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FTPPro is a Windows application that includes 9 separate programs: FTPPro Explorer, Contact Manager, Google+ Manager, Backup Manager, HotKeys Manager, Finance Manager, Craigslist Manager, Website Access Log Viewer, and Email List Manager.
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FTPPro includes features for ALL Windows users, even if you never need to upload or download files.

Previously, FTPPro was used mainly to manage websites. Now, with the addition of the programs that are described below (Contact Manager, Google+ Manager, HotKeys Manager, and Finance Manager) everyone can benefit from this application.

To see a complete description of all the features, view the Help Topics.

FTPPro Explorer
This program looks and feels just like Windows Explorer, except you can also transfer files to and from FTP sites.
  • Easy To Use: You won't have to learn any new commands. Simply drag files from your local computer to the remote server.
  • Copy Nested Folders: Unlike other FTP programs, you won't have to perform a directory transfer in multiple steps. All of the files and folders contained in any directory can be Copied or Deleted in just one operation.
  • Set File Attributes: FTPPro allows you to do what Windows Explorer does not. With FTPPro, you can set File Permissions on a Linux FTP site.
  • Sort the Files: The files can be sorted by Name, Extension, File Size, or Date/Time.

Contact Manager
Manage an unlimited number of Contacts, that include links to documents on your computer.
  • Categories: Enter an unlimited number of Categories, and assign each Contact to any Category.
  • Display Contacts By Any Criteria: Search by Name, Category, Street Address, Zip Code, Home Phone, Cell Phone, Email, Local Document, or Notes.
  • Sort Contacts By Any Field: You may Sort the Contacts by any of the fields described above, in Ascending or Descending Order.
  • Link to Local Documents: Each Contact may contain a Link to a document on your local computer. For example, you can have a Contact named Home Repairs, which displays a Word Document containing home repairmen.

Google+ Manager
Market your products and services to a selective group of Google+ members.
Send messages to people that follow companies which are similar to your own, and are located close to you.
  • Create Your Own Google+ Database: Add an unlimited number of Google+ Profiles to your database.
  • Customize Your Profile List: Search and Sort the Google+ Profiles in your database by any criteria.
  • Use Retrieval Batches: Pre-select Google+ Profiles that will be added to your database. Enter a list of Google+ ID's, or enter Search Criteria. For example, you can retrieve all Profiles that contain 'Microsoft' in their description.
  • Get Friends and Followers: You can retrieve the Friends and Followers of the Google ID's that you select.

Backup Manager
Create Zipped Archives of Files and Folders on your computer, which you can add to File Collections.
  • Automated: Just select the Files and Folders that you want to backup. Those file paths are automatically saved as a File Collection, so you can perform the same backup process in the future by just clicking one button.
  • Backup Nested Folders: When you select a Folder, all its files and subdirectories are automatically added to the File Collection. The program calculates the total file sizes, so you can see how large the backup file will be.
  • Incremental Backups: The program can retain your previous backup files, by automatically incrementing the zip archive filename each time a backup is performed.

HotKeys Manager
Windows HotKeys allow you to easily run any program on your computer, by pressing [Ctrl+Alt+{Hotkey}].
For example, you can assign [Ctrl+Alt+W] to run MS Word, and [Ctrl+Alt+I] to run Internet Explorer.

You can also assign a HotKey to a Clipboard Preset, which is text that can be easily copied to the Windows Clipboard. For example, you can assign [Ctrl+Alt+E] to enter your email address whenever you need to login to a website.

The HotKeys Manager screen displays 74 different HotKeys that can be assigned to different Shortcut Files.
  • Assign a Shortcut File to any Hotkey: You may display all the Shortcut Files in any Shortcut Folder, and then choose a file to assign to any HotKey.
  • Create a new Shortcut File: The new Shortcut File is placed in the User Desktop directory, and will appear on your Windows desktop. The HotKey is then assigned to that Shortcut File.
  • Remove the HotKey for a Shortcut File: The HotKey will be removed from the selected Shortcut File.
  • Assign a different HotKey to a Shortcut File: After you select a HotKey from a dropdown box, the Shortcut File will first be unassigned from the previous HotKey, before it is assigned to the HotKey that you selected.
Finance Manager
Manage your income and expenses, by entering Transactions which can be assigned to any Account and Category:
  • Easily Balance Your Accounts: Just mark your Cleared Transactions, and compare the Cleared Balance to your Statement Balance.
  • Retrieve Transactions By Any Criteria: Search by Account, Category, Range of Dates, To/From, Comment, Credit Amount, Debit Amount, Check #, Taxable Status, or Cleared Status.
  • Print Reports For Your Tax Preparer: Easily generate a complete report of all your taxable transactions, grouped by Categories.
  • Easy To Use: This program includes 12 shortcut keys which make it very easy to Add and Edit records, toggle the Taxable or Cleared status, and scroll through lists.
Craigslist Manager
Automatically retrieve new Listings from Craigslist, and manage those Listings offline in your own database.
  • Predefine Your Searches: Enter an unlimited number of Craigslist Categories and Search URL's. The program will only retrieve new listings, and not listings that you have already received.
  • Receive Multiple Ad Pages: The program can retrieve up to 100 pages for each Craigslist Category that you select.
  • Display Listings By Any Criteria: Search by Craigslist Category, Listed Date, Description, Price, Location, Emailed Date, Next Contact Date, or Comment.
  • Add Additional Data To Listings: You may add the following additional data for each Listing: Email Address, Phone, Date Emailed, Next Contact Date, and Comment.
  • Sort Listings By Any Field: You may Sort the Listings by any of the fields described above, in Ascending or Descending Order. You can display Listings in numerical order by their Price, or in alphabetical order by their Description.
The Craigslist Manager is not affiliated with Craigslist.org.
This program conforms with Craigslist.org's Terms of Use, by not allowing you to download entire ads. Instead, each ad summary contains a link that displays the original ad at Craigslist.org. Therefore, this program will not allow you to download email addresses or phone numbers from Craigslist.
Email List Manager
  • Send Outgoing Email to your Recipient Lists:
    Each Recipient List may contain an unlimited number of Names and Email Addresses.
  • Use Multiple Accounts: Send from your local ISP, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or any other SMTP server.
  • Import and Export Recipient Lists: Import your email list from any other program (such as MS Access), and Export to a delimited text file.
  • Messages include Mail-Merge: You may insert a variable which will cause each Recipient's Name to be included within the Email Message.
  • Split-up Large Jobs into Separate Sessions: If you send emails to part of your list, the program will remember which emails have not yet been sent.
Website Access Log Viewer
  • Search Multiple Domains: The program can search through Access Logs for all the domains that you host, in one step.
  • Search by Any Criteria: For example, you can search for an IP Address, to see all the webpages that someone has visited.
  • Who Has Visited Your MySpace Page? Many websites allow you to place a link to an image that is stored on your website. You can then search your Access Log Entries for that image filename, to see who has visited that webpage.
  • Are Your Ads Working? By adding a parameter to the URL that points to your website, you can see how many hits you are receiving from a particular advertisement.
  • Sort the Access Log Entries: The entries can be sorted by Date/Time, Domain, IP Address, File Size,
    Status Code, Browser Info, or Referrer.
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