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FTPPro 2.0 is a Browser-based File Explorer and Access Log Viewer for Linux Servers. It has features not included with cPanel:
  • Upload, Download, and Delete recursive directories.
  • View Access Logs, and see the Location of each visitor.
  • Filter and Sort Access Logs by any field.
Requirements to use FTPPro 2.0:
  1. Register for a Premium Membership at the Business Search Directory.
  2. Download FTPPro_v2.zip, which contains FTPPro_v2.php.
  3. Open FTPPro_v2.php in any text editor, and enter the following variables in the "TO DO" section at the top of the script:
    • Business Search Directory ID: The long number after "id=" in your Business Search Directory member URL.
    • Business Search Directory Password: The password that you use to login at the Business Search Directory.
    • FTPPro Password: Select any 1 to 12 characters that must be entered to access the script.
    • Valid IP Address: This optional variable will prevent the script from being run from any other IP Address.
  4. Upload FTPPro_v2.php to the public_html directory on your server.
After completing these requirements, Launch FTPPro 2.0
FTPPro 2.0 is the SAFEST way to manage files on your server.
  • Unlike other server utilities, you do not have to provide your Server Password.
  • You will enter an FTPPro Password in the script. That password must be typed on the website, to access the script.
  • By entering your Valid IP Address in the script, no one can access the script from any other IP Address.
  • The FTPPro_v2.php script is very easy to audit and review. Use any text editor to see exactly what each function does.
File Explorer:
  • Sort Files: Display files in ascending or descending order by Filename, Size, Date Modified, Owner Name, Owner Group, or Permissions.
  • Settings Saved to a Direct URL: When you change any Setting (Domain, Root Path, or Sort Order), a Direct URL is displayed that will allow those settings to be automatically set.
  • Recursive Directories: Other server utilities (including cPanel) do not let you upload or download directories within directories. FTPPro lets you select an "upper level" directory, and all the directories beneath it are automatically uploaded or downloaded.
  • Delete and Rename Files: You can Delete files in recursive directories. Renaming a file to an existing filename will cause the file to be copied over the other file.
  • File Permissions, Owner Names, and Owner Groups: Change these file attributes for one file, or for multiple files.
Access Log Viewer:
Use the following fields to Sort and Filter information about visitors to your website:
  • Date/Time: This timestamp is displayed in your local time zone.
  • IP Address: This is used to determine the visitor's Location.
  • Location: See the City, State, and Zip for visitors in the U.S.. If the visitor is not in the U.S, their Country is shown.
  • HTTP Command: Filter by this field to see who is accessing particular files on your server.
  • Status: For example, you can see just logs that have a Status of 404 (which is "file not found").
  • File size: You can sort logs by largest to smallest files (or smallest to largest files).
  • Referrer: Shows the websites that your visitors were referred from.
  • Browser Type: See which operating system and browser your visitors are using.
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