commentations 5 seconds ago
The Fisters are 'gimme-gimme' types and have nothing - but for others IT’S all going away within Months Police State Joe says : **************BUSH'S FAULT ************************ Kiss your Retirement goodbye
 Welcome millions of state supported Illegals 
Pay double for Gas now that Joe is cancelling pipelines 
Get ready for the BIG Taxes to fund Reparations and the homeless Watch your Childrens Inheritance be taxed into oblivion for Reparations
mirdiam 7 seconds ago
Don't you mean trump-olini? The worse president in American history> there I fixed for you .... blocked for trolling
deanrd123 7 seconds ago
And over on Fox they’re already doing an all out attack on Joe Biden and his policies we haven’t even seen yet. Member when they said Obamacare would destroy the American economy? Now that’s one of the reasons Biden got elected To me tax cuts for billionaires is way worse for the economy than anything else
Honoré de balsac 9 seconds ago
Wasn't worth waiting for. Cleaning up after the mega maga moron will keep them too busy for their first year.
Tuck Frump 9 seconds ago
Alex Jones is missing his village idiot and requests that you check in over at InfoWhores. Now run along you uneducated Trump cuck
Cheatersneverwin 11 seconds ago
Snowden says Trump has never known a love he has not paid for. Truly he sees deeply into the hearts of men
richard bergman 14 seconds ago
No one there for the Communist Democrat Plutocrat crap????? NO ONE THERE Trump greeted by miles of Americans!
Chacha 16 seconds ago
In case there is any trouble during the inauguration, let’s hope that those 25,000 ‘peacekeeping’ National Guardsmen/women have been instructed to ‘shoot ‘em in the legs’ when it comes to dealing with violent protesters. You know, the same advice Candidate Biden gave to civilian police during last summer’s riots!
Thunderheavyrain 16 seconds ago
My company reduced executive salaries and stopped contributing to 401k. I almost felt like a leftist because I know it is unnecessary and it is only because we are owned by private equity. They still haven't normalized our comp and now 401k has literally a $1000 contribution limit in a company where literally even the secretaries earn 6 figures as the very lowest paid. $1,000, tone deaf much.
Durzoblint 22 seconds ago
Why would I need to play defense? I'm not a politician. I don't support everything Democrats do. I don't need to defend anything since if I don't agree with something I will point it out. I spent half of the Obama administration being called a conservative because I called out the extra-judicial killing of citizens labeled as "enemy combatants" under Obama. If I agree with something, I will defend it. If I don't agree with it, I won't.
jon 22 seconds ago
We hate Trump, not you. Now would be a GREAT time to jump off that train and rejoin the United States for our big day!
CZ Sommers 22 seconds ago
Yeah beta boy loser, yeah, right. You trolls are so lame, your own hand goes limp when you try to jack yourself.
Rex33 25 seconds ago
The economy does better under Democrats. Clinton and Obama...economic expansion. Bush and Trump....economic collapse.
Stephen Smithe 27 seconds ago
“I will be watching, I will be listening, and I will tell you that the future of this country has never been better,” Well ya, you and your toxic presence and actions are gone.
RoswellCoug 30 seconds ago
"But our expectation and hope is that he can lead by example, by reaching across the aisle" Like calling GOP senators Hawley and Cruz "Nazis"?
Derp State Follies 32 seconds ago
INAUGURATION FUN FACT: Biden's inauguration marks the first time in four years that a President has appeared with a Bible in public without the aid of tear gas
FirstSpeaker 33 seconds ago
Biden will usher in a new era. Unfortunately, it will be an era of secession and/or civil war. Biden is not legitimate, and he never will be. That fact is not going away, and we are not going to forget it.
Beerlord (Zi/Zir) 33 seconds ago
I haven’t noticed that. It seems they’re more worried about our government getting too much power and disregarding the rights of its citizens
alterego55 34 seconds ago
Most people think that Assange was released from the Ecuadorian Embassy because of pressure from the US. In reality, the Ecuadorians got tired of Assange's crazyass bullshiit.
lrj35 35 seconds ago
I'm not tough, I'm just not an effeminate male like most if not many liberals. And not just physically, I mean mentally. Who thinks like a woman? Liberal man. Linear thinking, pragmatism, the requirements of a constitutionally limited gov't are not maintained by emotional appeals to ignore the Constitution or common sense.
BvBPL 35 seconds ago
It's gotta be hard to turn one of those down. Belichick gets some credit from me on that. I don't think I will think too harshly of Sorenstam for accepting it.
GeauxTigers 36 seconds ago
"In Delaware, the largest growth of population is Indian Americans, moving from India. You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin' Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I'm not joking." Joe "Mr Unification" Biden....
KeithS 37 seconds ago
Because these people are populists and populists look for scapegoats, not solutions. . They are losers in life and are looking for someone else to blame for their problems. Trump gave them an endless list of people, institutions, countries, and corporations to blame.
Son_of__john 41 seconds ago
Didn’t evangelical profits tell their faithful followers that God had spoken to them to assure them Trump would be re-elected because he had been called by a living god who murders babies?
Lurking Fear 43 seconds ago
No more years. Your guy flew away a beaten liar and they don't even want him where he's going. Sad.
Stewart Griffin VI 44 seconds ago
Left wingers are now forced to create new socks on a daily basic JUST to cry post about me. Scroll down for examples.
Laney Sommer 48 seconds ago
I would give you the same advise, little Missy. Go watch the spun, plotted and planned propaganda of the day on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, etc.... Your news is nothing but an illusion. A great big fairy tale . Snd you bobbleheads eat it up...hook, line snd sinker. Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huh.
billy wolf 48 seconds ago
Bannon was considered a federal official, if he is impeached after Trump leaves office, his pardon is not with the paper it is written on..
Sun's Out, Gums Out 49 seconds ago
tens of millions have lost jobs under trump. keep playing the hits: they gonna takes our guns china! stock market gonna crash caravans socialism war on christmas LMFAO
FalconHeavy 54 seconds ago
Thom, the culture of this nation has been European for ages. In the last 40 years, we've seen huge populations of Africans moving from places like Somalia to Minnesota, moving from Arab speaking nations to places like Michigan, etc... I'm not against their culture, per se, but I would prefer that they seek to integrate more into American culture. Instead, they collect into neighborhoods with like minded people, and don't fully integrate into American culture writ large.
Cannoliamo 54 seconds ago
The note said ..... "Remember Joe, the perfect government is a democracy for white nationalists and an autocracy for blacks, hispanics and muslims."
dijetlo 55 seconds ago
OK.... you seem certain... which means it's utter BS Let's be honest, when have you ever known your @ss from a hole in the ground?
Roxanne 14 seconds ago
Why Frances , I thought you might have became the editor at large for the Washington compost by now . I am certain you're on your way.
Stu 21 seconds ago
Reminds me of “Republican” David Brooks’ description of Obama crisp crease of his pants statement. How can you look in the mirror after saying something like that. Lefties seem to feel the need to glamorize their people, while Trump supporter say, yeah, I know he can be a jerk sometimes , but he is not a feckless politician and will get things done. But “ empathy/ feelings”.... the lefties are all for feeling until they are not. BTW, did you see all the flags on the lawn.... I hope Biden didn’t invite Colin Kaepernick... his head will explode.
Lefty_R_1929 21 seconds ago
What is Barbara Lee talking about? Harris is a person of great faith? So when Harris harrassed and raided the Whistleblower's home over accusing Planned Parenthood selling aborted body parts, how is that a person of great faith? Saul, Saul, Saul why do you hurt me?
Robbie Smith 22 seconds ago
"Most languages derive, at least in part, from other languages." Whites created all of the earliest written languages. Blacks never created a written language --- or anything else.
Agent Orange 23 seconds ago
Thank God the Democrats are magnanimous in victory and supportive of unity. Otherwise you would hear calls for deprogramming, re-education camps, blacklisting and destroying their opponents means of making a living. Democrats need to listen to the words of James Hodgkinson, and not the vitriol coming from unknown actors.
Zach Buford 23 seconds ago
Conformists to the 9th degree, yet they'll tell you they're "wild and crazy" for being potheads and and sleeping with their sorority brothers.
Judy Mcgaughan 28 seconds ago
the only way for manchin to have any attention was to play the moderate role. He was ok with it when the dems were not in but now he will go all out for the progressive and relish the power.. I do hope they vote him. out..Another career politician with no real principles
KwazyWabbit 28 seconds ago
Yes, that sounds right. I'm sure today all you lefties will be praising your master, Satan, the Father of Lies, by whatever name you choose to call him.
Cicero 29 seconds ago
Notice she never looks at the camera as she talks? Pretty weird. Even her poor kid can look at the camera.
John Barron III 30 seconds ago
Another intelligent comment from the Trumpkins: "I'm ok with Biden wearing a Depends adult undergarment. It's how he squints and turns red when he's taking a dump during a speech that needs to go.."
JustTheFactsMa'am... 32 seconds ago
Nobody needs to play nice with these lying, cheating, gas-lighting, Socialists/Communists. You sound like you would be down with Neville Chamberlain.
divinenews 35 seconds ago
--- They probably did not even vote for him 4 years ago. ... They worked for Trump because they had to to get ahead during these years. --- As part of the swamp as any Dem ever was.
Seabiscuit 36 seconds ago
quite a few statements out there in which Trump supporters call Dems, anyone who disagrees with Trump, as 'evil.'.... i like those from the evangelical leaders like Frankie Graham..... nuthin' like his dad..
Lets all go to Saudi Arabia 37 seconds ago
Red China unleashed Kung Flu upon America and The World. We should be boycotting them, but Mumbles and liberal democrats love Red China.
FarmboyDuke 38 seconds ago
Sitting around in the chambers taking selfies is hardly overthrowing the government. Even though the corrupt swamp entrenched government sure as hell deserves it.
Blackcross 39 seconds ago
Women better get ready to enter into the selective service process....there simply is not enough eligible young men anymore.
U. S. Citizen 39 seconds ago
Looking at your past posts on your profile page, it seems that you are really concerned about backsides and dipsticks. Have you come out of the closet yet or are you still hiding your backside sexuality from your parents?
Fred Garvin MP 40 seconds ago
Sooo when I go camping in a national forest or park I have to wear a mask? When I’m walking across a parking lot on federal property I have to wear a mask? Outdoors? Welcome to the dumbest administration POLITICAL DOLTS
LogicalPOV 43 seconds ago
Hahaha. The whole Trump presidency started off with misinformation.....RUSSIA! It’s obvious Shepard smith had his own brainwashed views and that’s fine. Glad he’s gone and glad his ratings are awful. Stop pushing the lies to the American people and tell the truth about the democrats misinforming the American people. That’s the real story. LIAR
raintower1 44 seconds ago
Rush Limbaugh was right when he observed that Democrats are never happy, even when they get the political power they crave. Dems stole this election, the entire world knows they cheated their way into power. Their puppet, installed into power at the point of 25,000 soldiers with assault weapons will never know what it feels like to be loved by your country as President Trump was and still is. I pity all democrats today, you stole and cheated your way into power and you will not be happy. Rush was right.
DominikHoffmann 45 seconds ago
I invite you to visit any crisis pregnancy center near you. Walk in and ask them how they help in a company a woman who decided to give birth, because of the help she was offered. A child is always a blessing, never a curse.
SoundMind 46 seconds ago
Looking at Washington Mall--where is everybody? Where are 84 million who voted for Biden? It's empty--what a disgrace!
Michael DiBari 47 seconds ago
LOL!!! ... "Protesters?" .... Protesters don't burn, loot, attack defenseless people and murder. TERRORISTS do that.
Gerald Murray 47 seconds ago
I read that the French president has already asked China Joe to increase the U.S. military presence in the Middle East. I guess 19 years of war isn't enough for them. Of course the American military industrial complex will support that idea. After all fortunes can be made with endless wars and the wealthy and the political elite don't send their children in combat.
WryBread 48 seconds ago
Good-bye, President Trump and First Lady Melania. You both did right by America and were role models for Americans. Thank you, Mr. President, for choosing to run for the office. They were four good years for us.
Tahlequah 49 seconds ago
No way, let these idiots foam at the mouth every time they look in the mirror and see a loser. Lost the White House, lost the Senate, went to lynch a Vice President. Hitler's Brownshirts won in German--thank GOD not here.
Notanymore 51 seconds ago
Far as I am concerned, Trump is still the recognized rightful president for the next 4 years even if he did cower and betray the supporters in the end (he did). It's either that or you have no president or vice president period now. Biden will never be a legitimate president. Kamala the Terrible One will never be a legitimate VEEP.
Joe Shmo 52 seconds ago
Problem is she did write it. The truth accidentally comes out when the dims reach ancient status. Their brains do not function enough to maintain lies... see biden.
SteveG 53 seconds ago
Here we go again. Is BB censoring us again? *Edit* Guess not. Just not sure why my last post is awaiting approval by BB.
zeek 53 seconds ago
I stopped holding my nose and voting R no matter what after Bush I drove the economy into a depression.. Say what you want about BC but he delivered 8 years of prosperity and it was pretty peaceful. I did the same thing in 2012, sometimes I regret that choice, but a rino like Romney was just unacceptable.
Arianna 56 seconds ago
I wish he had concentrated more on the USA, and less on the country that takes the most from America, and also spies on it the most. It's not a relationship that yields any benefits to the USA.
Skyler Waller 58 seconds ago
This is insanity. Doing the same thing over and over. The communist stuff never works. We'll be eating bats and rats just like China and Venezuela.
The Magalorian 64 seconds ago
Most of the incoming administration are former Obama administration shills. I expect to see the same kind of economy we had during that 8 year malaise. It sucks but, some people just can't seem to learn from their mistakes and have to repeat them. Good times...
HONDA 1234 65 seconds ago
Some Russian people believe the elite are harvesting spare parts... A member of the elite (forgot his name) died recently after having EIGHT heart transplants according to some Russians who claim that migrants are having vital organs removed and implanted into the filthy rich elites. No wonder they are wary of the white man's vaccines.
Robbie Smith 67 seconds ago
"The 25th Dynasty..." The team succeeded where previous studies on Egyptian mummies have failed or fallen short. The samples recovered from this Middle Egyptian community span around 1,300 years of ancient Egyptian history from the New Kingdom to the Roman Period (radiocarbon dated to 1388BCE–426CE). The New Kingdom (also referred to as the Egyptian Empire) was Egypt's most prosperous time and marked the peak of its power. Abusir el-Meleq is arguably one of the few sites in Egypt, for which such a vast number of individuals with such an extensive chronological spread are available for ancient DNA analysis. The archaeological site Abusir el-Meleq was inhabited from at least 3250BCE until about 700CE and was of great religious significance because of its active cult to Osiris, the god of the dead, which made it an attractive burial site for centuries. Written sources indicate that by the third century BCE Abusir el-Meleq was at the centre of a wider region that comprised the northern part of the Herakleopolites province, and had close ties with the Fayum and the Memphite provinces, involving the transport of wheat, cattle-breeding, bee-keeping and quarrying. The analyses revealed that ancient Egyptians shared more ancestry with Near Easterners and Europeans than present-day Egyptians, who received additional sub-Saharan admixture in more recent times. The researchers say that there was probably a pulse of sub-Saharan African DNA into Egypt roughly 700 years ago. The mixing of ancient Egyptians and Africans from further south means that modern Egyptians can trace 8% more of their ancestry to sub-Saharan Africans than can the mummies from Abusir el-Meleq.
Itsagift 72 seconds ago
Little Billie sure talks a good game. As for being "with her", who knows what ungodly fantasies he carries for Hillary.
Joe 74 seconds ago
Great question! Then you go off the rails... Fat shaming?!? Childish and beneath us. Besides Trump got pretty chubby. Incarcerating people for what they think!!!!! Christ! this is exactly what we hate about the Democrats!!!
Robert Palmar 75 seconds ago
Trump may have had quite enough of all the lies, hate, and betrayals. Unless voting systems and methods are changed, which is highly unlikely by the next election, there is no point in running again. "We’ll be back in some form" does not mean the same form.
Woomera 75 seconds ago
A real President who actually cared about the American people departs. Wasn't there to enrich his own life but the lives of Americans. The globalist left (and Rino's) couldn't stand that he could not be bought so they found a way to cheat in the election process and get a corrupt moron with dementia who will continue to destroy us from within elected. Woke idiots in the media (fake news & hollyweird) continue to push their lunacy. Idiots will believe them. Not those of us that know the truth.
texexpatriate 76 seconds ago
God bless the first all-American genuine patriot this land has seen since Thomas Jefferson, Jefferson Davis, and Ronald Reagan, and bless the most beautiful First Lady ever to live in the White House. Genuine Americans were blessed to have Donald Trump and his lady for four years.
Reaganite 78 seconds ago
No Obama started to act like a conservative and did not do what his base wanted him to. Now Biden will perform much better and do what his base wants - Free education loan, higher minimum labor wage, more food stamps, universal healthcare, right to work, more unemployment bonus.