realkingmax 2 seconds ago
“The mob takes the Fifth. If you're innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?” - Donald Trump
Morgan_La_Fey 3 seconds ago
TRUMP'S ACTUAL RECORD: Trump's GDP = 1.4% (worst in 80 years) Trump LOST American jobs over his 4 years (first time in 80 years) Unemployment went from 4.6% when he took office to 6.3% when he left office The "great" healthcare plan Trump promised....never happened "trust me" The "great" infrastructure plan he promised...never happened "trust me" Trump spent 25% of his time in office playing golf on our dime! Trump had lowest international approval for a US President in 50 years Trump's "presidential" tweets displayed the maturaty level of a 12 year-old girl Biden's stock market is higher than Trumps Basically, Trump created MASSIVE debt and Americans got NOTHING for it
Avigdore 5 seconds ago
For which citizens is it harder to vote, and why? I know you're not one of those people claiming that blacks are incapable of doing things that whites can do....right?
Lily Sandoz 6 seconds ago
Wash. both parties has driven Americans into 59 trillion dollars in debt. And, the endless wars have costs trillions since 911.
Surfermom77 7 seconds ago
Oath Keepers stockpiled 30 days of supplies, rifles ahead of Jan. 6 Hmmm...guess they wanted to seize and hold the Capitol Bldg for some time, huh. Traitors all. Arrest them all, put them on trial, find them guilty and sentence each to multi-year terms. That's what you do with traitors.
Janet Innes-Kirkwood 7 seconds ago
Maybe the armed teenagers of DC could have protected the Capital from the violent MAGA crowd. The cops couldn't.
mildcheddar 7 seconds ago
"We have passed a lot. We have passed a lot of things that people don’t understand all that’s in it, understandably,” President Potato called us all stupid.
iccheap 10 seconds ago
TN residents, sorry this guy constitutes "representation" in your state. Nothing like letting your 17 year old out with a gun to "protect" businesses. A real "hero". We don't need more of these incidents.
Lutece 10 seconds ago
I'm certain that will be a development for Trump or at least his spawn in the future. A judge ordering the surrender of passports.
Broke @$$ Cyber Ninja 12 seconds ago
I wanted to believe. I’ve always been a sucker for the self made man story. Turns out is was his dad!
Being classically conservative 12 seconds ago
Your at what is called the "peak of Mt. Stupid" on the Dunning-Kruger chart when it comes to legal knowledge.
Cry Closet Rentals 14 seconds ago
so now you have to prove the claim that an old man that can't walk without a cane, and never entered the capital, and agreed to follow all the gun laws had a secret plant to hobble over and storm the gates at just the right time with a rock and get 12 people to convict on that lol
jules kinkead 14 seconds ago
listening to israeli tv in hebrew and english... this is how they see biden and laugh at him and blinken and the obama cabal behind closed doors... they know obama is running the iran shiiiiit show and is anti semitic
BOB® 14 seconds ago
The ‘minor incursion’ line is what was said in the last Ukraine meeting Biden was in, and he forgot he wasn’t supposed to say it publicly.
Vincent Albanese 16 seconds ago
That is the difference between you and me. You would throw out an entire segment of people. I think we should save them. It is a function of being an empathetic human being.
Texanfirst 16 seconds ago
I don't mean just Biden or democrats when I say this but I'm 65 years old and watching administrations trough the years the presidents "handlers" or "staff" have him sounding more and more like listening to the old Soviet Union spokespersons. Putting a positive spin on a royal fck up. It's plain as day
✝️ 804hokie 🇺🇸 🍊 17 seconds ago
"The ground is frozen, putin will have to wait for it to thaw to invade." Biden is an expert on all things MilHist it seems!
Take Back 17 seconds ago
Plan A (call everyone racist) failed -- now on to Plan Z -- Democrats make final plea for voting rights ahead of filibuster showdown
lore11 18 seconds ago
WE ARE IN A NEW CIVIL WAR … ABOUT WHAT EXACTLY? [Politico] - 1/6/22 The author: "The Trump years, which it is now evident did not end with his presidency, have awakened a conflict so profound that, as in the 1860s, democracy, constitutional order and union itself are in peril. A big deal, indeed. But also a puzzle: If this is a 21st century version of 19th century disunion, shouldn’t it be more obvious what the war, at bottom, is all about?" TO MR. HARRIS: It may be a "puzzle" to YOU -- but most of our 330 MILLION Americans know EXACTLY what it's about. BEFORE TRUMP: The country had become COMPLETELY LAWLESS, with DOJ, FBI, Presidents, Congress -- ALL "ignoring" the people and their massive protests (like the Tea Party) against the never-ending crimes perpetrated by D.C. and its SWAMP. Millions had their homes confiscated ILLEGALLY by the banks while the FBI, not lifting one finger, was too busy plotting more crimes). The Clinton, Bush & Obama regimes perpetrated CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and never-ending ILLEGAL WARS. When Obama entered the scene, he "overtly" turned the government against its citizens, which previously had been covert. ENTER TRUMP: The ONLY man who spoke for THE PEOPLE [and the Constitution], starting with illegal immigration, and continued from there. For the last 5 years, Americans have watched the Deep State do all in their power to tear him down -- all while he accomplished tasks FOR this country which none of them COULD or WOULD do. Their every attempt to STOP him FAILED. TRUMP got 410 electoral college votes in 2020. The amount of HATE toward him and his followers by the INCOMPETENT FECKLESS FOOL DEMS and THE SWAMP is overwhelming. AFTER TRUMP: The DEMS' and Deep State SWAMP's incompetence and LIES have been EXPOSED. The Rockefeller Foundation's BIG PHARMA crimes have been EXPOSED. Biden's attempt to ILLEGALLY MANDATE Americans out of work is a CRIME. "Woke" military incompetence and their crimes have been EXPOSED. Most of all... the BIG BANKS "continuous" BAILOUTS have been EXPOSED, all while people starve across the nation. THE PEOPLE have had enough. The FILTHY SWINE in DC and other DEM strongholds would be well advised to watch what's going on in Kazakhstan . Americans will "NEVER" forget what the DEMS and Deep State have done to the people of this nation and their duly elected president, Donald Trump, over the past 5 years.
ConstitutionFirst 18 seconds ago
Owning a firearm and can goods is not illegal. However, making plans to use violence against the authority of the US government is seditious conspiracy. In a criminal investigation, all the evidence is considered in order to reach conclusions. No prosecutor stops at one item. It is really just common sense.
Bill2455 19 seconds ago
443,612 Americans have died from COVID-19 since President Joe Biden took office. He promised the American people he would "shut down the virus." (Fact check: He has not.) Updated January 19, 2022 at 9:00 a.m.
Chester Courtland 20 seconds ago
Who holds a press conference at 4:30 PM? Most people are working! It is lights out for Sunsetting Joe.
Dave 21 seconds ago
It's nice that it's all caught on video too! Dementia don is so compromised. Drinking the Putin load and Russian hookers. All for the blackmail. Love it!!
Charles 26 seconds ago
What do republicans stand for? Allow me to answer: 1. To obfuscate every attempt by Democrats to pass bills that actually help mainstream Americans. 2. To subsidize and provide tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans and corporations. 3. To try to remove any program that provides benefits to middle class and poor Americans (social security, medicare, healthcare, food stamps, etc.). 4. To hijack the voting process to prevent voters that support democratic candidates from casting their votes. 5. To oppose and block equal rights and opportunities for people that are not white and Christian. 6. To support their minions attempts to violently overthrow the results of a fair and legal election because their guy didn't win. 7. To obstruct policies that protect the environment and reverse man-made climate change. 8. To ignore and vilify science and medicine rather than learn from it. 9. To deny rights to people that are gay or transgender because it frightens them, but they are OK with pedophilia. 10. To continue to support a dishonored and defeated former President and all of his lies because they hope it will help them to stay in power. That's a small sample.
dubious 28 seconds ago
Are you perhaps referring to Byrd? As in, the same Byrd that was HONORED by the NAACP when he died? That Byrd? Thanks for the reminder that somethings things really do change. E.g. the Democratic Party.
unworthy 29 seconds ago
Third world status is no longer an insult. Calling a place California is now the worst insult. The third world is doing better than CA.
stephen ortega 31 seconds ago
when eric trump was deposed he pleaded the 5th 500 (fact) times. that is all you need to know.. james is on solid ground and trump is going down..
MikeL_in_SD 3 seconds ago
That is precisely why the prosecutors filed charges, to provide “cover” for Tesla. Otherwise Tesla would be liable in the same way Ford was liable for the Pinto’s documented defects. When the families of the dead sue Tesla then Tesla will argue in its defense that the driver’s conviction for manslaughter is a “superseding, intervening event.” A smart lawyer for the families may counter with the “foreseeable misuse” products based liability theory. Many products have been driven out of the market using the “foreseeable misuse” theory which basically provides the manufacturer “should have predicted” people would “misuse” the product as this driver did when he relied on the self-driving feature to drive the Tesla without fatal mishap.
diggerdon1960 4 seconds ago
"Unsuccessful"? That's the mother of all understatements!! Saying that Biden has been "unsuccessful" would be like saying that Hitler "kind of didn't like Jewish people"...
Matt Dellon 8 seconds ago
Is there one reporter who has the courage to ask tough questions about crime, the border, inflation, etc. He has handpicked only questions from the lame-stream media. What a farce!!!!
Deuce21 8 seconds ago
All hell is going to break loose if Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy do not stop trying to obstruct MAGA from taking power comes 2023.
Tbone Evans 11 seconds ago
He is so stupid. Blacks by far have the highest percent of unvaccinated. He's a has been funny guy who now can't make a joke because he's woke.
1tempusfugit 18 seconds ago
....EVERY USA gov should declare an invasion and have troops at the southern border (and northern from what heard a while ago on a Tucker show).Why didn't Trump declare an invasion? Could never figure that out.
Max42 22 seconds ago
What the FBI did, or didn't do, in Texas is virtually irrelevant to the massive criminal corruption, from top to bottom, for the past several years.
buffalo bob... 23 seconds ago
for 3 months I Had Trouble Getting To Sleep Watch 10 minutes of Bidens Last Press Conference "OUT LIKE A LIGHT" In Minute 11 .... ALSO are the Democratic Polititians Still Recieving Payola through their campaign coffers From The Russian energy company,s ? Not When Trump Was President The Russian Were Buying Our Oil Now You Know why Under the Biden Boobs and The Dummycrates Your Paying 4 Dollars For Russian Oil And BIDEN Shut Our Pipe lines DOWN !!!!!
Behind Enemy Lines in MN5 24 seconds ago
Dems know they don't have to actually make things better for blacks, as they'll keep voting for them anyway.
LarryInMt 28 seconds ago
They must have given him the jumbo colostomy bag today. Tho the diarrhea is now coming out his mouth
cb75075 29 seconds ago
HOW?! This is not cruise control. You don't know if the vehicle will F-up until AFTER it runs a light. By then its way too late. If the driver has to literally hold the wheel and monitor everything they might as well just drive the car.
Captain Lockheed 31 seconds ago
"BIDEN'S TREASONOUS ABDICATION OF HIS OATH OF OFFICE-- AMERICA'S OPEN BORDER" C'mon BB-- At least get the banner headline straight-! FJB!!!
proudrino 41 seconds ago
Most Americans rate President Joe Biden’s first year in office “unsuccessful,” a Rasmussen Reports survey released Wednesday revealed. If by unsuccessful you mean "abject failure" then I'd agree.
Oscar 42 seconds ago
Well, it certainly helped that CEO of an abortion mill who said on video that it helped her buy a Lamborghini? Do you have no sense of shame whatsoever? Discuss.
Wally 42 seconds ago
**** Australia. My company is growing by leaps and bounds and international expansion is rapidly approaching. I just crossed Australia off the list. We won't work with repressive regimes like China, Venezuela, Russia and Australia.
shadetree56 43 seconds ago
The left cheated in 2020 by having their people "count" the vote. Yet joe thinks it's the right that's gonna miscount the votes in nov. Pure projection.
Lib6nezS 43 seconds ago
Step back and think for a minute about Maxine Waters,.. Liz Warren,.. Ilhan Omar,.. Amy Klobucher,.. Nancy Pelosi,.. Hirono.... I could go on but I'm already getting nauseous. She is definitely attractive. No denying that.
The Quantum Phantom 43 seconds ago
He must have taken lessons from the Democrat mayors of large American cities. That is exactly what they all do.
Jojo 47 seconds ago
[Question-Preapproved Democrat Media talking head]: "I want to ask about black voters. They feel like you aren't fighting hard enough for them on voting rights. What do you say to these black voters?" [Biden] "I've always had their back! I was on voting rights issues a long time ago! Look, there is significant disagreement about timing and assertions and timely way. I am sure there are people who are saying why Biden didn't push it 6 months ago? Um, uh, the fact is, uh, there is uh, a timing that is not one's choice that is dictated by other things, and I have not been out in the community enough and uh, because of Covid I cant get out"
pochemunyet 48 seconds ago
Well, Russia abandoned communism because they were stupid long enough, and they are returning to Christianity because it's in their blood. We are doing the exact opposite.
Bran 50 seconds ago
Yeah people think Californians are moving to Texas for Republican leadership. No. They're making new lib hotbeds like Austin.
Mark 52 seconds ago
These rich yahoos have plenty of their own money. Redistribute that! Jerks, these people ain’t nobody. You ain’t nobody if ur not in the Davos Club.
Reldon Hamson 54 seconds ago
Last fall Kamala said the surge was seasonal and would abate with the cold weather. What is her explanation now?
dave413 55 seconds ago
"Final wave"? I wouldn't hold my breath. Looks to me like the virus was engineered to keep repeatedly spewing new variants.
tgriz 55 seconds ago
There hasn't been a good democrat since Johnson had JFK murdered, except for Zell Miller and James Trafficant, and they both had their lives ruined by their own party.
Lawyer Fraud 56 seconds ago
You know not what you say. Keep the blood flowing to the brain, start AED if available, call 911. No breaths are given any more. That;'s 1980s technique. Get certfiied by the Red Cross (like me).
RuthAnn40,patriot 58 seconds ago
I've lived in AZ for several decades and I laugh about all the fools leaving CA to come here. They have no clue what they're in for weatherwise....first July day of 115 or hotter and they'll wish they never came here. Plus, there's no ocean to escape to.....:-)
DanB_Tiffin 58 seconds ago
Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn't fit in with the core belief. - Frantz Fanon. My words: They are far too emotionally invested in the lie to EVER admit they were wrong.
luke.chekovski 62 seconds ago
How many of his 81,000,000 dead people, illegal aliens, cartoon characters, and convicted felons tuned in to watch?
JudgePRoyBean 63 seconds ago
He absolutely cannot carry a chain of thought, he abruptly halts, dodges and changes direction and sputters out. Serious mental decline.
bo1921 64 seconds ago
It’s about impossible to compare the Governor to these South American dictators who destroyed their peoples’ lives. The good citizens of Florida are living in a very successful and happy state. Sorry, charlie, they’re not living in Venezuela or Cuba.
MyOwnMind 69 seconds ago
Translation - They will ask the questions they have been told by the Dems to ask because Biden needs to be fed the answers. We are personally counting how many times Biden is blaming Trump in his answers.
RocketFan 72 seconds ago
First of all, what is known about this particular accident is not known to you or I, so who is held liable is in question... When I download a beta program or game to my PC, I accept that it is a beta and I watch what it does.
Fay9169 CLIMATES DON'T CHANGE 74 seconds ago
Also, the hemorrhaging fever is supposedly going on in China. I'm not sure that's happening, either. China may be punishing the west, for some reason.
Bill kennedy 74 seconds ago
Embarrass yourself to the maximum extent possible. Your comments, at least on this topic, are trollishly silly.
GioCon 76 seconds ago
Warren is one of the lying hysterics. Don't believe for one minute that she doesn't know the actual facts. That's how she can distort them so easily...she knows exactly how to maneuver around the truth. How do these people live with themselves?
TheVrominator 80 seconds ago
I hope these "journalists" are enjoying the love-in they're having with their favorite grandfather figure. They're all Dem operatives and sympathizers and it's utterly transparent.
Rexlovezgia 86 seconds ago
He's worked on voting rights all his life look out now he's going to be telling us that he walked across the bridge was Martin Luther King jr. While talking to Gandhi on his cell phone😂😂
wreckage 89 seconds ago
It's not hatred. It simple recognition that the polarization is being promoted by the right wing and their delusional disinformation. How are we supposed to agree on policies if we can't even agree on basic facts? The polarization is intentional. The right wing is waging psychological warfare to support their wealthy sponsors to get the fools to tolerate extreme wealth disparity.
Ron Builds 90 seconds ago
In the very near future Texas will turn blue. The amount of Californians & Illegals crossing over will solidify a blue Texas.
Orga777 90 seconds ago
The FBI has always been trash. All the good you think of was mostly just Hollywood and corrupt media PR for intelligence agencies. The FBI and CIA have a dark and evil history the deeper you dig.
lunaursus76 95 seconds ago
Don't believe it. More and more Dems are leaving Biden and their useless party than ever before. They've had it. Watch how many Dims will deny ever voting for Biden Fartbag. You'll hardly ever find any who will admit it. Thinking about all those dyed, spiked hair congenital morons with their crossed eyes and middle fingers sticking up looking and sounding like the Walking Dead when Trump was elected? Where have they gone? Back into their trailers because they aren't paid any more or if they are paid, into ANTIFA and BLM. These are your loafer, non voters. They never vote, too busy stuffing crack up their noses.
Deplorable Henchman 98 seconds ago
President Trump wanted to fill the strategic reserve with oil when oil futures went negative. Nazzi laughed in his face.
BenMadison 98 seconds ago
This moron doesnt get it. The vaccine wont save you. Vaxxed and unvaxxed can still get it and give covid-19. The choice not to take the shot is up to the individual, knowing what the risks are either way. Stop pushing the vax on those that dont want it Howard.
cb75075 99 seconds ago
The ONLY people in a BETA driving a beta AI vehicle should be people from Tesla who will be held liable for damages.