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The editor of Tucows (the world's largest internet software library) said:
"You can't beat it. I use this as my default application, because IT'S EASIER."

FTPPro is a Windows program that looks and feels just like Windows Explorer, except you can also transfer files to and from FTP sites.
The Website Access Log Viewer is included, so you can see everyone that visits your websites (and your MySpace webpages).
Since 1995, FTPPro has been the easiest way to manage files on the internet:
  • Easy To Use: You won't have to learn any new commands. Simply drag files from your local computer to the remote server.
  • Copy Nested Folders: Unlike other FTP programs, you won't have to perform a directory transfer in multiple steps. All of the files and folders contained in any directory can be Copied or Deleted in just one operation.
  • Set File Attributes: FTPPro allows you to do what Windows Explorer does not. With FTPPro, you can set File Permissions on a Linux FTP site.
  • Sort the Files: The files can be sorted by Name, Extension, File Size, or Date/Time.

FTPPro now includes the Website Access Log Viewer:
  • Search Multiple Domains: The program can search through Access Logs for all the domains that you host, in just one step.
  • Search by Any Criteria: For example, you can search for an IP Address, to see all the webpages that someone has visited.
  • Who Has Visited Your MySpace Page? Many websites allow you to place a link to an image that is stored on your website. You can then search your Access Log Entries for that image filename, to see who has visited that webpage.
  • Are Your Ads Working? By adding a parameter to the URL that points to your website, you can see how many hits you are receiving from a particular advertisement.
  • Display Locations for IP Addresses: City, State, Zip Code, and Country can be retrieved for any IP Address.
  • Sort the Access Log Entries: The entries can be sorted by Date/Time, Domain, IP Address, File Size,
    Status Code, Location, Browser Info, or Referrer.
The authors of FTPPro are available to program your next project. Here are a few recommendations from our previous clients:
WARNER BROS.: "All tasks were performed in an efficient and timely manner, and solutions were found to virtually every challenge presented."
DISNEY: "Their ability to quickly interpret our needs in a responsive and timely manner was invaluable."
COMPUTAX: "They consistently worked more hours than they billed. They have lived up to their claim."
MASINI TELEVISION & FILM (Producers of Baywatch and Star Search): "When you want to get the job done right the first time, there simply is no one better. They deliver on schedule and on budget."
BIZRATE.COM: "Without exception, they performed every task on time, and exactly as or better than specified. I highly recommend them for any programming project."
INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR LEARNING: "We were very pleased with the quality of work, thoroughness, accuracy, and timely delivery. This is a valuable resource."
RACESEARCH.COM: "All of our projects were executed better than expected, with excellent design skills. I recommend them for any project."
CYBERNATION: "A superb job. I would recommend them to anyone who needs complex programming done."
LIFEPICS.COM: "An exceptional job, completed with very high quality. They completed the job so early, I was able to give them additional work. Their code is clean and well documented. I highly recommend them."
INVESTECH: "Extremely reliable and diligent in completing all assigned programming tasks, and delivering high quality code on schedule."
PC MAGAZINE: "This program is moron-proof. If it were any easier to learn and use, it would run itself. Lightning quick, it's off to the races!"
CREATIVE COMPUTING: "This is the highest rating we have ever given to a database package."
We are extremely proficient with the following Programming Languages and Tools:
PHP MySQL DotNet SQLServer Visual Basic Perl
C# ASP JavaScript HTML Java Flash
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