1Civilization 6 seconds ago
Americans are turning against Joke Biden and his zombies. 2022 will be a huge Red Tide washing away the slime and lies.
Curious TEAM SOROS™ 10 seconds ago
She should get the max, right Trumpanzees? A registered Republican and apparent supporter of former president Donald Trump has been arrested and charged with casting more than one ballot in an election. Joan Halstead, a 72-year-old resident of the Villages, was booked into the Sumter County jail on Monday evening, according to Villages-News.com. She was released a few hours later after posting $2,000 bond. In Florida, casting more than one ballot in an election is a third-degree felony, punishable by up to five years on prison. https://www.rawstory.com/donald-trump-2655894381/
Lincoln 14 seconds ago
FBI databases https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2019/crime-in-the-u.s.-2019/tables/expanded-homicide-data-table-11.xls https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2018/crime-in-the-u.s.-2018/tables/expanded-homicide-data-table-12.xls https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2017/crime-in-the-u.s.-2017/topic-pages/tables/expanded-homicide-data-table-12.xls
Sphinxorius II 16 seconds ago
I guess you aren't allowed to answer because it would demonstrate the obvious fact "we stop people from getting hand grenades by legally restricting their sale and possession" When you find yourself running from questions, you lost the argument, friend.
Mr3LeftTurns 19 seconds ago
You've been posting about this guy nonstop. People are going to start thinking you have a crush on him.
commonsense25 23 seconds ago
Joe Biden Still Has No Plans “At This Point” To Visit Waukesha After Last Week’s Horrific Christmas Parade Terror Attack That Killed 6 Americans
The Devil 26 seconds ago
Why would they? The Honduran Supreme Court issued an arrest warrant for the President in 2008 for trying to rewrite the Constitution ... that President was her husband. 🎼DUN DUN DUN🎼
Oolon Hoek 32 seconds ago
Jefferson's letter to Madison was a direct critique of wealth inequality and the exploitation of the working class by the monied and rentier class. "Wishing to know the condition of the labouring poor I entered into conversation with her, which I began by enquiries for the path which would lead me into the mountain: and thence proceeded to enquiries into her vocation, condition and circumstance. She told me she was a day labourer, at 8. sousor 4 d. sterling the day; that she had two children to maintain, and to pay a rent of 30 livres for her house (which would consume the hire of 75 days), that often she could get no emploiment, and of course was without bread. As we had walked together near a mile and she had so far served me as a guide, I gave her, on parting 24 sous. She burst into tears of a gratitude which I could perceive was unfeigned, because she was unable to utter a word. She had probably never before received so great an aid. This little attendrissement, with the solitude of my walk led me into a train of reflections on that unequal division of property which occasions the numberless instances of wretchedness which I had observed in this country and is to be observed all over Europe. The property of this country is absolutely concentered in a very few hands, having revenues of from half a million of guineas a year downwards. These employ the flower of the country as servants, some of them having as many as 200 domestics, not labouring." This entire letter is a direct critique of the unequal division of property (wealth inequality), complaining of high rents(rentier class), and the wealthy (the 1%). This entire letter could easily have been penned by Bernie Sanders. Obviously Jefferson knew that inequality was a detriment to a functioning society. That is why he proposed progressive taxation of property.
Tom 41 seconds ago
Confedrate monuments should all be removed and we should ban RESPECTING of a SLAVE OWNER as greatest prophet. HAHA
InternetAnthropoligist 50 seconds ago
Moses helped get a lot of innocent first born Egyptians killed, but whatev. David got a guy killed so he could bang his wife.
James_R 52 seconds ago
Our oligarchs are experiencing some major defeats in Latin America lately. Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela, Nicaragua and now Honduras. Our CIA spooks must be infuriated.
Erminemark 56 seconds ago
Good Lord. Its like you guys don't read the book you say you read!😂😂😂 yes. Both of those things are found in the bible, you heathen.
RD81 57 seconds ago
Yeah... Canada, with a land mass slightly larger than the US and a population only slightly over 1/10 of the US. Not to mention the lack of diversity in Canada (there are more African Americans in Alabama than the entirety of Canada and there are more Hispanic gang members in the US than Hispanic people in Canada, just for two examples), you don't have to worry about anywhere near the same variables (since a lot of the shootings that get included in the figures of school shootings include gang activity that occurs on or around school property). I guess if we got rid of 90% of the US population, we'd have fewer shootings, too.
zero2sixty 58 seconds ago
The Biden regime ... How do we fix the economy ... vaccine. How do we fix inflation ... vaccine. How do we fix the job crisis ... vaccine How do we fix the border crisis ... vaccine How do we fix soaring gas prices ... vaccine How do we fix empty shelves ... vaccine How do we fix world peace ... vaccine It's literally impossible to be more of joke!
Jack Frost 60 seconds ago
Its funny, I agree both these idiots need to be off the air and charged accordingly, but I'll be damned that the GOP dont feel the same with anyone in their party, straight on up to trump. Like, dont be so GD obivious with your hypocrisy.
Liberal Cat² 65 seconds ago
For those that can't or won't Google it. “Well she [Ilhan Omar] doesn’t have a backpack, we should be fine,” Lauren Boebert
Sgt. Saunders 67 seconds ago
Chris Murphy should visit some high schools in Hartford or New Haven then STFU. Connecticut is a dump with juvenile crime out of control.
vet 68 seconds ago
They, white people always knew it was wrong and to this day never cared. Reparations won’t grow humility.
Gronk! ✔ ᵗᵉᵃᵐ ˢᵒʳᵒˢ™🔻 70 seconds ago
How did overthrowing a democratically elected leader work out in Iran? How did backing a corrupt drug dealing dictator work out in Panama? in Vietnam? In Guatemala? In Afghanistan?
Rancher 72 seconds ago
Nothing crazy about the squad. They appear to be a " well adjusted, America loving group, who see the inherent good in Americans ". No doubt about it, the squad loves Americans and America.
Old Navy 73 seconds ago
Not sure why you want to defend him from his own partisan crowd. The bigger question is: is that all you've got, whiny snowflake?
Obewon 73 seconds ago
Their next elevation will be double-wide Trump Trailer Park Towers! Smorgasbord lunch with Large Marge 🦇 💩 🤡 rimjob as a GOP side dish.
MattyPants 79 seconds ago
How do we know if the Supreme Court is more trustworthy than the CIA-backed fascists and drug cartels?
Dug FmJamul 82 seconds ago
Fiction is what you spread, I'm a truth-teller. The truth is what happened on Jan 6th was a product of the F B I , not Trump
Mark Bradshaw 83 seconds ago
"Rottenhouse had gun in hand, you have every right to kill any armed person who openly carrying gun." ----- LOL. No you don't. That is called murder.
Iamnotfooled 84 seconds ago
Today House committee probing Jan. 6 riot interviews Georgia’s top elections official Georgia’s top elections official was interviewed for more than four hours Tuesday by a panel of U.S. House lawmakers investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol by a pro-Donald Trump mob as it widens a probe into the causes of the insurrection. Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger revealed few details of the inquiry in an interview. But he said he spoke at length with members of the House select committee about a notorious January phone call with Trump in which Raffensperger refused the then-president’s demands to “find” enough votes in Georgia to overcome his deficit. https://www.ajc.com/politic... Trump tried to STEAL the election .
CheshireKitty 89 seconds ago
Anything to keep the masses apathetic and disinterested in reality. Drugs will do that - ¨tune in, drop out, etc.¨
reason1984 90 seconds ago
Hitler admired the strength of the Islamic faith and characterized the Christian faith as 'flabby' in comparison.
Ex-Democrat Woman 91 seconds ago
Have you seen Biden’s approval rating? The only people left in the Democrat Party are the perverts and the lazy welfare leeches.
Popoki 97 seconds ago
Almost 100% of the anti-semetism comes from the Left but at least 80% of American Jews vote for those who want to exterminate them again. Why is that?
Tom 108 seconds ago
Shame on you racist. REJECT RACISM and embrace humnity. Get this into your racist head that a slave owner is NEVER the greatest prophet.
Jump the Snark 112 seconds ago
Florida underreports AND many companies and school districts are ignoring DeathSantis' mandate bans anyway. Any positive in Florida's numbers is due to vaxx adoption and mask use. Deal with it. Doing nothing is not an option.
Guarm Iron 113 seconds ago
There is always a difference between a romantic view of something and how it is actually made manifest in the world.
Redneck Redemption 116 seconds ago
Mohhamed was fuckin' nine year olds. I seriously doubt that they could reproduce. But you keep defending it, you fuckin' freak.
wayknow 117 seconds ago
HONEST QUESTION: What do you think will force Biden out of office first, his impeachment for failing to protect our borders, or the investigation of his business dealings with Hunter?
1elisloew 118 seconds ago
I was thinking about volunteering my time to them.. but then I read about the wokeness of them this year..
mark 3 seconds ago
Projecting before they ever got to the staged movie theatre. That's getting out ahead of the curve as the woke love to say
D. Yohe 16 seconds ago
My comment was similar but BB blocked mine because I commented on all the $ was headed Oblabla's way now.
Bertie 28 seconds ago
Oh, but it will be FINE in Califreako when they all go home at night and plug in their electric wonder cars at the same time!
etee 38 seconds ago
Gun kid used was a Sig Sauer SP2022 'Niner with two 15 Round Mags. No matter how you look at it, THAT is intent to kill !!!
Bertie 78 seconds ago
You mean most of the elite upper income people's vehicles will be .... with massive tax deductions paid for by the working and middle class who cannot afford them and don't want them because they don't do what they need them to do.
Manavis 85 seconds ago
America through the supreme court legalized depravity in the 60s and 70s now what you have is all kinds of anarchy and crime going in in every aspect of people's lives. This country has won and fought many wars but has completely lost the culture war.
Henry777 90 seconds ago
Nobody considers him as a legit winner, but real women must stop competing against whackjobs like him. They need to walk out.
bmarie55 97 seconds ago
He did it for attention and to help his good friends, Cory Booker and Kamala Harris who were sponsoring an 'anti-lynch' bill. They were among the first to fall all over themselves denouncing the 'attack'. He grossly over-rated his own acting ability.
Michael J 99 seconds ago
You have to remember the WOKE wimmin have a big part of/ fought for this equity and now they get a part of what they helped create. No problem for me Not sure why the WOKE wimmin are complaining about their social disruption and success in the equity/equality arena.
this_isnt_Kansas_toto 102 seconds ago
If the sports organizations can't create a women-wannabe competition group to compete against each other, then why can't "women at birth" just refuse to compete with these women-wannabes and demand creation of a separate new group designated as "real women's" sports competition and only compete against other real women.
Cynara2 104 seconds ago
Well, I am very unhappy with this woman right now. The Louis Vuitton Store in Union Square used to be I. Magnin's and I modeled there as a child and my grandmother bought all my Sunday and school clothes there for me. Then sent them back to relatives in Ireland when I grew out of them. And the Nordstroms's used to be the City of Paris. My cousin's mother was a single mom with twins, a boy and a girl. She was the elevator operator in the City of Paris for decades and that is how she raised her kids. My grandmother, who had become wealthy, took me in there every year at Christmas and she bought the elevator lady all kinds of cashmere sweaters and silk scarves and necessities for her kids. Now, these animals are saying it is justified to desecrate these places that were once virtually holy, sancrosanct. It is appalling. During the Christmas season they are boarded up and armed guards are patrolling. Nancy sucks. San Francisco was once so elegant. I cannot believe what a toilet they have made of it.
bigdaddy1 114 seconds ago
When the nazis ship the leftards off to the camps, cramer should be in the first boxcar. This miserable parasite has lived off the work of others for 40 years and now he thinks the government has the right to set aside our freedom for his slime.
PragmaticCitizen 122 seconds ago
I power a couple of outbuildings with solar. Much cheaper than burying cable and it works during blackouts. The thousands of Americans who are installing systems in their homes disagree with you . England is famous for rain, but the weather is better in America, especially the South.
LuckyBuzzie 133 seconds ago
Newsmax and Oan are publically endorsing a woman who has been publically aiming to slit their throats? Deal with the Devil and perhaps get rid of the competition at the same time?
andreabeth7 134 seconds ago
Don’t worry. We don’t intend to rest on our laurels. The only thing that might slow the tally down a little is a big snowstorm.
Long Ben 138 seconds ago
While France encourages the invasion of Britain with these foreigners from Calais and other French ports their words about the exploitation of cheap foreign labor rings every bit as hollow as "I fart in your general direction", seems to me.
WISFAR2 144 seconds ago
What's funny is that most people now shame the IDIOTS who DO wear the useless masks, and deservedly so.
Chic N. Pautpi 150 seconds ago
I think the original Clinton Foundation structure was a wonderful humanitarian organization. (Santa provided a list of twenty-something aged girls who were NAUGHTY....and Bill would "minister" to them.) I think Bill's physical exhaustion ended his ministry works. That, and Santa was getting in trouble by ignoring privacy laws.
1qaz 155 seconds ago
NOPE....FAKE NEWS. Guns were outlawed in Chicago - so there cannot be any gun murders there. Thank you Mayor for protecting us all!! Stop with this fake news about the murdesr. Impossible, with no guns there....
Leonard Collings 161 seconds ago
Time for a constitutional convention to reinstate the death penalty in Wisconsin. Soft on crime and this is what you get.
August Werner 163 seconds ago
Fauci, Gates, Straus, and the rest of the NWO globalists are having a blast exercising their full control of The Church & its Woke Red Pope.
mark 198 seconds ago
When will she face the music over Russian collusion? When will she answer for Benghazi? Has she bullied any of Bill's conquests lately?
RA0725 201 seconds ago
Q: How many 0.1 micron virus particles will pass through a 3.0 micron filter? A: ALL OF THEM! FJB
Lilly MD 209 seconds ago
Super scary “visitors!” Lots of nightmares tonight for some of these “masked- up “ young elementary school children! So disgusting and such an inappropriate and unwarranted topic / message for the Grinches Obama and Fauci to present to these young minds. ….pure politics with a twist of…sick, early indoctrination on their part… Shame on their parents to even allow these “Killers of Joy” to appear. Shame on the DC school system for even allowing a Pop - Up Covid clinic at this school. But hey, it’s SE/ DC and it all makes perfect sense. Feel sorry though for the few parents (very few, I am sure) who perhaps did not want their children to get jabbed and who also did not want to abdicate their parental rights. Thanks now to Obama and Fauci …Let the taunts begin against the “ targeted , marked, non - vaccinated “ children at Kimball Elem.
GrammaBear1 218 seconds ago
That’s harsh, wow. But, there’s no consistency in our laws here in the US. Too many degrees of everything… too much dealing going on behind the scenes…
LadyGreyEyes43 222 seconds ago
Even if I could afford one of those things, I'd use up the batteries driving around trying to find somewhere to charge it. I don't know of any solar powered charging stations in my city so he has no idea what "real" men and women will go through just to charge a car that they can't afford. He is just babbling and has no real idea what is going on outside his gilded cage.
Disaffected 224 seconds ago
But I thought that black lives matter. I guess it's only the politically useful ones. Anyone that really cares about black lives should be dragging democrat politicians out into the streets so they can be tarred and feathered as they are run out of town.
64acadwiz (I will not comply) 234 seconds ago
Dam I wish I lived in Florida, instead of WisconSIN, and have a real governor as cool as DeSantis. Instead I am stuck with Woody Allen dweeb wanna be Tony Evers. FJB and FTE
Just saying 239 seconds ago
Kentucky...known for inbreeds, the Clinton's and now lady boys.....somehow I suspect there's a connection 🤔
forliberty 250 seconds ago
When your power goes away, those “donating” to your sham “charity” tend to disappear, too. Looks like the donors and those seeking to influence politicians have moved on-to the Bidens.
DoubIenaughtspy 267 seconds ago
IRS SHOULD have investigated this long ago. Much like the FBI it takes the IRS a long time to build a strong case against the Clinton’s.
poetcomic1 281 seconds ago
My niece is a lesbian and says that TWO THIRDS of the listings on one of the most popular lesbian dating apps are men who think they are women and if you don't want to have sex with them you are 'transphobic'. What we have here are heterosexual transvestites (as in the great movie, Ed Wood). Caitlyn Jenner is, I guess a lesbian as he has dated NOTHING but women since his 'transition'.
sinisadem 283 seconds ago
Naming the Tapanzee Bridge for your family in the middle of the night, was truly a bridge too far. Their arrogance did both of them in. Chao Chao
Lairdey 2.0 291 seconds ago
I can assure you that regardless of one’s position on Covid that everyone prefers Nancy with a mask on.
Shane Hobbs 292 seconds ago
WHy should parents get up at 5am to take their daughters to swim training when a boy can swap his gender and defeat her at every event
Hippiefreak 313 seconds ago
Yeah, the blacks are removing what they call evidence. Years from now, people can say, "What are you talking about? Where's the evidence?!"
Charles 63039 314 seconds ago
Exactly, which means we as the public financers of these institutions, need to demand more accountability, and firings of the communist elements within higher education.
Bruce 314 seconds ago
The jabbering GOP clearly can't handle Pelosi and the Dems. Inert GOP needs fixin': The GOP now has a MAGA majority that needs to get active supporting MAGA campaigns and flood GOP offices demanding they primary MAGA only, support forensic audits and DECERTIFY, fire pathetice GOP losership, and divorce the useless GOP from the uiparty with an America First red wave only. That GOP won't deRino itself. GOP traitors just voted for Pelosi's stalled $ trillions scam and FBI is kicking in doors. AOC wants your $. Please get active locally like now. After 1938, stopping Hitler was a big mess.
Hymen 317 seconds ago
"What is hateful to you, do not unto your neighbor; this is the whole Torah. The rest is but commentary.' --- Rabbi HIllel
mark 323 seconds ago
Have you taken note of the vacuous Justin Trudeau? What they all have in common is Globalism and their own foundations, that serve the exact same lobbying purpose
martygreencheeks 327 seconds ago
Wow a real woman won . Im shocked .. Enriquez "I struggled with mental health " That is because your one sick puppy