with supporting it"
As you can see here Chad Hatten shadowcrew suffers from mental illness. That's why he begs for attention here. One look at Chad Hatten in my avatar and you can see he suffers from mental retardation.
klgmac 20092 seconds ago
You never fell for it right reject? "When Clinton allegedly approved this effort, at least some people connected to her campaign were aware that the Alfa Bank theory was never viewed as credible by researchers tasked with supporting it."
mrtazman 21397 seconds ago
Hello Tabitha, I read you at gateway,breitbart,sometimes WZ. It's been a while since you posted. I always wonder if people are ok,doing something else or just done with all of it. We need all the good decent GOD lovin people we can get.Hope all is well GOD BLESS!
CheshireKitty 23432 seconds ago
Well, as the saying goes, money talks. I agree that China will do everything it can to avoid a nuclear exchange from breaking out. China has attained an enviable position for itself economically; why would it ever want to jeopardize its prosperity, unity, and stability, in a post-nuclear dystopian world, even if it manages to stay out of the fight, even if it manages to subsequently scoop up all sorts of land/resources? How much will any of that be worth if radioactively contaminated?
CheshireKitty 24597 seconds ago
Shoddy equipment or not, the war seems destined to drag on for a long time. If Russia can´t win outright then it will settle for a policy of neutralization. It will just continue to occupy portions of Ukraine in order to make it impossible for Ukraine to ever join NATO. Interesting that Kissinger is lately asserting a historical perspective with respect to a European balance of power. No-one seems to think that way these days; instead, the consensus seems to be there is no balance of power possible in a NATO-dominated Europe.
CheshireKitty 24897 seconds ago
Big business funds both parties with mega donations - and so both parties obliged business by pushing through NAFTA, which makes it easier for business to locate production overseas, thus side-stepping the wages and benefits that must be paid to US workers, as well as the possibility of (non-sweetheart) unions. The pol parties tend to be co-opted by the big donors, they will do their bidding. The working class was brushed aside - there is still lingering antipathy toward labor unions, even now after the manufacturing sector was exported to China. The working class was deemed to be expendable, and shunted into gig jobs or low-paying service industry jobs. How many unemployed/displaced factory workers could actually transition to a high-paying service-industry or professional job in finance, insurance, or real estate? Most could not - and that´s why there have been deaths of despair, either by opioid overdose or suicide. An average HS graduate in a de-industrialized area, is doomed to scrape by, because the industrial jobs are all gone. Both the Dems and the GOP pols are responsible since at least the time of RR.
CheshireKitty 25298 seconds ago
Me? Russian? Nothing of the kind. Born and still live in NYC. However, just look around you at the substantial number of former Soviet bloc citizens who are making meaningful contributions to American life as engineers, doctors, scientists, etc. Ditto researcher and scientists from Red China. You have to admit that under communism, both Russia and China finally did manage to educate the masses - with the result that both Russians and Chinese have proven to be just as smart, maybe even smarter, than Westerners. I agree though that they feel no compunction in stealing intellectual property, because according to Marx, copyright is a bourgeois invention that communist countries should oppose. Marx thought that knowledge/inventions - anything that might benefit mankind - should be freely shared. That was the case in the USSR, with inventors only receiving a certificate honoring their inventions, not allowed to collect royalties or capitalize on inventions. As ¨noble¨ as Marx sentiments were about ¨sharing¨ inventions/intellectual property for the good of mankind, the policy eventually acted as a dis-incentive, and led to the brain drain of Russian (and no doubt Chinese) engineers, scientists etc. The West benefited, but also Taiwan and Israel, which have the highest and second-highest per-capita rate of patents awarded respectively.
CheshireKitty 25734 seconds ago
Yeah, the everlasting dream, or is it wishful thinking? Neutralize your global opponent states by not only defeating but dismembering them so that the resulting statelets are much easier to manipulate and hence control. Divide and conquer, right?
CheshireKitty 25880 seconds ago
Evidently more willing than most other countries to try something new. Unfortunately, the new approach turned out to be quite toxic.
CheshireKitty 27863 seconds ago
Well, the US didnt get to be the world´s #1 hegemonic power by not engaging in expansionist, preventive, and occasionally, genocidal wars - such as vs the American Indians. Unfortunately, it didnt get to be No. 1 by being the ¨nice guy,¨ following the law to the T. But now that the shoe is on the other foot, Ukraine must be saved from Russian aggression. Even though Russia is using the exact same ¨reasoning¨ of waging a preventive war for national security reasons. Yet when we did the same thing to Iraq - pursue a preventive war - no nation dared feed $ and weapons to the Iraqi regime; the US is just too powerful globally for anyone to challenge us. (And anyway Saddam was too loathsome.) Yet that still doesn't absolve us of pursuing wars based on the dubious concept of prevention, that is, attacking before we are attacked - unless you ascribe to the doctrine of might makes right and so we can and will throw our weight around at will. In that case, however, global anarchy sets in, and sets in fast, as there are a number of rising states that can simply say to hell with the rule of law since the US believes might makes right, and the strongest nation ¨wins¨ the right to lord it over all other nations simply by virtue of being the strongest.
rr02 28887 seconds ago
Except for the Chad Hatten silliness by those who are STILL absorbed about the previous president this is NOW a very pleasant site 😷
CheshireKitty 29049 seconds ago
Who I voted for made no difference in deep blue NYS. Actually I liked Gore & possibly voted for him since I am a reg Dem. I didn´t vote for Bill Clinton though since I always regarded him as a sleazoid opportunist, Slick Willie, etc. It has never mattered who I voted for in NYS since it is a ¨guaranteed¨ Dem-voting state.
9/11 Truther 31946 seconds ago
What are the odds that The Most Corrupt & Treasonous Administration Ever is loaded with Foocking POS Joo Elites?
9/11 Truther 34170 seconds ago
Mayorkas, Garland, Blinken, Walensky, Yellen, and Klain are all lying sacks of sh!t belonging of the Syna9o9ue of S A T A N.
Dilly Girl 3 seconds ago
All of Trump’s chief of staff betrayed him even Meadows. Meadows and WH attorneys discouraged Trump from insisting on a investigation of the 2020 election with General Flynn and Sydney Powell supporting Trump. Trump listened to Meadows instead. Now watch 2,000 Mules.
16CatMama 5 seconds ago
Upchuck loves wasting time voting on 💩 that has no chance of passing. He fell ten or eleven votes short of codifying abortion. He'll probably fall eleven or twelve votes short on this as well.
zv 6 seconds ago
wow you're dumb. The sum total of the "value of America" is multi trillions in the positive for America. Multi trillions more if you add up "the west". Economies will ebb and flow but the USA is wealthy beyond measure. Just like Germany was after WWI and WW2, despite the total annihilation of the economy. Now, it is conceivable that the throw away consumer driven economy we currently have will fail.
Where's My Ten Percent!? 9 seconds ago
Leftist, humanist, nihilistic culture is grooming monsters and turning them loose on all of us. In a sense, these crises are being manufactured and the blame is being placed on political opponents. It's other worldly what leftists want and will do to take total control.
MaxxFoxx 9 seconds ago
The NFL has more security than our public school system. If you love your kids you'll find a certified private teacher or home-school them.
#Darwin2020 9 seconds ago
The military conducts at least 3 levels of mental health screenings before handing an 18 year old a gun in addition to extensive training under pressure which can further reveal any mental health issues. For civilians all you have to do is walk into a gun store with cash.
Dios Hotpants 10 seconds ago
Doesn't matter since I carry. And handguns are mostly semiautomatics unless they're revolvers, shows your ignorance of firearms
Jam West 11 seconds ago
I guess the people who own this site have no respect for the readers- try hiring an editor, this looks like a high school newspaper.
Double Oaked 19 seconds ago
Never said that. I said vast majority. Go learn comprehension. How many died on Jan 6? How many died by the Leftist Trans in yesterday? How many died by being run over by a Leftist in Wisconsin? It was a Leftist that went hunting Republican Senators at a ball game. Pay attention
James S Gagliardi 23 seconds ago
exactly. in nyc, those ret ar ds should do something like put on some ragged clothes, take a j train from chambers street to broadway junction stop in east new york around two a. m. on a saturday night. walk your littl e a z z around the neighborhood. not a one of 'em, not ONE of those "men" have the b a l l s to do such a thing. meanwhile us "average" americans have to do stuff like that every day. cowardly little gi r ly b oy s.
Ohsaycanusee 23 seconds ago
I get it, there are stupid lefties out there. But, BB has slowly but relentlessly followed the MSM down the rabbit hole of fake journalism by simply using a few responses on social media to create a news article. That's what the left does to create the strawman image of Republicans all being white supremacists and racists. Why should I care what Sam Jones or Sally Smith said about anything on Twitter? If it is a hypocritical or lying politician, that's possibly a news item but not just cherry picking 3 or 4 dorky statements among the millions of dorky and useless tweets by brain dead lefty sycophants.
Walt 26 seconds ago
Nobody was watching her. The world knows she is just as illegal as the geriatric fossil in the oval office.
P S 26 seconds ago
In other words, police are about to be stopped from doing their jobs. Of course IF someone misbehaves in an Elite neighborhood, no punishment to too great..
Pamela 30 seconds ago
Texas gun laws can be confusing. See Texas government site called guides.sll.texas.gov UNDER 21, or NON adults, whether buying thru the FFL system or private party, are regulated by the type of weapon and whether LTC is required. This nut carried 2 high end long guns and a HANDGUN. No LTC. No protective order allowance. I am going to stand by my opinion that his purchases were not legal. Change my mind. Will, what say you?
GW 32 seconds ago
I NEVER said it NEVER happens anywhere else. I said that it happens very often here, so often that it has become an expected fact of life and we are almost numb to it. THAT is unique to the United States and a handful of countries rife with fanatical religious terrorism like Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria etc.. What lovely company we are in.
Warnboro 39 seconds ago
The number of shootings increase with the Dimwits in power because their masters, the globalists who are, at this moment having a party at Davos need to disarm the USA before they can effectively take over this country. They can't deal with a hundred million or more minutemen running around messing up their plans. To do this, they have to make guns toxic to all people in this nation so we will be begging these morons to take our guns away. FAT CHANCE.
Mrs. MN/WIN 40 seconds ago
But hey, let them live in cardboard boxes under bridges and dumpster dive for food while harassing aggressively for money by begging! Thanks ACLU! Everything went to crap the year I was born! 1965…
RC 42 seconds ago
Put an armed guard in every school. Make changes to the buildings so people cannot get in easily. That is a good start.
Moe Howard 42 seconds ago
So Fat Mike thinks bullets weren't invented until after the Second Amendment was written? What was coming out of the barrels of the Patriots guns when they defeated the British? Malt balls? Bullets have been around since gun powder was invented. Once again, Libtards can't define what they despise.
Victory 13 42 seconds ago
The left probably planned this so they can force legislation they want. Nothing happens without their approval. They are probably rejoicing at the event.
Jighead 44 seconds ago
Since liberal democraps have been killing unborn children for years, they have very little credability in the killing of children.
AlwaysATexan 45 seconds ago
What a buffoon of a question. We don’t “allow“ this to happen. This is caused in large part to: 1. Family, friends, or co-workers ignoring signs of violent mental illness probably out of fear of being demonized for calling it out. 2. Mental health “experts” aren’t very effective in helping people. It’s an incredible difficult task. 3. Identity politics that teach most identities they are victims. This creates constant frustration that pushes some over the edge. 4. Authorities often know about the assailant before the act but can’t or won’t act. I’m sure there is more.
DJH78745 50 seconds ago
Ah, 2 idiots, no waiting!! I find it comical that despite the media covering for his lies, corruption and ineptitude, barry, the empty-suited wonder, still believes he's the answer. What an idiot.
RadicalChris 54 seconds ago
let me guess, it is all George Soros's doing? along with the secret cabal of pedophile Democrats who take there demonic instructions from Satan himself.... Hillary Clinton is Satan's emissary!? NO? The Rothschilds finance it all!
Commando-TR 54 seconds ago
The elites in every nation took advantage of the lockdowns to celebrate and dine while the peasants were treated like felons if they refused to take vaccine or wear masks.
Peter W 56 seconds ago
You captured my exact thought as I was reading the article, it would show they can fix any election in their favor so it would bode well for Newsom the day he wants to ascend to the throne as well, he could not telegraph that any better.
The Nightfly 57 seconds ago
Arm the teachers. Two great things happen - death tolls are brought way down and woke leftist teachers all quit.
sickofitall? 59 seconds ago
just goes to show how ignorant you really are.. go back and read my posts - I don't hide behind a private profile. I've got 50k posts out there - if you think I'm a democrat you are one seriously moronic mth hr rher fk k kr ker
fracca 63 seconds ago
If you look at the incidents, the early 90s was when there was a sudden switch in the types of firearms being used. Before the 90s it was pistols and shotguns that were the weapons of choice, with a couple of notable exceptions like the clock tower massacre. After the 90s repeating rifles like AKs became the weapon of choice resulting in higher counts.
Elizabeth Hitchens 65 seconds ago
What the leftists/Democrats REALLY WANT, is first to repeal the Bill of Rights, followed by the complete cancellation of the Constitution.
Thebestislast 67 seconds ago
Where are the articles from church leaders that should be on the front page imploring people to search their soul and restore Jesus into the soul of the USA. Jsesus is the answer to all the problems and HE is trampled on because we think we can cure all problems.
Sammy 67 seconds ago
Maybe we should build the border wall to keep out all these wonderful innocent people who could become victims! ROTFLMAO - - or should the reason be to KEEP OUT people we don't invite and cause crime
HotwireLBH3 68 seconds ago
There is an old saying: "When seconds count, the cops are minutes away". Armed teachers will make a difference.
KajunTex 70 seconds ago
The Marxist democrat answer is always so predictable.... let us just put more rules/regulations on regardless of if the cause was the effect of not enforcing the current rules/regulation..... more rules will certainly detour a deranged individual or criminal!!!!!
SkankHunt48 70 seconds ago
Star WWIII or climate change will get us. Ok, George. Time to up the meds and get back to the nursing home.
Mike G 74 seconds ago
"the real problem, which is access to guns" Based on what in the current shooters life/background would you have prohibited him from possessing a firearm?
Tk-libhater3 75 seconds ago
If I were a teacher or student I wouldn’t be going in to a school without locked doors and security. And my kid damn sure wouldn’t be there.
@JadedPitbull 76 seconds ago
You gotta be woke, but only the kind of "woke" the left wants. If your "wokeness" offends then you must be punished.