Sowell Man 2 seconds ago
Warren is another phony limousine liberal. No Harvard professor looks into a camera and utters the rehearsed line, "I think I'll get me a beer." The presumption and arrogance behind that are staggering.
nick supreme 12 seconds ago
That's very true, but it's IMO not wise to risk running her and get trump re-elected. I'm not saying that's likely, but it isn't impossible. If Biden runs, trump will be destroyed. There's a reason trump attempted to collude with the Ukraine to get Biden - he's very scared of him.
louie 23 seconds ago
Sorry, all you trump apologists have no legs to stand on. The lot of you cretins are traitors to our Republic.
First Native President 54 seconds ago
You said he was weak and couldn't bother you. You have been whining about him for over an hour. LMFAO at you!!! You are a true weak, cry baby liberal. So sad.
Trump's a joke 57 seconds ago
Sad when the GOP admits that Trump wouldn't survive a challenge in their own party, and tell their party members they aren't allowed to vote
Don The Con 80 seconds ago
. So getting rid of Trump's corruption is just evidence of the Court's corruption? . trumpers = unstable. .
smrstrauss 82 seconds ago
Yes, Biden got a Ukranian prosecutor fired. No, that prosecutor was not investigating his son------duh. IF Biden had done anything corrupt at all, the Republicans in Congress---and they were in charge of both branches of Congress for several years----would have investigated. Moreover, Donald Trump would have told his own Justice Department to investigate. Or, at the very least, Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck and Laura Ingraham and Gingrich and Santorum would have talked about it---but none of them did. The simple fact is that Biden helped get rid of a Ukranian prosecutor WHO WAS NOT INVESTIGATING HIS SON---duh. Birthers made similar lies about "Obama admitted he was born in Kenya." (No he didn't, and neither did Michelle, and neither did Obama's grandmother----and his Hawaiian birth certificate is not forged either.) IN CONTRAST: It is a FACT that the Inspector General of the Intelligence Services was going to refer what he considered to be a credible report of significant misdeeds to Congress, and then the head of the department----after consulting with the Justice Department and the White House----refused to send the report. THAT is a violation of the whistleblower law. AND, if there were nothing at all improper in what went on in the telephone call that the whistleblower refers to, there would be no reason at all to stonewall about sending the report.
BigFish92672 90 seconds ago
Mike - like Bernie - slept thru economics class. That's why she never heard of "Comparative Advantage." If I can ship my widgets 12,000 miles and you still can't compete, you have no business making widgets.
fanofhawking 93 seconds ago
Yes. I understand the electability issue. But I have reasons for preferring the policies Senator Warren is proposing. There's a lot more that needs fixing than just replacing the crime and corruption of the Trump administration with dedicated pro-American officials.
Robert Merritt 112 seconds ago
Free speech is not freedom from accountability. You cannot yell 'fire' at crowded theater. They knew darned well that such a sign could cause conflict, possibly a fight and even panic causing people to get hurt. High School football is supposed to be a friendly competition, not a place to air political views.
ridgerunner94 120 seconds ago
Hey Fauxahontas ... that you are so quick to try and make something out of nothing should concern everyone.
83ms sis9sms,s s03 124 seconds ago
Do demonrats really think BIG CHIEF Warren is going to stand up to China, North Korea and Iran? Lmao she'l be laughed out of the room!
Ganesha_akbar 128 seconds ago
Obama held a primary in Alaska in 2012. He ran against a nobody who the DNC declared was not a bona fide Democrat. Everybody shrugged.
Sowell Man 160 seconds ago
By God I taught one class at Harvard under false racial pretense and I've got..well...I've got ideas! - Warren's entire campaign.
Geo T 176 seconds ago
Don't kid yourselves. Wind IS intermittent and people DO overstate its pros while ignoring its many cons. Trump makes an easy target with his simplistic comments, but more politicians should be criticizing spoiled scenery and the growing numbers of birds, bats and insects it kills. Public backlash is also growing due to the huge size of these machines and their obvious impacts via said size. You can't pretend it's a non-issue unless you abandon core environmental principles, like thou shalt not sprawl. Germany (the world's most turbine-dense nation) is not the wind power paradise many pretend it is. This is about as neutral as source as you'll find, seeing the light:
Disgruntled2012 176 seconds ago
Right, you outed me. Apparently I'm gay for Rupert Murdoch? Forgive my slander; you're freaking brilliant!
nick supreme 204 seconds ago
See the problem with your little scheme is that everyone can click your profile and see that you only have 140 comments and 40 upvotes because your account only exists to troll.
Jos 207 seconds ago
The Supreme Court would never allowed Donald Trump to be charged and punish for a crime. The Supreme Court has to protect the system, as otherwise the whole system may collapse. Corruption is much too pervasive, it cannot be tackled without jeopardizing everything.
Angry_Tortfeasor 225 seconds ago
Elizabeth Warren’s wealth “tax” (confiscation) is an unconstitutional taking within the meaning of the fifth amendment...
nick supreme 245 seconds ago
You have been reported and flagged. If you continue to impersonationate other users you will be put in time out or banned. Disqus rules section 673:987-231
smrstrauss 253 seconds ago
Re: Hunter Biden. THAT does not make it right for the president of the United States to pressure a country to investigate in order to smear a political opponent, and it certainly does not make it right for the president to break the whistleblower statue that requires that a credible, urgent whistleblower's report MUST be given to Congress.
Sammy4231 271 seconds ago
Several years ago, Ann Coulter said she wanted to repeal the 19th Amendment because she's surrounded by idiots, 7 to 3. Elizabeth Warren is one of those idiots.
Danny3xd 278 seconds ago
Love it, good job! I have always thought that the answer to childcare/work should be a shared component implemented by employers. Using one childcare professional and rotating parents. In space provided by the employers. Small businesses could share a space. Offer tax credits as time missed at work costs the economy. Work together for the greater good. The American way. Not this "us vs. Them" garbage.
Steve Hensley 281 seconds ago
It's kind of a win win for Trump; if the new Ukrainian President says no to the election tampering Biden investigation, Putin will be all smiles about the $250M military aid being nixed.
nick supreme 290 seconds ago
Biden is a much better choice imo though, due to electability. (Real nick not fake nick - click profile.)
Sowell Man 324 seconds ago
Year-old texts contained in a Senate Judiciary Committee report show that New York Times reporter Robin Pogrebin engaged in questionable journalistic tactics to shape a false narrative against Kavanaugh by telling a source what to say and by asking sources to confirm information she herself had given them.
fanofhawking 326 seconds ago
Senator Warren, we support you. It's not enough to just be better than Trump - pretty much anyone can do that. But you will be a great President.
rr02 405 seconds ago
The state website list the registered candidates and date of registration, including those denied. Are you smarter than a state gov't?
zero2sixty 418 seconds ago
You must not have heard yet the White House whistleblower didn’t have direct knowledge of Trump communications!
fanofhawking 422 seconds ago
In the United States, the President doesn't 'run the place', the President serves the people. It's different in your shithole.
smrstrauss 426 seconds ago
Re UraniumOne. It was for STOCK in a US company that mines Uranium, and it did not allow that company to export uranium to Russia (exports of uranium require a special license that was not applied for, much less granted). And, worse for your side, Russia EXPORTS uranium and has access to even vaster supplies of uranium in next door Kazakistan----so it does not need US uranium (and it didn't get any).
Don The Con 439 seconds ago
. U-S deficit tops $1-Trillion in first 11-months of fiscal year . - WallStJournal 9/13/19 . Typical Republican. .
Jos 459 seconds ago
They are stealing and laundering many hundred and possibly thousand of billion of dollar via a vey sophisticated and convoluted banking and financial system. It makes $23M and even $1B look small in comparaison. Corruption is so rampant, that no politician will ever be able to do something about it. One has to realize that honesty and integrity are seen as huge weaknesses in politics, and therefore leading nowhere. Honesty and integrity are now defined as liberal communism. Counterpunching is now the norm, and should there be a temporary scandal free short period of time, ne scandal will be made up over Twitter to justify the so-called counterpunching. It is to counterpunching and no one seems to care.
nick supreme 486 seconds ago
The first part is adhominem nonsense, and as for the second part, a lot of things do suggest he did swing the election in 2016
GeeWillikersWally 498 seconds ago
Oh look, we have one the the few people on The Mall that day when Trump falsely boasted “biggest inauguration crowd ever.” Welcome to the coming oblivion that will be the Republican Party after the 2020 winds of change cleanse the stench of Trump from Washington.
Deep City Press 512 seconds ago
The Biden story has been picked over for several years in the RWNJ info bubble. There's nothing new there Trump's obstruction, on the other hand, is worthy of impeachment and imprisonment
Aggie95 ... 529 seconds ago
I like what Rudy did in NYC ... Under democrats there were 2300 murders in 92 - 93 Rudy takes office homicides hit about 600 a year ... Under Bloomberg who continued Rudy's policies it fell to under 400 ... Rudy saved probably 30 - 40,000 mostly black lives and revitalized NYC
Sowell Man 536 seconds ago
With Epstein dead and Weinstein and Buck in the pokey, libs are going to have to find some more big donors.
Don The Con 538 seconds ago
. Trump embraces Stalin's 'Enemy of the People' phrase . - NYTimes 2/26/17 . Leave it to a Republican. .
fanofhawking 545 seconds ago
Get back to us when you get into middle school. By then you'll hopefully realize what garbage your parents are.
Paul 15 seconds ago
How many American JewWs have been Traitors and Spys for Israel?? MOST Traitor / Spys are JewWS.... who make up only 2% of the U.S. Population but 90% of the ....
Dez 16 seconds ago
And of course the dictatorial message is; "Do as we say, not as we do, we're the privileged ruling class, you're just plebs!.
Yank_72 21 seconds ago
My generation was introduced to the switchblade from the movie West Side Story. I had never seen one before and I have never seen one in person. Spielberg is releasing a new version of the movie next year. I wonder if it will be banned in the UK.
Sonia 38 seconds ago
Biden is pissed. Or wouldn't Say will beat trump like a drum. How childish the man is. Chains, behind school yard, beat like drum. The man leans violent. Potus never talks like that.
History 52 seconds ago
Actually, no. Yes, a full declaration of war has to go through Congress. Yet, Obama did not do that with Syria or Lybia. So, liberals started the standard in very way back machine time. So, no you are wrong...again.
scammers 61 seconds ago
sometimes morals has to be thrown out and just got to do what has to be done they bring it on themselves
geirsmith 65 seconds ago
Trump's covering up for Obama. I think we should use this thread to reveal everything about Obama. I've got Obama's Kansas family that's talking about who Obama is. I've got breaking news on Obama's real name and birthplace and crazy as it may seem it's the birthers that are running scared because they don't want Obama's hidden information to get out.
BetoODork 86 seconds ago
Once again the Dems were so sure that Hillary would win that Biden didn't care what he said. Well, Trump won, oops.
Charles 94 seconds ago
Child puppets in action, but who is their master and funding agent. Follow the money and defund it. Simple right? Instead of showing pathetic ignorant children we need to show the puppet masters that are telling them what is said and how to act.
Estimated_Fractal 108 seconds ago
And it's not just about money. There seems to be this importance of separating "workers" from "office people." I'm a contractor and make more money than many office people I contract with. Yet I feel this obligation to dress and behave like I'm beneath them. Not just me but other contractors also. Wth is this?
ISeeThruYou 110 seconds ago
Brooks is smearing a patriotic Italian American. BTW, the dirt was already dug up on Hunter Biden. But VP Creepy Sleepy Uncle Joe bribed the Ukrainian government to make it go away....
Dotar Sojat 110 seconds ago
Joe: Dude, those steaks are kinda thin. Planner: Don’t worry Joe. These 1/2” steaks are for the supporters, we got the 2” ones in the back for the candidates and their close friends. Joe: Awesome, let’s get to grillin’. Planner: Fryin’, Joe. Grilling has negative connotations so we came up with frying. Joe: Oh geez, I hope I can remember that.
Paul 124 seconds ago
( ( ( Ben Kew ) ) ) one of MANY Breitbart Israeli JewWs again caught lying, deceiving and misinforming to mislead the readers. Jehovah's Witness's are NOT Christian. They Do Not believe Jesus Christ is GOD....just like JewWS.... .which is WHY the JeWWs at Breitbart are so sympathetic to them.
Martel 139 seconds ago
I still say that this country has too be RE-BOOTED, and all Marxists and illegals exiled from this country.
Avinu Malkeinu 143 seconds ago
What evidence? An operative started a rumor and another operative spread said rumor. Neither had first hand info.
Lillypilly 145 seconds ago
Jeeez, who cares? Another M A G At not watching an NFL game won't hurt a thing. The NFL was here before your mother birthed you and dropped you on your head and it will be here 100 years after you are dead and gone and kids are pissing and sheeeting on your grave. Good Riddance!
archer 154 seconds ago
They think we are too stupid after all look at all the demo clowns we elect every year with nothing but chaos to show for it.
nordisk sønn 162 seconds ago
So the whistle blower was NOT someone who heard the actual conversation? He or she heard something from someone who heard something from someone? This just gets weirder and weirder, definitely sounds like yet another plot to bring this president down, has nothing to do with "justice" or "informing the American people".
M. Simon 163 seconds ago
All they have to do is get the science right. Caltech nailed it: Water vapor is the most important greenhouse gas.
TheMerryO 163 seconds ago
Biden can eat all the hamburgers and fly in all the planes he wants, as long as he doesn’t lecture others for doing the same.
Dixie Normus 176 seconds ago
Before the democrat BBQ we had a chance of saving the plant, but after the massive cow burnings we will never be able to recover from global warming. Thanks democrats, it's all your fault.
Easy Way #6 181 seconds ago
A whistleblower without a whistle. That blows, man! I knew Trump would wiggle off the hook again. But I take heart secure in the knowledge that he will be gone January 20, 2024. Counting the days.
Alecto 183 seconds ago
Did you read anything about the case or read any testimony? No, you just issue judgements compatible with your Neolithic views on women.
Studebaker Champion 190 seconds ago
Yeah so... What_fucking_business is it of yours...Homo BTW... Everyone in my family lives into their 90's... Hahahahahahahaha
OFTM 223 seconds ago
"The Israeli army’s Arabic-language spokesman said the drone did not come from his country and was likely Iranian. " Wow how stingy of those all powerful and terrifying Iranians. Giving a cheap, crude improvised drone to these terrorists while they're alledgedly using cutting edge technology drones that do look a hell of a lot like the ones another country in the ME manufactures and uses.
Lt. Joe Kenda The Cat 225 seconds ago
When do we get to send in "The Orkin Man" and all the other pest control Companies to start taking out all of this filth? I mean "Serve-Pro" are going to have one BIG mess to clean up afterwards if they're going to make it look "Like it never happened."
hurricane76 227 seconds ago
REMINDER......... 1,700 private jets were used to transport the "elite" to the climate change summit in Davos.
Spirit of Frederick Douglass 228 seconds ago
I will do you one better. You should be allowed to own a harrier jet or even a fleet of armed drones. Its not government who invents any of this stuff, its private citizens.
Ted 237 seconds ago
When talking about people, 'they' is a racist word. We are all children of G-d. The 'color' of our heart is far more Important than the color of our skin.
John D 242 seconds ago
John ...OUTSTANDING!! I remember when Maggie moved to the Slime from Politico ...a number of far left, harpy hacks swooned about the Slime's good fortune as she was God's Gift to Journalism. We however know her as "Maggie Never Disappoints" Haberman ...DNC - Shillary conduit. I'll bet Marty Baron at the 'Compost' is wailing, "Hey, why didn't John feature us. We lied, fabricated, distorted and selectively-edited as much as the Slime over the summer, why weren't we featured"
Irene Elizabeth Brown 247 seconds ago
I noticed that the British press are showing only the back view of Megan Markle in the sheer £9000 Valentino dress she wore to the wedding . I have seen the dress modelled by someone else and the V neckline in front is split to the waist . Is this why the press are not showing it? Was she trying to ' break the internet' like Jennifer Lopez in her famous dress and display her pregnancy enhanced bosom at the same time ?The Queen will not be amused .
History 276 seconds ago
Hahaha, they have the legal right to screw every country up with fake companies. That, steal our intellectual property. Wait, crap...okay we allowed them under past administrations. Trump said no. I am Trump 2020.
Huhhhh 278 seconds ago
Someone tell Whimpy burger boy that Joe Biden just served 10,500 steaks at a fund raising event this weekend....better call NBC and confess you climate change sins....classic democratic hypocrisy
Martel 286 seconds ago
So how cattle were killed to feed those fat white women and minorities? And were they humanly slaughtered. Were the lights down low, when the dastardly deeds were completed.
Brian Conners 301 seconds ago
Maduro does the same thing. All the commies throughout history have done the same thing, as they dole out food rations